Thursday, August 25, 2005        Edition: #3102
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TONIGHT the Bobby Brown/Whitney Houston reality series “Being Bobby Brown” wraps up on Bravo, beginning with a recap (just in case you missed any lurid detail of their sordid lives) . . . Ben Affleck is reportedly writing a script for a TV show called “Resistance”, a political thriller set in a divided America after a series of terrorist attacks (oh, it’s set in the present then?) . . . “Batman Begins” actor Morgan Freeman has signed up to be a passenger on the world’s first commercial space cruise, paying circa $200,000 to be among the 8 passengers on the Virgin Galactic spaceship when it launches in 2008 . . . “People” magazine reports Brad Pitt (in Calgary to shoot “The Assassination of Jesse James”) & Angelina Jolie showed up at the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller AB for a look at the dinosaur exhibits (word is Maddox liked the T-Rex best) . . . Fans of ABC-TV’s “Alias” have launched a campaign to save Michael Vartan’s ‘Michael Vaughn‘ character, even though producers have yet to confirm that he’s being killed off (insiders are blabbing he’s already shot his final scenes) . . . In a bid to lose weight, “Fahrenheit 9/11″ filmmaker Michael Moore has checked into the $3,800-a-week Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa in Aventura FL, known as a ‘fat farm for the rich’ . . . Actor Charlie Sheen has reportedly given estranged wife Denise Richards a gigantic pink diamond, just to prove he’s serious about rekindling the relationship . . . “Spin” magazine’s poll in the SEPTEMBER issue on the ‘Most Incredible Rock Star Body Parts’ is topped by Madonna’s navel, Keith Richards’ liver and REM singer Michael Stipe’s skull (others include Elvis Presley’s pelvis, Gene Simmons’ tongue, Tina Turner’s legs, 50 Cent’s chest, Bruce Springsteen’s butt and Tommy Lee’s manhood) . . . Hot off the rumor mill – 40- year-old Keanu Reeves & 59-year-old Diane Keaton have reportedly become this summer’s surprise new romance in Hollywood . . . And Iraq now has its own “Idol”-style TV talent show, “Iraq Star”, which has attracted more than 2,000 hopefuls to audition in Baghdad since it began 6 weeks ago (like everything else there, it’ll likely bomb before long).

• Billy Idol – TONIGHT the classic rocker is on “Late Night With Conan O’Brien”.
• Justin Timberlake – He & pal Trace Ayala are launching a clothing line called ‘William Rast’ (named after their grandfathers) that’s said to reflect ‘country flare with a little edge’. Meantime, Timberlake has agreed to accept an apology and undisclosed damages from UK tabloid “News of the World” for falsely accusing him of cheating on Cameron Diaz.
• Mariah Carey – She’s planning to arrive at SUNDAY’s “MTV Video Music Awards” in Miami aboard a 120-foot yacht.
• R Kelly – He’s the latest to join the lineup of performers for SUNDAY’s “MTV Video Music Awards” which includes Kelly Clarkson, Green Day, 50 Cent, Shakira, Mariah Carey, The Killers, and Kanye West.
• Sum 41 – TONIGHT they do “Last Call With Carson Daly” on NBC-TV.

Nicole Kidman is in negotiations to star in “The Bachelorette Party”, an adaptation of the novel by “Legally Blonde” writer Karen McCullah Lutz . . . Billy Bob Thornton will star in “The Astronaut Farmer” soon-to-shoot  in New Mexico, a drama about a farmer who builds a spaceship in his barn . . . Angelina Jolie will next star in Robert Zemeckis’ big-budget live action/animation movie “Beowulf” (pronounced ‘bay-oh-wolf’), based on the 8th-century Old English epic poem about a Scandinavian hero who takes on the legendary monster ‘Grendel’ (she’ll play mommy to Crispin Glover’s ‘Grendel’) . . . “Sin City” and “Fantastic Four” star Jessica Alba will next play the title role in the movie version of classic TV comedy “I Dream of Jeannie”, a role originally intended for Kate Hudson (Jimmy Fallon will play ‘Captain Nelson’) . . . “40-Year-Old Virgin” star Steve Carrell will next headline “High T” as a guy whose mood swings shift wildly after he’s forced to take testosterone shots for medical reasons . . . Al Pacino has signed up to play Napoleon in an as-yet-untitled bio-pic that will concentrate on the last years of the French emperor’s life in exile . . . And the release date for “V for Vendetta” starring Natalie Portman has been moved to next year, NOT because of London’s recent bomb attacks say producers, but due to ‘technical difficulties’ in editing the thriller – about bombings on the London underground.

Texting may have revolutionized the world of communication but it also has a downside – kids who regularly send text messages are at risk of developing repetitive strain injury. Regular texting using just the thumb to type can cause pain and swelling in the tendons and possible long-term injuries, according to the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists. As cellphones continue to get smaller and more young people acquire them, they are becoming more at risk of a condition more often linked to desk-bound adults. (Think future folk will have claw-shaped hands?)
– “The Telegraph”

Internet users in many US cities will soon be able to navigate their way around with the click of a mouse button. has commissioned as many as 35 million street-level photos in 24 major cities, including NYC, which will allow Internet users to view streetscapes using the Website’s ‘Block View’ system. (Thereby saving you the intense effort of having to look out your window.)
– “The Sun”

Serbian authorities are investigating reports of a real-life ‘Superman’ after numerous people have reported seeing a mysterious figure flying over their houses. Hundreds of residents in Ljubovija described what seems to be a cloaked person flying above buildings as if he had an invisible engine on his back and changing directions while in mid-air. (Like a seagull, for instance?)
– “Blic”

Australian scientists are collecting blood from crocodiles for new drugs after tests showed that the reptile’s immune system kills HIV. The crocodile’s immune system is much more powerful than that of humans, preventing life-threatening infections after savage territorial fights that often leave the animals with gaping wounds and missing limbs. (Being cold-blooded may soon be a GOOD thing!)
– Reuters

Women feel more pain than men because of various hormones that course through their systems at various stages of life, according to University of Washington pain researcher Linda LeResche. She says there’s growing evidence that women have key biological differences which make them feel pain more strongly than men, and one day there may be drugs targeted to address these differences between the sexes. (Midol, for instance?)
– “Sydney Morning Herald”

Search engine king Google Inc keeps adding to its portfolio of products in an attempt to further compete with rivals Microsoft, Yahoo! and Time Warner AOL. Hard on the heels of a new Beta-test version of ‘Google Desktop 2′ (an update of its tool for searching your PC) comes ‘Google Talk’, Google’s own Instant Messenger Service that allows you to call or send instant messages for free-anytime, anywhere in the world. ‘Google Talk’ is also in Beta, but you’ll first require a ‘G-mail’ username and password to acquire it. (Oh how they’ve learned from Bill Gates!)
– “Earth Times” / “Forbes”

A paralyzed woman has become the first quadriplegic to cross the English Channel. Hilary Lister sailed from England to France in 6 hours, 13 minutes in a boat powered by – her breath.
– BBC News

“A couple years ago, just about any reality show you launched in the summer could at least improve the time period if not move toward the top of the ratings. That’s over.”  – NBC-TV scheduling executive Mitch Metcalf telling “Variety” the reality TV overload may be mercifully coming to an end.

A pound of potato chips costs almost 200 times more than a pound of potatoes.


1930 [75] Sir Sean Connery, Edinburgh, Scotland, movie actor (Oscar-“The Untouchables”, “Dr No” [the best ‘James Bond’?])

1931 [74] Regis (Francis Xavier) Philbin, NYC, TV host (“Live with Regis & Kelly” [Kathy-Lee] since 1989, “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” 1999-2001) who’s had more screen-time than anyone in TV history

1949 [56] Gene Simmons (Chaim Witz), Tirat Ha-Carmel, Israel, long-tongued rock dinosaur (Kiss-“Rock ‘n Roll All Night”, “Beth”)

1954 [51] Elvis Costello (Declan MacManus), London UK, rock singer (“My Aim Is True”, “Every Day I Write the Book”)/Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (2003)/married jazz singer Diana Krall in 2003

1958 [47] Tim Burton, Burbank CA, movie director/producer (“Charlie & the Chocolate Factory”, “Batman”)

1961 [44] Billy Ray Cyrus, Flatwoods KY, stage actor (now starring in Toronto production of “Annie Get Your Gun”)/TV actor (“Doc” 2001–04)/one-hit-wonder country singer (“Achy Breaky Heart”)

1970 [35] Jo Dee Messina, Framingham MA, country singer (“Delicious Surprise [I Believe It]”, “I’m Alright”)

1970 [35] Claudia Schiffer, Rheinberg, Germany, model/occasional actress (“Love Actually”)

TODAY is “Kiss-and-Make-Up Day”, a day to make amends in relationships that have deteriorated. (Let’s see, there’s that ornery cab driver, that rip-off auto mechanic, the boss …)

TODAY is “Single Parent Family Day”, a day for single parent families to celebrate their success in doing with 1 parent a job that was intended for a team of 2. Sponsored by A Cup of Joy Single Parent Family Resource Center.

THIS MONTH is “Home Business Month”, set aside to recognize the growing number of entrepreneurs who’ve set up shop in their own house. You may want to think twice about the idea – in a recent survey, 32% of those running home businesses say they’ve gained weight since. (Another new syndrome: ‘HOA’ … ‘Home Office Ass’!)

1970 [35] Elton John makes his North American debut in an LA nightclub, opening for singer David Ackles (who?)

1940 [65] 1st ‘Parachute Wedding’, as bride, groom, wedding party, minister & musicians all sky dive over NYC (the honeymoon proves especially challenging!)

1960 [45] 1st time players’ names appear on back of football uniforms (the old AFL)

1922 [83] ‘Highest-Scoring Major League Baseball game’ – Chicago Cubs 26, Philadelphia Phillies 23 (51 hits, 23 walks & 10 errors!)

1981 [24] Jeff Schwartz sets record for ‘Solo Trampoline Bouncing’ (266 hours, 9 minutes)

[Fri] Make Your Own Luck Day
[Fri] Women’s Equality Day
[Fri-Sept 5] Montréal World Film Festival
[Sat] Petroleum Day
[Mon] More Herbs, Less Salt Day
[Tues] Toasted Marshmallow Day
This Week Is . . . Truck Driver’s Appreciation Week
This Month Is . . . Peach Month


Think you’re choosing your casual hairstyle just for comfort? Think again! Experts say that the way a woman wears her hair during downtime tells a ton about her passion preferences …
• PULLED BACK IN A PONYTAIL – While it seems like an innocent schoolyard ‘do, ponytail wearers tend to be surprisingly bold between the sheets. Pulling your hair away from your eyes rather than hiding behind it indicates sexual self-confidence.
• SUPERSTYLED EVEN AT HOME – If you always look like you just stepped out of the salon even when you’re home alone, you love order and consistency in all of your personal encounters. You’re happiest when orchestrating an erotic encounter rather than following a male lead.
• WILD & FREE HAIR – Loving your hair’s untamed state is a sign that you’re comfortable in your own skin. You’re likely to be relaxed about life, love and sex. You can let yourself go in bed without fear of getting mussed up.
• THROWN UP IN A MESSY BUN – Chances are, you crave glamour in the boudoir. ‘Bun girls’ really enjoy male attention. Exposing the neck is a subconscious way of flirting and showing you’re available.
– “Cosmopolitan”

According to a survey of 110,000 students at 361 campuses nationwide, here’s where you go to party …
1. University of Wisconsin-Madison
2. Ohio University-Athens
3. Lehigh University
4. University of California-Santa Barbara
5. SUNY at Albany
– “Princeton Review”

• “Teacher Strikes Idle Kids”
• “Squad Helps Dog Bite Victim”
• “Juvenile Court to Try Shooting Defendant”
• “Stolen Painting Found by Tree”
• “If Strike Isn’t Settled Quickly, It May Last a While”
• “Milk Drinkers Are Turning to Powder”
• “Autos Killing 110 a Day, Let’s Resolve to Do Better!”

I went into Canadian Tire the other day and said to the parts guy, “I’d like a gas cap for my Ford Escort.” He says, “Okay. Sounds like a fair trade.”

Today’s Question: In the average household, THIS happens 22 times a day.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: The refrigerator door gets opened.

Experience is the one thing you have plenty of when you’re too old to get the job.

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