Monday, April 11, 2011        Edition: #4481
Bully For You!

• Another web rumor shot down! A supposed nude photo of a 20-something Elizabeth Taylor that emerged just days after the movie legend died last month has now been identified as Hollywood dancer/model Lee Evans. The original shot appears in photographer Peter Gowland’s 2001 book “Classic Nude Photography, Techniques & Images”, which says it dates to 1940 … when Taylor would only have been 8-years-old. (Somebody’s going to sue anyway.)
• Rocker Ozzy Osbourne & wife Sharon are facing a massive tax bill over allegations they owe more than $1.7 million. The Internal Revenue Service filed a lien against them earlier this month. Their talent-challenged daughter Kelly Osbourne was also hit with a tax lien last month for $34,000. (Seems tax evasion is learned behavior.)
• The hottest celebrity power couple of the moment is arguably 34-year-old Russell Brand & 25-year-old Katy Perry. He has 2 movies in theaters, the animated-live action flick “Hop” and the just-opened remake “Arthur”. Her latest single “ET” is atop the ‘Billboard Hot 100’ chart. Also extending the Perry brand is her new fragrance, ‘Purr’, which comes in a kitty-shaped bottle. All they need now is an amalgamated nickname. (‘Rusty’?)
– Jam! Show Biz
• According to a new “Esquire Magazine” poll ranking, 22-year-old actress Katrina Bowden (“30 Rock”) has beaten the likes of Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian to the coveted top spot as ‘Sexiest Woman Alive 2011’. Bowden was the majority choice for the 2 million voters in the survey. She is currently dating musician Ben Jorgensen, former lead singer of little-known disbanded rock group Armor for Sleep. (She’s obviously the best career move he ever made!)
– “The Independent”
• Former WWF superstar Hulk Hogan’s latest reality TV show will see him training …  midget wrestlers. TruTV has announced “Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling”, which is now touring the US, will form the basis of their latest reality TV project. The so-called MCW features ‘little superstars’ such as ‘Blixx’, ‘Justice’, and ‘Meatball’. (About thisfar away from being a circus act.)
• “Jersey Shore” is set to begin shooting a 4th season in May as cast members have finally agreed to a lucrative new deal. The new season will be shot in Italy, for which the cast has managed to negotiate a reported $100,000-per-episode, 10-times what they received for Season 2. This comes along with the news there will be 2 spin-off shows from the original, one which focuses on the lives of ‘JWOWW’ and ‘Snooki’, and another that concentrates on the DJ career of ‘Pauly D’. (Um, have we reached overkill yet?)
– “Entertainment Weekly”
• And Sidney Lumet has died at age 86. The critically-acclaimed filmmaker passed away Saturday morning at his NYC home after a battle with lymphoma. His films received a total of 40 Academy Award nominations and he was presented with the ‘Lifetime Achievement’ Oscar in 2005. Among his more memorable works: “12 Angry Men” (1957);  “Long Day’s Journey Into Night” (1962); “Murder On the Orient Express (1974);  and “Network” (1976).

• “Conan” (TBS/CTV) – Lil Jon (“Crunk Rock”); PJ Harvey (“Let England Shake”).
• “Daily Show With Jon Stewart” (Comedy Central/CTV) – Foo Fighters (“Wasting Light”, out tomorrow).
• “Dancing With the Stars” (ABC/CTV) – The remaining couples perform; Welsh mezzo-soprano Katherine Jenkins performs with violinist David Garrett.
• “George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight” (CBC) – k-os (“Yes!”).
• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/CHCH) – Asking Alexandria (“Reckless & Relenties”).
• “Last Call With Carson Daly” (NBC) – School Of Seven Bells (“Disconnect From Desire”).
• “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” (NBC/A Channel) – Lykke Li (“Wounded Rhymes”).
• “Late Show With David Letterman” (CBS/NTV/Omni) – Wiz Khalifa (“Rolling Papers”).
• “Lopez Tonight” (TBS) – Mana (“Drama Y Luz”).
• “The Talk” (CBS) – Heart (“Red Velvet Car”).
• “Tonight Show With Jay Leno” (NBC/A Channel) – kd lang (“Sing It Loud”).

• Bob Seger – The classic rocker is on tour until late May, then he’ll start writing songs again for his next album, which he says is now about half-done.
• Carrie Underwood – She says she’s happy with her performance in “Soul Surfer” and would consider more film roles because the acting experience was ‘special’ for her.
• Coldplay – Chris Martin is said to be the top choice to write ‘something inspirational’ as the official anthem for the 2012 Olympics in London. Brit acts Muse and Damon Albarn have also reportedly been approached.
• George Strait – The country star & his business partner are planning to turn the Tapatio Springs golf course near San Antonio, Texas into a showcase resort. They took ownership of the foreclosed venue April 1st.
• Lady Gaga – She’s the first performer announced for the “2011 MuchMusic Video Awards”, June 19th in Toronto. Some are saying she’s become a control freak. Her latest demand is that photographers surrender copyright of all photos taken at her concerts. Snappers are incensed.
• Lil Wayne – He’s cancelled his entire upcoming tour of Europe after being denied a visa due to his criminal record. His 2009 European tour was also cancelled, due to health issues.
• Nikki Minaj – She has confirmed to MTV News that her camp is in talks for the opening slot on Britney Spears’ upcoming Summer tour. Enrique Iglesias had been announced as the opener for the trek but immediately pulled out of the tour, reportedly due to financial reasons.
• Tim McGraw – He tells “People” magazine he stays in shape by doing 200 pushups and crunches a day.
• U2 – Sunday’s concert in San Paolo, Brazil officially made their “360 Tour” the highest-grossing in history, eclipsing the Rolling Stones’ $558-million “Bigger Bang” tour (2005-07). “Billboard” estimates “360” will end up grossing $700 million by the time it ends this Summer in Canada. And by selling over 7 million tickets for its 110 concerts, it will become most-attended tour of all-time as well.
• Zac Brown Band – “Colder Weather” tops “Billboard” magazine’s new ‘Country Songs’ chart.

According to Food & Water Watch, bottled water produces up to 1.5 million tons of plastic waste per year. That plastic requires up to 47 million gallons of oil per year to produce. While some bottles do get recycled, over 80% of plastic bottles are simply thrown away. And here’s the most embarrassing stat: 40% of all bottled water comes from a municipal water system (tap water), according to the Natural Resources Defense Council. (So, did you get your $3-worth?)

Scientists at Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York have determined that simply seeing food can trigger a physiological ‘feed me’ response. In the study, visual food cues caused brain activity to jump by 24%, mostly in the area related to drive and acquisition. So a constant barrage of pizza-delivery ads on TV could test your limits. (And don’t get us started on the Food Network!)
– “Men’s Health”

You’re likely familiar with the digital media term ‘LOL’ used in electronic communications to draw attention to a joke or to express amusement, but did you know the term has counterparts in other languages? Witness …
• ‘MDR’ (French): From the initials of ‘mort de rire’ which roughly translates to ‘dying of laughter’.
• ‘חחח /ההה’ (Hebrew): The letter ‘ח’ is pronounced ‘kh’ and ‘ה’ is pronounced ‘h’. Putting them together makes ‘khakhakha’.
• ‘555’ (Thai): the number ‘5’ is pronounced ‘ha’ in Thai, so 3 in-a-row make ‘hahaha’.
• ‘ASG’ (Swedish): An abbreviation of the term ‘asgarv’, meaning intense laughter.
• ‘MKM’ (Afghan): An abbreviation of the Dari phrase ‘ma khanda mikonom’, which means ‘I am laughing’.
– “Know Your Meme”

Archaeologists have unearthed the 5,000-year-old remains of what they believe may be the world’s oldest known gay or transsexual caveman. The male body, said to date to before 2,500 BC, was found in a Prague suburb in the Czech Republic with its head pointing eastward and surrounded by domestic jugs, rituals only previously seen in female graves of Corded Ware people from the Copper Age. Archaeologist Kamila Remisova Vesinova says, due to the culture’s emphasis on specific burial rites, it’s likely he was either homosexual or transsexual. (Found nearby: The earliest known Judy Garland recordings.)

• When the 54th annual “Grammy Awards” are held in 2012, the number of categories will be cut from 109 to 78. The sweeping overhaul means the 7 country music awards will be cut to 4.
• The British slang word ‘loo’ for washroom dates from medieval times, derived from the Norman warning shout of ‘gardez l’eau!’ given by those tipping chamber pots out a 2nd-story window.
– “BBC News Magazine”


1964 [47] Steve Azar, Greenville MS, country singer (“Sunshine [Everybody Needs a Little]”, “I Don’t Have To Be Me [‘Til Monday]”)

1973 [38] Jennifer Esposito, NYC, TV actress (‘Jackie Curatola’ on “Blue Bloods” since 2010, “Samantha Who?” 2007-09)/movie actress (“Crash”)

1979 [32] Chris Gaylor, Stillwater OK, rock drummer (All-American Rejects-“Gives You Hell”, “Dirty Little Secret”)

1981 [30] Alexandre Burrows, Pincourt QC, NHL forward (Vancouver Canucks)

1987 [24] Lights (Valerie Poxleitner), Timmins ON, pop singer/songwriter (“Saviour”, “Drive My Soul”)

1987 [24] Joss Stone (Joscelyn Stoker), Dover UK, pop/soul singer (“You Had Me”, “Fell In Love With a Boy”)/sometime actress (“The Tudors” 2009-10)  BS FACTOID: She’s been asked to perform in the opening ceremonies for the 2012 Olympics in London.

• “Barbershop Quartet Day”, honoring the 1938 founding of SPEBSQSA (‘Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America’) in Tulsa OK. It’s the 73rd anniversary, so altogether now … hmmmm.

• “8-Track Tape Day”, a time for nostalgic memories of the old cartridge tape format of the 1970s. Get listeners to flip through their dusty tapes and call in some of the weirder titles.

• “Thank You School Librarian Day”, a day for students to express gratitude to the person they’ve grown to know and love through a thousand detentions.

1989 [22] Cher wins ‘Best Actress’ Academy Award for “Moonstruck”

1961 [50] Bob Dylan makes his professional singing debut at Gerde’s Folk City in NYC’s Greenwich Village

1970 [40] The Beatles officially disband (as they come to the end of “The Long & Winding Road”)

1981 [30] Van Halen guitarist Eddie Van Halen weds actress Valerie Bertinelli (they divorce in 2005)

1989 [22] 1st NHL playoff goal by a goaltender (Ron Hextall, Philadelphia Flyers)

1991 [20] UN announces Gulf War cease-fire (basically the end of the 1st Iraq war)

2000 [11] Baseball stadiums AT&T Park in San Francisco CA, Minute Maid Park in Houston TX, and Comerica Park in Detroit MI open

1996 [15] Boston Bruins clinch an NHL-record 29th consecutive playoff berth

1996 [15] Greg Norman shoots a 63 at the Masters Golf Championship to tie the lowest-ever round in a major tournament

[Tues] Equal Pay Day
[Tues] World Parkinson Disease Day
[Tues] Be Kind to Lawyers Day
[Tues] Licorice Day
[Wed] Scrabble Day
[Thurs] Environmental Protection Day
[Thurs] International Moment of Laughter Day

Animal Control Appreciation Week / Environmental Week / Health Information Privacy & Security Week / Inspirational News Week / Library Week / Pan American Week / Personal Training Week / Volunteer Week / Week Of the Young Child


A highlight bit culled from 18 years of “Bull Sheet” back issues …
• Dogs don’t have problems expressing affection in public.
• Dogs understand what ‘No!’ means.
• You are never suspicious of your dog’s dreams.
• You can force a dog to take a bath.
• Middle-aged dogs don’t feel the need to abandon you for someone younger.
• Dogs feel guilt when they’ve done something wrong.
• Dogs understand if some of their friends aren’t allowed in the house.
– First published in “BS” 1997

It’s all mind over matter … if you don’t mind it doesn’t matter.

• What did Yoko Ono’s mother warn her never to do in public?
a. Smile. [CORRECT]
b. Show her legs.
c. Sing.
– “People Magazine”

• What is Donald Duck’s middle name?
a. ‘Fauntleroy’ [CORRECT]
b. ‘Aqua’
c. ‘The’
– Walt Disney Company

Which professions take themselves too seriously, considering what they do far more important than how the rest of us make a living? (Maybe movie actors, when they talk about their ‘craft’; doctors, who are so important they keep customers waiting for hours; periodontists, who figure a couple extra year’s dental study requires them to charge double for their entire career.)

Seems everybody has a doppelganger of some kind. No, the world’s most famous teen idol hasn’t swapped careers, somebody just beat him to his name …

Today’s Question: The average driver does THIS about 20,000 times in a lifetime.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: Swears at another driver.

Some parents could do more for their children by not doing so much for them.

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