Friday, July 30, 2004        Edition: #2834
Monthly Planning Calendar in Today’s BS!

TODAY a Hollywood memorabilia auction in Beverly Hills will include Tom Selleck’s 1979 Ferrari from “Magnum PI”, the original “KITT” driven by David Hasselhoff in “Knight Rider” (a 1983 Pontiac TransAm), Marlon Brando’s dark-blue suit from “Guys & Dolls”, Daryl Hannah’s mermaid tail from “Splash” and over 400 other items (NET: . . . TONIGHT 29-year-old former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson, facing debts of $38 million including $109,000 in child support payments, attempts a comeback against English boxer Danny Williams . . . TODAY a new waxwork will be unveiled at London’s Madame Tussauds – actor Colin Farrell, dressed as “Alexander” from the movie opening NOVEMBER 5 . . . TONIGHT TNT’s “Knievel Weekend” kicks off with the premiere of the original bio-movie “Evel Knievel” starring “CSI’s” George Eads, then TOMORROW the legendary motorcycle daredevil’s son, ‘Kaptain’ Robbie Knievel, will attempt to jump 6 military airplanes on the deck of the aircraft carrier museum ‘USS Intrepid’ (he claims the reason he’s doing it is ‘for the troops’) . . . Shar Jackson, ex-wife of Britney Spears’ fiancé Kevin Federline, has been signed to star in her own reality TV show (soon everybody will have one) . . . “Sex & the City” star Kristin Davis will be the new face of Maybelline Cosmetics for which she’ll reportedly receive circa $1 million over a multi-year period . . . Hollywood power couple Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston have bought the movie rights to Audrey Niffenegger’s book “The Time Traveler’s Wife” and may co-star in it (um, one word, people – “Gigli”) . . . Halle Berry is moving out of the house where both her marriages failed (MLB player David Justice and R&B singer Eric Benet) and into a new property which she’s designing herself . . . And actor (future politician?) Ben Affleck has reportedly begun a quest to become ultra-fit by hiring a personal trainer, personal nutritionist, a lifestyle guru and an acupuncturist (what dude, can’t get a date?).

• Gloria Estefan – TONIGHT she kicks off her “Live & Re-Wrapped Tour” in Texas, her first in almost 8 years and recently announced as her last.
• Simon & Garfunkel – TOMORROW they’ll end their “Old Friends” reunion tour with a free concert in front of the Colosseum in Rome.
• Pink – TOMORROW she’s the musical guest on NBC-TV’s “Saturday Night Live”.
• Diana DeGarmo – The “American Idol” runner-up is recovering after falling on stage during an “American Idols Live” concert in Grand Rapids MI. She was briefly hospitalized but plans to continue the tour.
• Alan Jackson & Martina McBride – They’ve added 28 additional cities to their super-successful tour, which will resume AUGUST 5th in Boise, Idaho.
• Sheryl Crow – Rumor has it her boyfriend Lance Armstrong proposed soon after winning his record 6th consecutive “Tour de France”. So far, their reps have ‘no comment’.

• “The Village” (PG-13 Horror): Joaquin Phoenix (recently voted ‘World’s Sexiest Vegan’), Adrian Brody & Sigourney Weaver star in this M Night Shyamalan thriller about a 19th-century Pennsylvania village whose adjacent forest is home to mysterious creatures. Shyamalan has revealed his real middle name is ‘Nelliyattu’. ‘Night’ just came to him as a college student and he liked the way it sounded.
• “The Manchurian Candidate” (R-rated Thriller): Denzel Washington takes over the Frank Sinatra role in this story about soldiers who unwittingly have become programmed assassins. This version is updated to the first Gulf War era. Meryl Streep co-stars.
• “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle” (R-rated Comedy): Unknowns John Cho & Kal Penn play stoner roommates – one a Korean-American investment banker, the other an Indian-American medical school candidate – who go through a life-changing journey as they spend a night roaming New Jersey in search of White Castle hamburgers. There are no White Castles in the Toronto-area where it was filmed, so an entire building was trucked in.
• “Thunderbirds” (PG Sci-Fi Adventure): Based on the 1960s TV series that used marionettes as actors, this live action version stars Bill Paxton as former astronaut ‘Jeff Tracy’ who, along with his 5 sons, runs ‘International Rescue’, an organization dedicated to defusing dangerous international situations. SIR (as he demands to be called) Ben Kingsley plays evil mastermind ‘The Hood’.

The Target store chain is now selling red Kabbalah strings like the ones Madonna, Demi Moore and Britney Spears wear – for $25.99 a pop. Each is ‘guaranteed’ to have traveled to Israel to the ancient tomb of Rachel the Matriarch, and returned imbued with the essence of protection. The strings are believed to protect against the ‘evil eye’. (Wow, there’s money in religion – who woulda thunk?)
– “NY Post”

This might make an interesting on-air experiment – scientists at Ohio State University’s Center for Cognitive Science  have discovered that 5-year-olds can beat most adults on a recognition memory test. When shown pictures of animals, young children were accurate 31% of the time in identifying pictures they’d previously seen. Adults were only accurate 7% of the time. (Kids remember everything until they go to school and get their memories plugged with ‘knowledge’.)
– “Psychological Science”

• Cops in Durban, South Africa are on the lookout for a big gang – literally. A gang of plus-sized women has been invading stores and intimidating employees with knives, then stealing clothes and perfume. “They’re quite large people,” a police inspector confirms.
• A Czech man opened the trunk of his Renault sedan for the first time in a year and wished he hadn’t. Inside, he found a man’s decomposing body. The motorist told police in Brno that he had absolutely no idea how the corpse got there.
• At a bar for the broken-hearted in Nanjing, China, drinkers pay to cry in their beer. Sad music is played, tissues provided, and customers are even offered raw onions to help them burst into tears.
•  A German woman became so furious at her husband that she stormed out of the house armed with a hammer and smashed up his car. Only problem was – she attacked the wrong car. Now, the red-faced 43-year-old frau from Essen faces a $1,200 repair bill from an irate neighbor.


1947 [57] Arnold Schwarzenegger, Thal AUSTRIA, elected California governor October 2003/movie actor (“Terminator” series)/5-time ‘Mr Universe’/Mr Maria Shriver since 1986  FACTOID: TODAY Austria releases an Arnold Schwarzenegger postage stamp.

1961 [43] Laurence Fishburne, Augusta GA, movie actor (Morpheus-“Matrix” trilogy, Oscar nomination-“What’s Love Got to Do With It”)

1963 [41] Lisa Kudrow, Encino CA, former TV actress (‘Phoebe’ on “Friends” 1994-2004) FACTOID: “Sex & the City” writer Michael Patrick King is currently developing a new half-hour HBO series for her to star in.

1964 [40] Vivica A Fox, Indianapolis IN, movie actress (“Kill Bill: Volume 1″, “Independence Day”)  FACTOID: She plans to hold birthday parties in 3 different cities – LA, NYC and Toronto, where she’s currently filming the TV show “The Missing”.

1971 [33] Tom Green, Pembroke ON, bad movie actor (“Road Trip”, “Charlie’s Angels”)/TV comic (“The Tom Green Show” 1997-99)/host of “Canada’s Walk of Fame 2004 Tribute Gala”/ex-Mr Drew Barrymore (2001-02)

1972 [32] Brad Hargreaves, Marin County CA, rock drummer/vocalist (Third Eye Blind-“How’s It Going to Be”, “Jumper”)

1974 [30] Hilary Swank, Lincoln NE, movie actress (2000 Oscar-“Boys Don’t Cry”)

1977 [27] Jaime Pressly, Kinston NC, movie actress (TV movie-“Evel Knievel”, “Not Another Teen Movie”)

1962 [42] Wesley Snipes, Orlando FL, movie actor (“Blade” series, “Murder at 1600″)

1965 [39] JK (Joanne) Rowling, Yate UK, world’s 1st billionaire author (sales of the ‘Harry Potter’ series worldwide now exceed 250 million copies)  NOTE: The DVD release of “Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban” has just been announced for NOVEMBER 23rd.

1978 [26] Will Champion, Southampton UK, rock drummer (Coldplay-“Clocks”)

[Dauphin MB] National Ukrainian Festival begins
[Macklin SK] World Championship Bunnock Championship begins

TODAY through Sunday is the annual “Big Valley Jamboree” in Camrose AB, Canada’s largest country music festival. This year’s shebang includes Lonestar, Trick Pony, Aaron Lines, Brad Paisley & oodles more performing on a million-dollar stage with a 100,000-watt sound system.
PHONER: 888.404.1234/780.672.0224

TODAY-Sunday close to 15,000 rockers are expected for the 41st annual “Rockhound Gemboree” in Bancroft ON, Canada’s largest gem & mineral show which attracts collectors from around-the-world. Dude, it’s a rock festival!
PHONER: 613.332.1513

TODAY is “International Cheesecake Day”, a day to indulge yourself in one of the most
decadent of all desserts. (Or does it have to do with photography?)

SATURDAY-August 5th is the “2004 National Scrabble Championship” at the Marriott Hotel in New Orleans LA. Portions of this year’s event will be shown on – ESPN (try a little play-by-play).

SATURDAY the 4th annual “National Org*asm Week” begins, first declared by British se*x-toy store chain Ann Summers as a day for women to stake their claim to a full and satisfying se*x life. A poll shows that fully 80% of women fake climaxes during intercourse. Thus, the slogan for Org*asm Week – Make It Not Fake It!

SATURDAY we’ll see the 2nd Full Moon of JULY, known as a ‘Blue Moon’ … or is it? The term originated in the 1937 “Maine Farmer’s Almanac”, which described a ‘Blue Moon’ as 4 Full Moons in a season when there are usually only 3. The editors of “Sky & Telescope” admit the magazine misused the term in 1946 to describe 2 Full Moons in a month, an error that’s become a popular misconception. By the correct definition of ‘Blue Moon’, the next won’t occur until August of NEXT YEAR.

1935 [69] ‘Paperback Books’ introduced, making reading cheaper (and less dangerous when you nod off and the book falls on your face)

1952 [52] The ‘Dean of Soap Operas’, daytime drama “The Guiding Light”, debuts on CBS-TV

2003 [01] ‘SARStock Concert’ in Toronto draws some 400,000 to see the Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Rush, Justin Timberlake & other acts

1898 [106] 1st ‘Corn Flakes’ invented by Will Kellogg (Battle Creek MI)

1898 [106] 1st ‘car ad’ as Winston Motorcar Co invites readers of “Scientific American” magazine to ‘Dispense with a horse!’

1908 [96] 1st ‘Around-the-World Automobile Race’ ends in Paris FRA

1930 [74] 1st ‘World Cup’ soccer final (Uruguay over Argentina 4-2 in Montevideo)

1962 [42] 1st traffic on ‘Trans-Canada Highway’ (longest highway in North America at 7,307 km or 4,384 miles)

1988 [16] Ronald Dossenbach begins record ‘Bike Ride Across Canada’ (Vancouver to Halifax in 13 days)

[Aug 1] National Kids Day / Respect for Parents Day / Rounds Resounding Day / Girlfriend’s Day / Sisters Day
[Aug 2] Holiday in 7 provinces & NWT (BC Day, Heritage Day, Civic Holiday, Simcoe Day, etc) /  National Ice Cream Sandwich Day
[Aug 3] National Park Day / Watermelon Day / 21st National Night Out
[Aug 5-8] “Maxim Comedy Festival” [Lake Tahoe CA]
[Aug 6] Fresh Breath Day / Wiggle Your Toes Day / Pamper Yourself Day / “Collateral” and “Little Black Book” open in movie theaters / Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Awards [Miami]
[Aug 7] Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day / National Mustard Day / National Date Night
[Aug 8] Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Night / 2004 Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony
[Aug 9] Book Lovers Day / International Art Appreciation Day / Hand Holding Day
[Aug 10] S’mores Day / Spoil Your Dog Day
[Aug 11] Daughter’s Day / Dog Days of Summer end / 2004 Teen Choice Awards / “The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement” opens in movie theaters
[Aug 12] Middle Child’s Day / International Youth Day / Truck Drivers Day
[Aug 13] Friday the 13th / International Left-Handers Day / Athens Summer Olympic Games opening ceremony /  “Alien vs Predator” and “Yu-Gi-Oh!” open in movie theaters
[Aug 13-29] Games of the XXVIII Olympiad
[Aug 14] Garage Sale Day / Senior Citizens Day / Financial Awareness Day / International Nagging Day
[Aug 14-15] Phish’s Farewell Concerts [Coventry VT]
[Aug 15] National Relaxation Day / National Failures Day
[Aug 16] Discovery Day [Yukon] / Stay Home With Your Kids Day
[Aug 17] Thriftshop Day
[Aug 18] Bad Poetry Day / “Without a Paddle” opens in movie theaters
[Aug 20] Potato Day / National Radio Day / “Exorcist: The Beginning” opens in movie theaters
[Aug 21] National Spumoni Day / Homeless Animals Day
[Aug 22] Tooth Fairy Day
[Aug 24] Single Parent Family Day
[Aug 25] Kiss & Make Up Day
[Aug 26] Make Your Own Luck Day / Women’s Equality Day
[Aug 26-28] Rock Star Poker Tournament [Las Vegas]
[Aug 26-Sept 6] Montréal World Film Festival
[Aug 27] Petroleum Day / “Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid”, “Benji Returns: Rags to Riches”, “Super Babies: Baby Geniuses 2″, and “Suspect Zero” open in movie theaters
[Aug 29] More Herbs, Less Salt Day / Athens Summer Olympic Games closing ceremony / 21st MTV Video Music Awards / 8th Wreck Beach Bare Buns Run [Vancouver]
[Aug 30] Toasted Marshmallow Day
[Aug 30-Sept 2] Republican National Convention [NYC]
[Aug 30-Sept 14]  World Cup of Hockey
[Aug 31] Trail Mix Day / Love Litigating Lawyers Day / “The Passion of the Christ” released on DVD
[Sept 1] 5th Latin Grammy Awards [Los Angeles]
[Sept 4-5] Watershed Festival [Elmira ON]
[Sept 6] Labor Day
[Sept 9-18] Toronto International Film Festival
[Sept 13] Canadian Country Music Awards [Edmonton]
[Sept 19] 56th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards


The week’s most requested music files online …
1. D12 – “How Come”
2. Mase – “Welcome Back”
3. Usher – “Burn”
4. Britney Spears – “Everytime”
5. Juvenile – “Slow Motion”

Today’s Question: For 14% of us, THIS only takes 15 minutes.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: Preparing dinner.

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