Wednesday, January 31, 2007        Edition: #3457
Monthly Planning Calendar in Today’s Issue

THIS WEEK ‘James Bond’ actor Daniel Craig was stunned when he arrived in Beijing for the Chinese premiere of “Casino Royale” and was offered a pirate copy of the film by a bootlegger who didn’t recognize him – for the equivalent of a buck-and-a-half! . . . Original “Survivor” winner Richard Hatch may yet get sprung from jail after being convicted of tax evasion – a US Court of Appeals has agreed to hear his appeal MARCH 8th . . . More details on “Grey’s Anatomy” star Isaiah Washington’s ‘rehab’ – word is he has entered a 30-day ‘anger management program’ in a bid to keep his job (too little, too late, dude) . . . More details on 37-year-old Jennifer Aniston’s new-and-improved nose – she reportedly had a 2nd operation performed earlier THIS MONTH by Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Raj Kanodia to correct a rhinoplasty from a decade ago (seems the first time she did a bad job of picking her nose) . . . Michael Jackson is said to be considering converting to Islam after his brother Jermaine Jackson persuaded him to look at its benefits (his first act of pious charity – giving his old nose to Jennifer Aniston) . . . After his split from Scarlett Johansson, reports say actor Josh Hartnett (“Lucky Number Slevin”) has been desperately trying to woo another young actress, Sienna Miller (“Factory Girl”) but so far she’s less than impressed (she only likes married guys who cheat with the babysitter) . . . 46-year-old action film has-been Jean-Claude Van Damme claims he & pop singer Kylie Minogue had an affair on the set of “Street Fighter”, a universally panned flick they made back in 1994 (apparently he just remembered) . . . And ‘Harry Potter’ actor Daniel Radcliffe will be ditching both his eyeglasses and much of his clothing for a stage production of “Equus” that opens in London’s Gielgud Theatre NEXT MONTH (previews show his wand isn’t so magic after all).

• Brandy – It’s now up to the LA City Attorney’s office to decide whether to charge her with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter as recommended by the California Highway Patrol. Investigators think she was at fault in the DECEMBER accident that took a woman’s life.
• Daniel Powter – TONIGHT he performs on the “Tonight Show With Jay Leno” (NBC/A Channel).
• Fall Out Boy – TODAY they appear on “MTV Live” (MTV Canada).
• Jay-Z – He’s signed to help Coca-Cola relaunch its ‘Cherry Coke’ brand FEBRUARY 7th at “New York Fashion Week”. His Rocawear design company has come up with the product’s new can and developed TV ads. The drink has been relaunched 3 times since its debut in 1985.
• KISS – The geezer rockers are the subject of a new comic book series. That’s happened before, but this time around they have complete control of the content.
• Right Said Fred – They’re re-releasing their tongue-ion-cheek classic “I’m Too Sexy” on APRIL 2nd. In 1991, the catchy novelty tune made it to #2 on pop charts and stayed there 6 weeks.
• Robin Thicke with Pharrell – TONIGHT they guest on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC).
• Taking Back Sunday – TONIGHT they’re on “Late Show With David Letterman” (CBS).

According to a new poll, these are the top 5 best preserved celebs in cinema (and their ages) …
5. Diane Keaton (61)
4. Judi Dench (72)
3. Meryl Streep (57)
2. Sophia Loren (72)
1. Helen Mirren (61)
5. Danny Glover (60)
4. Clint Eastwood (76)
3. Robert Redford (70)
2. Sean Connery (76)
1. Jack Nicholson (69)
– “The Sun”

New cutting-edge vocab …
• ‘Celebrity Worship Syndrome’ (or ‘CWS’) – A newly invented mental disorder caused by an obsessive interest in famous people in which sufferers dedicate their lives to the chosen subject of their affection. (“I can’t make it into work this morning. The Killers were on late-night TV and I’ve got a bad case of CWS.”)
• ‘Dubstep’ – A minimalist type of thumping dance music that first emerged a few years back in the clubs of London, England and is now spreading worldwide thanks to online exposure. (What used to take 10 years to occur now penetrates the world in about 10 minutes.)
• ‘Promession’ – A new way to deal with dead bodies that involves freeze-drying them, then shaking them into a fine powder to be used as compost. It was developed in Sweden as a way to address the shortage of burial spaces and to reduce the mercury pollution created by dental fillings during cremation. (“What’s with the coffee? This Folgers I found in the cupboard tastes awful!”)

At the recent World Economic Forum, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates predicted that TV sets and personal computers will converge within the next 5 years, making conventional broadcast television obsolete. Gates says scheduled programming, along with its integrated commercials, will become a thing of the past as TV is delivered over the Internet. Quote: “I’m stunned how people aren’t seeing that. People will laugh at what we’ve had.” (Of course this is the same guy who, in 1981, said “640K should be enough for anybody.”)
– “Contact Music”

Omaha, Nebraska is set to become the first city to offer ‘terror-free gasoline’ as a group calling itself the ‘Terror-Free Oil Initiative’ opens a service station that will not sell fuel from countries that export or finance terrorism. Beginning TOMORROW, the station will only sell gas from Sinclair Oil, which purchases its oil from sources in Canada and the US. In addition to offering terror-free gas, it will offer counter-terrorism pamphlets, books and bumper stickers. TFOI spokesman Joe Kaufman says negotiations are under way to open terror-free gas stations across America. (Hate to disillusion you panic-mongers but according to energy expert Daniel Yergin, the US is about 70% self-sufficient when it comes to oil, and 81% of the rest of the supply comes from non-Middle East suppliers like Canada and Mexico.)
– ABC News

A recent poll finds that 74% of facial tissue users stash their used hankies in places such as purses, pockets, drawers, or on countertops – often with the intent of re-using them. That’s led Kimberley-Clark, maker of Kleenex tissues, to look into developing a tissue laced with mild pesticide to fight colds and flu. Researchers think a tissue capable of deactivating viruses could protect others from exposure. (Great, we’ll avoid the flu … but have offspring with 3 heads.)
– “Wall Street Journal”

When Cuban president Fidel Castro dies, the city of Miami FL is going to throw a huge party at Little Havana’s Orange Bowl Stadium. A special committee has already been appointed to decide what will be on the event’s T-shirts, who will perform at the celebration, and just how long the big bash is going to last. The committee says it won’t be concentrating on Castro’s death but on the festivities celebrating the biggest event in the lives of Cubans. (Do they really think 3rd-generation Cuban ex-pats who’ve grown up in the land of consumerism are going to return to a Third World country?)

• A young woman in India wants her husband back even though he eloped with … her mother. The new bride has asked the Family Counseling Center in Sehore to intervene on her behalf, after her husband announced his intention to marry his 15-years-older mother-in-law. (Is the town named after the mother-in-law by any chance?)
• Hit by a declining demand for altar cloths in churches, lace-makers in Poland are diversifying into … exotic underwear. Their traditional skills are being adapted to produce thongs, bras, panties and tight frilly tops, which the country’s Catholic religious leaders say brings shame on their respectable craft.
• Some 10,000 residents of Juneau, Alaska lost their electricity for almost an hour after an overly ambitious eagle failed to clear transmission lines … while carrying a deer head it found in the local dump. A repair crew found the zapped eagle dead, and the deer head nearby.
• In Denmark, a pair of would-be thieves crashed a car through the main entrance of a Copenhagen department store, then smashed the vehicle into a gate protecting expensive jewelry and watches. But when they failed to penetrate the gem enclosure, they drove away through an exit on the other side of the building. (What’s Lindsay Lohan doing in Denmark?)

American timber & real estate baron Tim Blixseth is planning to build the ‘World’s Most Expensive House’ in Montana. The 53,000-square-foot, 10-bedroom mansion is expected to surpass the price of a $139-million home in England, which was the most expensive house in 2006. The value of this little shack on the prairie … a cool $155 million.
– “Forbes Magazine”

There are more than 20,000 brands of beer worldwide.

“You get partying and stuff out of the way. That gets out of your system and you try to concentrate and go play.”
– Chicago Bears wide receiver Bernard Berrian on why it was good his team showed up a week early for SUNDAY’s “Super Bowl XLI” in Miami FL.


1959 [48] Anthony LaPaglia, Adelaide, Australia, TV actor (‘Jack Malone’ on “Without a Trace” since 2002)

1971 [36] Minnie (Amelia) Driver, London UK, movie actress (“Phantom of the Opera”, “Good Will Hunting”)  UP NEXT: “The Simpsons Movie”, opening JULY 27th.

1973 [34] Portia DeRossi (Amanda Lee Rogers), Geelong, Australia, TV actress (“Arrested Development” 2003-06, “Ally McBeal” 1998-2002)/Ellen DeGeneres’ partner since 2004

1977 [30] Kerry Washington, Bronx NY, movie actress (“The Last King of Scotland”, “Ray”)

1981 [26] Justin Timberlake, Memphis TN, pop singer (“My Love”, ‘N Sync-“Girlfriend”)/wannabe actor (“Alpha Dog”, “Edison”)/Cameron Diaz’s ex-boyfriend (2003-07)

• “Backwards Day”, a day to relieve the winter blahs by doing everything backwards, ie: calling people by their last name, eating meals in reverse, signing off your show at the beginning, etc.

• “Gorilla Suit Day”, an annual observance when people around-the-world are encouraged to get their gorilla suits out of the closet, put them on, and go door-to-door. That’s really all there is to it.  You don’t have to buy gifts; you don’t have to fast, although some Orthodox Gorilla Suiters do.
(Somebody didn’t take their meds.)

• “Inspire Your Heart With Art Day”. If you’re admitted to the ER today, instead of defibrilator paddles, they’ll be strapping a Renoir on your chest.

• “Play an Old Game You Haven’t Played in Years Night”. Maybe Yahztee, Scrabble, Monopoly, Canasta, Hungry Hippo … Strip Poker?

1997 [10] The 1977 movie “Star Wars” is re-released in movie theaters as “Star Wars Special Edition” and grosses a record JANUARY opening weekend take of $35.9 million

2005 [02] On the “Late Show”, David Letterman delivers Johnny Carson’s final monologue as a tribute to the legendary talk show host’s passing

1987 [20] Actor Bruce Willis releases an R&B cover of the Staple Singers’ “Respect Yourself”

1928 [79] ‘Scotch Tape’ 1st marketed by 3M (without inventor Richard Drew, we’d still be wrapping up gifts with rope!)

1977 [30] Only time since US weather records have been kept that all 48 contiguous states simultaneously have snow on the ground

[Feb 1] Bubble Gum Day
[Feb 2] Groundhog Day / Candlemas (Christian) / Full (Snow) Moon / Bifocals at the Monitor Liberation Day / Men’s Grooming Day / 38th NAACP Image Awards / Wear Red Day (Women’s Heart Health Day) / “Because I Said So”; “The Messengers” open in movie theaters.
[Feb 3 ] 59th Directors Guild of America Awards / Tu B’Shevat (Jewish)
[Feb 4] Super Bowl XLI (Miami FL) / Midpoint of Winter / Carnival Season begins
Feb 5] Weatherman’s Day
[Feb 6] Pay-A-Compliment Day
[Feb 7] “Lost” returns (ABC) / Charles Dickens Day / Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor Day / Dump Your Significant Jerk Day / Girls & Women in Sports Day
[Feb 8] “Survivor:  Fiji” premieres (CBS)
[Feb 9] Develop Alternative Vices Day / “Hannibal Rising”; “Norbit” open in movie theaters
[Feb 11] 49th Grammy Awards (LA) / Inventors Day / Satisfied Staying Single Day / Pro Sports Wives Day / Satisfied Staying Single Day / NFL Pro Bowl (Honolulu HI) / British Academy of Film & Television Arts “BAFTA Awards” (London UK) / World Marriage Day /  / Boy Scout & Girl Scout Sunday
[Feb 13] Get A Different Name Day / Read to Your Child Day / 27th “Genie Awards”
[Feb 14] Valentines Day / 2007 “Brit Awards” / “Music & Lyrics”; “Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls” open in movie theaters
[Feb 16] Second Honeymoon Weekend / “Breach”; “Bridge to Terabithia”; “Ghost Rider” open in movie theaters
[Feb 18] Chinese New Year / Thumb Appreciation Day / “East Coast Music Awards” (Halifax)
[Feb 19] Rose Monday / Bun Day / President’s Day (USA) / Family Day (Alberta)
[Feb 20] Shrove Tuesday / Pancake Day / Mardi Gras / Hoodie Hoo Day
[Feb 21] Ash Wednesday / Card Reading Day / Single Tasking Day
[Feb 23] Canada Winter Games begin (Whitehorse YT) / Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day / Curling is Cool Day / Chili Day / “Amazing Grace”; “Astronaut Farmer”; “Reno 911!: Miami”; “The Number 23″ open in movie theaters
[Feb 24] Flag Day (Mexico) / Spirit Awards (Los Angeles) / 27th “Razzie Awards” (Los Angeles)
[Feb 25 ] 79th Academy Awards
[Feb 26] For Pete’s Sake Day
[Feb 27] International Polar Bear Day
[Feb 28] International Floral Design Day / Tooth Fairy Day / International Repetitive Strain Injuries Awareness Day
[Mar 4] Chinese Lantern Festival
[Mar 7-10] Canadian Music Week 2007 (Toronto)
[Mar 10] Canadian Radio Music Awards (Toronto)
[Mar 11] Daylight Saving Time begins


• How many words is a sculpture worth?
• What if there was a war and both sides surrendered?
• If you’re born on an airplane, what nationality are you?
• How does a woman eat a 2-lb box of candy and gain 5 lbs?
• If we aren’t supposed to eat animals, how come they’re made of meat?
• Is it bad luck to run over a black cat to prevent it from crossing your path?

Today’s Question: Most men take the initiative to do this FIRST in a romantic relationship.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: Say “I love you”.

Support bacteria. They’re the only culture some people have.

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