Thursday, April 26, 2007 Edition: #3518
Here’s More Bull Roar!

TODAY Regis Philbin returns to co-host “Live with Regis & Kelly” (syndicated/CTV) just 6 weeks after undergoing triple-bypass heart surgery, and his first guest is David Letterman (whom Philbin subbed for on “Late Show” while Letterman recovered from bypass surgery in 2000) . . . The producers of “The View” (ABC/CTV) are already looking for a replacement for Rosie O’Donnell after she abruptly announced she’s leaving YESTERDAY (she’ll finish off the current season) . . . Anger-challenged actor Alec Baldwin’s 53-year-old ‘pain in the ass’ ex-wife Kim Basinger has just scored a modeling deal with Coty to be the face of its Lancaster anti-aging skincare line in ad campaigns worldwide outside of the USA . . . Baldwin, meantime, has left Creative Artists Agency after 5 years & parted ways with his longtime personal agents (we’re guessing after his recent outburst, it was they who dropped him like molten lead) . . . Actress Angelina Jolie has filed a petition in California court to have newly-adopted son Pax Thien’s last name officially changed to Jolie-Pitt, the same as Maddox, Zahara & Shiloh (not something you do if you’re separating from your partner as several tabloids claim) . . . THIS SEPTEMBER CanWest Global is rebranding its ‘CH’ TV network (dumbest name ever?) ‘E!’ and will pick up a good chunk of the US entertainment network’s programming, to be supplemented by CanCon & local news (just what we need – more Ryan Seacrest to watch) . . . Yahoo! plans to offer a free new service providing lyrics to some 400,000 songs by 9,000 different artists which a Yahoo! honcho claims will fill a ‘huge, gaping hole out there’ (uh, unless you take into account, which has been doing the exact same thing for several years) . . . Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown was so distraught after her public dumping by actor Eddie Murphy, she reportedly hired a voodoo priestess to perform a ritual that involved burying the couple’s photo along with – a sample of underwear from each . . . In the meantime, the former ‘Scary Spice’ has officially named her new baby, ‘Angel Iris Murphy Brown’ (“Murphy Brown”, like the old sitcom?), and demanded that Murphy take a paternity test . . . Pirated copies of “Spider-Man 2” are selling like hot-fakes on the streets of Beijing, China, mainly because they’re packaged in – “Spider-Man 3” boxes (clever!) . . . Meanwhile, online ticket sellers say duckets for “S-M 3” are selling at 3 times the rate they did for the last installment . . . And word has it 31-year-old Oscar-winning actress Reese Witherspoon (“Walk the Line”) has warned Jennifer Aniston to stay away from her 2-month boyfriend, 26-year-old actor Jake Gyllenhaal (“Zodiac”), after Jen ‘n Jake shared an oh-so-lingering on-stage kiss during the recent “GLADD Media Awards” (get ready for a cat fight!).

• Arctic Monkeys – TONIGHT the UK rockers perform music from for their 2nd album, “Favourite Worst Nightmare”, on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC).
• Aretha Franklin – The 65-year-old ‘Queen of Soul’ will join producers of an upcoming musical based on her life to help screen talent when try-outs begin in her native Detroit MI in early MAY.
• Beyoncé – The deluxe edition of her album “B’Day” has temporarily been withdrawn from sale after British singer Des’ree launched a lawsuit, alleging proper clearance had not been obtained to include her song “Kissing You”.
• Brad Paisley – TONIGHT he kicks off the “Hershey’s Presents Bonfires & Amplifiers Tour 2007” in Chattanooga TN. Opening acts are Jack Ingram, Kellie Pickler, and Taylor Swift.
• Brandi Carlile – TONIGHT the alt-country singer (“The Story”) does “Late Night With Conan O’Brien (NBC).
• Eminem – He’s looking to buy a Detroit MI venue that was featured in his film “8 Mile”. As part of the deal to acquire St Andrew’s Hall, he & his manager would manage the operation.
• Guns ‘N Roses – Their “2007 World Tour” will now begin JUNE 2 in Monterrey, Mexico after being delayed due to an injury to bassist Tommy Stinson’s wrist.
• LL Cool J – The rapper-actor is in talks to play the lead role in a stage revival of Tennessee Williams 1950s classic, “Cat On a Hot Tin Roof”.
• Macy Gray with Natalie Cole – TONIGHT they perform on the “Tonight Show With Jay Leno” (NBC/A Channel).
• Rolling Stones – Keith Richards’ 91-year-old mother, Doris, has died. Keith was reportedly by her side, keeping vigil. There’s no word on what he plans to do with the remains of this parent.

A selection of movies in the making …
• “The Best Time of Our Lives” – Actress Sienna Miller is replacing Lindsay Lohan in this upcoming drama about 2 women’s rivalry over poet Dylan Thomas (1914-53). Miller will play his wife while Keira Knightley plays his childhood friend. The film is set to begin shooting in Wales early NEXT MONTH.
• “I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry” – In this summer comedy, Adam Sandler & Kevin James (“The King of Queens”) play heterosexual Brooklyn fireman who pretend to be a gay couple in order to receive domestic partnership benefits. The cast also includes Steve Buscemi, Dan Aykroyd, and Ving Rhames. The remake of the 2004 Australian film “Strange Bedfellows” is set to hit screens JULY 20th.
• “Perfect Sport” – Jessica Rose, the YouTube sensation who was known as ‘Lonelygirl15′, has just completed shooting her first feature film role in this drama scheduled to open THIS FALL. It seems this is how talent spotting is done in the new wired world. Don’t expect a big hit though – she’s the biggest name in the cast.
• “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2” – “Ugly Betty” star America Ferrera is reportedly in negotiations to star in a follow-up to the 2005 female-bonding flick …. but reluctantly. That’s because the producers have exercised a ‘sequel option’ that Ferrera and her pant-sharing co-stars Amber Tamblyn (“Grudge 2”) & Alexis Bledel (“Gilmore Girls”) all signed. The plan is to shoot the sequel THIS SUMMER.
• “Wonder Woman” – Producer Joel Silver admits he’s having a struggle bringing this long-planned sci-fi fantasy to the bigscreen. The superheroine was last seen onscreen in a TV version starring Lynda Carter (1976-79). Part of the problem seems to be finding an actress for the lead role (both Kate Beckinsale & “American Idol” runner-up Katharine McPhee have been considered). Silver says his main goal is to get the comic book adaptation right. One way or another, the movie version is tentatively scheduled to open in 2009.

According to a new LoveFilm poll, these titans in tights top the list …
4. ‘Wonder Woman’
3. ‘Spider-Man’
2. ‘Superman’
1. ‘Batman’
And the worst all-time superhero? ‘Hellboy’. (Oh yeah? What about ‘Iron Nose’ or ‘Jellyfish Monkeyboy’?)
– “Contact Music”

THIS WEEK a rock sample purported to have fallen from an alien spacecraft 60 years ago is finally being put to the test at the University of Washington in Seattle. It all goes back to UFO sightings in the area in JUNE 1947 when a government employee swore he saw flying saucers shortly after a Tacoma WA man reported similar UFOs had dropped material onto his boat. The mysterious black chunk of rock is said to be full of bubbles. (It’s lava rock, you dummies!)
– “Seattle Post-Intelligencer”

• A mother who forced her children to fight and then filmed it has been let off with a suspended sentence by the Crown Court in Plymouth UK. The woman and several female friends encouraged her 2-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter to punch and kick each other during the home video and continually pushed them back into the ring to keep fighting when they clearly didn’t want to. The woman’s husband discovered the sickening tape by chance.
• A 19-year-old inmate was released from the Kentucky Correctional & Psychiatric Center in La Grange after prison officials received a phony fax ordering him to be freed. The ‘official’ fax demanding the release was not on letterhead, was full of grammatical errors, and – upon later investigation – found to originate from a local grocery store. Even worse, the authorities failed to notice … for 2 weeks! The convict was subsequently re-arrested at his mother’s home.
• The local council in the Ealing area of London, England is paying plainclothes ‘envirocrime’ officers $60,000-a-year each to track down homeowners who take out their trash at the wrong time. The undercover sleuths comb the neighborhood, levying stiff fines for garbage taken to the curb too early or placed in illegal areas. One local resident complains that we are now living in a world where everything we do is watched and regulated. Amen, brother.

An IQ study has shown that intelligence does not lead to wealth. Though higher IQ scores tend to lead to an average increased income, the very brightest are more likely to have money problems than those with a more mediocre intelligence. The study, performed by Ohio State University, also suggests that the largest fortunes are gained in ways that do not involve academic intelligence. (In other words … grandpa.)
– “GQ”

Want to set the mood to make a move? Here are the albums that are said to be the best bets to use for background …
5. Marvin Gaye’s 1971 Motown recording “What’s Going On”.
4. The jazz classic “Best of Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong”
3. “Moon Safari” by French electronica group Air.
2. “Astral Weeks” by Van Morrison.
1. “Chet Baker Sings & Plays with Bud Shank, Russ Freeman & Strings” by legendary jazz trumpeter Chet Baker, who died in 1988.
(I must be doing something wrong … I don’t see Megadeth anywhere on the list here.)

A new study finds that dog owners are 7 times more likely to achieve the recommended level of exercise per week than non-owners. Research by the University of Western Australia shows that dog owners average 55 more minutes a week of being physically active. Study author Hayley Cutt says her findings show there is a clear health benefit to owning a dog. (Cat owners, on the other hand, are 7 times more likely to curl up on the couch for 18 hours at a time.)

• Itching is one thing we share with other creatures. Every 2-legged and 4-legged animal itches and scratches.
– “Baltimore Sun”
• The Disney Co made $3 billion off its ‘princess’ images … LAST YEAR.
– ABC News
• Black & white Holsteins now account for 90% of all dairy cows in Canada. Thanks to the universal adoption of artificial insemination, almost half the current Canadian herd has been sired by just 11 bulls.
– “Harrowsmith Country Life”


1963 [44] Jet Li, Beijing, China, movie actor (“Jet Li’s Fearless”, “Romeo Must Die”)

1964 [43] Jimmy Stafford, Morris IL, pop guitarist (Train-“Calling All Angels”, “Drops of Jupiter”)

1965 [42] Kevin James, Stony Brook NY, TV sitcom actor (‘Doug Heffernan’ on “The King of Queens” since 1998)/movie actor (“Hitched”, “50 First Dates”)

1970 [37] Tionne ‘T-Boz’ Watkins, Des Moines IA, pop singer (TLC-“Scrubs”, “Waterfalls”)/TV reality show personality (“R U The Girl?”)

1971 [36] Jay DeMarcus, Columbus OH, country musician (Rascal Flatts-“Stand”, “What Hurts the Most”)

1976 [31] Jose Pasillas, Calabasas CA, alt-rock drummer (Incubus-“Love Hurts”, “Dig”)

1977 [30] Tom Welling, NYC, TV actor (‘Clark Kent’ on “Smallville” since 2001)

• “Pretzel Day”, honoring the world’s oldest snack food. Pretzels were made as early as 610 AD by monks in France and Italy using scraps of dough formed into strips to represent a child’s arms folded in prayer.

• “Richter Scale Day”, saluting the open-ended earthquake scale invented by American seismologist Charles Richter, born 107 years ago TODAY (1900). Technically an earthquake could be a ‘10′, though none has ever been measured. The strongest ever recorded occurred off the coast off Chile in 1960, measuring 9.5 on the scale. The December 26, 2004 quake off Sumatra, Indonesia that caused the devastating tsunami measured 9.0, while its March 28, 2005 ‘aftershock’ measured 8.7.

• “Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day” in the USA, Britain and parts of Africa. The aim of this 15th annual event, in which children ages 9-to-15 participate in the workday of their parents or other adult hosts, is to give kids a peek at what the working world is really like.

• “Tell A Story Day”, which either refers to reading to children or lying to your significant other about where you were Saturday night.

1999 [08] “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” begins airing in HDTV

1921 [86] 1st ‘Weather Reports’ on radio (WEW, St Louis MO)

1930 [77] 1st ‘Twin Popsicle’ marketed, so Depression-era kids could split a treat

1941 [66] Chicago Cubs use 1st organ in a baseball park (duh duh duh duh da duuuuuh CHARGE!!)

[Fri] Child Care Professionals Day
[Fri] Hairball Awareness Day
[Fri] Sense of Smell Day
[Fri] “The Condemned”; “The Invisible”; “Kickin It Old Skool”; “Next” open in movie theaters
[Fri-Sun] Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival (Indio CA)
[Fri-May 6] 38th New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
[Sat] Day of Remembrance for Persons Killed or Injured in the Workplace
[Sat] Kiss Your Mate Day
[Sat] Great Poetry Reading Day
[Sat-Sun] NFL draft (NYC)
This Week Is . . . Teacher Appreciation Week
This Month Is . . . Child Abuse Prevention Month


• Injured middle finger when attempting to open garage door by pinching it between panels.
• Cracked a rib when tripping over a table while kung-fu play-fighting with a brother.
• While simulating pitching motion, jammed middle finger on pitching hand into the ground and broke it.
• Sprained ankle when stepping on a ball during batting practice.
• Missed 6 weeks after being bitten by a rattlesnake.
• Seriously injured back while lunging to catch son who was falling off a bed.
• Fractured kneecap when crashing into a golf cart while shagging fly balls.
• Burned face in tanning bed and could not play due to doctor’s orders to stay out of the sun.
– “Mountain Man Dance Moves: The McSweeney’s Book of Lists”

Swedish-based website Stardoll allows you to pick an avatar (computer-created figure) of your favorite celeb, then dress ‘em up or undress ‘em … to a point. Wow, what fun!

What unusual perk do you get in your job that other people would never think of?

My wife and I were happy for 20 years … then we met.

Today’s Question: Studies show most young boys who play with building blocks do THIS differently than girls.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: Boys build vertically; girls horizontally.

Success is relative. The more success, the more relatives.


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