Friday, January 9, 2009        Edition: #3934
The Sheet Hits the Fans!

Despite rumors to the contrary, it’s been confirmed 16-year-old actor Taylor Lautner will hold onto his role as the mysterious ‘Jacob Black’ in the upcoming “Twilight” movie sequel, “New Moon” (stars Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson are locked in for the duration) . . . Rob Pattinson, meantime, has had to drop out of Rosario Dawson’s new movie “Parts Per Billion” because it conflicts with “New Moon’s” shooting schedule (is he the new Mark Hamill?) . . . 50-year-old former singer Michael Jackson has signed a 1-year lease on a 7-bedroom, 13-bath, 12-fireplace mansion in the swanky Bel Air area of Los Angeles, where the rent is a whopping $100,000 a month (his rep calls it ‘a little bit more than an average home’) . . . Famous person Paris Hilton tells “Glamour” magazine she has only ever had sex ‘with a couple of people’ (she meant ‘at a time’) . . . A report says 43-year-old “Sex & The City” actress Sarah Jessica Parker has begun house hunting in NYC – solo, the rumor being her 46-year-old hubby, actor Matthew Broderick, has been cheating on her with a younger woman (who looks less like Seabiscuit) . . . And here’s further proof fame can be fleeting: 2004 “American Idol” winner Fantasia Barrino is reportedly up to her eyeballs in debt, North Carolina authorities saying she refuses to respond to court orders over $65K she owes on a loan, so her million-plus-dollar Charlotte home is going on the auction block Monday (this is how to become a ‘has-been’ at the ripe old age of 24).

• Asher Roth – The 23-year-old rapper from Morrisville PA was heading to LA to perform on “Last Call With Carson Daly” (NBC) this week when a man threatened to detonate a bomb on the plane. The perp was restrained by several passengers, including Roth, and the flight arrived safely. Roth releases his debut album March 17th.
• Bruce Springsteen – “Washington Post” reports he’ll perform on Washington DC’s National Mall as part of Barack Obama inauguration festivities. The performance will be free to the public.
• Coldplay – According to newly-released worldwide sales figures, “Viva La Vida” was 2008’s biggest album, selling 6.6 million copies around-the-world. Runners-up: Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black”, first released in 2006 (5.1 million); AC/DC’s long-awaited “Black Ice” (5 million).
• 50 Cent – He’s been competing on the Turkish version of “Deal or No Deal”, called “Varmisin Yokmusun”. Word is he spent 2 days selecting boxes and rapping in between breaks.
• Kanye West – The plastic surgeon who operated on his mother before she died has been sentenced to a year in jail for drunk driving in Vallejo CA.
• Jay-Z – He’ll honor President-elect Barack Obama with a January19th concert at Washington DC’s Warner Theater, where he’ll be backed by a live band.
• Jason Michael Carroll – The “Livin’ Our Love Song” country singer has sold more than 500,000 ringtones of the tune, earning him his first RIAA ‘Gold Mobile Mastertone’ certification.
• Lily Allen – The Brit pop star has criticized the ‘hysteria around cocaine use’, slammed Christianity, and attacked her own record label, all in a single interview with “Word” magazine.
• Nine Inch Nails – They top the just-released ‘Best-Selling MP3 Albums of 2008′ list at … even though their music could be had for free.
• Rolling Stones – Guitarist Ronnie Wood has shelled out close to $20,000 for a vintage guitar once played by legendary axeman Jimi Hendrix. He bought it for his 41-years-younger girlfriend, Ekaterina Ivanova, who’s a beginner guitarist and taking lessons from Wood.

• Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction (Speed Channel) – Sunday through January 18th the 38th annual ‘World’s Greatest Collector Car Auction’ takes bids in Scottsdale AZ. Among this year’s offerings: a pair of 1956 Chevrolet classics from the personal collection of rock ‘n’ roll icon Eddie Van Halen, each being sold with a matching ‘Wolfgang’ guitar.
• “Golden Globe Awards” (NBC/CTV) – Sunday the 66th annual accolades for the best movies & TV are handed out by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Heath Ledger has a posthumous nomination for “The Dark Knight”; Meryl Streep is double-nominated for ‘Best Actress (Drama)’ for “Doubt” & ‘Best Actress (Musical or Comedy)’ for “Mamma Mia!” (she’s already won 6 GGs); Kate Winslet is also double-nominated for ‘Best Actress (Drama)’ for “Revolutionary Road” & ‘Best Supporting Actress’ for “The Reader” (that makes 7 Globe nods but she’s never won). Last year’s ceremony was cancelled due to the WGA strike.
• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/CityTV) – Tonight country act the Zac Brown Band (“Chicken Fried”) perform onstage.
• “Saturday Night Live” (NBC/Global) – Actor Neil Patrick Harris (“How I Met Your Mother”) hosts; Taylor Swift is the musical guest.
• “Sound & Speed“ – Saturday & Sunday this Nashville TN event brings together fans of country music and NASCAR racing for autographs, Q&A sessions, and performances by the likes of Montgomery Gentry, Rodney Atkins, and Julianne Hough.
• “24“ (FOX/Global) – Sunday (and Monday) ‘Jack Bauer’ is finally back with the 2-night, 4-hour 7th season premiere. It’s been a long wait: the last regular season episode aired May 21, 2007.

• “Bride Wars” ( PG Romantic Comedy ): Kate Hudson & Anne Hathaway play best friends who become rivals when a clerical error results in their respective weddings being held at the same place … on the same day. Candice Bergen co-stars as the wedding planner.
• “Not Easily Broken”( PG-13 Drama ): Morris Chestnut & Taraji P Henson portray a married couple whose fragile bond is tested after a car accident … especially when they both begin to develop feelings for other people.
• “The Unborn” ( PG-13 Horror Thriller ): Odette Yustman (“Cloverfield”) plays a young woman haunted by strange dreams & ghostly visions who turns to a spiritual advisor (creepy actor Gary Oldman) for help. Turns out the trouble has to do with a twin brother … who was never born.

In what might be the strangest case of good luck/bad luck in history, a Connecticut man who bought a winning $10-million lottery ticket has died of a heart attack a few hours later. His wife’s grief will now be subsidized by 21 yearly payments of $477,300 each.
– AP

SanDisk is showing no signs of backing off its slow-to-catch-on ‘slotMusic’ strategy, introducing a new model in the line called ‘slotRadio’. The new device comes bundled with 1,000 songs selected from various “Billboard” charts and arranged into genre-based playlists stored on a removable memory card. These bundled songs can’t be removed from the card. The device also features an FM radio. It will retail for circa $100. A unique giveaway for your station?

We all know that practicing safe sex is a good idea, but who knew that sticking your tongue in someone’s ear could cause trouble? A Chinese woman has ended up in the hospital with a busted eardrum after her boyfriend gave her ear excessive attention. It seems the kiss reduced the pressure in the mouth, pulled the eardrum out, and caused hearing breakdown. The girl is expected to make a full recovery … but she’ll probably never kiss a guy again.
– BBC News

Those fresh-from-the-can, full-of-potential, childhood memories are now available in a convenient spray! ‘Play-Doh Cologne’ has been created to celebrate the 50th birthday of Hasbro’s popular modeling clay. The company suggests the fragrance is ‘meant for highly-creative people, who seek a whimsical scent reminiscent of their childhood’. Close your eyes and you’re back in kindergarten again! A 1-fl-oz bottle will set you back circa 20 bucks.

Officials in India are claiming copyright infringement as a Bangladeshi man is building an exact replica of the Taj Mahal about 30 miles northeast of Dhaka. The Indian High Commission says you can’t copy historical monuments but Ahsanullah Moni doesn’t agree: so far he’s spent over $80 million building the structure using marble & granite from Italy and diamonds from Belgium. He hopes his version of the landmark will give the tourist industry of Bangladesh a much-needed boost.
– Times Online

Medical research has discovered that your month of birth can predispose you to certain illnesses. For example, narcolepsy is most common among those born in March; dyslexia is most common in those born in May or June; anorexia is most prevalent among those born in June; and diabetes is more often found among those born in August. Stanford University psychiatrist Emmanuel Mignot suspects that changing environmental factors throughout the year may be the reason but admits a definitive cause-and-effect relationship cannot be pinned down.
– ABC News

Gastric flu can cause projectile vomiting. (So can Paris Hilton.)


1935 [74] Dick Enberg, Mt Clemens MI, TV sportscaster (CBS/ESPN2/Westwood One)/13 Emmy Awards, including Sports Emmy ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ (2001)

1944 [65] Jimmy Page, Heston UK, classic rock musician (Led Zeppelin-“Stairway to Heaven”, “Whole Lotta Love”)/Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (1992-Yardbirds, 1995-Led Zeppelin)

1967 [42] Dave Matthews, Johannesburg, South Africa, alt-rock singer (Dave Matthews Band-“Where Are You Going”, “The Space Between”)/Farm Aid Board of Directors

1967 [42] Steve Harwell, Santa Clara CA, pop singer (Smash Mouth-“All Star”, “Walkin’ On the Sun”)

1978 [31] AJ (Alexander James) McLean, West Palm Beach FL, pop singer (Backstreet Boys-“Just Want You To Know”, “Shape of My Heart”)

1982 [27] Kate Middleton, Reading UK, girlfriend of Britain’s Prince William (future queen?)

1984 [25] Drew Brown, Boulder CO, rock guitarist (OneRepublic-“Apologize”, “Stop & Stare”)

1987 [22] Paolo Nutini, Paisley, Scotland, pop singer (“New Shoes”, “Last Request”)

Canadian rock icon Ronnie Hawkins (The Band) is 74; Canadian Senator/Hall of Fame NHL player Frank Mahovlich is 71; Classic rock/pop singer Rod Stewart (“Maggie May”) is 64; Classic rock singer/keyboardist Donald Fagen (Steely Dan) is 61; Classic rocker Pat Benatar (“Hit Me With Your Best Shot”) is 56; NFL quarterback Jake Delhomme (Carolina Panthers) is 34; Rock guitarist Matt Roberts (3 Doors Down) is 31.

Former Canadian PM Jean Chrétien (1993-2003) is 75; Rock musician Clarence Clemons (Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band) is 67; Country singer Naomi Judd (The Judds) is 63; Rock guitarist Tom Dumont (No Doubt) is 41; R&B singer Mary J Blige (“Be Without You”) is 38; Movie/TV actress Amanda Peet (“The Whole Nine Yards”) is 37.

• “Play God Day”. So what would you do if you were the Big Guy (Girl?) for a day?
• “Static Electricity Day”. Guess you can count on this being a bad-hair day.
• “Step-Father’s Day”, a day to honor ‘all step-fathers everywhere who come into our lives and hold a special place in our hearts’. You know … the boyfriend Mommy left Daddy for.

• “Wolf Moon”, the Full Moon of January that’s also been known as the ‘Old Moon’ and the ‘Moon After Yule’.
• “Peculiar People Day”, a good day to have listeners call in stories about the extraordinary, unusual, strange, odd, uncommon, intriguing, different, abnormal, and quirky people they know.

• “International Thank-Yous Days”, a week-long opportunity to thank someone from your past who did something nice for you. Or maybe when you force your kids to finally write thank-you notes for holiday season gifts?
• “Sir John A Macdonald’s Birthday”, celebrating the anniversary of the birth of Canada’s first Prime Minister in 1815. The US gets “Martin Luther King Day” off in January, so why can’t we have this as a holiday?
• “Tattoo Pride Day”. Hey, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!

1941 [68] 1st demonstration of ‘Color TV’ (CBS)

1951 [58] 1st ‘Adult Film’ premieres, in London UK (“La Vie Commence Demain”)

2007 [02] Hundreds of high-ticket items owned by Whitney Houston are auctioned by a NJ storage facility in lieu of back rent, including designer clothing & a $300,000 grand piano

1799 [210] 1st-ever ‘Income Tax’ is imposed (England)

1932 [77] 1st recorded ‘Pink Snow’ falls as dust storm mixes with snow (Durango CO)

1899 [110] Manitoba suffers a record low temperature of -52.8 C (-63 F)

1985 [24] Calgary Flames complete NHL-record 264 games without being shut out

1996 [13] Toronto Raptors set dubious NBA record of not making a single free throw in 92-91 loss to Charlotte Hornets

[Tues-Wed] “American Idol 8” season premiere (FOX)
[Tues] Make Your Dream Come True Day
[Wed] Assembly Line Worker’s Day
[Wed] Dress Up Your Pet Day
[Thurs] 2009 Sundance Film Festival opens
[Thurs] Fresh Squeezed Juice Day
[Thurs] Hat Day
[Thurs] World Religion Day
This Week Is … Women’s Self-Empowerment Week
This Month Is … Clean Up Your Computer Month


5. ‘Dressing up’.
4. Tying up or being tied up.
3. A liaison in a public place.
2. Romance with a stranger.
1. Relations with more than one partner.
– “The Good Sex Guide” by Margi Clarke.

I love deadlines, especially the whooshing sound they make as they go flying by.

Can’t make it to a beach for a Winter getaway? Build your own with ‘Online Sand’. Just double-click your left mouse button to make piles. Click the square for instructions on other options.

What’s the all-time best song to ‘get intimate’ to?

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Happiness is wanting what you have.

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