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Deja Moo!

★ Kevin Hart will be honored with the ‘Comedic Genius Award’ at the “2015 MTV Movie Awards”, coming up later this month. Late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel will present the award to Hart, who follows in the footsteps of his “Get Hard” co-star Will Ferrell, the 2013 award-winner. Hart starred in films “Ride Along”, “The Wedding Ringer”, and “Think Like A Man”, among others, and exec-produces BET’s series “Real Husbands of Hollywood”. He also served as roast master for Comedy Central’s recent “Roast of Justin Bieber”. The 24th annual “MTV Movie Awards” air live on April 12th.
★ A new collection of short stories by Elmore Leonard from early in his career will be released this Summer. “Charlie Martz & Other Stories”, to be published June 16th, will include 15 stories, 11 of which have never been published before. During his prolific career Leonard published 47 books, many of which were made into movies, such as “Get Shorty,” and “Out of Sight”. 3 of his stories were the inspiration for FX network’s hit TV show “Justified”, now in its 6th and final season. Leonard, who spent much of his life in Detroit MI, died in 2013 at age 87 after suffering a stroke.
★ And actor Craig T Nelson (most recently on “Parenthood”) is set to return to TV in a revival of his sitcom “Coach”. The sequel series has been given a greenlight by NBC-TV, and will be set 18 years after the original show ended. Nelson played the role of ‘Hayden Fox’, head coach of the fictional ‘Minnesota State University Screaming Eagles’, in 198 episodes on ABC-TV 1989-97. The revival will be set in the present-day with a retired ‘Fox’ called upon to become an assistant to his grown son, the head coach at an Ivy League school in Pennsylvania. No premiere date for the sequel has been announced as yet.

• “Conan” (TBS/CTV) – Calexico (“Edge Of the Sun”, released April 14th).
• “8 Minutes” (A&E) – Debut of a high-stakes docu-series that follows cop-turned-pastor Kevin Brown who has determined that 8 minutes is the maximum amount of time to safely convince victims of sex trafficking to leave with his team. Any longer and lives are at risk.
• “Ellen DeGeneres Show” (syndicated/CTV2) – Van Halen (“Tokyo Dome in Concert”).
• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/CityTV) – Brian Wilson (“No Pier Pressure”, out April 7th).
• “Last Call With Carson Daly” (NBC) – Above & Beyond (“We Are All We Need”).
• “Late Night With Seth Meyers” (NBC/CTV) – Years & Years (“Communion”, coming June 22nd).
• “Late Show With David Letterman” (CBS/Omni1) – Fat White Family (“Champagne Holocaust”).
• “Queen Latifah” (syndicated) – Jordin Sparks (“Right Here, Right Now”, due in May); Melissa Etheridge (“This is ME”). Rerun.
• “The Slap” (NBC) – Season 1 finalé, in which a dark story from the past comes bubbling up.
• “The Talk” (CBS) – Ludacris (“Furious 7”).
• “Tavis Smiley” (PBS) – Cassandra Wilson (“Coming Forth By Day”).
• “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” (NBC/CTV2) – Smashing Pumpkins (“Monuments To an Elegy”).
• “Wendy Williams” (syndicated) – Trisha Yearwood (“PrizeFighter: Hit After Hit”).

• Avril Lavigne – Paramount Pictures purchased the rights to “Sk8r Boi” in 2002 and had plans to turn it into a movie.
• Joni Mitchell – A statement released on her website says the 71-year-old folk music icon is “currently in intensive care undergoing tests and is awake and in good spirits.” She was found unconscious in her Los Angeles home on Tuesday afternoon and rushed to hospital.
• Justin Bieber – According to a new interview in “USA Today”, he has gone back to the drawing board for his next album, with the help of Rick Rubin and (huh?) Kanye West. He says he needs to make a new album that reflects the ‘new him’.
• Led Zeppelin – Media & technology company Interlude has produced an interactive video for the band’s previously unreleased rough mix “Trampled Under Foot”, which is now going by the working title “Brandy & Coke”.
• One Direction – Zayn Malik’s bodyguard is looking for a new job. The 22-year-old singer quit the boy-band last week, and as a result, his personal security guard Preston Mahon is now out of work as well.
• Sara Bareilles – Her 2007 hit “Love Song” was written as a reaction to record label demands.
• Taylor Swift – She originally wrote her 2007 hit “Our Song” for a high school talent show.

A BS selection of movies in the making …
• “Animal Crackers” – In this upcoming animated feature, Emily Blunt (“Into the Woods”) and husband John Krasinski (“The Office”) play a couple that inherits a circus and finds themselves transformed into various creatures after consuming animal-shaped biscuits. The voice cast also includes Danny DeVito, Harvey Fierstein, Ian McKellen, and Sylvester Stallone.
• “The Danish Girl” – 33-year-old Oscar-winner Eddie Redmayne (“The Theory of Everything”) is dropping 30 lbs for his next film role as a transgender artist. He’s playing Lili Elbe, one of the first men to have surgery to become a woman back in 1930. Redmayne is also working with a transgender group to enhance his ability to embody the character.
• “The Huntsman” – Jessica Chastain has joined the cast of this “Snow White & The Huntsman” sequel. The follow-up film focuses on ‘Eric’ (Chris Hemsworth) and ‘Ravenna’ (Charlize Theron) before they met ‘Snow White’. Emily Blunt was recently cast to play the new villain, while Chastain’s character will be Hemsworth’s love interest.
• “Mulan” – Disney is bringing another animated classic back to the bigscreen with a live-action version of this 1998 hit. The animated film, in which actress Ming-Na Wen voiced the title character, earned Golden Globe and Oscar nominations and grossed more than $300 million at the global box office.
• “Ready Player One” – Steven Spielberg is set to direct the bigscreen adaptation of Ernest Cline’s popular 2011 sci-fi novel. The book follows pop culture-obsessed treasure-hunter ‘Wade Watts’, a character who spends most of his time in a virtual world. In the book, he ironically mentions Spielberg as one of his favorite movie directors.

Recent scientific studies reveal a few surprising ways your home can affect your health …
• Having bright lights on in the evening or overnight confuses your natural sleep & wake cycle.
• Orange or red walls increase stress and anxiety and can actually lead to itchiness.
• People sleeping in blue bedrooms have sex more often than those in neutral-colored rooms.
• And a blue room also helps people sleep longer, a study by Travelodge has found.
• You’re more likely to experience eye strain if a room’s lighting is dimmer than the TV.
• People who enter their home via the kitchen tend to weigh more than those who use another door.
• We’re twice as likely to consume something if we can see it clearly. So maybe hide your wine?
• Trees lower your risk of depression; and houseplants help to reduce anxiety.
– @MailOnline

Today is the birth date of Casanova (1725-98), whose name lives on as a description of any man notorious for seducing women. That’s known as an ‘eponym’ … something that contains the name of a person somehow associated with it. A few more examples …
✓ Boycott – Named for Charles Boycott, a 19th century British land agent who refused demands to reduce his tenants’ rents and so was ostracized by the local community.
✓ Guppy – That weirdly-named fish in your tank is thanks to Robert John Lechmere Guppy, a British naturalist who sent specimens of the species from Trinidad back to London in 1866.
✓ Maverick – Samuel Maverick (1803-70) was a Texas lawyer, politician, and land baron. Why did his name become synonymous with rebelliousness? He refused to brand his cattle. Wow.
✓ Nicotine – The French ambassador to Portugal, Jean Nicot de Villemain, sent tobacco and seeds home to Paris in 1560. Smoking ‘Nicot’-tine was believed to protect against the plague.
✓ Sandwich – John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, a British statesman of the 18th century, is credited with the invention of the snack pressed between 2 pieces of bread.
✓ Saxophone – Named for its inventor Adolphe Sax, a 19th century Belgian musical instrument designer. He also invented less successful instruments: saxhorn, saxotromba, and saxtuba.
– Condensed from

Amazon is launching the ‘Dash Button’ home ordering kit. The tech giant, which has recently been focused on speeding up ordering processes, has unveiled a device that can place orders to replenish everyday items such as laundry soap and razors. The ‘Dash Button’ can be attached to appliances around the home, and when pushed, it processes a delivery request. Amazon hopes shoppers will use the device to replace items like cosmetics that regularly get used up. The service is only available to users of Amazon’s premium subscription service, Prime Now, which guarantees 1-hour delivery on essential items. It’s so far only being test-marketed in 4 US cities. (Will it connect to the beer store?)
– BBC Technology

• Australia – While the rest of the world receives chocolate bunnies, Australian children receive chocolate Easter Bilbies, which are a native (and endangered) animal.
• Austria – From Holy Thursday (today) until Easter Sunday, no church bells are rung. In their stead, altar boys use ‘Ratschen’ (wooden rattles) during religious services.
• Brazil – Every year across the country straw renditions of Judas are constructed. Locals then proceed to punch, kick, and set ablaze the effigies. What fun!
• France – For some reason French tradition states the ringing of the Easter Bells on Sunday morning is what makes the candy and eggs magically appear in children’s baskets. Bong. Yay!
• Philippines – Young girls dressing as Easter Angels is part of a tradition that includes 2 processions – one men, the other women – which meet up in the center of town.
• Italy – Easter Bread is a traditional food, usually served for breakfast or as a treat during the day. It is unique in that you add whole, raw eggs to the dough before baking. And icing. Mmm.
• Sweden – On Easter, children (mostly girls) dress up as witches and paint bright red spots of rouge on their cheeks. They then go door-to-door asking for candy. It’s Springtime Halloween!
• UK – You’d think fruitcake for Christmas would be more than enough. But no, the Brits also cover it in 12 marzipan balls (representing the Apostles) and rename it ‘Easter Simnel’.
– Sourced from

Human blood is almost twice as fattening per milliliter as beer. (So how come you never see fat vampires?)


1945 [70] Linda Hunt, Morristown NJ, TV actress (‘Hetty Lange’ on “NCIS: Los Angeles” since 2009)/movie actress (Oscar-“The Year of Living Dangerously”)

1947 [68] Emmylou Harris, Birmingham AL, folk-country singer with 12 Grammy Awards (“Blue Kentucky Girl”, “To Know Him Is to Love Him”)

1977 [38] Michael Fassbender, Heidelberg, Germany, movie actor (“12 Years a Slave”, “Inglourious Basterds”)  UP NEXT: The lead role in “Steve Jobs”, opening October 9th.

1979 [36] Jesse Carmichael, Boulder CO, pop keyboardist (Maroon 5-“Sugar”, “Moves Like Jagger”)

• “Ferret Day”, celebrating those cute & cuddly little pets that are the domesticated form of the European polecat, a mammal belonging to the weasel genus. (Don’t you just love it when they crawl up your pant leg?)

• “International Children’s Book Day”, celebrated on the birthday of one of the most famous children’s authors, Hans Christian Andersen, born in Denmark on this day in 1805. He penned 168 fairytales in all, including “The Emperor’s New Clothes” and “The Little Mermaid”.
– “The Little Sissy Who Snitched”
– “Whining, Kicking & Crying to Get Your Way”
– “Places Where Mommy & Daddy Hide Neat Things”
– “The Mouse, the Motorcycle, And the Organ Donor Card”
– “How to Write Your Name In the Snow”

• “Peanut Butter & Jelly Day”, celebrating what may be the world’s most popular sandwich. But what else have you sandwiched with peanut butter? We like PB & tuna. Nummers!

• “Love Your Produce Manager Day”, a day to appreciate the person who orders and stocks fresh fruits and vegetables at groceries and supermarkets. So go ahead … squeeze his melons.

• “Reconciliation Day”, a day to write a letter or make a phone call in order to mend a broken relationship. (“Dear Boss: Sorry about that April Fool’s Day whoopee cushion …”)

• “World Autism Day”, a UN observance since 2007 to raise awareness that this disorder of neural development that’s estimated to affect 1-in-150 children worldwide.

2011 [04] After being fired from “Two-and-a-Half Men”, Charlie Sheen is booed on the first stop of his “Violent Torpedo Of Truth Tour” in Detroit MI, many in the audience demanding their money back (a somewhat warmer reception the following night in Chicago IL)

2006 [09] Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” becomes the 1st-ever single to top charts based solely on download sales

1978 [37] ‘Velcro’ is introduced (inspired by the little hooks on burrs that attach to clothing)

1980 [35] Toshiaki Shirai & Yukiki Nagata of Tokyo, Japan set the world record for ‘Underwater Kissing’ (2 minutes, 18 seconds)

[Fri] “Furious 7” opens in movie theaters
[Fri] NCAA March Madness Festival begins (Indianapolis IN)
[Fri] “Wolf Hall” miniseries begins (PBS)
[Fri] Walk to Work Day
[Sat] Full ‘Pink’ Moon
[Sat] Passover (Jewish)
[Sun] Easter Sunday
This Week Is … Explore Your Career Options Week
This Month Is … International Guitar Month


By the time 2015 is over with …
✓ Your mouth will produce 91 gallons (345 L) of saliva. No spit!
✓ Between 18-and-25 trillion cells in your body will die.
✓ You’ll produce about 135 gallons (511 L) of urine, enough to fill about 2 bathtubs. Ew.
✓ Your heart will beat 35 million times.
✓ You’ll yawn 1,825 times.
✓ Your hair will grow roughly 6 inches (15 cm).
✓ Your fingernails will grow about 1-and-a-half inches (3.8 cm).
✓ Your body will shed 8 lbs (3.6 kg) of skin.
✓ You’ll blink your eyes 5.6 million times.
✓ You will pass gas 15 times-a-day on average, that’s 5,475 times this year.

☎ To what unconventional place do you go to get some thinking done?

Remember it’s “I” before “E”, except in Budweiser.

Question: The original color of THIS was yellow.
Answer: Stop sign.

Opportunity may only knock once, but temptation bangs on your door forever.

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