February 25 2020

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Tuesday, February 25, 2020          Edition: #6641

Bully For You!

★ The cast of “Friends” will be netting quite a hefty sum for their appearance on HBO Max’s upcoming reunion special. They’re reportedly making at least $2.5 million each for the program. The cast was originally offered $1 million (the same amount they were making per episode for the final two seasons of Friends), but all six actors turned it down. The reunion special will be the first time all six Friends stars have appeared on screen together since the show’s May 2004 finale.
★ “Mad” Mike Hughes, a subject of the upcoming Science Channel production “Homemade Astronauts”, has died at the age of 64. The daredevil and “flat-earther” was killed Saturday while trying to launch himself 5,000 feet into the air on a steam-powered, homemade rocket in the California desert. The Science Channel was filming at the time. Hughes was previously the subject of the documentary “Rocketman: Mad Mike’s Mission to Prove the Flat Earth”, which followed his journey to reach into the skies and the troubles that followed him.
★ In his new documentary, Corey Feldman is naming the men he claims raped him and his friend Corey Haim, who died in 2010 after a long battle with drugs and alcohol. “The Rape of Two Coreys” is a movie about pedophilia in Hollywood. It will debut on Feldman’s website, after being turned down by Netflix and other streaming services for legal reasons. Feldman plans to post his film online March 9, the night before the 10th anniversary of Haim’s death.
★ Quentin Tarantino and his wife Daniella Pick welcomed a baby boy on Saturday. The couple’s son was born in Tel Aviv, Israel. This is the first child for both Tarantino, who is 56, and Pick, who is 36.
★ Hasbro is releasing an assortment of new action figures from “The Empire Strikes Back”. Characters include Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia Organa, Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, R2-D2 and Yoda (old school Yoda, not the new, cute one). There’s also a TIE fighter pilot, rebel solider and AT-AT driver. The line will hit stores this spring, and retail from $19.99 each.

• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/Global): Elisabeth Moss, Dan Abrams, Dustin Lynch
• “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon” (NBC/CTV): Nick Jonas, Steve Coogan, a performance by the Broadway cast of “Girl from the North Country”
• “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” (CBS/Global): Chris Christie, Nathaniel Rateliff
• “Late Night with Seth Meyers” (NBC/CTV): Carson Daly, Juliette Lewis, Patrick Radden Keefe, Michel’Le Baptiste
• “The Late Late Show with James Corden” (CBS/CTV): BTS, Adam Pally, Mo Rocca
• “Lights Out with David Spade” (COMEDY): Jeff Ross, Dave Attell
• “Conan” (TBS): Sam Morril
• “Watch What Happens Live” (Bravo): Adam Pally, Tom Sandoval
• “The View” (ABC/CTV): Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary
• “The Talk” (CBS): Dr. Mehmet Oz
• “Live with Kelly and Ryan” (ABC/CTV): Anthony Mackie, Joseph Benavidez
• “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (NBC/CTV): Cher
• “The Kelly Clarkson Show” (CHECK LOCAL LISTINGS): Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Cheryl Hines, PJ Morton
• “Democratic Presidential Debate” (CBS): Democratic presidential hopefuls discuss issues at the Gaillard Institute in Charleston, S.C.
• “The Voice” (NBC): Coaches Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, John Legend and Blake Shelton vie to discover and coach the next singing phenomenon on the second night of blind auditions.

• Shawn Mendes – has confirmed that he is working on a new album. He shared in an Instagram Story that work has begun on his fourth album, and he wrote to fans that “I’ll see you soon.”
• Lil Nas X – posted video of himself crashing a wedding at Disney World on Saturday. He sported a white sweatsuit and matching cowboy hat as he walked inside the reception hall hand-in-hand with the bride. ‘Old Town Road’ blared through the speakers while Lil Nas hit the dance floor.
• Meghan Trainor – is thanking fans for their support as she remains by her dad’s side as he recovers from a car accident. Gary Trainor was hit by a car while crossing a street in the San Fernando Valley in California.
• Harry Styles – after being robbed at knifepoint in London last week, reports are that he has hired Mick Jagger’s security guard.
• James Blunt – plays his own music to clear people out of his pub. He owns London’s The Fox & Pheasant, and says there’s nothing better to get customers out of the building at the end of the night than a quick snippet of ‘You’re Beautiful’.
• Alice Cooper – appeared Sunday night on the second episode of Amy Poehler’s new animated series “Duncanville”. He played himself in a flashback sequence.
• Foo Fighters — appear to be teasing the return of their ‘Jam’ festival. They shared a colourful Instagram post for something dubbed “DC Jam”. In 2017 and 2018, the group famously curated their own “Cal Jam” festivals in San Bernardino, California, featuring artists such as Queens of the Stone Age, Cage the Elephant, Iggy Pop, Liam Gallagher and more.
• Brandi Carlile — will serve as this year’s Record Store Day Ambassador. The 13th annual event will take place on April 18 at independent record shops around the world. Previous artists who have served as  Record Store Day ambassadors include Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, and Jack White.
• Shania Twain – has discovered a newfound love for acting, and says she’d love to someday win an Oscar. She made her big screen debut opposite John Travolta last year’s “Trading Paint”, and has now teamed up with Gary Sinise for upcoming movie, “I Still Believe”.
• Florida Georgia Line — joined forces with Justin Bieber to release a twangy version of Bieber’s hit ‘Yummy’. And there is an extra special guest voice on the remix: Tyler Hubbard’s toddler daughter Olivia. Hayley Hubbard, Olivia’s mom, shared some photos on Instagram and the news that her little girl is indeed the voice saying “yummy” at the beginning of the song.

➢ February 27:
• “Altered Carbon: Season 2” (Netflix original):  When a job brings Takeshi back to Harlan’s World in a new sleeve, he finds the planet at war — and his long-lost love lurking in the shadows.
➢ February 28:
• “Jeopardy!: Celebrate Alex Collection”:  A compilation of some of host Alex Trebek’s best moments.
➢ March 1:
• “Pitch Perfect 3” (Comedy):  Following their win at the world championship, the now separated Bellas reunite for one last singing competition at an overseas USO tour, but face a group who uses both instruments and voices. (Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson)
• “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Romance/Science Fiction):  The story of a relationship through the lens of two people meeting up, with no memory of the tempestuous romance they used to have. (Jim Carrey, Kate Winslet)
• Isle of Dogs (Animated, Comedy-Drama):  A young boy sets out on an odyssey to find his lost dog.
• Shaun of the Dead (Horror-Comedy):  A man’s uneventful life is disrupted by the zombie apocalypse. (Simon Pegg)
(Full list: https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/netflix-canada-march-2020_ca_5e4db18dc5b6db259021ef12
For releases in other Netflix regions, click here: https://www.whats-on-netflix.com/coming-soon/ )

Finally! Science seems to be working on the REAL problems. Minnesota-based researchers at the food-tech company Calyxt say they have managed to engineer a lower-fat French fry. The miraculous creation is possible thanks to a groundbreaking frying oil that combines the neutral taste of vegetable oil with the heart-healthy qualities of olive oil. Olive oil is a staple of the Mediterranean diet, the plant-heavy, heart-healthy meal plan favored by nutritionists. It can help raise HDL (“good”) cholesterol levels. Fries made with their oil taste “crispy and yummy” according to one food writer.
(I trust that someday this technology will also be used on chicken wings?)
(This information will really help me when it comes to choosing sides…)
(I was at a restaurant yesterday that advertised fat-free fries. When I asked about it, the cook said: “We only charge for the potatoes. The fat is free!”)

The accepted wisdom has always been that you could look at generations of family history to get an idea of the gender of your future children. Right? Wrong, according to researchers at the University of Queensland. They looked at Swedish birth records going all the way back to 1932 and found that the gender of a family’s children is essentially random. The findings nix the often-repeated idea that some families are more prone to having all boys and others typically wind up with girls. The study comes more than a year after Japanese researchers said that climate change will alter the ratio of the gender of newborns.
(So it’s totally 50/50. Just like your chances of spelling their name correctly these days!)
(So you’ll still have to fake it at the family reunion – “Hey! How’s that new baby…kid of yours?”)

➢ Up:  The house didn’t float away until the balloons were outside. Shouldn’t the house have floated when the balloons were inside?
➢ All Star Wars Movies:  Different planets have different levels of gravity and different atmospheres, but everyone’s running around without a space suit. Shouldn’t someone have exploded? (Or at least been mildly uncomfortable?)
➢ Monsters, Inc.:  In the original, the two monsters meet in elementary school. In “Monsters University”, they meet in college. (Someone didn’t do their homework!)
➢ Mamma Mia:  In the first movie, Donna essentially says her mother is dead. So, who’s in the sequel? Her mother, who is alive and well.
➢ Halloween series:  Apparently Michael Myers knows how to drive, despite having been institutionalized since he was 10. Who taught him to drive? When?
➢ Cinderella:  The entire plot hinges on the fact that her shoes will fit only her. How can an entire town not have anyone else with the same shoe size? (I thought of that one when I was 5!)

Costco stores in the U.S. are set to more stringently enforce a members-only rule at its food courts starting in March, a rule that millions of people have seemingly ignored for years. A Costco spokesperson said that buying items from the food court has always required a membership, but not all stores have enforced the policy. Outrage over the company’s decision to bar non-members from its food courts has sparked heated debate on social media. (If you take away someone’s $1.50 hotdog, that’s bound to happen…)


1965 [55] Carrot Top (Scott Thompson), Rockledge FL, comedian (red-haired prop comedian whose odd inventions are the center of his stand-up acts)/movie actor (“The Hangover”, “Pauly Shore is Dead”).

1966 [54] Téa Leoni, NYC, TV actress (‘Elizabeth McCord’ on “Madam Secretary” 2014-19)/ex-wife of actor David Duchovny

1971 [49] Sean Astin, Santa Monica CA, movie actor (“Lord Of the Rings”, “Goonies”)

1975 [45] Chelsea Handler, Livingston NJ, TV personality (“Chelsea” 2016-17, “Chelsea Lately” 2007-14)/standup comedian

1976 [44] Rashida Jones, LA CA, TV actress (“Parks & Recreation” 2009-15, “The Office” 2006-11)/movie actress (“The Social Network”, “The Muppets”)/daughter of music producer Quincy Jones

1978 [42] Shawna Thompson, Chatom AL, country singer (Thompson Square-‘If I Didn’t Have You’, ‘Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not’)

• “Pancake Day”, also known as “Mardi Gras”, aka “Fat Tuesday” or “Pancake Tuesday”, the last big blow-out before Lent begins.

• “Clam Chowder Day”, a day to add a little heat to your Winter with a bit of bacon, onion, and flour; some diced potatoes and a can of clams, simmered in clam juice and milk. Add lots of black pepper. Nummers! (Pancakes and clam chowder, anyone?)

• “Let’s All Eat Right Day”, a day to honor Adelle Davis, one of America’s best-known nutritionists. Born on February 25th 1904, she was an advocate in the nutrition movement, and wrote a series of books about healthy living.

• “National Chocolate-Covered Peanuts Day” (there goes “Let’s All Eat Right Day”!), The first chocolate-covered peanut candies were ‘Goobers’, which were first sold in 1925.  The word “Goober” was a common slang word for peanut (and for many of my relatives!)

• “Quiet Day”, also known as “National Don’t Utter a Word Day”. It’s a day to lower the noise level for a healthier and more relaxed life.

• “Pistol Patent Day”, Samuel Colt invented the pistol. He received Patent # 138 for it on this day in 1836. The patent was for the Colt Revolver with a rotating chamber containing six bullets.

[Wed] Ash Wednesday
[Wed] Carnival Day
[Thurs] Chili Day
[Thurs] Digital Learning Day

2004 [16] Mel Gibson’s controversial film “The Passion Of the Christ” is independently released in about 2,000 theaters (thanks to grassroots promotion, the $30-million film goes on to gross over $600 million worldwide)

2009 [11] Calling his music “the soundtrack of my youth”, Barack Obama presents Stevie Wonder with the Library of Congress ‘Gershwin Prize’

2015 [05] Madonna falls down a set of stage stairs during her performance of ‘Living For Love’ at the Brit Awards when the cape she is wearing doesn’t release properly when pulled by a dancer. She gamely gets up and finishes the performance


2007 [13] After decades of filmmaking and 7 Academy Award nominations, director Martin Scorsese finally wins his first Oscar, for “The Departed”, at the 79th Academy Awards


1896 [124] ‘Largest Chicken Egg’ on record is laid by a Black Minorca hen in England (the 5-yolk egg weighs nearly 12 ounces and measures 12.25 inches around the long axis and 9 inches around the short axis)


✓ You can’t swallow and breathe at the same time…unless you’re a newborn baby.
✓ The average person loses about 1,600 eyelashes per year.
✓ The gender-neutral word for niece or nephew is nibling.
✓ Exxon spent over $100 million on market research before changing its name from Esso.
✓ A three-month-old baby pelican weighs more than its mother.
✓ Snails ‘kiss’ before mating.

Best of BS . . .

• “I’m never more nervous than when I insist we’re out of something and my wife goes to look for it herself.”
• “My husband surprised me by taking today off.  Now I have to pretend like I do dishes and laundry and stuff while he’s working. My Friday is ruined.”
• “In case you’re wondering what marriage is about, my husband and I just fought over the fact that he wouldn’t tell me where he hid the candy I asked him to hide from me.”
• “We just measured our bed at 10pm to make sure we were both sleeping on equal sides of the bed.”
• “I opened the dishwasher and it’s full of clean dishes and I’m scared my wife is going to know that I know.”
• “I’ve reached the point in my marriage that my husband fell asleep on the couch and OMG I AM SO EXCITED I GET THE BED ALL TO MYSELF!”
• “[watching husband sleep] ME: ‘I just love him so much, he’s my everyth–’ *husband snores* Me: ‘I can’t live like this.’”
• “You know you’ve been married a while when you can correctly answer “What’s that one person’s name in that movie about the thing?”
• “[Me, on my deathbed] Wife: ‘Is that what you’re going to wear?’”
Awkward, first published in BS in 2019

• Can a person be scared ‘half to death’ more than twice?
• Shouldn’t the word ‘big’ be … bigger?
• When you get disconnected on the phone, who is responsible to redial – the caller or the called?
• How did we ever get the nickname ‘Dick’ out of Richard?
• What do you call tights that are too big for you?
• If one synchronized swimmer drowns, do the rest have to drown too?
• Do quarter horses have only one leg?
• What is an ‘occasional table’ the rest of the time?
• Should animal shampoo be tested on humans?


Scaredy-cats:  https://tinyurl.com/t2qo7e8

97% of people are stupid. Thank God I’m in the other 5%.


What’s the one big misconception people have about your profession?


Question:   6% of women admit that they have done THIS while working out. What is it?
Answer:  Shopped online

Never let a bad situation bring out the worst in you.


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