Friday, February 26, 2010        Edition: #4207
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37-year-old sometime actress Jenny McCarthy tells “Us” magazine she & 48-year-old actor-partner Jim Carey might get married at some point for ‘tax purposes’ (and they say romance is dead!) . . . RadarOnline reports that both rehabbing actor Charlie Sheen (“Two-and-a-Half Men”) & wife Brooke Mueller did cocaine right before she entered rehab (the family that snorts together avoids court together) . . . 33-year-old actor Sam Worthington apparently has some folks to thank: both Matt Damon & Jake Gyllenhaal reportedly turned down “Avatar” before he got the role of ‘Jake Sully’ . . . Publicity seeker Nadya Suleman (‘Octomom’) admits she lost 145 lbs in order to make money (giving birth to 8 kids at once probably helped get rid of a few!) . . . First it was Josh Duhamel (Mr Fergie), now “National Enquirer” claims actor Matthew Fox (“Lost”) has had an affair with a stripper (it means nothing, but his rep is denying it) . . . A fan claims to have spotted “Twilight Saga” co-stars Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson kissing in a London pub (commence squealing, tweens!) . . . 57-year-old actor Mickey Rourke says 23-year-old Megan Fox is the ‘most talented’ actress he’s ever worked with (note that he doesn’t specify at what) . . . And the photos of NHL player Mike Comrie (Edmonton Oilers) proposing to singer/actress Hilary Duff are now everywhere online, including one that’s a tad naughty (when will celebs learn that when it’s sexy time, it’s a good idea to close the blinds?).

• “Def Leppard Behind The Music: Remastered” (VH1) – Saturday an updated version of a 1998 documentary airs, featuring additional footage and interviews recorded since the original.
• “Friday Night Alright” (VH1) – Rihanna (“Rated R”).
• “Help Haiti Live” – Saturday a pair of benefit concerts are being held in LA (Amy Grant, LeAnn Rimes) and Nashville (Alison Krauss, Big Kenny). They’re also being streamed online. February 27th marks the 1-month anniversary of the 7.1 earthquake that rocked Haiti.
• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/CityTV) – Tonight Daniel Merriweather (“Love & War”).
• “Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson” (CBS) – Tonight Mumford & Sons (“Sigh No More”).
• “Late Show With David Letterman” (CBS) – Tonight Lou Reed & The Blind Boys of Alabama.
• “The Marriage Ref” (NBC) – Sunday a ‘sneak preview’ of what’s scheduled to be a Thursday night regular airs. Host Tom Papa and an ‘expert’ panel featuring Alec Baldwin, Kelly Ripa, and Jerry Seinfeld (show creator/producer), solve quirky disputes of real-life married couples.
• “NAACP Image Awards” (FOX) – Tonight the 41st honors recognizing artistic achievement are handed out. Anika Noni Rose & Hill Harper host. It’s billed as a multicultural awards show from an Africa-American point-of-view.
• “Olympic Winter Games Closing Ceremony” (CTV/NBC) – Sunday in Vancouver’s 55,000-seat BC Place stadium, the first in Olympic history to be held indoors. The choreographer for the event is Jean Grand-Maitre, artistic director of the Alberta Ballet.
• “Saturday Night Live” (NBC/Global) – Jennifer Lopez (“Love?”, due this Summer) hosts.


• 50 Cent – A Florida woman is suing him, claiming unauthorized use of a racy video she made with a boyfriend in 2008. The lawsuit claims Fiddy posted the video on his website last year after blurring out the lover’s face and editing himself into it as a wig-wearing narrator.
• Lady Antebellum – They’ve become became the first recording act to have a million-selling album in 2010, according to the RIAA. “Need You Know” has surpassed the mark in just 4 weeks of release.
• Muse – Saturday their North American tour kicks off in Atlanta GA. Silversun Pickups is the opening act.
• Prince – Today he debuts the new song “Cause & Effect” on Minneapolis MN public radio station 89.3 The Current [KCMP] to help bring attention to its annual fund drive. It’s not known if the tune is a one-off or the first peek at a new album.


• “Cop Out” ( R-Rated Action Comedy ): Director Kevin Smith’s latest comedy stars Bruce Willis
as a veteran NYPD cop who enlists the help of his partner (Tracy Morgan) to track down his rare baseball card that’s been stolen … his only hope to pay for his daughter’s upcoming wedding. As an indication of the level of comedy, note that the pic was originally titled “A Couple of Dicks”.
• “The Crazies” ( R-Rated Sci-Fi Thriller ): Timothy Olyphant (“Deadwood”) plays a small-town Iowa sheriff trying to sort out why a toxin is turning local residents into violent psychopaths. Co-stars Radha Mitchell (“Finding Neverland”), Danielle Panabaker (“Shark”). Shot on location in Iowa and Georgia.


According to a new survey, what’s been dubbed ‘digital dumping’ is on the rise. 34% of those polled say they’ve ended a relationship by email; 13% have changed their status on Facebook without telling their partners; and 6% have broadcast the news via Twitter. Perhaps surprisingly, only 2% say they’ve broken up via text message. The remainder split up the old-fashioned way, either face-to-face (38%) or by telephone (8%). (What’s the weirdest method of break-up you’ve heard of? Moving out when the other partner’s at work? Changing locks? Skywriting?)
– “Globe & Mail”


According to experts, these things are like catnip to men …
• Watching You Primp: There’s something endearing about a girl standing in front of the mirror in a towel, putting on makeup.
• Hearing That He’s Hot: Acknowledge his physical assets with a compliment, a butt squeeze, even elevator eyes, and he’ll feel like a stud!
• Enjoying the Silence: Your restraint in not feeling the need to always be talking will speak volumes about your security in the relationship.
• Giving Advice That You Actually Act On: When you take his recommendations and use them, it’s validation that he knows what he’s talking about and, most importantly, that you trust him.
– Condensed from “Cosmopolitan”


There’s a new medical procedure designed to help you lose weight by … making it hurt to eat. It involves stitching a postage-stamp-sized piece of polyethylene mesh onto the tongue, making it painful to ingest solid foods and forcing a low-calorie, liquid diet. Long Beach, California-based plastic surgeon Dr Nikolas Chugay, who developed the concept, says his patch is meant to be a ‘pattern interrupt’. Since last September, 35 of his patients have opted for the surgery, resulting in an average weight-loss of 20 lbs. (For their partners, it’s like kissing the cat.)
– “Vancouver Sun”

In 1800, there was just 1 city with more than 1 million people – Beijing, China. Now there are 381 urban areas with at least a million inhabitants.
– “Washington Post”


1953 [57] Michael Bolton (Bolotin), New Haven CT, overwrought pop singer (“When a Man Loves a Woman”, “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You”)

1968 [42] Tim Commerford, Irvine CA, rock bassist (Rage Against the Machine-“Guerrilla Radio”, Audioslave-“Be Yourself”)

1971 [39] Erykah Badu (Wright), Dallas TX, R&B singer (“Love of My Life”, “Bag Lady”)/mother to Puma, Seven, and Mars

1979 [31] Chris Culos, Rockville MD, rock drummer (OAR-“Shattered [Turn the Car Around”])

1979 [31] Corinne Bailey Rae, Leeds UK, pop singer (“Trouble Sleeping”, “Put Your Records On”)

Oldies guitarist Neal Schon (Journey) is 56; Country-rock singer Johnny Van Zant (Van Zant/Lynyrd Skynyrd) is 50; Pop singer Chilli Thomas (TLC) is 39; Operatic-pop singer Josh Groban (“You Raise Me Up”) is 29.

Comedian Gilbert Gottfried is 55; Oldies singer Cindy Wilson (The B-52’s) is 53; Pop singer Pat Monahan (Train) is 41; TV actor Robert Sean Leonard (“House”) is 41; Country singer Jason Aldean (“The Truth”) is 33.

• “For Pete’s Sake Day”, which asks the pressing question, ‘Just who the hell is Pete, anyway, and why would we do anything for his sake?’
• “Levi Strauss’ Birthday” (1829-1902), the man who created the first Levi’s blue jeans for California’s gold miners in 1850. Without him, many of us wouldn’t have a wardrobe.
• “Mawlid al-Nabi”, the Muslim celebration of the prophet Muhammad’s birthday. In many places it’s celebrated in a carnival manner, with large street processions and decorations in homes and mosques. Muhammad was born about 570 AD and died in 632. During his lifetime, he established Islam as a religion and, in so doing, replaced tribal loyalty with equality among all Muslims.
• “Tell a Fairy Tale Day”. Yeah, inflict some of the most violent stories ever written onto your innocent, unsuspecting child. (“Fee, fi, foe, fum …”)

• “Polar Bear Day”, declared by non-profit conservation group Polar Bears International to heighten awareness of the declining population of the big white guys of the Far North.
• “Open That Bottle Night” … you know, the one that’s gathering dust in your wine cellar, or maybe that 20-year-old bottle of Scotch you were given as a gift. What are you saving it for?
• “Purim” begins at sundown, the 2-day Jewish holiday that commemorates deliverance from the ancient Persian Empire, as recorded in the Book of Esther. Traditions include giving gifts to the needy, sending food as gifts, and eating a festive meal.
• “Read 5 Pages in the Dictionary Day”. Just think, if you do this each day for a year … you’ll be really, really boring.

• “Chinese Lantern Festival” (“Shang Yuan”), celebrated on the 15th day of the 1st lunar month on the Chinese calendar, traditionally when children go out at night carrying bright lanterns. It’s also known as ‘Little New Year’ since it marks the end of the series of celebrations starting with “Chinese New Year”. Koreans celebrate this festival as “Daeboreum”.
• “Floral Design Day”, focusing on the art of flower arranging, both as a profession and a hobby.
• “International Sword Swallowers Day”, a day of recognition for practitioners of the ancient art. Demonstrations are scheduled at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museums worldwide. There’s actually a Sword Swallowers Association International which, among other things, administers the ‘Injured Sword Swallower’s Relief Fund’. (Is this supposed to be cutting edge? Maybe we’re being a stickler for details but we don’t see the point.)
• “Repetitive Strain Injuries Awareness Day”, a day of awareness of a collection of injuries that affect the muscles, nerves, and tendons. These days, RSIs are most often associated with computer use and gaming. The newest RSIs include ‘text thumb’ and ‘Blackberry neck’.
• “Snow Moon”, the Full Moon of February that’s variously known as the ‘Hunger Moon’, since harsh weather conditions traditionally made hunting very difficult.
• “Tooth Fairy Day”, honoring the tradition of bartering molars for moolah. Where’s it come from?  No one knows for sure but there was a fairy tale in 18th-century France about a ‘tooth mouse’ who hides under a pillow. So how much is she paying for prime enamel these days?

1983 [27] Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” album reaches #1, then spends a total of 37 weeks there

1882 [128] 1st commercially manufactured breakfast cereal … ‘Shredded Wheat’

[Mar 1] “Tonight Show With Jay Leno” returns (NBC) / Beer Day / Pig Day / Plan a Solo Vacation Day / Holi (Hindu)
[Mar 2] Namesake Day / Lil Wayne goes to prison / Academy of Country Music Awards nominations announced
[Mar 3] I Want You To Be Happy Day
[Mar 4] International Scrapbooking Day / March Forth & Do Something Day / Grammar Day
[Mar 5] “Alice in Wonderland”; “Brooklyn’s Finest” open in movie theaters / Norah Jones’ “The Fall Tour” begins (Tulsa OK) / Salesperson Day
[Mar 6] Snowshoe Day
[Mar 7] 82nd Academy Awards / Daughters’ & Sons’ Day
[Mar 8] International Women’s Day
[Mar 9] Barbie Day / Get Over It Day / Organize Your Home Office Day / Panic Day / Unique Names Day
[Mar 10] Learn What Your Name Means Day / Mario Day / Salvation Army Day
[Mar 11] World Kidney Day / Carrie Underwood “Play On” tour begins (Reading PA)
[Mar 12] “Green Zone”; “Our Family Wedding”; “Remember Me”; “She’s Out of My League” open in movie theaters / Girl Scout Day / Middle Name Pride Day
[Mar 13] Earmuffs Day / International Fanny Pack Day / Genealogy Day / Open an Umbrella Indoors Day / 21st GLAAD Media Awards (NY-LA) / Canadian Music Week 2010 begins
[Mar 14] Check Your Batteries Day / Daylight Saving Time Begins / International Ask a Question Day / Potato Chip Day / Pi Day / “Celebrity Apprentice Season 3″ premieres (NBC)
[Mar 15] Buzzards Day / Ides of March / Napping Day / True Confessions Day / World Consumer Rights Day / 25th Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony (NYC)
[Mar 16] Curlew Day / Freedom of Information Day / Lips Appreciation Day / St Urho’s Day
[Mar 17] St Patrick’s Day
[Mar 18] Absolutely Incredible Kid Day / Awkward Moments Day / Companies That Care Day / Forgive Mom & Dad Day / Biodiesel Day
[Mar 19] “The Bounty Hunter”; “Diary Of a Wimpy Kid”; “Hubble 3D”; “Repo Men”; “The Runaways” open in movie theaters / Chocolate Caramel Day
[Mar 20] Kiss Your Fiancé Day / Proposal Day / Agriculture Day / Quilting Day / Snowman Burning Day / Vernal Equinox (Spring) / Corn Dog Day
[Mar 21] International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination / Memory Day / Common Courtesy Day / Naw-Ruz (Persian) / World Down Syndrome Day
[Mar 22] As Young As You Feel Day / International Day Of the Seal / International Goof-Off Day / World Day for Water
[Mar 23 ] Puppy Day / World Meteorological Day
[Mar 24] Kick Butts Day / Chocolate Covered Raisins Day / World Tuberculosis Day
[Mar 25] International Day of Remembrance of The Victims of Slavery & The Transatlantic Slave Trade / Letting Go of Stuff Day / Pecan Day
[Mar 26] “How to Train Your Dragon”; “Hot Tub Time Machine” open in movie theaters / Legal Assistants Day / Make Up Your Own Holiday Day / James Taylor-Carole King “Troubadour Reunion” tour begins (Melbourne, Australia)
[Mar 27] Earth Hour / Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day / 23rd Kids’ Choice Awards (Nickelodeon)
[Mar 28] Palm Sunday / Weed Appreciation Day / Paul McCartney’s “Up & Coming” tour begins (Phoenix AZ)
[Mar 29] Knights of Columbus Day / Mom & Pop Business Owner’s Day / Passover begins (Jewish) / Full ‘Worm’ Moon
[Mar 30] Doctors Day / Pencil Day / Black Eyed Peas’ “The END” concert in cinemas
[Mar 31] “The Last Song” opens in movie theaters / Bunsen Burner Day / She’s Funny That Way Day


• You’ve just had to get someone to help you pull your pants up … in the ladies’ room.
• You drop your 3 am burrito on the floor, pick it up and carry on eating.
• You’ve discovered a ‘deeper side’ to the office nerd.
• You have absolutely no idea where your shoes are.
• The man you’re flirting with used to be your 5th grade teacher.
• The urge to take off articles of clothing, stand on a table and sing becomes strangely overwhelming.
• You think you’re in bed … but your pillow feels strangely like pizza.
• You start every conversation with a booming, “Don’t take this the wrong way but …”
• You suddenly find you’re exceptionally tired so you just lie on the floor (and why not!).


How much would you need to win in the lottery in order to quit your job? (A “Money” magazine poll finds that 64% of us would keep working even if we won a million. That’s a lot of scoot loot!)


• Women say they overeat when they’re lonely, sad, or angry. When do men tend to overeat?
a. When they’re sad.
b. When they’re happy. [CORRECT. Especially in groups, according to Duke University research.]
c. When they’re worried.

• What main purpose is served by the clapstick snapped shut in front of the camera at the start of each movie scene when it’s being shot?
a. It records the scene number.
b. It allows synchronizing the sound. [CORRECT. It helps editors synchronize the sound with the action.]
c. It gives the producer’s son a job.


If we are what we eat; I’m cheap, fast and easy.


Today’s Question: On average, we use 57 of THESE a day.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: Sheets of bathroom tissue. (“Newsweek”)


You cannot tell which way the train went by looking at the track.

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