December 9, 2008

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008 Edition: #3918
It’s Your Daily Constitutional Sheet!

Actress Alyssa Milano is asking for a restraining order against a 54-year-old man she accuses of stalking her by hiking miles to her home and showing increasingly threatening behavior (it’s been 2 years since “Charmed ” ended, she needs the publicity) . . . “Twilight” director Catherine Hardwicke has reportedly been turned down for the job of helming the vampire film’s sequel, “New Moon”, as movie studio Summit Entertainment is apparently looking to go in a different direction (they were looking for a $300 million box office not $150 million) . . .”Harry Potter” actress Emma Watson (‘ Hermione Granger’) is currently seeking new movie roles and says she’d be willing to go buff on the bigscreen, as long as acclaimed Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci (“Stealing Beauty”) is behind the camera (yeah right, and only if it’s ‘integral’ to the story) . . . Sometime actress Lindsay Lohan’s new ‘6126’ collection of leggings is said to be selling out in high-end boutiques internationally, despite price tags ranging from $44-to-$132 (finally, something she’s good at!) . . . While touring New Zealand with his LA Galaxy teammates, 33-year-old soccer ace David Beckham decided to try bungee jumping, plunging 134 feet from the Auckland Harbour Bridge (he’s been awarded a certificate … and clean underwear) . . . And yet another celeb home has hit the real estate market, the 4-bedroom, 7,400 sq-ft ‘French Estate’ in Bel Air CA belonging to Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony, offering ‘European ambiance’ at the bargain price of just $8.5 million (double-wide bar stools included).


• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/CityTV) – Rapper/actor Common is on.
• Kiefer Sutherland – The “24“ star is honored with the 2,377th star on the ‘Hollywood Walk of Fame’.
• “Motown: The Complete No 1s” – Motown Records celebrates its 50th anniversary with a mammoth, 10-disc box set that includes 191 tracks, all of which have topped a chart somewhere in the world. Includes covers by Vanessa Williams, David Bowie, and Mick Jagger.
• Hope For the Holidays – Beyoncé & her sister Solange team up for this benefit concert for the Gulf Coast Ike Relief Fund to be taped in Houston TX for airing December 21st (Fuse).
• “Tonight Show With Jay Leno” (NBC/A Channel) – Sara Bareilles (“Love Song”) performs.
• “The View” (ABC/CTV) – Brandy promotes her new album “Human”, released today.


• Amy Winehouse – Her husband Blake Fielder-Civil is threatening to blab in a tell-all unless she shells out over a million pounds in a divorce settlement. (What could he possibly reveal that we haven’t already heard in graphic detail?)
• Beyonce Knowles – She’s reportedly donated her take from the now-showing film, “Cadillac Records”, to NYC’s Phoenix House recovery center, where she learned the perils of drug addiction first hand in preparation to play singer Etta James in the movie.
• Faith Hill – She’s planning to create a signature perfume, expected to be released next Fall. Hill says she has plenty of inspiration for her new scent from her travels. She also has experience in the field, helping her hubby develop his signature scent ‘McGraw by Tim McGraw’ earlier this year.
• Gym Class Heroes – Frontman Travis McCoy credits his pop singer GF Katy Perry with saving his life by rescuing him from a downward spiral of depression. He says there was a really dark point about 2 years back when he hit rock-bottom and called her asking for help. She not only showed up but helped him get back on track.
• Kings of Leon – They’ve already started working on songs for their next album, developing new ideas during soundchecks on their current tour.
• MIA — Even though she’s up for ‘Record Of the Year’ at the “Grammy Awards” for her hit “Paper Planes”, it’s unlikely she’ll be there because her baby is due February 8th … the same day as the ceremony. She’s pregnant with her first child via fiance Ben Brewer.
• System Of A Down – Serj Tankian has co-written a musical, “Prometheus Bound”, based on the ancient Greek tale of Prometheus.The musical is currently being workshopped in NYC, with more performances in the Spring.


• “The Dark Knight” ( Action Thriller ) – In this sequel to 2005’s “Batman Begins”, Christian Bale returns as the ‘Caped Crusader’, who is forced to deal with the chaos unleashed by an anarchist mastermind known only as ‘The Joker’ (the late Heath Ledgers’s much-lauded final role). Supporting cast includes Aaron Eckhart, Michael Caine, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Gary Oldman, and Morgan Freeman. It’s now the #4 movie all-time in worldwide box office with over $996 million. Also comes in a ‘Two-Disc Special Edition’.
• “Dr Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who!” ( Family Animation ) – Based on the classic Dr Seuss kids’ book, an elephant named ‘Horton’ (Jim Carrey) hears a cry for help from a speck of dust that flies by his massive ear. Determined to save whoever is contained in it, he’s ostracized by his community because they think he’s lost his mind. Voice cast also includes Steve Carell (“The Office”), Carol Burnett, Seth Rogen (“Knocked Up”), and Jaime Pressly (“My Name is Earl”). 20th Century Fox is spending a whopping $25 million to promote the release. Available in a ‘Limited Edition Gift Set’.
• Also released today: “Get Smart: The Complete Series” (classic TV); “Happy Days: Seasons 1-4“ (classic TV); “I Am Legend – Ultimate Collector’s Edition”; “Lost: The Complete 4th Season – The Expanded Experience” (TV); “Sex & The City: The Movie – The Wedding Collection”; “The Wire: The Complete Series” (TV).

A pet website has posted its annual lists of most popular names for dogs and for cats. 2008’s top pooch monikers are ‘Buddy’, ‘Max’, and ‘Daisy’. Most popular feline names are ‘Lucy’, ‘Molly’, and ‘Oreo’. And these are rated as some of 2008’s most unusual pet names …
• ‘Woe Izmee’
• ‘Gwyneth Poultry’ (a duck)
• ‘Joe the Plumber’
• ‘Angry Chef Soup’
• ‘Bon Jo Flea’


Regulars at an English pub will protest about Christmas by eating a reindeer dinner. Russell Bettany, landlord of The Victory in Walton-on-the-Naze, formed the ‘Humbug Club’ after discovering that his customers were far from brimming with seasonal cheer. Among the over-50s there is such an anti-Christmas feeling, he says, it seemed like a good idea. Proceeds from memberships in the light-hearted protest group will go to charity.
– “Sunday Times”

• Why do grocery stores display fruits & vegetables near the entrance? Produce is the most lucrative item sold in the store because the margin is highest.
• Why are the ceilings slightly lower in the checkout section? The lower the ceiling, the more personal and intimate the interaction is perceived.
– “Every Day With Rachel Ray”

There’s good news for coffee addicts concerned about the ill effects it may have. A recent study reveals that a little bit of java can aid your short-term working memory. Researchers at the Medical University of Innsbruck in Austria say that’s because caffeine ‘modulates a higher brain function through its effects on distinct areas of the brain’. Translated from science-nerdspeak: it wakes you up!
– ANI Health & Science


Despite 2008 being the year of hope and change, some things seem to stay the same. Like Britney Spears sitting on top of the ‘10 Most Searched Terms Of the Year’ list for the 8th year in-a-row. Spears is joined in the top 10 by other vacuous celebrities like Miley Cyrus (#4), Jessica Alba (#6), and Lindsay Lohan (#8). Also on the list: #2 The WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) for the 3rd year running. Barack Obama (#3). ‘RuneScape’ (#5), ‘Naruto’ (#7), Angelina Jolie (#9), and “American Idol” (#10).
– Yahoo! News

When Elvis left the building permanently in 1977 he was considerably overweight. Some estimates had him tipping the scales at 250 lbs. But at birth, the 20-inch ‘Tiny E’ was significantly underweight, at 5 lbs. Today, research has linked low birth weight to an increased risk of cardiosvascular disease and obesity, both of which were problems for Elvis later in life. In fact, his official cause of death was cardiac arrhythmia, which could have been brought on by heart disease. (Or maybe the 14 prescription drugs he had in his system at the time.)
– “Mental Floss”


A 9-year-old Colorado boy who had a hit at his school’s book fair with a 46-page pamphlet called “How to Talk to Girls” has now had his book published by Harper Collins. While Alec Greven admits that dating is for ‘old people’ (which he defines as 15-to-16 year olds), he has plenty of advice for those who are ready to jump into the dating pool, starting with “comb your hair and don’t wear sweats.” Alec also warns boys to “stop showing off”, “don’t look desperate by giving out too many compliments”, and “be wary of pretty girls.” They’re like cars that need a lot of oil, he explains.
– “NY Post”


It was likely 6 years after Thomas Edison invented the light bulb that an associate of his, Edward Johnson, lit a tree for the first time electrically. George Nelson of Knoxville TN, who has researched Christmas tree lights for more than 25 years, has concluded it was 1882 when Johnson first lit up a tree as a publicity stunt in NYC. People came from all over to see the tree, which featured red, white & blue bulbs and stood on a revolving stand.
– “Globe & Mail”


• A baby puffin is called a ‘puffling’.
• December 2008 will last exactly 1 second longer than December 2007 as a so-called ‘leap second’ is added to correct world time in relation to Earth’s rotation.
– BBC News


1934 [74] Dame Judi Dench, York UK, movie actress (‘M’ in ‘James Bond’ movies, including “Quantum of Solace”, Academy Award-“Shakespeare in Love”)

1953 [55] John Malkovich, Christopher IL, movie actor (“Beowulf”, “Con Air”)

1957 [51] Donny Osmond, Ogden UT, pop singer/Vegas entertainer (Donny & Marie at the Flamingo 2008-10)

1962 [46] Felicity Huffman, Bedford NY, TV actress (‘Lynette Scavo’ on “Desperate Housewives” since 2004)

1968 [40] Brian Bell, Knoxville TN, rock guitarist (Weezer-“Pork & Beans”, “Beverly Hills”)

1969 [39] Jakob Dylan, NYC, rock singer (The Wallflowers-“One Headlight”)/Bob Dylan’s son

1970 [38] David Kersh, Humble TX, country singer (“If I Never Stop Loving You”, “Another You”)

1970 [38] Kara DioGuardi, NYC, record producer/songwriter/“American Idol” judge in the coming season

1972 [36] Tre Cool (Frank Edwin Wright III), Frankfurt, Germany, rock drummer (Green Day-“Wake Me Up When September Ends”, “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams”)

• “Eid al-adha”, a Muslim holiday beginning on the 10th day of the Islamic month of Hajj. It is a time for prayer and sacrificing, but not a time of fasting.

• “Homemade Gift Day”. Better start now if you hope to have that ugly knitted hat finished in time for the big day!

• “Pastry Day”, a fun day created to encourage you to make, and of course eat, your favorite pastries. Initiated by the ‘Danish’?

1965 [43] 1st broadcast of the TV special “A Charlie Brown Christmas”

1973 [35] 1st “Royal Canadian Air Farce” broadcast (CBC Radio)

1998 [10] Improv comedy series “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” debuts (ABC-TV)

2005 [03] Oscar-winning movie “Brokeback Mountain”, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Heath Ledger & Michelle Williams, opens in theaters


1950 [58] Seasonal recording “Frosty The Snowman” is released by Gene Autry

1978 [30] “Le Freak” by Chic peaks at #1 on pop singles chart and stays 6 weeks


1851 [157] 1st ‘YMCA’ in North America (Montréal)

1907 [101] ‘Christmas Seals’ go on sale for the first time, to support the American Lung Association

1968 [40] 1st ‘Computer Mouse’ introduced, by far the most popular pointing device used to interact with computers


[Wed] International Human Rights Day
[Wed] Dewey Decimal Day
[Wed] Children’s Memorial Day
[Thurs] Nobel Peace Concert (Oslo, Norway)
[Fri] Poinsettia Day
[Fri] “The Day the Earth Stood Still”; “Delgo”; “Nothing Like the Holidays” open in movie theaters
[Fri] Full ‘Cold’ Moon
This Week Is … Drunk Drivers Awareness Week
This Month Is … Hi Neighbor Month


• Under the tree is the digital camera you asked for, with a stored photo of a mooning Santa ‘posing’ with your toothbrush.
• Hey kid, those lumps in your stocking ain’t coal!
• He’s assigned numbers to all the countries on Earth and is doing the odd ones this year, even ones next.
• Kid’s emails to North Pole receive autoreply: “I’m out of the office forever, you tubby little punk!”
• Over the Summer he opened a sandwich shop called ‘Blitzen Burgers’.
• Instead of ‘Naughty’ and ‘Nice’, this year’s lists are titled ‘Who gives a crap?’ and ‘Not me!’.

Real products that would make unforgettable (maybe even unforgivable) holiday gifts …
• “Jumbo Tube Sock” – Why hang an ugly red velvet stocking when you can have this 2-ft-long white athletic sock with sporty stripes. Sure you could use you own … but these are clean! After the holidays use them to dry off the car, as a mini hamper, or as a hanging fruit basket. Only $9.95 each!
• “Latke Larry, the Singing Hanukkah Doll” – In fact, he’s the ‘World’s Only Talking Action Hanukkah Gift’. The doll’s unique song is sung by comedian Jerry Stiller, father of actor Ben. For you, only $17.95!
• “Chicken Anger Management Doll” – Turn him on and the annoying “Chicken Dance” song will play. Choke the chicken and his eyes bulge out as his cheeks light up bright red and his legs flail around like a fish out-of-water. Let go and the “Chicken Dance” starts playing at a faster pace. Listen, choke, let go, and repeat. What fun for only $19.95!
• “Fake Lottery Tickets” – They look just like your average lottery scratch-off, however, EVERY ticket is a ‘winner’. Watch them scratch off a big winner and go nuts … until you tell ‘em it’s bogus. Have a few hearty holiday laughs and make new enemies for just $4.95!


What are your 3 favorite scents/smells/aromas?


An old lady turns to her husband at a holiday party. “Oh dear,” she says, “I seem to have let out a silent but deadly. What should I do?” Her husband replies, “Get a new battery for your hearing aid.”


Today’s Question: A woman who suffers from depression will lose THIS; maybe not all but some.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: Her sense of smell.


You’ll never get dizzy doing a good turn.

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