What you’ll find here are some 30,000 pages of tightly-written material on a wide variety of topics. Though originally intended for use by radio personalities, there are thousands of intriguing little nuggets that anyone might find amusing and/or useful. And what’s really cool is … it’s totally free! Copy it, post it, do what you wish with it. Whenever possible, the information has been credited to its original source. How to search …

  • By Date: For information geared to a specific month, week, or day of the year.
  • By Category: You’ll quickly notice the archive has many regular sections, including “Deep Thoughts”; “Music Notes”; “Random Joke”; “Water Cooler Question”; etc. Entering any of these terms in the search box will generate a wealth of links to these sections.
  • By Name: Looking for a tidbit about Taylor Swift, for instance? Simply use her name in the search box to find hundreds!
  • By Specific Event: Entering “Mothers Day” or “Academy Awards” will provide you with reams of material on the topic.
  • By Info Type: Want ‘birthdays’ or ‘games’ or ‘movies’ or ‘surveys’ or ‘trivia’ or ‘videos’ … just ask!

All of the material is concisely written, usually in just 3 or 4 lines, so you can find quick and easy ideas for on-air bits, speech topics, conversation starters, or whatever else you’re into. Happy searching!

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