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★ Some are calling his role as Harry ‘The Hat’ in “Cheers” the greatest recurring role in a sitcom ever.  But Harry Anderson was best known for playing the Mel Torme-loving Judge Harry T. Stone on “Night Court”, which ran between 1984 to 1992.  Anderson, who was also an accomplished magician, was found dead at his North Carolina home on Monday morning.  He was 65.  No foul play is suspected.  Anderson also appeared in the 1990 TV adaptation of Stephen King’s “It”.  In the 1990s, he and his wife Elizabeth opened a shop in New Orleans called ‘Sideshow’, which sold magic tricks and curiosities.
-NPR, TheSun
★ Congratulations are in order for John Stamos and his wife Caitlin McHugh. The couple have welcomed their first child together. Stamos posted a black and white photo on Instagram of his newborn son Billy laying on his chest. Billy is named after Stamos’ late father, William Stamos, who was always supportive of John’s acting aspirations and gave his blessing when John wanted to drop out of college to be an actor. This is the first child for Stamos. He and model-actress Caitlin McHugh tied the knot in February of this year.
★ The Big Bang Theory is creating an impressive guest list for its wedding-themed season 11 finale. New faces set to be in attendance for the nuptials include: Mark Hamill, Kathy Bates, Lauren Lapkus, Jerry O’Connell; and comedian Teller. It’s unclear if Hamill will play himself, though the safe bet would be to assume that he would, given how much Sheldon loves Star Wars. Details on Bates, Lapkus or Teller’s roles are also being kept under wraps.
★ Despite initially denying that he was the one who paid $7,000 for Russell Crowe’s jockstrap from the movie “Cinderella Man”, John Oliver has now come clean and shared all of his new memorabilia with his “Last Week Tonight” viewers. It turns out that he also purchased a bunch of other stuff at Crowe’s “Art of Divorce” auction, including Crowe and Denzel Washington’s chairs from the set of “American Gangster”, and the vest Crowe wore in the film “Les Miserables”. Oliver said he’d got a bit carried away with the online shopping, before claiming he is going to give the entire collection to the last remaining Blockbuster store in Anchorage.
★ Steven Spielberg has become the first director to gross more than $10 billion at the box office. The 71 year-old award-winning movie-maker – who has helmed hits such as Jaws, the Indiana Jones movies, and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial – dwarfs the totals of his closest rivals – Peter Jackson, Michael Bay and James Cameron – who are all currently around the $6 billion figure. (“You’re gonna need a bigger bank!”)
★ Amy Schumer is getting into the ring for her next role. She is in talks to star in a boxing drama based on the life and career Christy Martin, a world champion boxer who pushed for women’s presence in the sport. The story follows Martin’s journey from walking into the gym to becoming the first woman signed by star boxing promoter Don King. It will also delve into her personal life and her marriage to an abusive boxing trainer, Jim Martin, who shot and stabbed her after she announced her plans to leave him for a woman.

• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/Global): Gwen Stefani, Josh Holloway, Dierks Bentley
• “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon” (NBC/CTV): Claire Danes, Letitia Wright, Kevin Delaney
• “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” (CBS/Global): Cynthia Nixon, Alan Cumming, Franz Ferdinand
• “Late Night with Seth Meyers” (NBC/CTV): Tyler Perry, Ben Mendelsohn, McKay Coppins, Lil John Roberts ( R )
• “The Late Late Show with James Corden” (CBS/CTV): Christina Hendricks, Luke Hemsworth, Abigail Spencer, Aparna Nancherla
• “Conan” (TBS/Comedy): Joe Manganiello, Natasha Leggero, Benjamin Gibbard
• “Watch What Happens Live” (Bravo): Luann de Lesseps, Jackie Hoffman ( R )
• “The View” (ABC/CTV): James Comey
• “The Talk” (CBS): Bill Hader, Henry Winkler, Adam Rodriguez, Derrick Levasseur
• “Live with Kelly and Ryan” (ABC/CTV): Joel McHale, Letitia Wright
• “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (NBC/CTV): Amy Schumer, Evan Rachel Wood, Bebe Rexha, Florida Georgia Line
• “Survivor: Ghost Island” (CBS): A classic “Survivor” eating challenge is back, and individual immunity is on the line.
• “The Voice” (NBC): The remaining artists perform live; the artists with the most votes from each team are revealed.
• “Criminal Minds” (CBS): Season finale.
• “NHL Playoffs” (CHECK LOCAL LISTINGS): Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia, Tampa Bay vs. New Jersey, Nashville vs. Colorado, Anaheim vs. San Jose
• “NBA Playoffs” (CHECK LOCAL LISTINGS): Indiana vs. Cleveland, Utah vs. Oklahoma City, Minnesota vs. Houston

• Kendrick Lamar – is not only the first hip-hop artist to win a Pulitzer Prize for music for his album ‘Damn’, he is the first artist to win a Pulitzer for any music that’s not classical or jazz. In announcing the prize, the Pulitzer board called ‘Damn’ “a virtuosic song collection unified by its vernacular authenticity and rhythmic dynamism that offers affecting vignettes capturing the complexity of modern African-American life.” (Do Pulitzer people really talk like that?)
• Ed Sheeran – could be expanding his filmography with a music comedy directed by Danny Boyle. There are rumors that the movie is based on The Beatles.
• Beyoncé – she and Mason Ramsey – the 11-year-old viral yodeling sensation – were the most tweeted about artists from Coachella Weekend One. (Surprised?)
• Rachel Platten – the singer of the hit ‘Fight Song’ botched the US National Anthem at an MLS soccer game. Platten, who has performed the song at the World Series, began with: “Oh say can you see, by the STARS early light.” It got worse … she had to restart twice and had to ask for the lyrics.
• Eminem – served a family favorite at Coachella over the weekend. Not only was he a headliner, he opened a pop-up eatery, “Mom’s spaghetti,” named from the lyrics of his 2002 hit ‘Lose Yourself’. It sold spaghetti for $9, $12 with meatballs, as well as a spaghetti sandwich for $11. (Lose yourself? I think I just lost my LUNCH!)
• Prince – his official memoir, written after a deal was struck just weeks before his death in 2016, will be published near the end of the year. ‘The Beautiful Ones’ was written with the help of journalist Dan Piepenbring, and covers his life up to his 2007 Super Bowl halftime show.
• Richie Sambora – in a stroke of good timing, he announced a new album with his girlfriend Orianthi right before his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction with Bon Jovi. ‘RSO’ will be their debut collaborative album, and will feature guests Alice Cooper and The Doors’ Robbie Krieger. It comes out May 11.
• Miranda Lambert – praised Carrie Underwood’s triumphant return to the stage following a nasty fall, saying, “She’s one of the greatest singers of all time in any genre of music and can sing me under the table.”
• Chris Stapleton – not only won album of the year at the ACM Awards, but his wife gave birth to twins. Reba McEntire broke the news when Stapleton’s name was read, saying, “those little rascals came early”. It was also Stapleton’s 40th birthday. Oh, and he also won male vocalist of the year.

When you think of pizza delivery, your first thought might be Domino’s. After all it’s what they are famous for. Well, now, you don’t have to be home to get your pizza delivered. You don’t even have to be AT a home. The company has announced that its drivers will meet customers at U.S. beaches, parks and landmarks to hand over pizza or anything else on their menu. Among the 150,000 outdoor locations: Under the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, and by the Las Vegas welcome sign. All of the acceptable delivery locations appear in the company’s app or website as “Domino’s Hotspots.”
(“And will my pizza be long?” “No. It will be round, same as home delivery.”)
(Take it from the voice of experience. Never EVER eat pizza at beach.)
(I’ve had Domino’s delivery. Maybe they want to consider calling them “Domino’s lukewarm spots”.)

The mystery behind the development of childhood food allergies just got a little bit clearer. A new study from Northwestern University identified a “recipe” that may trigger an allergy, and one of the ingredients is baby wipes. Because it has been determined that 35% of children with food allergies have a form of eczema, researchers hypothesized that food allergies trace back to the skin. In addition to having certain genes, other factors which might combine to create a “perfect storm” for food allergies to develop include: exposure to food allergens, dust, and soap residue from wet wipes. Together, these factors may trigger a change in the top layer of skin, resulting in a food allergy. While there’s still more research to be done, the author of the study offers this advice for parents based on her findings: “Reduce baby’s skin exposure to food allergens by washing your hands before handling the baby. Limit use of infant wipes that leave soap on the skin. Rinse soap off with water like we used to do years ago.” Food allergies affect an about 4% of children in the U.S.

Millennials aren’t drinking enough beer. And MillerCoors is trying to do something about it. With beer consumption declining at about 3% per year over the last 15 years, the beer company is looking to put some fizz in their sales with a new cheap beer that it hopes will resonate with the newly legal. Its name: ‘Two Hats’. The MillerCoors Blog says the beers are clean-finishing light beer with a hint of natural fruit flavor, and clock in at 4.2 percent alcohol. Two Hats has debuted in two flavors–lime and pineapple–coupled with the tagline “Good, cheap beer. Wait, what?”
(So…beer for people who don’t like beer?)
(Lime and pineapple beer. Wait, what?)

➠ He kneads your lap or legs: This can be a sign of your cat’s bond with you. Adult cats knead to show their contentment. (Not a big surprise, this one!)
➠ He slowly blinks at you: When cats interact with people whom they don’t feel threatened by, they communicate that they’re comfortable with this characteristic eye movement. Your cat will look at you and slowly blink, leaving his eyes closed or almost closed for a several seconds.
➠ He follows you around: Even cats who don’t appreciate physical attention seem to show their affection by staying near their owners. If your cat follows you around, he’s probably saying he likes your companionship. (Or he’s hungry…)
➠ He treats you like a cat: If he puts his tail in the air, rubs around your legs, and sits beside you as he grooms, that’s a sign he wants to communicate and bond with you, as if you were another cat (who happens to feed him?)
➠ He rolls around on his back: That means your cat probably wants your attention. A cat exposing his belly is definitely signaling he trusts you, or that he wants attention.
➠ He chooses you over food: Researchers have found given a choice, many cats will pick human companionship over food, toys, and appealing smells. If he pays attention to you, and not just the food in your hand, that’s a sign your cat actually loves you. (“Chooses people over food”….that can happen?)
➠ He rubs his face against you: Not just a sign of affection, but a sign of possession…he is rubbing his scent on you. (And I should know. I’ve had a few cats that are possessed!)
➠ He shows you his butt: When cats greet each other, they sniff each other’s faces to say hello. Then, they sniff each other’s sides and finally their hindquarters. Pointing his butt in your direction is a major vote of confidence for you. (It’s like a backhanded compliment…from a cat!) (OK, I have to admit that last one was a surprise!)
(What does it mean if he suddenly remembers he has to be in the other room RIGHT NOW!!??)


1953 [65] Rick Moranis, Toronto ON, movie actor (“Spaceballs”, “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids”, “Strange Brew”), TV actor (“SCTV” 1980-82)

1962 [56] Jeff Dunham, Dallas TX, Stand-up comedian and ventriloquist. (Achmed the Dead Terrorist, José Jalapeño on a Stick, Bubba J, Walter)

1963 [55] Conan O’Brien, Brookline MA, TV host (“Conan” since 2010, “Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien” 2009-10, “Late Night With Conan O’Brien” 1993-2009)

1971 [47] David Tennant, Bathgate Scotland, actor (“Doctor Who” 2005-2013)

1974 [44] Mark Tremonti, Detroit MI, rock guitarist (Creed-‘With Arms Wide Open’; Alter Bridge-‘Open Your Eyes’)

1976 [42] Melissa Joan Hart, Long Island NY, TV actress (“Sabrina the Teenage Witch” 1996-2003, “Melissa & Joey” 2010-2015)

1979 [39] Kourtney Kardashian, LA CA, reality TV personality (“Keeping Up With the Kardashians” since 2007, “Kourtney & Kim Take NY” 2011, “Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami” 2009)

1984 [34] America Ferrera, Los Angeles CA, TV actress (“Ugly Betty” 2006-2010, “Superstore” since 2015)

•“Adult Autism Awareness Day”, to create awareness of the Adult Autism Community, demonstrate the importance of transition planning, promote inclusiveness through education, and improve social and employment outcomes for adults with autism.

•“Newspaper Columnists Day”, initiated in 1995 by the National Society of Newspaper Columnists to increase awareness of the importance and contribution made by columnists and journalists worldwide. (Without whom, talk radio wouldn’t know where to go to find employees!)

•“National Animal Crackers Day”, bringing us back to our childhood and the many boxes of Animal Crackers we shared with our friends. Animal Crackers are a type of small cookie baked in the shape of circus or zoo animals, such as a lion, tiger, bear or elephant.

•“Pet Owners Independence Day” A holiday for all of those who have pets. If you are a pet owner, be proud and celebrate yourself! You should do this by taking the day off work and sending your pet in your place. Then enjoy life from the perspective of your furry friend by sleeping and eating all day long.

•“World Amateur Radio Day”, honoring the worldwide hobby of ‘ham radio’. It’s observed on the anniversary of the 1925 founding of the International Amateur Radio Union.
(Amateur? Radio? Are you pointing at me?)

[Thurs] Bicycle Day
[Thurs] Amaretto Day
[Fri] Volunteer Recognition Day
[Fri] Look-Alike Day

2012 [06] TV personality-producer Dick Clark, former host of “American Bandstand” (1957-89) and “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” (1974-2011), dies of heart attack at age 82 in Santa Monica CA

2015 [03] Green Day is inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in their first year of eligibility, alongside Lou Reed, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Ringo Starr, and Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble

2013 [05] Keeler-62e and Keeler-62f, two planets resembling Earth, are discovered revolving around the star Keeler-62 in the ‘habitable zone’ (an area around stars where atmospheric pressure could support liquid water on the surface)

1999 [19] Wayne Gretzky plays his last game in the NHL, as his New York Rangers lose 2-1 to the Pittsburgh Penguins. He notched an assist, his 2,857th career point.

1991 [27] Charlie Civics of Seymour, Australia sets ‘World Camper Speed Record’ by towing his Roadster camper at a speed of 126.76 mph or 204 km/hr (his wife inside is not pleased)


✓ A feeling of thirst occurs when water loss is equal to 1% of your body weight. Aloss of more than 5% can cause fainting
✓ Like human beings, koala bears have unique finger prints.
✓ Among people who can move their ears, only one third are able to move just one ear.
✓ Human lips are hundreds of times more sensitive than the tips of a person’s fingers.
✓ Right-handed people chew most of their food on the right side of their mouth, whereas left-handed people do so on the left.
✓ By the end of a person’s life, they can recall, on average, around 150 trillion pieces of information.

• Doors
• Keys to the next-door neighbor’s car
• The printed 24-volume version of Wikipedia
• Vowels
• Selfies
• “No Soliciting” signs
• Boy Scout cookies
• 13 cassettes for a buck
• Leftovers
• Knuckle sandwiches

• If it burns, just put some gasoline on it.
• No really, wear socks with them, totally hip.
• You should tweet drunk
• If you have an ant problem, buy some lizards.
• Tell your wife she’s not allowed to.
• Poke it and see if it’s dead.
• Just put it on the credit card
• Yes, ABSOLUTELY air your marital problems on Facebook. It’s like free therapy.
• If you’re sad, just keep drinking more.
• Don’t vote. It doesn’t matter.

I used to have kleptomania, but I took something for it.

What’s the dumbest diet you’ve ever tried? And how long did you last?

Question: 3/4 of women say they like the way this looks, but hate the way it feels. What?
Answer: Stubble on a man’s face

Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.

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