Monday, July 5, 2004        Edition: #2815
Nuthin’ Like a Bull in Your Radio Shop!

Producers of Nicole Kidman’s controversial new movie “Birth” are defending a scene that shows her in a bathtub with a young boy (Nanaimo BC native Cameron Bright), noting the actors are not nude, there’s no physical contact, and the boy is playing her reincarnated husband trapped in the body of a 10-year-old (sounds like [co-host’s] excuses for a date with a groupie) . . . Long-divorced oldies singers Carly Simon & James Taylor will reunite THIS SUMMER to perform at a fund-raiser for John Kerry . . . Meantime, failed Democratic presidential candidate Reverend Al Sharpton is signed to host Spike TV’s new reality show “I Hate My Job” in which contestants get career make-overs . . . Jennifer Lopez is set to unveil a new line of sexy underwear on JULY 24th, her 35th birthday . . . Bruce Willis is set to play a policeman in a cameo role for “Ocean’s Twelve”, joining a cast that already includes Brad Pitt, George Clooney & Julia Roberts . . . Madonna has acquired the screen rights to Michael Gross’ revealing fashion industry book “Model: The Ugly Business of Beautiful Women”, a behind-the-scenes look at the world of supermodels Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford & Christy Turlington et al, and will likely turn it into a TV movie . . . And actor Antonio Banderas has reportedly commissioned high-end shoe designer Manolo Blahnik to create special ‘odor-free footwear’ for his wife Melanie Griffith, apparently fed up with the horrific smell emanating from her collection of 200 pairs of shoes (bet she’s thrilled he shared that info!).

• Sarah McLachlan – TODAY she kicks off a North American arena tour in Seattle in support of her album “Afterglow”. The 41-city summer tour ends September 10 back home in Vancouver.
• Beyoncé – She’s getting a whopping $1.8 million to headline the “La Dolce Vita” charity event JULY 10th in England. She’ll keep half the loot and donate the rest to the Cantor Foundation, which raises money for 9/11 victims.
• Tim McGraw – His 9th album, “Live Like You Were Dying”, is set for release AUGUST 24th.
• Kylie Minogue – She earned over $600,000 for performing at the Paris wedding of Indian steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal’s daughter. Minogue was flown to France by private jet to perform in the private show for a grand total of … 30 minutes.
• Snoop Dogg – He’s developing his own cologne that will include artificial marijuana. He says he doesn’t smoke cannabis anymore but still likes the smell.
• Jennifer Lopez – She’s just started to record her next studio album, slated for a Christmas release.
• Madonna – Word is she’s been donating some of the best seats on her current concert tour to  fellow Kabbalah believers … some of whom have been scalping the tix to the highest bidder.

In its 8th annual “World Wealth Report”, investment bank Merrill Lynch & Co refers to people with more than $1-million in assets (excluding their main home) as ‘HNWIs’ or ‘High Net Worth Individuals’. People with $30-million or more in assets are ‘Ultra-HNWIs’. Folks with a mere $500,000 to $1-million are simply the ‘Mass Affluent’. (People with nuthin’ are called … ‘Radio’.)
– Reuters

A massive new fountain honoring the memory of Princess Diana has been unveiled in London’s Hyde Park. The official opening of the contemporary-styled oval fountain was presided over by Queen Elizabeth and attended by Prince Charles and sons William & Harry. The $6.6 million work was designed by American landscape artist Kathryn Gustafson and features water flowing in different directions at different speeds throughout 780 tons of Cornish granite. Kids will be allowed to play in the water, perhaps alluding to Di’s love of children.
– “Daily News”

Remember last FEBRUARY when Mattel Corp announced that ‘Barbie’ and ‘Ken’ had split … after 43 years together? Well thank goodness, she’s found someone new! With the help of over 2 million online voters, she’s decided the new guy in her life is Australian surfer-type ‘Blaine’, who just happens to be the brother of ‘Barbie’ friend ‘Summer’. He’ll arrive in stores THIS MONTH, retailing for $14.99. THIS FALL, Mattel will launch a fragrance for ‘Barbie’, purportedly a scent reminiscent of a ‘bouquet of fresh flowers full of fantasy’. (Gee, could all of this have anything to do with lagging ‘Barbie’ sales?)
– “USA Today”, “Women’s Wear Daily”

About 60 people in Sauerland, Germany have written US president Bush to complain about NASA’s plans for a permanent moon base. In 1997, they bought real estate on the moon from a Nevada entrepreneur for about $25. The complainers worry about having their ‘lunar gardens with defaced space junk’. Several even included a written ban on trespassing. (Hey folks, I’ve got some rocky acreage on Mars you might be interested in …)
– Deutsche Welle news service.

Here’s an odd trend – with their spouses out of the picture and their children grown, hundreds of senior women are hitting the road in motor homes and trailers these days. There’s no firm estimate on how many of them are roaming the campgrounds, roadsides and truck stops of North America, but their RVs are said to outnumber those of men at many gathering spots.
– “Christian Science Monitor”

The use of English is slipping among the world’s 15-to-24-year-olds, according to British language consultant David Graddol. Currently, English (with 372 million speakers overall) is second to Chinese (1.1 billion speakers) as the world’s most prevalent language. By 2050, the ranking in the 15-to-24 age group will be – Chinese (166 million),  Hindu/Urdu (73.7 million), Arabic (72.2 million) and English (65 million). (If you’ve been listening awhile, you might have noticed English has been suffering here this morning, too.)
– The journal “Science”.

Despite biases for or against proteins, fats and carbohydrates, there are certain foods that most nutritional experts agree have the best disease-fighting, health-promoting qualities. A survey of nutritionists came up with the following list of stuff that’s good for ya …
• Blueberries (more antioxidant power than any other fruit)
• Green leafy vegetables
• Nuts (a compacted source of all the nutrients a plant needs to grow)
• Avocados
• Whole grains
• Legumes, including soy (protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals)
• Low-fat milk and yogurt
• Eggs (complete protein in a low-cal package)
• Dark unsweetened chocolate
– “Newsday”

• A recent analysis of 85 years of workplace research findings has revealed that, on average, general mental ability of an employee is far more important than conscientiousness in  determining performance.
• The average age of Internet users may be older than you think … it’s now 31.

“Marlon [Brando] would hate the idea of people chiming in to give their comments about his death. All I’ll say is that it makes me sad he’s gone.”
– “Godfather” director Francis Ford Coppola


1943 [61] Robbie Robertson, Toronto ON, rock musician (“Storyville”, The Band-“Music From Big Pink”)/Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (1994)/Canada’s Walk of Fame (2003)

1950 [54] Huey Lewis (Hugh Anthony Cregg III), NYC, oldies singer (& the News -“I  Want a New Drug”, “The Power of Love”)/sometime actor (“Duets”, “Back to the Future”)

1963 [41] Edie Falco, Brooklyn NY, TV actress (2 Emmy Awards as ‘Carmela Soprano’ on “The Sopranos” since 1999)

1980 [24] Jason Wade, Camarillo CA, rock singer/guitarist (Lifehouse-“Hanging by a Moment”)

[Caribbean] Caricom Day
[USA] Independence Day holiday

TODAY is the “50th Anniversary of Rock n’ Roll”, at least according to Sun Studios in Memphis TN, the place where Elvis Presley recorded his first single “That’s All Right” on July 5, 1954. A ‘Global Moment in Time’ is being organized for 12 noon when radio stations worldwide are being asked to play the landmark tune.
PHONER: 212.576.2700 x235 (Deborah Sternberg, Goodman Media International)

TODAY is “Workaholics Day”, encouraging us to remove our noses from the grindstone once in a while. A few telltale signs …
• You take work with you on weekends and on vacation.
• You turn your hobbies into money-making ventures.
• Your family & friends have given up expecting you on time.
• You believe that it is OK to work long hours if you love what you are doing.
• You get impatient with people who have other priorities besides work.
• You think about work while driving, falling asleep or when others are talking.
– Workaholics Anonymous

1946 [58] ‘Bikini’ swimsuit design 1st shown in public at Paris press conference by designer Louis Reard who calls it ‘four triangles of nothing’ (named after a tiny Pacific atoll where early atomic bomb tests were performed)

1937 [67] ‘Highest Maximum Air Temperature’ in Canada set at Yellow Grass SK … 45 C!

[Tues] Fried Chicken Day
[Wed] “King Arthur” opens in movie theaters
[Wed-July 14] Running of the Bulls (Pamplona SPA)
[Thurs] Video Games Day
[Fri] Intern Appreciation Day
[Fri] “Anchorman” opens in movie theaters
This Week Is . . . Special Recreation Week
This Month Is . . . Unassisted Homebirth Month


• Are my plants dying just to make me feel guilty for not talking to them?
• Is it insomnia if you keep dreaming that you’re awake?
• Do lawyers charge $300-an-hour because everyone already hates them anyway?
• When we say ‘tying the knot’ are we talking about a noose?
• When you weigh fish, should you include the scales?
• Are funerals held in the daytime because we can’t have mourning at night?

1. “Titanic” ($601 million) 1997
2. “Star Wars” ($461 million) 1977
3. “ET: The Extra-Terrestrial” ($435 million) 1982
4. “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace” ($431 million) 1999
5. “Spider-Man” ($404 million) 2002
– Box Office Mojo

Feng Shui Diva is offering a new free morning show feature aimed at women 18-49.  Feng Shui Diva’s “Feng Shui Minute” is an upbeat and entertaining piece of life-changing advice every week offered in both Mp3 and .wav formats. The first 2 months are accessible to stations online. New minutes will be added every other month. Custom tags are available to stations at no charge.
PHONE: 804.241.1685 (Robyn Bentley)

Air conditioners or window screens?
[Screens, but not by as much as you might think. The steel-mesh window screen as we know it was invented in 1862. WH Carrier developed the 1st air conditioning in 1902.]

• A recent police study found that you’re much more likely to get shot by a fat cop if you run.
• All I’ve ever wanted was an honest week’s pay for an honest day’s work.
• They say 50% of marriages end in divorce. It would be more … but they don’t count the ones who kill each other.
• The preceding program is the property of this station and rebroadcast in whole or in part is prohibited … not to mention stupid.

Today’s Question: While 90% of homes have THIS, only 40% actually ever use it.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: Dental floss.

He who dies with the most toys … dies.

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