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You Really Know Your Sheet!


This morning James Cameron’s “Avatar” is likely the official all-time box office champ, needing only $2 million after the weekend to slide past the $1.842-billion worldwide total take of his 1997 film “Titanic” (at $3.64 billion for those 2 films alone, he’s surpassed Steven Spielberg as the most profitable director of all-time) . . . That weekend report that Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie are breaking up is false, according to multiple sources which have confirmed they’re still together (but from Brangelina – not a peep!) . . . A 42-year-old British woman named Emma Rotherham has been outed as Tiger Woods’ 19th and most recent mistress, even though she reportedly signed a confidentiality agreement after his security team handed her a sports bag stuffed with half-a-million in $100-bills (this is gonna make a great movie someday!) . . . NBC-TV has made it official: “Tonight Show With Jay Leno” returns March 1st (great, more fake ‘Headlines’ every night) . . . Diddy has given his son Justin a $360,000-Maybach sports car for his 16th birthday, plus $10,000 in good old fashioned cash (that’ll keep it running for about a week) . . . 19-year-old actress Kristen Stewart (“The Twilight Saga”) says she was covered in bruises from pole-dancing injuries while playing a 16-year-old exotic dancer in the new movie “Welcome to The Rileys”, which debuted Saturday at the Sundance Film Festival (her mom must be so proud) . . . And moody, broody 49-year-old actor Sean Penn (“Milk”) has arrived in Haiti to hand out food and supplies to earthquake victims (good lord, haven’t they suffered enough?).


• “American Idol” (FOX/CTV): Auditions continue in Los Angeles; Avril Lavigne and Katy Perry act as guest judges.
• “Ellen DeGeneres Show” (syndicated/A Channel) –  Adam Lambert (“For Your Entertainment”); Harry Connick Jr (“Your Songs”).
• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/CityTV) – Silversun Pickups (“Swoon”).
• “Last Call With Carson Daly” (NBC) – Snoop Dogg (“Malice N Wonderland”).
• “Late Show With David Letterman” (CBS) – The Low Anthem (“Oh My God Charlie Darwin”).


• Good Charlotte – Benji Madden has decided to scrap their new album, “Cardiology”, because he was unhappy with the way it sounded. So now they’ve returned to a Vancouver studio to record it all over again.
• The Killers – They’ve announced the cancellation of their upcoming Asian tour due to the entirely vague excuse of ‘unforeseen circumstances’.
• Lady Antebellum – Today they release their 2nd album, “Need You Now”.
• Motley Crue – Nikki Sixx has ended his 2-year relationship with TV tattoo artist Kat Von D (“LA Ink”) for reasons that he says he chooses to keep personal.
• Radiohead – Guitarist Ed O’Brien maintains piracy isn’t killing music. The problem is the music biz is based on an analogue business model in a digital era and it needs to change.
• REM – Michael Stipe has confirmed that Simon Cowell’s charity single for Haiti will be a cover of REM’s “Everybody Hurts”. Artists recording individual tracks that will be remixed together include Cheryl Cole (Girls Aloud), Mariah Carey, Miley Cyrus, James Blunt, James Morrison, Leona Lewis, Rod Stewart, Susan Boyle, and Take That. It’s tentatively scheduled for release this Sunday, January 31st.
• Rolling Stones – 66-year-old Keith Richards has given up alcohol. Word is he hasn’t had a sip in 4 months, despite previously claiming he’d never go on the wagon. (Check hell for snowballs!)
• Quincy Jones – He & Lionel Richie are planning a 25th anniversary re-recording of “We Are the World”, this time to benefit Haiti relief. So far the artists invited include John Legend, Natalie Cole, and Usher; and Michael Jackson ‘will be invoked in the song in some way’. (Should this tired old saw be recycled again?)
• U2 – The Edge tells “Entertainment Weekly” that they’ve begun work on a new album. And he says they’re convinced that they have ‘something really special’. (As opposed to that last mess.)

• “Michael Jackson’s This Is It” ( Music ): A backstage look at the late King of Pop planning his doomed musical comeback at London’s O2 Arena. Kenny Ortega, the director of the planned stage show, also directed the film. Available via DVD, Blu-Ray, and PSP.
• “St Trinian’s” ( Comedy ): Brit-com about an infamous school for ‘young ladies’ which is facing financial crisis. They need to unite the warring girl gang cliques and come up with the cash fast to save the school. Stars Mischa Barton, Rupert Everett, Colin Firth.
• “Saw VI” ( Horror ): In this 5th sequel in the horror series that’s become a Halloween tradition, ‘Detective Hoffman’ emerges as the unchallenged successor to ‘Jigsaw’s legacy. Stars Tobin Bell, Costas Mandylor, Mark Rolston. Also available in a ‘Widescreen Unrated Edition’.
• “Surrogates” ( Action Thriller ) Set in a futuristic world where humans live in isolation and interact through surrogate robots, Bruce Willis stars as a cop who is forced to leave his home for the first time in years to investigate recent murders. Radha Mitchell & Ving Rhames co-star.
• “Whip It” ( Dramedy ): Actress Drew Barrymore’ feature film directorial debut stars Ellen Page (“Juno”) in the story of small-town Texas misfit who discovers the roller derby league in nearby Austin. Written by Shauna Cross, a former member of the LA Derby Dolls.
• Also released today: “IMAX: Wild Ocean” (Documentary); “JFK: 3 Shots That Changed America” (Documentary); “The Kennedy Assassination: 24 Hours After” (Documentary); “Mickey Rooney: The Long & The Short of It” (Documentary); “Southland: The Complete 1st Season” (TV); “The Waltons Movie Collection” (Classic TV); “WWII in HD” (Documentary).


The sale of games is increasing by 20% a year but, outside of gaming circles, we’re not really talking about them. Even though videogames are now the world’s largest entertainment industry in financial terms, they are rarely reviewed in mainstream media which gives them far less coverage than games played on a field with a ball. It’s also interesting that, despite their financial success, it’s easy to find people who’ve not only never played a videogame but feel they’re a complete waste of time. (Maybe because the average gamer is 35, fat and depressed?)
– “The Observer”

A new study at the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology reveals that flattery does indeed work … even if the person being flattered knows it is insincere. Even in obviously fake instances such as when a sales rep flatters a potential customer or junk mail compliments the reader’s ‘unique’ attributes, the so-called ‘discounted evaluation’ of the false flattery does not replace the original positive reaction. (It seems flattery WILL get you somewhere!)
– ScientificAmerican.com


In the new book “The Power of Half”, scheduled to be published next month, Kevin & Hannah Salwen chronicle their real-life experience of selling their luxurious family home and donating half the proceeds to charity, while using the other half to buy a more modest replacement home. That crazy, impetuous and inspiring idea was cooked up by 14-year-old Hannah while the family was waiting at a traffic light, and noticed an expensive Mercedes on one side and a homeless man begging for food on the other. (Could you survive with half of what you have?)
– NYTimes.com

According to recent stats, women who get married in their late teens or early 20s are more likely to be divorced in 10 years than those who wait until they’re 25 or older. Why? Education and money are two big factors. Educated women tend to be more confident about who they are and less willing to settle for a guy who doesn’t meet their standards. And odds are that, by 25, a woman is also supporting herself so there’s no need to rush into marriage because she’s seeking financial security. (The real reason … it takes 25 years to find a guy that isn’t a jerk.)
– Cosmopolitan.com


Experts offer tips on how to avoid the ‘guy problem’ that most men don’t talk about …
• Keep a healthy weight and exercise regularly.
• Eat more fruits and vegetables.
• Let your doctor know if you have a family history of prostate cancer. Having a father or brother with prostate cancer more than doubles the risk of developing the disease.
• Include more soy in your diet from sources such as tofu, soy nuts or soy flour or powders.
• Don’t smoke.
• Eat more selenium-rich foods such as wheat germ, tuna, herring, mushrooms, garlic and onions. Selenium reduces risk of prostate cancer.
• Get a PSA blood test and ‘digital rectal exam’ annually, beginning at age 50. (Is that where they put the rubber glove on a mechanical hand?)
– MensFitness.com

• Over $120 million will be spent on dental floss in North America this year. (Who was the marketing wiz that dreamed up charging money for string in a box?)
• The name ‘Snickers’ for the popular candy bar was named after a horse that the Mars family owned. (A minor twist in how things turned out and you could be snacking on ‘Seabiscuit’.)
– GreatFacts.com


1949 [61] David Strathairn, San Francisco CA, movie actor (“The Bourne Ultimatum”, “Good Night, and Good Luck”)

1955 [55] Eddie Van Halen, Nijmegen, Netherlands, Grammy Award-winning, plastic-hipped classic rock guitarist (Van Halen-“Jump”)/Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (2007)

1958 [52] Ellen Degeneres, Metairie LA, TV personality (“America Idol” 2010, “Ellen DeGeneres Show” since 2003)/former sitcom star (“Ellen” 1994-98)

1960 [50] Charles Gillingham, Torrance CA, pop musician (Counting Crows-“Accidentally In Love”, “Big Yellow Taxi”)

1961 [49] Wayne Gretzky, Brantford ON, Hockey Hall of Fame former NHL player (9-time MVP)/former Phoenix Coyotes coach/all-time greatest hockey player?

1974 [36] Chris Hesse, Agoura Hills CA, rock drummer (Hoobastank-“The Reason”)

• “Peanut Brittle Day”, celebrating the yummy treat that sticks to your fillings. A little sugar, a little corn syrup, a little more sugar, some peanuts, a little butter, a little more sugar …

• “No Name-Calling Week”, the 7th annual observance aimed at curbing insults of all kinds in schools, whether they’re based on appearance, background or behavior. The idea is to encourage kids to avoid labeling, even with terms as seemingly innocuous as ‘bookworm’. The initiative was developed by the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network.
NET: http://www.nonamecallingweek.org/cgi-bin/iowa/home.html

• “Republic Day” in India, celebrating the date in 1950 when the country’s constitution came into effect, making India a sovereign state. One of only 3 national holidays, it is celebrated with pomp and a military parade in New Delhi and across the nation.

• “Speak Up & Succeed Day”, a day to face your fear of public speaking and speak out anyway at a committee meeting, to a group of colleagues, or in a toast at a special event. It’s estimated that fewer than 3% of us have no fear of public speaking.
NET: http://www.answers.com/topic/national-speak-up-and-succeed-day

• “Spouse’s Day”, a time to enjoy and appreciate your better half. (Just as you mail off this month’s alimony.)

1979 [31] Country comedy “The Dukes of Hazzard” premieres on CBS-TV (and cut-off jeans become known as ‘Daisy Dukes’)


1970 [40] John Lennon and producer Phil Spector write, record, and mix the hit record “Instant Karma” in a single day (released early the next month)

1984 [26] Michael Jackson’s hair catches fire during taping of a Pepsi ad (this is when the long slide into wackiness begins)

1924 [86] American skater Charles Jewtraw wins the 1st Gold medal in the first-ever Winter Olympic Games, held in Chamonix, France (500 m)

1979 [31] 1st sales of Coca-Cola in China (‘Ke Kou Ke Lo’)

1905 [105] ‘Largest Uncut Diamond’ is found in South Africa, weighing 3,105 carats

[Wed] Holocaust Memorial Day
[Wed] Thomas Crapper Day
[Wed] Vietnam Peace Day
[Fri] Freethinkers Day
[Fri] “Edge of Darkness”; “When in Rome” open in movie theaters
This Week Is … World Leprosy Week
This Month Is … Bath Safety Month


Today is “Australia Day” (aka “Anniversary Day” or “Foundation Day”), the national day for our mates Down Under that commemorates the 1788 landing of Captain Arthur Phillip at Sydney to establish a penal colony. Records of an annual celebration date back to 1808. Aussies are known for their great sense of humor, which is often expressed in their unique applications of the English language. See if you can guess what the following ‘Strane’ expressions mean …
• ‘Bush Oyster’ … Nasal Mucus, Snot.
• ‘Spliced’ … Married.
• ‘Grinning Like a Shot Fox’ … Very Happy, Smugly Satisfied.
• ‘Trough Lolly’ … Deodorant Puck in a Men’s Urinal.
• ‘Aerial Ping-Pong’ … Australian Rules Football.
• ‘Brekkie’ … Breakfast.
• ‘Drop Your Strides’ … Take Off Your Pants.
• ‘Old Fella’ … Penis.
• ‘Mozzie’ … Mosquito.
• ‘Piece of Piss’ … An Easy Job or Task.
• ‘He’s Got the Wobbly Boot On’ … He’s Drunk!
Get more here …
NET: http://www.macquariedictionary.com.au

It’s hard to be nostalgic when you can’t remember anything.


There actually was no ‘Super Bowl I’.  Why not?
a. It wasn’t numbered because it was unknown if there would ever be another.
b. It had a different name. [CORRECT. In 1967, it was officially called ‘The AFL-NFL World Championship Game’. The term ‘Super Bowl’ was not used until the game’s 3rd year.]
c. It was cancelled due to a player strike.
– “US News & World Report”

Is technology making our lives better or worse? Which techno-tool would you never give up?


Today’s Question: It’s estimated that 50,000 of THESE are created each day.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: Blogs. (HuffingtonPost.com)

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