Dec 1, 2000     31 Days Until the REAL Millennium!     Edition:  #1945

• Neiman Marcus’ annual Christmas catalogue is offering a luxurious 118-ft PERSONAL SUBMARINE that sleeps 11, operates at a depth of 1,000 ft, and has a submerged range of 160 nautical miles. Talk about exclusive — there are only 5 privately-owned luxury subs known to exist in the world. The price for this one? Only $20 million.
• If you’re subject to claustrophobia, how about the 165-ft SUPER YACHT in the December edition of “The Robb Report”. Comes complete with gymnasium and marble-floored lobby for $30 million. Too showy? Then what about a 485 HP, V12 Ferrari 550 Barchetta Pininfarina limited edition convertible? The perfect gift for the wretchedly excessive at just $258,000.

“People” mag paid an estimated $800,000 for exclusive US rights to the photos of Michael Douglas’ and Catherine Zeta-Jones’ wedding in TODAY’s issue . . . After 13 years and sales of over 22 million albums, Smashing Pumpkins will play their final concert  TOMORROW night in Chicago . . . TOMORROW the organizers of the annual “Golden Raspberry Awards”, honoring the worst Hollywood films, will announce “100 Years/100 Stinkers”, the worst movies of all-time (the 1978 film “Sextette”, which starred a 78-year-old Mae West, will be screened — reportedly “the only movie musical featuring varicose cleavage”) . . . SATURDAY’S “Biography” on A&E features an hour-long look at Pierre Trudeau (a lite version of CBC-TV’s “Memoirs” documentary) . . . And here’s today’s Madonna dose — she’s hinting she may do a world tour NEXT SUMMER, her first since “The Girlie Show” in ‘93, and she’s reportedly confirmed she WON’T be wearing white at her wedding – like a virgin would.

A new study reveals that kissing is actually good for you! It apparently stimulates the heart, increases circulation and keeps cells young and vibrant. (This has been a public service from the National Mononucleosis Society.)

What’s likely the world’s largest lottery prize ever is being offered in Japan. Tickets went on sale THIS WEEK for a New Year’s Eve draw with a grand prize of $1.8 BILLION (US)! (2nd prize – Romania.)

• In a new poll of people who work outside their homes, 40% say they either work overtime or take work home at least once a week. Over 16% say they work overtime EVERY DAY. (Radio folks are no exception. Last night [your co-host] did time and temp all through dinner.)
• In a new German survey, 7% of that country’s female workers admit they use company parties as a chance to be unfaithful to their partners, a practice only 1% of male workers own up to. So either some guys are extremely lucky or some of these women are pairing up! (We’re not having an office party at the station this year until the lawsuits from last year’s are settled.)
• In a new poll of 100 corporate bosses, most say that workers with a sense of humor do a better job than grouches. A full 84% say ‘laugh-it-up’ employees are the best. (“Thank you ladies and gentlemen. Give it up one more time for Joey from the mail room . . .”)


1935    [65] Woody Allen (Allen Stewart Konigsberg), Brooklyn NY, film director/writer/actor (“Small Time Crooks”, “Sweet & Lowdown”, Oscars-“Annie Hall”, “Hannah & Her Sisters”)/Mr Soon Yi
1940    [60] Richard Pryor, Peoria IL, comic/movie actor (“Stir Crazy”)/MS victim
1945    [55] Bette Midler, Aiea HI, TV sitcom actress (“Bette”)/movie actress (“First Wives Club”)/pop singer (“Wind Beneath My Wings”)
1954    [46] Bob Goen, Long Beach CA, TV host (Mary Hart’s co-anchor on “Entertainment Tonight”)
1966    [34] Larry Walker, Maple Ridge BC, MLB outfielder/slugger (Colorado Rockies)

1954     [46] Stone Phillips, Texas City TX, TV magazine host (“Dateline: NBC”, since 1992)
1968    [32] Lucy Liu, Queens NY, movie actress (Alex Munday-“Charlie’s Angels”)/TV actress (Ling Woo-“Ally McBeal”)
1973     [27] Monica Seles, Novi Sad YUG, pro tennis player (stabbed in back by fan in 1993)
1981    [19] Britney Spears, Kentwood, LA, pop singer (“Stronger”, “Baby One More Time”)

TODAY is the 12th annual “World AIDS Day”, a day of AIDS awareness and education, first declared by the UN’s World Health Organization in 1988. The UN estimates at least 16.3 million people worldwide have died of HIV/AIDS-related causes. Jessica Simpson, Mya, Bahia Men and the Corrs are among the musicians set to perform for a World AIDS Day benefit concert.

“Cookie Cutter Week” beings TODAY, a good time to note that the most popular shape for Christmas cookies is the Christmas tree, followed by Santa, a star and a bell.

1929    [71] Game of ‘bingo’ invented by Edwin Lowe
1953    [47] 1st issue of “Playboy” magazine published, with Marilyn Monroe on cover (now worth about $2500) NOTE: There was no date on the cover because Hugh Hefner was so broke he wasn’t sure there would be a 2nd issue
1971     [29] Initial release of John & Yoko Lennon’s “Happy Xmas (War is Over)”

[Sun] National Roof-Over-Your-Head Day (makes for a really dumb looking hat)
[Tues] Bathtub Party Day (yee haw!!!)
National Stress Free Family Holidays Month (yeah right)


Q: The NBC-TV movie “In his Life: The John Lennon Story”’ airs SUNDAY (next Friday’s the 20th anniversary of his death). Before the Beatles were the Beatles, what was their name?
A: They had several. In the late 1950s, Lennon and McCartney formed a group to play skiffle music in Liverpool pubs. They began as the Quarrymen, then became Johnny and the Moondogs, the Moonshiners, and Long John and the Silver Beatles. By 1960, they’d become the Beatles.

Culture — anything we do that the monkeys don’t.

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