April 26, 2005

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005        Edition: #3020
Here’s More Bull Roar!

TODAY a blue & white gingham dress worn by Judy Garland in “The Wizard of Oz” goes under the hammer at a Bonhams & Butterfields auction in London, and is expected to fetch upwards of $70,000 (just a sneaky way of finding out who the world’s richest gay guy) . . . Movie actor & wannabe rocker Russell Crowe hasn’t received much action on his first single “Raewyn”, even though it’s available for download online (don’t quit your day job, guy) . . . “People” reports that 26-year-old Aussie actor Heath Ledger and his 24-year-old actress girlfriend Michelle Williams are expecting a baby (one of the perils of having a boyfriend Down Under) . . . Multiple reports say that the next season of “Survivor” will be set in Peru for what may be called “Survivor: Andes” (oh oh, no bikinis?) . . . Movie star George Clooney and a half-dozen of his oldest friends (known as ‘The Boys’) are headed off on a road trip, using a rented tour bus for a boozy interstate golf safari . . . And Brit movie actress Liz Hurley has announced she will be taking time off from her career so that she can spend more time with her son Damian (time off from what? – she’s only made 1 minor film in the past 3-and-a-half years!).

• Bowling For Soup – TONIGHT they’re on NBC-TV’s “Last Call With Carson Daly”.
• Bruce Springsteen – TODAY his solo effort “Devils & Dust” comes out in the new DualDisc format, featuring CD on one side and Surround Sound DVD on the other.
• David Usher – TODAY his new “If God Had Curves” CD is released, featuring guest appearances by Bruce Cockburn and Tegan Quin of Tegan & Sara.
• Elton John – He’s announced plans to marry his partner of 11 years, Toronto-born David Furnish, shortly after same-sex civil partnerships become legal in England on DECEMBER 5th.
• Jo Dee Messina – TODAY her “Delicious Surprise” CD is out, her first new studio material in over 4 years.
• Joni Mitchell – TODAY her retrospective CD “Songs of a Prairie Girl” is out, a collection of songs & photos that she’s assembled as her contribution to Saskatchewan’s Centennial.

• “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events” (Family Comedy): The story of 3 young orphans who’ve been left an enormous fortune, but are placed in the care of a scheming relative (Jim Carrey) until they’re old enough to claim it. Co-stars Meryl Streep, Jude Law, Billy Connolly & Catherine O’Hara. “A Series of Unfortunate Events” is the name of a series of books by Daniel Handler (aka ‘Lemony Snicket’) that’s projected to run to 13 volumes.
• “Blade: Trinity” (Horror Thriller):  Wesley Snipes returns as the day-walking vampire hunter in the final film in the “Blade” franchise. This time he teams with ‘The Nightstalkers’, including black-leather babe Jessica Biel, to hunt down the original vampire, ‘Dracula’. Co-stars Kris Kristofferson, Ryan Reynolds & Parker Posey.
• “The Assassination of Richard Nixon” (Drama): Sean Penn plays a would-be revolutionary whose assassination plot against President Richard Nixon in 1974 is ended before it even gets off the ground. Co-stars Naomi Watts & Don Cheadle. Based on a true story.
• “Darkness” (Horror): Anna Paquin plays an American teen who moves to Spain with her family to take up residence in what appears to be the Spanish equivalent of the “Amityville” haunted house. Surprise! They uncover a horrifying secret that has been deeply buried for many years.
• Also out on DVD: “Survivor: Australian Outback” from 2001, the most-popular “Survivor” so far which featured winner Tina, cowboy Colby, the much-hated Jerri, fire-faller Michael, and Amber in her pre-Rob days.

• THIS SUMMER Fort Lauderdale FL-based lingerie-maker Margarita is unveiling its new ‘Evolution’ bra, the first bra designed to quote – ‘Mimic the Breast Implant Look’. (Now what would that be exactly? A couple of cone-funnels with a harness?)
• The ’50s frock is making a comeback. “Life & Style Weekly” reports that the retro style is all over the red carpet in Hollywood, with updated ‘June Cleaver’ dresses featuring fitted bodices, defined waistlines and full skirts. (Ask your grandma if you can borrow an old crinoline, the stiff undergarment that makes full skirts more poofy.)

It used to just be called ‘hanging out’ but now it’s being called a ‘man date’ – 2 straight guys spending time together. Women have been doing this forever, but somehow when men try to do the same thing, it’s considered suspect. Proponents point out that men who share social time can experience the same kind of emotional support from a friend that women take for granted. However, it seems there are strict rules about what makes it a man date or not …
• Business meetings don’t count. Neither do sporting events.
• The outing must be the kind you would arrange with a woman, such as a visit to a museum.
• Eating together if there is no TV counts. Eating in a bar does not.
• Taking a walk in the park counts. Jogging does not.
• Going to the movies counts. Going to a basketball game does not.
If you’ve seen the movie “Sideways”, you’ve seen a man date – a very long and wine-soaked man date. The golden rule of man dates: If a woman shows up, the man date can be canceled at the last minute with no questions asked.
– “NY Times”

For years South Koreans and the Japanese have believed – without any scientific backing whatsoever – that out personalities are revealed by our blood type. In Japan, this isn’t just superstitious fluff – blood type is actually a criterion used for hiring and all major Japanese car companies organize their staff according to blood type combinations. Here’s a checklist of what are believed to be the characteristics of each blood type …
• TYPE-A (known as ‘Farmers’): They are shy, introverted perfectionists. They are considerate to others and cannot tell a lie easily. They are loyal to friends and co-workers. They can be secretive, though, and don’t often share their feelings. They don’t hold their liquor well.
• TYPE-B (‘Hunters’): They have independent spirits with strong personalities. While they don’t care what others think of them, they are extremely passionate about the things they hold dear. They can be shallow, lazy and quite impatient.
• TYPE-AB (‘Humanists’): They are an unpredictable, distant lot, but tend to use their heads over their hearts. They are good with money. They seek accord and so work well as mediators; however, they can be viewed as two-faced.
• TYPE-O (‘Warriors’): They are outgoing, expressive and passionate. They are highly motivated and natural leaders. Blessed with a strong physical presence, they aren’t afraid to gamble because they are so convinced they will win. They are natural athletes. They tend to be obsessive in their quest for success, and this can make them boring to others.
– Reuters

Here are 2005’s top names for pets, ranked in order of popularity by gender …
• Males: Max, Buddy, Jake, Rocky, Bailey, Buster, Cody, Charlie, Bear and Jack.
• Females: Molly, Maggie, Daisy, Lucy, Sadie, Ginger, Chloe, Bailey, Sophie and Zoe.
– petplace.com

• Visitors to parks in Hamburg, Germany are being warned to watch out for – exploding toads! Eyewitnesses say the toads swell up to 3-and-a-half times their normal size before suddenly exploding, sending entrails flying into the air. Several thousand have combusted in just the past few days but so far the cause is a complete mystery.
• A rubber duck sat in a dog’s stomach for 5 years before being removed by Swedish vets. The owner of ‘Apollo’, a boxer, assumed the toy had dissolved in his stomach over the years as it had not come out any other way. But when the dog began throwing up and refused to drink, the owner took the animal to a vet and the toy was removed. The duck had turned black and gone rock-hard.
• In Thailand, a woman organized a funeral for a lizard she believed was possessed by her deceased 12-year-old son’s spirit. Mourners gathered at the woman’s home for the farewell to ‘Yui’ the lizard. The reptile had been adopted by the family, fed milk and yogurt – the son’s favorite food – and was allowed to sleep in the dead boy’s bed. The woman says losing the lizard was like losing her son a second time.

The state-prescribed maximum hair length for men in North Korea is 5 cm (2 ins).
– “Harper’s”


1960 [45] Roger Taylor, Castle Bromwich UK, pop/rock drummer (Duran Duran-“Sunrise”, “The Reflex”)

1963 [42] Jet Li, Beijing, China, movie actor (“Cradle 2 the Grave”, “Romeo Must Die”)

1964 [41] Jimmy Stafford, San Francisco CA, pop/rock guitarist (Train-“Calling All Angels”, “Drops Of Jupiter”)

1965 [40] Kevin James, Stony Brook NY, TV sitcom actor (‘Doug Heffernan’ on “The King of Queens” since 1998)/movie actor (“Hitched”, “50 First Dates”)

1970 [35] Tionne ‘T-Boz’ Watkins, Des Moines IA, pop singer (TLC-“Scrubs”, “Waterfalls”)

1971 [34] Jay DeMarcus, Columbus OH, country musician (Rascal Flatts-“Fast Cars & Freedom”, “Prayin’ For Daylight”)

1977 [28] Tom Welling, NYC, TV actor (‘Clark Kent’ on “Smallville” since 2001)

TODAY is “Richter Scale Day”, saluting the open-ended earthquake scale invented by American seismologist Charles Richter, born 105 years ago TODAY (1900). Technically an earthquake could be a ‘10′, though none has ever been measured. The strongest ever recorded occurred off the coast off Chile in 1960, measuring 9.5 on the scale. The December 26, 2004 quake off  Sumatra, Indonesia that caused the devastating tsunami measured  9.0, while its March 28, 2005 ‘aftershock’ measured 8.7.

TODAY is “National Pretzel Day”, honoring the world’s oldest snack food. Pretzels were made as early as 610 AD by monks in France and Italy using scraps of dough formed into strips to represent a child’s arms folded in prayer.  

TODAY is “Tell A Story Day”, which either refers to reading to children or lying to your significant other about where you were Saturday night.

THIS WEEK is the 2nd annual “Skin Pigmentation Awareness Week”, encouraging the millions who suffer from skin pigmentation disorders to consult a dermatologist. The most common pigmentation disorders are ‘melasma’ (dark blotches on the face, forehead or neck), ‘solar lentigo’ (brown spots on sun-exposed skin), and ‘vitiligo’ (white spots on the skin, the condition made famous by Michael Jackson).
NET: http://www.pigmentationawareness.com

1999 [06] “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” begins airing in HDTV

1921 [84] 1st ‘weather reports’ on radio (WEW St Louis)

1930 [75] 1st ‘twin’ Popsicle marketed, so Depression-era kids could split a treat

1941 [64] Chicago Cubs use 1st organ in a baseball stadium (duh duh duh duh da duuuuuh CHARGE!!)

[Wed] Administrative Professionals Day
[Wed] Child Care Professionals Day
[Wed] Hairball Awareness Day
[Wed] Sense of Smell Day
[Thurs] Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day
[Thurs] Kiss Your Mate Day
[Thurs] Great Poetry Reading Day
[Sat] Hairstylist Appreciation Day
This Week Is . . . Consumer Protection Week / Teacher Appreciation Week
This Month Is . . . Holy Humor Month / Child Abuse Prevention Month

• “Get the Marriage You Always Dreamed Of!” [Redbook]
• “28 Romantic Rituals to Do With Your Man” [Cosmopolitan]
• “End Morning Madness: Simple Techniques for Getting Out the Door” [Woman’s Day]
• “Gotcha! Swimsuit Dos & Don’ts” [Glamour]
• “How to Deal with a Lagging Libido” [Cleo]
• “What’s Your Gossip Style?” [Chatelaine]
• “Touch Him Tricks” [Cosmopolitan]

• “43 Women Who Bring Us to Our Knees” [Razor]
• “24 Hours to Score” [Maxim]
• “Real Desperate Housewives, Nude!” [Playboy]
• “Sex: It’s a Rip-Off!” [FHM]
• “TV’s Hottest Cops: 10 Women You’d Gladly Allow to Give You a Cavity Search” [Stuff]
• “15 Things You Don’t Know About Women” [Esquire]
• “Kevin Federline Tells All” [Details]

• Which of the following animals doesn’t ever drink?
a. Weevils
b. Frogs [CORRECT]
c. Billy Joel

• According to a recent survey, when the average man gets dumped what’s the most common thing he will do right afterward?
a. Work out. [CORRECT]
b. Crank up some tunes.
c. Veg in front of the TV.

Today’s Question: The average one of THESE lasts 9.4 years.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: Marriage.

Character is what you know you are, not what others think you are.


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