Tuesday, July 6, 2010                  Edition: #4299
Sheeters Always Prosper!


Wed on the weekend: Actress Jana Rae Kramer (“One Tree Hill”) & actor Johnathon Schaech (“That Thing You Do!”); and “The Office” actress Jenna Fischer (‘Pam’) & her partner of 2 years, Lee Kirk (no word on whether ‘Jim’ is upset)  . . . The DA’s office in LA has decided to drop charges against surfers Skylar Peak & Philip Hildebrand, arrested in 2008 for allegedly attacking paparazzi hounding their actor-pal Matthew McConaughey (that’s gotta be his ‘surfing name’ – Skylar Peak?) . . . Residents of John Travolta’s adopted home of Ocala FL have won an online contest to have the sing-a-long version of his 1978 musical “Grease” shown in their town, prompting Travolta to promise popcorn, drinks, and candy for everyone who shows up (dude, have you seen the prices at the snack bar lately?) . . . 39-year-old actor Matt Damon (‘Jason Bourne’ films) credits his wife Luciana (expecting their 3rd child later this year) with keeping their family together while he’s away from home on acting jobs (kissing up to the wife – no wonder they’re one of the most stable couples in show biz!) . . . 20-year-old Emma Watson’s new rocker boyfriend George Craig (One Night Only) has denied reports the actress has arranged a cameo for him in the next ‘Harry Potter’ movie, saying he’s ‘too cool’ to be part of the fantasy film franchise (but not too cool to marry into the fortune) . . . “The Dark Knight” director Christopher Nolan, currently developing the next ‘Batman’ film for release in 2012, says he’s wary of 3-D technology and is convinced the best way to make a good movie is to ensure it’s ‘well-shot and well-projected’ (hear hear!) . . . And 29-year-old sorta-singer, quasi-actress Jessica Simpson has a new boyfriend, former NFL player Eric Johnson (New Orleans Saints, San Francisco 49ers) who split from his wife earlier this year (like Jessica, he’s a former tight end).

• “Ellen DeGeneres Show” (syndicated/A Channel) – Slash (“Slash”); Adam Levine (Maroon 5-“Hands All Over”); Cory Monteith (“Glee”).
• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/CityTV) – The Specials (“The Best Of the Specials”).
• “Last Call With Carson Daly” (NBC) – Kate Nash (“Made of Bricks”).
• “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” (NBC/A Channel) – Sarah McLachlan (“Laws Of Illusion”).
• “Late Show With David Letterman” (CBS) – Miley Cyrus (“Can’t Be Tamed”).
• “Tonight Show With Jay Leno” (NBC/A Channel) – Enrique Iglesias (“Euphoria”).

• Britney Spears – She tells “Cosmopolitan” that if her sons (4-year-old Sean Preston, 3-year-old Jayden James) told her they wanted to be in the entertainment business, she’d lock them in their rooms until they turned 30. (More of the supportive parenting we’ve come to expect).
• Lady Gaga – She says she refused to take money from her parents at the start of her career because she was determined to succeed without ‘handouts’. That meant taking jobs in burlesque clubs and bars in order to survive.
• Martina McBride – She’s the front-woman for Cheerios’ “Do What You Love” contest in which participants write about what they love to do. Grand prize is a tour of the Country Music Hall of Fame with Martina and a chance to hang out with her in her Nashville recording studio.
NET: http://bit.ly/bXbUrd
• Outkast – Today Big Boi finally releases his long-delayed solo album, “Sir Lucious Leftfoot: The Son of Chico Dusty”, featuring cameos from TI and Jamie Foxx among others.
• Prince – He continues to refuse to allow websites to sell his music and even suggests the Internet is ‘completely over’ because it’s no longer ‘hip’. (Actually what’s no longer ‘hip’ is the term ‘hip’.)
• Snoop Dog – He celebrated his “Wireless Festival” performance in England with a ‘girls-only’ after-party at London’s exclusive Merah club. Word has it the VIP room was filled with over 100 females … and one Dog.


• “Brooklyn’s Finest” ( R-Rated Crime Thriller ): Richard Gere, Don Cheadle, and Ethan Hawke play veteran NYC cops in Brooklyn, each struggling with their own personal dilemmas as they’re dispatched to a notorious housing project where deadly consequences await. Co-stars Wesley Snipes (“Blade: Trinity”) and Vincent D’Onofrio (“Law & Order: Criminal Intent”).
• “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” ( R-Rated Crime Thriller): A grieving uncle hires a disgraced journalist and a ruthless computer hacker to investigate the disappearance of his niece. The duo links the incident to a number of grotesque murders 40 years previously. Adapted from the first book of top-selling mystery writer Stieg Larsson’s “Millenium Series” trilogy.
• “A Single Man” ( R-Rated Drama ): Set in Los Angeles in 1962 at the height of the Cuban missile crisis, this is the story of a 52-year-old British college professor (Colin Firth) who is struggling to find meaning to his life after the death of his long-time partner (Matthew Goode). Co-stars Julianne Moore.
• Also released today: “Columbia Pictures Film Noir Classics II” (Vintage Film Collection); “Dragnet 1968: Season 2” (Classic TV); “ER: The Complete 13th Season” (TV); “Everybody Loves Raymond: Seasons 8 & 9” (TV); “Have Gun, Will Travel Season 4, Volume 2” (TV Western); and “Lost Keaton: 16 Comedy Shorts 1934-37” (Vintage Comedy).


Huge tour buses, fleets of semis, power-sucking stage sets … not very green, is it? Which is why some artists are making efforts to reduce the carbon footprint their tours leave behind …
• Black Eyed Peas – Both front-of-house and backstage recycling; retailed shirts are made from recycled plastic.
• Dave Matthews Band –’Hydration Hubs’, where fans fill reusable containers with filtered water; parking lot recycling; separation of backstage waste, including compost.
• Jack Johnson – Biodiesel-fuel; LED lighting, organic T-shirts, recycled paper used for posters and CDs; compost pits on-site. Environmental groups recruit members at each concert.
• John Mayer – Each show contains a village area that hosts green groups and non-profits; wind power is used to offset the tour’s carbon footprint.
• Phish – Food is sourced from local and organic farms; carbon offsets are being used on their current tour.
• Radiohead – All vehicles run on biofuel; no plastic allowed on buses or backstage; LED lights used for onstage set.
• Sting – All musicians & crew equipped with reusable water bottles; a car-pool program for fans is provided and promoted.
– Condensed from Blender.com


Looking for that perfect diet? Researchers have bad news … all diets have just about the same result, and none of them are all that great. A typical diet helps people lose an average of 6% of their body weight, typically 10-to-15 lbs, and most people put it all back on within 5 years. (No matter how you try to short-cut your way to fitness, it always comes down to eating healthy and exercising.)
– “Cosmopolitan”


• Bring Summer Into the Office – Put flowers on your desk, a beach screen-saver on your computer, play some Summer music, etc.
• Make the Most of Your Lunch Hour – Get outdoors in a nearby park and treat yourself to a business day picnic, or find a café with outdoor seating.
• Take Your Work Outside – See if you can move a meeting outdoors, or try to steal some quiet moments outside with your laptop.
• Look Into Flex Time – See if you can work longer hours Monday through Thursday in order to leave early on Friday, or come in earlier each day so you can leave earlier and enjoy Summer afternoons.
• Give Yourself a Break – Too many of us fail to take any vacation whatsoever. Commit to using at least part of your accumulated vacation time during Summer.
– CareerBuilder.com


A joint Harvard-University of Southern California study suggests that happiness among adults seems to peak at age 51, earlier than previously believed. It’s also found that men start becoming happier than women after the age of 48. One possible reason may be that men who survive into old age are more likely to be married than older women. Many senior females live out their lives alone, either widowed or divorced. (If you could be any age again for one week, what age would you be?)
– “Los Angeles Times”


If you’ve been watching the World Cup, you’re well aware that a lot of players fake injuries during soccer matches in order to draw free kicks and penalties. The most common indicator that a fall is a flop is when the player gets hit, pauses briefly, and then reacts. It occurs in 29% of fake injuries. In 28% of flops, players perform the ‘archer’s bow’, when they bend backward and throw their arms in the air after they’re hit in order to gain the referee’s attention. (You can watch the Oscar-worthy performances in the Uruguay vs Netherlands semi-final match today.)
– “Wall Street Journal”


66% of matrimonial lawyers surveyed say they’ve used Facebook faux pas as the source of online evidence in a divorce case. It could be something as small as one estranged spouse forcing children to ‘de-friend’ their other parent on their Facebook pages. (Another way that giving up your privacy can cost you.)
– AP


1946 [64] George Walker Bush (aka ‘Dubya’), New Haven CT, 43rd US President

1946 [64] Sylvester Stallone, NYC, steroid-enhanced movie actor (“Rocky I-VI”, “Rambo I-III”)  UP NEXT: Writes, directs and stars in “The Expendables”, due August 13th.

1948 [62] Peter Mansbridge, London UK, TV journalist/anchor (“The National” since 1988) who began working at the CBC in 1969/Mr Cynthia Dale/ex-Mr Wendy Mesley

1951 [59] Geoffrey Rush, Toowoomba, Australia, movie actor (“Pirates Of the Caribbean” films, 1997 Academy Award-“Shine”)

1976 [34] 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson), Queens NY, rapper (“Candy Shop”, “In Da Club”)/wannabe actor (“Home Of the Brave”, “Get Rich or Die Tryin’”)


• “Fiesta de San Fermin” in Pamplona, Spain, infamous for its annual ‘Running of the Bulls’. The 9-day festival was made legendary by Ernest Hemingway in his book “The Sun Also Rises”.
NET: http://spainforvisitors.com/sections/sanfermin.htm

• “Fried Chicken Day”. Don’t know who started it; don’t know why. But then … who cares? Dig in!

• “Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day”, to show appreciation for the specialized geek responsible for your company’s website. (What a fascinating time this will be, huh?)


2005 [05] “G-8 Conference” of world’s wealthiest nations at Gleneagles, Scotland is highlighted by a giant rally of the ‘Make Poverty History’ campaign, spearheaded by Bob Geldof and U2’s Bono (leaders get additional pressure from worldwide “Live 8” concerts 4 days earlier)


1985 [25] Phil Collins admits to David Letterman on “Late Night” that the title of his then #1 hit “Sussudio” means nothing, it’s simply a made-up word


2002 [08] Serena Williams beats older sister Venus Williams to win her first Wimbledon women’s title and 2nd straight Grand Slam tennis tournament


1985 [25] Tommy ‘Muscrat’ Greene of Annapolis MD sets a new world record by eating 288 oysters in 1 minute, 33 seconds


[Wed] Chocolate Day
[Wed] Father-Daughter Take a Walk Together Day
[Wed] Tell The Truth Day
[Wed] Ringo Starr 70th birthday
[Thurs] “Grease Sing-A-Long” opens in movie theaters
[Fri] Calgary Stampede begins
This Week Is … Character Counts Week
This Month Is … Baked Bean Month


Already this Summer the movie sequels “Iron Man 2”, “Shrek Forever After”, “Sex & The City 2”, “Toy Story 3”, and “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” have opened in theaters. But here are a few …
• “My Big Fat Goth Wedding”
• “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Salami”
• “Austin Powers in The Man With the Golden Pun”
• “Pillow Fight Club”
• “Edward Herpes Hands”
• “Quest for Fire 2: Still Gruntin’”
• “The Last Temptation of Oprah”
• “Star Wars VIII: 120-Minute Toy Commercial”


• Reverend Lonnie’s Clothing-Optional Trampoline Park … Gold Coast, Australia.
• Asphalt Flats State Park … Newark, New Jersey.
• Wet & Wanton Water Orgy Park … Amsterdam, Netherlands.
• Mount Pampers … Cincinnati, Ohio.
• Interpretive Dancing Whimsical Chimney Sweep Theme Park … London, England.
• The Amazing World of Dirt … Medicine Hat, Alberta.
• Crystal Lake Fantasy Serial Killer Camp … Vorhees, Illinois.
• Triple Crown Glue Factory … Louisville, Kentucky.
• Six Flags Over Chernobyl … Ukraine.
– Adapted from Chickenhead.com


What would you be sizing up when using each of the following units of measurement?
• ‘Balthazar’ – Wine. A balthazar is a large bottle holding about 12 liters, or 16 times the volume of a standard 750 ml bottle.
• ‘British Thermal Unit’ – Heating or cooling. 1 BTU is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 lb of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. Air conditioners are rated this way; a typical window AC unit measuring 5,000 to 10,000 BTUs.
• ‘Clo’ – The insulating value of clothing. With a rating of 0 clo you’d be naked; 1 clo would be the insulating value of the average business suit.
• ‘Faggot’ – Firewood. A faggot is 3-ft-long and 2 ft in circumference. There are about 134 faggots in a cord.
• ‘Sabin’ – Soundproofing. Used in acoustical engineering, 1 sabin is the sound absorption of 1 square foot of a perfectly absorbing surface, such as an open window.
• ‘Scoville Heat Units’ – The heat in peppers. Sweet bell peppers measure 0 SHU, the jalapeno rates up to 5,000 SHU, while the fiery red savina habanero pepper registers 350,000 SHU.


If you think there is good in everybody, you haven’t met everybody.

Online site Poopsenders offers ‘sweet revenge at its finest’ by delivering poop to the recipient of your choice. It comes in various flavors including cow, gorilla, and elephant. High-end product goes for $24 a gallon plus shipping. You can even charge this crap on your credit card.
NET: http://www.poopsenders.com/order/


Today’s Question: Surprisingly, women buy far more of THESE than men on an annual basis.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: Flowers. (MSN)


Paper is pretty cheap. Unless you’re a tree.

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