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Sheet For Brains!

★ An English estate that George Clooney & wife Amal have reportedly purchased comes with a ghostly view. The couple has been linked to a $16-million manor house in the village of Sonning and its paranormalist neighbor, Uri Geller, claims the site overlooks Sonning Bridge where the ghost of a little girl has been spotted on numerous occasions. As well as the creepy view, the Clooneys’ potential English retreat comes with a library, spa, boathouse, and separate cottage for guests.
– “Daily Express”
★ Actor Johnny Depp and former drug kingpin George Jung hung out for the first time since the inspiration for Depp’s 2001 movie “Blow” was released from jail. Word has it Depp reached out to the 72-year-old former cocaine dealer to see if he wanted to catch up. Jung – who was behind bars for almost 20 years – ended up hanging out at Depp’s downtown Los Angeles loft, where they kicked back for a few hours with Depp’s fiancée Amber Heard swapping stories about poetry, books, and Ted Demme, the movie’s late director.
– TMZ.com
★ And Italian artist Cristina Guggeri’s latest series of digital images, aptly titled “Il Dovere Quotidiano” (“The Daily Duty”), showcases some of the world’s most renowned and widely recognized leaders, including Barack Obama and Queen Elizabeth II, sitting on ‘the throne’. OK, the photos are digitally manipulated but they do manage to remind us that – no matter how rich or powerful or famous, we’re all human and all exactly the same in at least one way.
NET: http://tinyurl.com/kmbvkxu
NET: http://tinyurl.com/kzeex4w
– Dose.ca

• “Conan” (TBS/CTV) – Sleater-Kinney (“Dig Me Out”).
• “Daily Show With Jon Stewart” (Comedy Central/CTV) – Jennifer Lopez (“American Idol”).
• “Ellen DeGeneres Show” (syndicated/CTV2) – Florida Georgia Line (“Anything Goes”).
• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/CityTV) – Logic (“Under Pressure”).
• “Last Call With Carson Daly” (NBC) – The Front Bottoms (“The Front Bottoms”). Rerun.
• “Late Show With David Letterman” (CBS/Omni1) – Catfish & The Bottlemen (“Balcony”). Rerun.
• “Live With Kelly & Michael” (syndicated/CTV) – New Kids On the Block (“10”).
• “The Real” (syndicated) – Christina Milian (“It’s About Time”). The series premiere of the ‘docu-soap’ “Christina Milian Turned Up” airs this Sunday night on E!.
• “State Of the Union 2015” (ABC/CBS/FOX/NBC/PBS) – Barack Obama’s speech outlining the current condition of America preempts regular programming for an hour-and-a-half.
• “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” (NBC/CTV2) – Fall Out Boy (“American Beauty/American Psycho”).

• The Decemberists – Today they release their 7th studio album, “What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World”. This is their first full length studio album since 2011’s “The King Is Dead”, which debuted at #1 on the ‘Billboard 200’.
• Fall Out Boy – Their 6th album, “American Beauty/American Psycho”, is released today. This time around, Fall Out Boy chose to work with French producer/DJ SebastiAn to put his stamp on their new music.
• Fleetwood Mac – Their “On With the Show” tour is scheduled to visit Grand Rapids MI tonight even though Mick Fleetwood suddenly took ill at Saturday’s gig in Lincoln NE. The drummer took time out to profusely throw up backstage, then failed to return. The show was cut short.
• “Grammy Nominees Album” – The 21st installment, out today, features 21 top-charting hits from this year’s Grammy-nominated artists. Among them: Ariana Grande, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Hozier, Iggy Azalea, Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams, Sam Smith, and Taylor Swift.
• Kanye West – He & wife Kim Kardashian certainly know how to pack a lot into a weekend. After enjoying a double-date with pals Beyoncé & Jay Z at a basketball game in LA, they then hit the slopes for a ski retreat.
• Marilyn Manson –His new album “The Pale Emperor” is out today and tomorrow in Washington DC the “Hell Not Hallelujah Tour” gets underway in support. Dates are scheduled through February 14th in Las Vegas NV.
• Mark Ronson/f Bruno Mars – “Uptown Funk” remains #1 on the UK singles chart for the 5th straight week. It has now achieved the most weeks at the top of that chart since Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” in 2013.

Out today on DVD, Netflix, Google Play and/or other video providers …
• “The Boxtrolls” ( PG Animated Adventure ): An orphaned boy raised by underground cave-dwelling trash collectors tries to save friends from an evil exterminator. Based on the Alan Snow children’s novel “Here Be Monsters”. Voice cast includes Ben Kingsley, Tracy Morgan.
• “The Drop” ( R-Rated Crime Drama ): Tom Hardy plays a bartender who becomes involved in an ill-advised scheme to steal cash being funneled to local gangsters through the underworld of Brooklyn bars. Co-stars James Gandolfini, Noomi Rapace.
• “Lucy” ( R-Rated Thriller ): Scarlett Johansson stars as a woman altered by a dangerous drug that allows her to use 100% of her brain, transforming her into a merciless warrior evolved beyond human logic. Director Luc Besson. Co-stars Morgan Freeman, Amr Waked.
• Also released today: “Little House On the Prairie – Season 4 Deluxe Remastered Edition” (Vintage TV); “My Winnipeg”(Fantasy Documentary); “On Golden Pond Collector’s Edition” (1980 Drama); “Swamp People: Season 5” (Reality TV); and “Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Tough Love” (Animated Dramedy).

German researchers have developed new shoe-sized devices that harvest power from the act of walking. The technology could be used to power wearable electronic sensors without the need for batteries. The system actually entails 2 separate devices: a ‘shock harvester’ that sits snugly in the sole of a training shoe to generate power when the heel strikes the ground; and a ‘swing harvester’ that creates further electricity when the foot is swinging into action. At present the technology doesn’t provide enough juice to charge a smartphone, but it could be used to power small sensors and transmitters, opening up a range of new applications such as navigation systems or perhaps even a self-lacing shoe for the elderly. (Light up shoes for kids have been around for years; soon you too will be able to make sparks by stamping your feet.)
– BBC News Technology

Only using your lip balm on your lips? What a waste!
• Apply on dry knuckles, knees, elbows, cuticles, hair-ends.
• Groom your unruly eyebrows or moustache.
• Shine your leather shoes. Buff with a dry cloth.
• Lubricate tracks of drawers or windows for smoother opening and closing.
• Apply to face to prevent windburn while skiing.
• Lubricate threads of outdoor lightbulbs for easier removal when they need replacement.
• Dab a small amount on minor nicks & cuts to stop bleeding.
• Apply to nails/screws to make penetration into wood easier.
• Use to remove a stuck ring from your finger.
• Lubricate a zipper for smoother zips.
• Apply to dry and irritated nostrils that are sore after excess nose-blowing during a cold.
• Mix with eye shadow to make cream eye shadow.
• Apply along hairline when dying hair to prevent stains on skin.
– Adapted from WonderHowTo.com

As of this week, Google is ending sales of its ‘Google Glass’ eyewear, but it claims the idea is not dead … just moving forward. The company insists it is still committed to launching the smart glasses as a consumer product, but will stop producing ‘Glass’ in its present form. The ‘Explorer’ program, which gave software developers the chance to buy ‘Glass’ for $1,500 is now being closed. It had been expected that it would be followed reasonably quickly by a full consumer launch. That’s not going to happen, although Google says it will continue to support companies that are using ‘Glass’. There’s as yet no timeline for the launch of any new version. (Was this product doomed by online derision?)
– BBC News Technology

Relationship expert Dr Annie Kaszina’s new book “Do You Choose Your Dog More Carefully Than Your Husband?” is coming out Valentines Day. In it she claims you should choose a partner in the same way you choose a dog. Her list of things to look for …
✓ Temperament – Mean, moody, and magnificent may sound exciting but they’re qualities that lead to hard-work relationships. Better to look for sunny and sweet-natured as you would a pet.
✓ Pedigree – Obviously, this is simpler with dogs than with people, but you can listen to the way a potential mate talks about parents, family members, and friends … and take note.
✓ Yappiness – Incessant talking on a first date may be a sign of nerves, but also could point to a lack of interest in others and/or a lack of social skills.
✓ Manners – Snarliness towards waiters, children, and anyone else outside the charmed circle of you and your date is a bad sign of things to come.
✓ Dominance – You want someone sensitive and responsive to your wishes. Choosing your meal for you or making decisions without consent is a clear sign of wanting to be top dog.
✓ Playfulness – Not just someone to have fun with, but someone who’s fun to be around. You want a friend you feel comfortable enough with to act silly.
– Condensed from “Daily Mail”

• As well as snowflakes, snow can also precipitate as graupel (pellets) or sleet.
• It’s a myth that no 2 snowflakes are exactly the same. Identical snow crystals were discovered in 1988.
• The largest-ever snowflakes are said to have measured 15 inches (38 cm) across, but that 1887 claim has never been substantiated.
• Snow is translucent, not white. It’s the light reflected off a snowflake’s faceted surface that creates its white appearance. Deep snow can often appear blue.
• In order to be classified as a ‘blizzard’, a snowstorm must include winds of at least 35 mph (56 km/h), reducing visibility to less than a quarter-mile (400 m) for a period of at least 3 hours.
• An intense snowfall accompanied by strong winds that only lasts a short time is officially called a ‘snow squall’.
• In 2011, 22,022 people at 130 different locations in Nova Scotia plopped down on the ground to simultaneously to make ‘snow angels’ … a world record.
• The largest snowball fight on record took place in Seattle WA, when 5,834 people exchanged frozen barrages on January 12, 2013.
– Edited from “Mental Floss”


1952 [63] Paul Stanley (Eisen), Queens NY, classic rock guitarist-singer (KISS-“Rock & Roll All Night”, “Beth”) who’s released over 30 albums with the band

1956 [59] Bill Maher, NYC, TV talk show host (“Real Time With Bill Maher” since 2003, “Politically Incorrect” 1994-2002)/documentary maker (“Religulous”)

1966 [49] Rainn Wilson, Seattle WA, TV actor (“The Office” 2005-13)/movie actor (“Juno”)  BS FACTOID: Has the title role in new crime drama “Backstrom”, debuting Thursday on FOX-TV.

1971 [44] Questlove (Ahmir Khalib Thompson), Philadelphia PA, alt hip-hop drummer/DJ (The Roots w/Duffy-“Well, Well, Well”)/house band on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”

1979 [36] Rob Bourdon, Calabasas CA, rock drummer (Linkin Park-“What I’ve Done”, “In the End”)

1985 [30] Brantley Gilbert, Jefferson GA, country singer (“Bottoms Up”, “Country Must Be Country Wide”)

1986 [29] Kevin Parker, Sydney, Australia, rock singer (Tame Impala-“Elephant”, “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”)

1987 [28] Evan Peters, St Louis MO, TV actor (“American Horror Story” since 2011)/movie actor (“X-Men: Days of Future Past”, “Kick-Ass”)/actress Emma Roberts’ sometime fiancé

• “Cheese Lover’s Day”, Cheeseburger, mac & cheese, cheese pizza … need we say more?

• “Penguin Awareness Day”, a day to increase awareness of the interrelationship between humans and marine animals.

• “Rid the World of Fad Diets & Gimmicks Day”, the 26th annual as part of “Healthy Weight Week” as declared by the ‘National Council Against Health Fraud’, which debunks unrealistic claims made by weight-loss companies.
NET: http://www.healthyweightnetwork.com/hww.htm

• “Take a Walk Outdoors Day”. Nature affects our body and soul in amazing ways. People who walk outdoors report less depression, anxiety, and more productivity and creativity. And besides, spending the entire Winter ‘mall-walking’ can turn you all pasty-white.

• Zodiac sign of Aquarius (the ‘Water Carrier’) begins and runs through February 18th. Aquarians are said to be stubborn, opinionated, unpredictable, and conceited, but also far-sighted, visionary, original, and innovative.

1982 [33] “Late Night With David Lettermen” debuts on NBC-TV (Letterman’s final CBS-TV show is coming up May 20th, as he retires from late night TV)

1982 [33] Rocker Ozzy Osbourne is forced to undergo rabies shots after biting the head off a dead bat thrown at him during a concert in Des Moines IA (he apparently thought it was plastic)

2009 [06] Barack Obama is inaugurated the 44th president of the United States (4 years later he’s inaugurated for a 2nd term)

[Wed] Hugging Day
[Wed] Squirrel Appreciation Day
[Thurs] “Nightwatch” premieres (A&E)
[Thurs] Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day
[Thurs] Celebration of Life Day
This Week Is … Activity Professionals Week
This Month Is … Personal Self-Defense Awareness Month


• The technical support operator, in the partially enclosed front porch, with the non-stick cookie sheet.
• The medical billing and coding specialist, in the breezeway, with the resistance band.
• The file clerk, in the unpermitted half-bath off the garage, with the drying rack.
• The retired tax preparer, in the breakfast nook, with the glue gun.
• The customer service representative, in the mudroom, with the cheese spreader.
• The insurance claims adjuster, in the craft room, with the flameless candle.
– Thanks to Kate Hahn

Love is one long sweet dream … and marriage is the alarm clock.

In the famous Warner Bros cartoons, a fast-moving bird called a ‘Road Runner’ makes life difficult for a not-so-wily coyote. The real-life road runner is actually a type of which species?
a. Cuckoo. [CORRECT]
b. Pheasant.
c. Turkey.
– TriviaPark.com

☎ FOX-TV is considering a reboot of the 1990s sci-fi series “‘The X-Files”. Good idea or bad?

Question: THIS is said to be the key to getting a second date with someone.
Answer: Ordering dessert with them.

What you do every day matters more than what you do once-in-a-while.

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