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TODAY at the “Sundance Film Festival” in Park City UT, actor Kevin Bacon officially launches the website, an online charitable-giving site inspired by the party game ‘Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon’ in which the goal is to link any actor to Bacon through no more than 6 movies (the website links to movie star charities) . . . TONIGHT the first feature film by Toronto actress-turned-director Sarah Polley, “Away from Her”, screens at the Salt Lake City UT gala of the “Sundance Film Festival” . . . TODAY “American Idol” runner-up Katharine McPhee guest stars in a webisode of the Internet video serial “Lonelygirl15”, which will also a tune from her debut album (due JANUARY 30th) . . . SATURDAY at the 18th “Producers Guild of America Awards” in LA, “Babel”, “The Departed”, “Little Miss Sunshine”, “Dreamgirls” & “The Queen” vie for ‘Best Picture of the Year’; and prolific producer Jerry Bruckheimer (“CSI”, “Without a Trace”) receives the ‘Norman Lear Achievement Award in Television’ . . . Starting SATURDAY, Big & Rich, Trisha Yearwood & Garth Brooks are among those scheduled to appear during the National Hockey League’s “All-Star Celebration” in Dallas TX (The Wreckers sing the anthem prior to the 55th “NHL All-Star Game” itself on WEDNESDAY) . . . SUNDAY “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin’s final program, “Ocean’s Deadliest”, airs on TV (Discovery/Animal Planet) but will NOT include footage shot on the day he was killed by a stingray . . . Oprah Winfrey tops a new Harris Poll asking our ‘Favorite TV Personality’ (5th year in-a-row), followed by Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly . . . Word has it 20-year-old actress Lindsay Lohan is doing her rehab time at the Wonderland Center in Los Angeles’ Laurel Canyon, a residential detox facility providing treatment for alcohol and drug problems . . . And “CSI: Miami” star David Caruso’s divorce from his 3rd wife, Margaret Buckley, has been finalized just as his latest offspring with girlfriend Lisa Marquez celebrates his 4-month birthday (gee, think this guy might be difficult to live with?).

• AFI – TOMORROW the “Miss Murder” band is the musical guest on “Saturday Night Live” (NBC), hosted by TV actor Jeremy Piven (‘Ari Gold’ on “Entourage”).
• George Jones – The country legend is launching ‘George Jones University’, 3-day sessions that will teach students how the music industry works and how to break into the biz. The kickoff seminar in MARCH will likely be held at his Nashville-area home. The cost is $300 per person.
• Johnny Cash – SUNDAY a collection of some of his personal effects will be auctioned in Scottsdale AZ, including a passport, clothing, gold records, an expired credit card, and handwritten notes such as a to-do list that reads ‘kiss June’ and ‘not smoke’.
• Kelly Clarkson – She’s teaming up with NASCAR in its first season-long marketing deal with a music artist. She’ll perform at a couple of events, appear in TV spots, and get involved with NASCAR’s charitable efforts.
• Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Snow (Hey Oh)” has become their 11th #1 single on the ‘Modern Rock’ chart, a new record in the genre.
• Sara Evans – SUNDAY she’ll appear onstage as the “Dancing With the Stars” tour makes its Nashville TN stop. She competed on the show in 2006 but dropped out after filing for divorce from husband Craig Schelske. It will be her only appearance on the tour.
• Slayer – TONIGHT they guest on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC).

• “The Dead Girl” ( R-Rated Mystery Thriller Opens Wider ): The clues to a young woman’s death come together as the lives of 5 seemingly unrelated people begin to intersect. Stars Toni Collette, Brittany Murphy & Marcia Gay Harden (“Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”).
• “The Good German” ( R-Rated Mystery Thriller Opens Wider ): George Clooney stars as an American journalist in post-war Berlin who is drawn into a murder investigation which involves his former mistress (Cate Blanchett) and his driver. Directed by Steven Soderbergh.
• “The Hitcher” ( R-Rated Horror Thriller ): When hitchhiking, it’s in poor taste to maim, torture and kill the good Samaritans who picked you up. But Sean Bean, who plays the psychopath, is just rude that way. A remake of the 1986 cult classic. Co-stars Sophia Bush (“One Tree Hill”).

Highlights of new stats from Nielsen SoundScan Canada for 2006 …
• Overall music sales in Canada increased almost 10% with 64.1 million units sold (includes Albums, Singles, Music Video, Digital Tracks).
• Digital sales jumped a whopping 122% from 6.7 million legal downloads to 14.9 million.
• ‘Alternative’ music was the overall sales leader, but only 2 music genres showed an increase in sales: ‘Classical’ (up 21%), and ‘Country’ (up 15%).
• Top selling album was James Blunt’s “Back to Bedlam” with about 456,000 copies sold.
• Top selling artist was, perhaps surprisingly, the late Johnny Cash with about 545,000 units.

If predictions by the Oxford Hair Foundation come to pass, the number of natural redheads worldwide will continue to dwindle until there are none left by 2100. The reason, according to scientists at the independent institute which studies all sorts of hair problems, is that just 4% of the world’s population carries the red-hair gene. The gene is recessive and therefore diluted when carriers produce children with people who have the dominant brown-hair gene. The gene responsible for red hair was only discovered in the late 1990s. Red hair is found in all ethnic backgrounds but is most commonly associated with people of Celtic descent.
– “Seattle Times”

South Korea’s LG Electronics is launching a new mobile phone that incorporates a buttonless touch-screen that resembles the much-hyped Apple iPhone (set for release in JUNE at circa $599). LG’s ‘Prada Phone’ is being produced in partnership with the Italian fashion house and is set to go on sale in late FEBRUARY at both mobile phone dealers and Prada stores. Better start saving up now … MSRP is $780!
– Associated Press

One way or another, you’re gonna blow your dough on booze, chow, and women. At least let us tell you where to do it …
5. Houston TX
4. Nashville TN
3. New Orleans LA
2. Milwaukee WI
1. Las Vegas NV
– “Maxim Magazine”

The son of 1950s rock ‘n roller ‘The Big Bopper’ (JP Richardson) has hired a forensic anthropologist to dig his dad out of his grave in Beaumont TX and determine exactly how he died in the February 3, 1959 plane crash that also killed Ritchie Valens and Buddy Holly. Jay Richardson says he’s having his father exhumed to determine whether there is any truth to rumors that a gun might have been on the plane, and to see if he may have survived the impact of the crash and died while trying to find help. The “Chantilly Lace” singer will be re-buried in the same spot after his remains are studied and will have a life-size statue erected beside his grave.

Microsoft Corp will finally release its long-awaited new “Windows Vista” operating system on JANUARY 30th and for the first time for a Windows product it will be available via online download. Vista” will come in 4 flavors: ‘Home Basic’ ($199) ‘Home Premium’ ($239); ‘Business’ ($299); and ‘Ultimate’ ($399). The related program “Office 2007” becomes available the same day.
– AP Technology

A British woman is set to fly to Texas to undergo an embryo implant in hopes of giving birth to the world’s first ‘designer baby’. The high-tech Abraham Center of Life in San Antonio refers to itself as the ‘world’s first commercial human embryo bank’ but critics are calling it a ‘baby supermarket’. Here’s how it works: Prospective parents review photos of male and female donors when they were infants and sometimes as adults, as well as family histories and medical reports. After selections are complete, an embryo is created for eventual transfer into the client mother. The unidentified London woman and her husband will travel to the lab within weeks to begin the impregnation process.
– “Daily Mail”

• In England, a would-be groom is in a Dorchester jail for 12 weeks after trying to get a free wedding ring for his bride by … swallowing it. Simon Hopper was arrested for attempted theft after gulping down the $3,500-ring while a jewelry store clerk’s back was turned. After cops were called, a metal detector was used to verify the ring’s whereabouts. Then came the 4-day process of waiting for it to be … er … well … returned. The jeweler says the ring has since had several good cleanings but he’s unlikely to reveal its ‘background’ to the future buyer. Is that anyway to pawn off a crappy ring?
• In Russia, a chemistry student has sparked a terrorist alert when he blew up part of his Moscow State University dormitory while … doing his homework. The 20-year-old was mixing chemicals as part of a study project when the explosion happened. His al-Qaeda scholarship is not expected to be affected.
• In Florida, residents in the town of Shalimar who’ve had to much to drink can now get a ride home from an unusual designated driver … a cop. Yep, a police cruiser will now deliver any resident who’s too drunk to drive to their home free of charge if it’s within 25 miles. The town manager admits the guidelines may need to be changed if someone seems to be taking advantage of the service. We’re guessing the new program is likely to last until about … Monday.
• In Germany, 3 video game geeks have been ‘pwned’ (techie lingo for beaten badly) and hospitalized after store windows were shattered and furniture busted up in a rampage at a store in Cologne. The fracas broke out after the store ran out of video games during a special sale of … “World of Warcraft”. See? Video games do lead to violence.

• Pulling an all-nighter or sleeping as little as 4-to-5 hours daily for a week produces the same level of cognitive impairment as if you were legally drunk with a blood-alcohol level of 0.10, according to sleep experts at Harvard Medical School.
• Global digital music sales doubled LAST YEAR to about $2 billion, according to new figures from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry.


1934 [73] Lloyd Robertson, Stratford ON, CTV Chief News Anchor & Senior News Editor since 1976/CBC-TV’s “The National” anchor 1970-76/CAB Broadcast Hall of Fame (1998)

1946 [61] Dolly Parton, Sevierville TN, country singer/songwriter (“I Will Always Love You”)/movie actress (“Steel Magnolias”)/amusement park owner (“Dollywood”)

1955 [52] Paul Rodriguez, Culiacan, Mexico, standup comedian/TV actor (“”)/movie actor (“A Cinderella Story”, “The World’s Fastest Indian”)

1971 [36] Shawn Wayans, NYC, one of the movie acting Wayans brothers (“Little Man”, “White Chicks”)

Classic rock guitarist Paul Stanley (KISS) is 55; TV host Bill Maher (“Real Time with Bill Maher”) is 51; TV actor James Denton (“Desperate Housewives”) is 44; Country singer John Michael Montgomery (“Sold”) is 42; TV actor Rainn Wilson (“The Office”) is 39; Rock drummer Rob Bourdon (Linkin Park) is 28.
Golf legend Jack Nicklaus is 67; Operatic singer Placido Domingo (“The Three Tenors”) is 66; Oldies singer Billy Ocean (“Caribbean Queen”) is 57; Movie actress Geena Davis (“Thelma & Louise”) is 51; DJ Chris Kilmore (Incubus) is 34; Pop singer Emma Bunton (Spice Girls) is 31.

• “Confederate Heroes Day”, observed on the anniversary of the 1807 birth of Robert E Lee. It’s an official holiday in Texas.
• “Edgar Allan Poe Birth Anniversary”, celebrating the 1809 birth of the famed American writer of “The Raven”, who’s also credited as the inventor of the mystery novel.
• “International Sing-Out Day”, a time to break out in song just like they do in goofy musicals.
• “Maintenance Day”, honoring all janitors and building maintenance personnel. (Because they’re good natured swabs.)
• “Penguin Awareness Day”, to highlight conservation of natural resources by increasing awareness of the interrelationship between humans and marine animals. (Not sure where the official celebration is being held, but you can bet they’ll be wearing tuxes!)

• “Muharram”, the 1st month of the Islamic calendar, with the Islamic New Year observance on its 1st day. Fighting in this month is looked down upon and is often put to the side in respect for Islam.
• “Philately Day”, aka “Stamp Collecting Day” (as a hobby, you just can’t lick it!)
• Zodiac sign of Aquarius begins (the ‘Water Carrier’)

• “Hugging Day”, a day to hug anyone who will accept a hug and to see how many you can hug before the day is over. (First, make sure you have a lawyer on retainer.)
• “St Agnes’ Day”, honoring the patron saint of virgins and Girl Guides.
• “Squirrel Appreciation Day” … so take a moment today and think about the squirrels. (Huh?)

1993 [14] Fleetwood Mac reunites to perform at Inaugural Gala for US President Bill Clinton

1915 [92] 1st ‘Neon Sign’ (it actually spelled out ‘N-E-O-N’, because it was created by George Claude of Paris, France for a demonstration.)

1935 [72] 1st ‘Jockey Shorts’ go on sale (beginning the boxers vs briefs controversy)

1951 [56] 1st ‘Front-Hook Bra’ (fumbling teenage boys cheer!)

1977 [30] 1st recorded snowfall in Miami FL

[Mon] Answer Your Cat’s Question Day
[Mon] Speak Up & Succeed Day
[Mon] Rid the World of Fad Diets Day
[Tues] Academy Award nominations announced
[Wed] Women’s Healthy Weight Day
[Thurs] Robbie Burns Day
This Week Is … Printing Ink Week
This Month Is … Glaucoma Awareness Month


• “Man Can See One Second into Future!”
• “Cowardly Matador Only Fights Rabbits!”
• “Firefighter Fired for Fighting Fire With Fire!”
• “Bricklayers Entomb Annoying Co-Worker!”
• “Multiple Personality Man Charged Triple Room Rate!”
• “Dust Bunnies Breed like Rabbits!”
• “Parent Vanishes During Peekaboo Game!”

Electric chairs are ‘period’ furniture … they end a sentence.

The week’s most requested music files online …
5. Jim Jones – “We Fly High”
4. Justin Timberlake – “My Love”
3. Fat Joe – “Make It Rain”
2. Snoop Dogg – “That’s That”
1. DJ Unk – “Walk It Out”
– Big Champagne online music measurement

Today’s Question: A survey finds that THIS is the #1 reading material in the john.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: Product labels.

If you laugh, the world laughs with you. If you cry, the world laughs at you.

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