August 23, 2000

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August 23, 2000       Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!       Edition:  #1874

Will it be river guide Kelly, corporate trainer Richard, truck driver Susan, or 72-year-old retired Navy SEAL Rudy? The biggest TV event of the summer is TONIGHT as the final episode of “Survivor” airs with a 2-hour special at 8pm, followed by a 1-hour ‘town hall meeting’ reuniting all 16 former castaways, hosted by Bryant Gumble at 10pm.
• TONIGHT’s show will feature 3 ‘tribal councils’ and 2 ‘immunity challenges’ — the 1st will be trivia questions about departed contestants, the 2nd reportedly includes a walk over hot coals.
• Winner, to be announced in final minute of the special, gets the million bucks. Producers say a tabloid report that the ‘final four’ split the million is inaccurate and against the rules.
• Runner-up gets $100,000, 3rd place wins $75,000, 4th place $50,000.
• CBS-TV is getting up to $600,000 per 60-second spot on the finale.
• The “Survivor Soundtrack” CD will be released TUESDAY (why not 2 months ago?). The chanting in the opening theme is actually the Russian folk music equivalent of a nonsense chorus like ‘ee eye ee eye oh’.
• Richard will guest-host a radio talk show in Providence, Rhode Island all NEXT WEEK.
• The current “Globe” tabloid features the headline: “Sexy Colleen: I Can’t Get A Date!” (Could it be those hideous leg scars?)
• Sean has signed on as a medical correspondent for the TV magazine “Extra” and is also doing Web endorsements for Ginkgo Biloba Extract, ‘an ancient remedy for the failing mind’. (He’s obviously accepting endorsements in alphabetical order.)
• About 60,000 have applied to compete in “Survivor 2: The Australian Outback” which premieres after the Super Bowl JANUARY 28.

759,937 Canadians called the “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” hotline over the 12-day contest period, generating CTV $1,519,874 in revenue (less than 0.5% qualified by answering all 5 questions) . . .‘Harry Potter’ author JK Rowling is now ranked Britain’s highest-paid woman, earning $30.64 million LAST YEAR . . . Here comes even more ‘reality’ shows – Britain’s Channel 4 TV is making one where cameras follow 4 people trying to pass themselves off as the opposite sex for a month (sounds like that dating club I mistakenly joined) . . . And FOX-TV’s “Love Cruise” will follow the hijinks of 8 men and 8 women as they share cabins on a Caribbean cruise ship and, predictably, vote one of each sex off the boat at the end of each episode.

A so-called ‘Virginity Meter’ has been yanked from store shelves in Greece. The novelty item supposedly ranks virginity based on a card’s color reaction when a finger is pressed on it. The Greek government banned it due to its ‘psychological effect’ on children. (And the inordinate number of wedding engagements that were suddenly cancelled.)

A “Mademoiselle” magazine study advises that getting fired is positive. How so? It’s a ringing reminder you and your job aren’t the right fit. Find something more in line with your skills and you’re more likely to move up the ladder. (Wow, I’ve ‘gotten ahead’ about 20 times!)


1978    [22] Kobe Bryant, Philadelphia PA, NBA superstar (NBA champion LA Lakers)

The annual “International Beatles Week” runs TOMORROW-Tuesday in Liverpool ENG, attracting ‘Fab Four’ fans and look-alike, sound-alike ‘Beatle bands’ from around-the-world.
PHONER: 01-44-151-236-9091 (Cavern City Tours)  

The 21st annual “Great American Duck Race” (‘world’s richest duck race’) paddles into Deming NM TOMORROW-Sunday. No little rubber duckies here, just real live quackers competing for prize money.
PHONER: 888-345-1125

1999    Berlin once again becomes capital of all of Germany, 50 years after former West German government moved to Bonn

1882     [118] ‘Pile of Bones’ SK renamed Regina (Pile o’ Bones Roughriders?)
1904    [96] 1st ‘snow chains’ (or as they call ‘em in Timmins, ‘summer tires’)
1961    [39] 1st ‘Teeth Protector’ mouth guard for athletes (not needed by most hockey players)

1958    [42] Marie Ashton plays piano a record 133 hours (mom forgot to tell her to quit practising)
1960    [40] World’s largest frog (3.3 kg/7 1/4 lbs) is caught in Equatorial Guinea

[Fri] Kiss-And-Make-Up Day
[Sept 15] Sydney Olympics opening
National Water Quality Month


“Who initiates sex more often, men or women?” (According to a “Take 5″ magazine poll, 95% of women who say they’re happy with their sex lives claim THEY usually initiate lovemaking.)

• When asked to name a color, 60% of any sample will name ‘red’. (T.)
• Mosquitoes are most attracted to white clothing. (BS. Mosquitoes are more attracted to dark colors like blue jean blue, brown or black.)
• As couples grow older, their teeth look more and more alike. (True, says the International Association for Dental Research. That’s because people living together tend to develop similar dental habits. The reason [your co-host] and his wife are missing the same teeth.)
• An estimated $1 million is lost at horse race tracks each year by people who throw away winning tickets. (True, according to “Gambler’s Digest”. So how come the track janitor ain’t rich?)
• Newborn babies can smell. (T. Just check the diaper pail. Oh, and they have the sense of smell too.)
• Psychologists say it’s possible to fall in love with your shadow. (BS. Not unless you’re Richard Gere.)

BS TAG LINE: We learn from history that we do not learn anything from history.

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