Friday, August 30, 2002        Edition: #2368
Anybody can play 10 songs in a row – I’m going to play 10 songs at the same time!

Word is “West Wing” star Martin Sheen called a cast meeting to convince Rob Lowe to reconsider his plans to quit the show and it now appears Lowe and the show’s producers are working out a new agreement . . . Nicole Kidman has forked out $16 million for an apartment in NYC’s hip West Greenwich area, actually ‘apartment’ is deceiving – it’s an entire FLOOR of a 15-story building with a sweeping view of Manhattan . . . Latest word is Jason Priestley will likely be confined to a wheelchair for at least 3 months recuperating from his recent race-car crash . . . Ozzy Osbourne fears wife Sharon has just days to live following a series of setbacks in her battle against colon cancer . . . And ratings figures show that Anna Nicole Smith has now lost more than half of her TV audience since 4.1 million watched the 1st episode her lame reality show on E!.

In the horror thriller “FearDotCom”, Stephen Dorff plays a NYC detective & Natascha McElhone a Department of Health official who are investigating why 4 people all died 48 hours after logging on to a Website (hey, people said it was a killer Website!).

The more you go to school, the less often you have sex. A study by the University of Chicago’s National Opinion Research Center finds that high school graduates have sex 58 times a year, while college grads only score 56 times a year. Those with graduate degrees have the least sex of all – just 50 times a year. (The reason I quit kindergarten.)

A new poll on employment contentment finds that fully 84% of those surveyed would quit their jobs if something new popped up that seemed better. The survey also finds that the top ‘dream careers’ people wish for are wedding planner, pop star, professional golfer and travel writer. (Oh, you hate your job? Why didn’t you say so? There’s a support group for that. It’s called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar.)

According to a poll conducted for Old Spice deodorant, 31% of Human Resources Managers say they’ve had to speak to an employee about bad hygiene. 8% say they know of candidates who weren’t even hired for positions because they had body odor problems. (Is there a gentle way to tell someone about this?)

According to researchers at Wayne State University in Detroit, family members tend to smell bad to one another. Here’s how they came to that conclusion – participants were asked to sniff T-shirts worn by family members and others worn by strangers. They far preferred the smell of strangers’ shirts. The scientists believe it might be nature’s way of discouraging siblings from being attracted to one another. (Apparently our morning team really HAS become like a family.)

“New Scientist” magazine reports that a team of researchers at I-Shou University in Taiwan have invented a house brick made from – sewage. They say use of ‘biobricks’ will be a good way of using up waste in countries where there is a shortage of landfill space. The bricks apparently don’t smell and a special firing process locks away any toxins or hazardous materials contained in the waste. (Adding whole new meaning to the comment “Man, your house looks like shit!”)

The target market for recliners has traditionally always been men. But new stats from La-Z-Boy show that these days fully 57% of recliners are purchased by women for their own use. (Cool, but now who’s gonna fetch the beer?)

Berlin-based anti-corruption group Transparency International has released new figures that show more than two-thirds of the world’s countries are teeming with corruption. 70% of the 102 countries surveyed for the ‘2002 Corruption Perceptions Index’ scored less than half-marks, a clear deterioration from last year. Some of the worst culprits are in Latin America, former Soviet bloc states and countries in Africa. (And then there’s corporate America….)

Scientists are developing a ‘smart tattoo’ to warn diabetics when their glucose levels are low. The device is made of flourescent molecules which glow when glucose levels in the body dip below a safe level. ([Your co-host] is getting a tattoo to help him remember his address when going home Friday nights in a cab.)

Beginning NEXT YEAR, the city of Winona MN will tax residents – for the rain that falls on their property. The fee will be based on a complex formula that factors in roof areas, paved surfaces, lawns, wooded areas, agricultural land and other features to determine how much water run-off has to be collected by city storm sewers. (Now they’re working on how to tax air.)

Scientists at the Dutch Nutrition & Food Research Institute in the Netherlands say they have proven that beer in moderation is better for men than red wine or other alcoholic beverages when it comes to preventing heart disease. The study concludes that the vitamin B-6 in beer helps prevent the build-up of the chemical homocysteine, believed to be one of factors in heart disease. Other types of booze don’t seem to create the same effect. (“I’ll be a little late, honey. Me and the guys are working out.”)

The Carvel Ice Cream Co based in Farmington CT has set a new world record for the ‘largest ice cream scoop pyramid’ – 3,894 scoops in all. That works out to about 778,800 calories!


1932 [70] Allan Fotheringham, Hearne SK, syndicated columnist (“Maclean’s”)/author (“Last Page First”)

1966 [36] Michael Michele (Williams), Evansville IN, TV actress (Dr Cleo Finch-“ER”)

1972 [30] Cameron Diaz, San Diego CA, movie actress (“Shrek”, “Charlie’s Angels”, “There’s Something About Mary”)  UP NEXT: Martin Scorsese’s long-delayed “Gangs of New York” with Leonardo DiCaprio coming DECEMBER 25, then Charlie’s Angels 2″ in 2003 and “Shrek 2″ in 2004

1982 [20] Andy Roddick, Omaha NE, #9-ranked tennis pro

1945 [57] Van Morrison, Belfast N IRE, classic rock/blues singer (“Moondance”, “Brown Eyed Girl”)

1949 [53] Richard Gere, Philadelphia PA, movie actor (“Unfaithful”, “Runaway Bride”)/Cindy Crawford’s ex-/Dalai Lama pal  NEXT MOVIE: Co-stars with Renée Zellweger & Catherine Zeta-Jones in “Chicago: The Musical”, coming in JANUARY                                             .

1972 [30] Chris Tucker, Decatur GA, movie actor (“Rush Hour 1 & 2″, “Money Talks”)/stand-up comedian   NEXT FILM: He’s getting $25 million to co-write, direct and star in the upcoming comedy “Mr President”

1973 [29] Scott Niedermayer, Edmonton AB, NHL defenceman (NJ Devils)

TODAY is the strike deadline set by the Major League Baseball Players Association. Unless a miracle settlement happens, there’ll be no more ball games for a while. How ironic that it’s “Labor Day” weekend. (If you ask ball fans, one more strike and they’re ALL out!)

TODAY is “National Toasted Marshmallow Day”, celebrating that great summer treat on a stick. How do you like yours done?

TODAY and tomorrow is the 29th annual “World Championship Barbecue Goat Cook-off” in Brady TX. 125 teams will try to get your goat tasting best. What’s the proper wine to serve?
PHONER: 915-597-3491

Heard of the ‘Running of the Bulls’? Well, SUNDAY in Reed Point MT, it’s the “Running of the Sheep”, when hundreds of woolies charge down Main Street & participate in the ‘Ugliest Sheep’ and ‘Prettiest Ewe Contest’.
PHONER: 406-326-2288

SATURDAY is the annual “Mosquito Killing Championships” in the Lomellina Valley south of Milan, Italy when brave contestants dressed in bathing suits and long socks attempt to kill as many skitters as they can with their bare hands. Each contestant gets 5 minutes to mash mosquitoes, then has to gather up the bashed bugs to prove the number of kills. And have they got prizes! 1st place gets 6 piglets!

SUNDAY is the annual “Great Klondike International Outhouse Race” in Dawson City YT as decorated outhouses on wheels are pulled by costumed runners through downtown streets.
PHONER:877-465-3006/867-993-5575 (Klondike Visitors Association)

Labor Day is celebrated on the first MONDAY of September in Canada, the USA and Puerto Rico to honor all workers. It was inaugurated September 5, 1882 with a NYC parade by the Knights of Labor and became a legal holiday in 1894. In most other countries around the world, Labor Day is May 1st.

1 YEAR AGO . . .
2001 Final episode of kids’ TV show “Mister Roger’s Neighborhood” airs (debuted in 1966)

2001 NYC funeral held for singer/actress Aaliyah, killed in plane crash

5 YEARS AGO . . .
1997 Princess Diana, boyfriend Dodi Fayed & driver Henri Paul involved in fatal car crash in Paris (because of time difference, she’s actually pronounced dead morning of August 31)

1988 [14] 1st swimmer to conquer all 5 Great Lakes (Kingston ON’s Vicki Keith, who attained 17 world records [Lake Ontario is so polluted, she WALKED across])

1993 [09] 1st “Late Show With David Lettermen” on CBS-TV attracts 23 million viewers (first guest is Bill Murray, and musical guest is Billy Joel)

1987 [15] Canada’s Ben Johnson runs 100 metres in world record time of 9.83 secs in Italy (and for once his urine sample doesn’t glow in the dark)

1987 [15] Yves Pol of France runs complete marathon BACKWARDS in 3:57:57

[Sept 1] Working Mothers Day
[Sept 2] Labor Day
[Sept 3] Rolling Stones’ 40th Anniversary “Licks” Tour begins (Boston MA) / Skyscraper Day
[Sept 4] “American Idol” finale / Newspaper Carriers Day / National Cheese Pizza Day
[Sept 5] Toronto International Film Festival begins / Canadian Open Golf Championship begins (Markham ON) / NFL Season opens / Be Late For Something Day
[Sept 6] Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown / Iguana Awareness Day / Fight Procrastination Day–Do It! Day
[Sept 7] 75th Anniversary of TV / Federal Lands Cleanup Day
[Sept 8] Grandparents Day / Pet Memorial Day / International Literacy Day
[Sept 9] Canadian Country Music Awards (Calgary) / Teddy Bear Day / Boss/Employee Exchange Day
[Sept 10] Hot Dog Day / Swap Ideas Day
[Sept 11] 9/11 Remembrance Day / I Want to Start My Own Business Day / No News is Good News Day
[Sept 12] Video Game Day / Chocolate Milkshake Day
[Sept 13] Friday the 13th / Defy Superstition Day / Peanut Day / Positive Thinking Day
[Sept 14] International Cross-Culture Day / Pregnant Women’s Day
[Sept 15] Yom Kippur begins at sundown / Hat Day / National Care Givers Day
[Sept 16] Collect Rocks Day / National Working Parents Day / Women’s Friendship Day
[Sept 17] International Day of Peace
[Sept 18] National Play-Doh Day
[Sept 19] “Survivor: Thailand” premieres
[Sept 20] Sukkot begins at sundown / International Student Day
[Sept 21] 2nd leg of Paul McCartney “Back in the US” tour begins (Milwaukee) / 15th Farm Aid Concert (Pittsburgh) / Miniature Golf Day / World Gratitude Day
[Sept 22] 54th Primetime Emmy Awards / Hobbit Day / Dear Diary Day / Elephant Appreciation Day / Good Neighbor Day / National Centenarians Day
[Sept 23] Autumn begins
[Sept 24] Buy Nothing Day
[Sept 25] One Hit Wonder Day / National Comic Book Day
[Sept 26] Food Service Employees Day
[Sept 27] Ancestor Appreciation Day / World Tourism Day
[Sept 28] Ask A Stupid Question Day / Family Health & Fitness Day / Hunting & Fishing Day
[Sept 29] Prairie Music Awards (Winnipeg) / National Goose Day / Pumpkin Day
[Sept 30] National Mud Pack Day


• Remove odiferous leftovers from lunch pack – fumigate.
• Concoct story about what a sweet and exciting summer you had to replace the lame truth.
• Practise forging parental signatures.
• Try on all 23 new outfits. Pick the one.
• Learn to throw your voice so you can get the quiet kid in trouble.
• List places to hang out on days you cut class.
• Learn to say with conviction, “No I didn’t grow out of my jeans, these are Capri pants.”

1. Loose-leaf paper.
2. Single-subject notebooks.
3. Binders.
4. Crayons.
5. Calculators.
Source: Staples

Q: To help you relax before making a speech, should you –
a) Have an extra Scotch?
b) Try to burp?
c) Try to yawn?
A: According to the book “Knockout Presentations” by Diane DiResta, you should try to yawn.  It’s a physiological thing. (The reason I do it all through this show every morning.)

Today’s Question: 40% of guys asked say that this is their favorite female beauty ritual to watch.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: Brushing hair.

An unanswered question is better than an unquestioned answer.

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