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Deja Moo!

★ If Courtney Love’s intel is correct, then a biopic about Kurt Cobain should go into production within the next year. Love tells “Philippine Daily Inquirer” that she is overseeing the film’s creation alongside her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, and former Nirvana members Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic. The role of Cobain has yet to be cast, but there are a number of candidates Love describes as “25-year-olds who are blond, gorgeous, and the new Brad Pitts … some are really good actors, not just pretty faces.”
★ They already have ‘VIP areas’ that are closed to the rest of us and now celebrities have their own Facebook app. The social networking site has launched a new service called ‘Mentions’, which can be used only by the rich and famous … those who are invited, that is. Facebook says it’s limiting membership to a few thousand. And who are these people? So far, singers Ed Sheeran and Mariah Carey, actor William Shatner, online publisher Arianna Huffington, and socialite Kim Kardashian are known to have invites. Hmm, maybe it’s not that exclusive?
★ And actress Diane Keaton may be revered in Hollywood circles, but in a new interview she insists her talents are limited. She admits she can only play characters like herself and she’s downright terrible at adopting accents. Quote: “I’m not really capable of becoming somebody else. I don’t know how to do it exactly.” She’s currently appearing in director Rob Reiner’s romantic comedy “And So It Goes” alongside Michael Douglas.

• “America’s Got Talent” (NBC/CityTV) – Double header: Recap of the performances by the first 12 acts; 5 acts advance to the next round.
• “Arsenio Hall” (syndicated) – Prince (“20Ten”). Rerun.
• “Conan” (TBS/CTV) – Veruca Salt (“The Museum of Broken Relationships”). Rerun.
• “Ellen DeGeneres Show” (syndicated/CTV2) – Tamar Braxton (“Love & War”). Rerun.
• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/CityTV) – Self (“Subliminal Plastic Motives”).
• “Last Call With Carson Daly” (NBC) – Night Terrors of 1927 (“Guilty Pleas”). Rerun.
• “Late Night With Seth Meyers” (NBC/CTV2) – Big Data (f/Joywave-“Dangerous”).
• “Late Show With David Letterman” (CBS/Omni1) – Crash (“Hardly Criminal”).
• “Sharknado 2: The Second One” (SyFy) – Ian Ziering & Tara Reid return in the premiere of this sequel to last year’s tongue-in-cheek disaster film. This time a tornado loaded with killer sharks hits NYC. Co-stars Judah Friedlander and Vivica A Fox. (Can a joke be funny twice?)
• “So You Think You Can Dance” (FOX/CTV2) – The hopefuls perform; dancers face elimination; guest judge Christina Applegate.
• “The Talk” (CBS) – LeAnn Rimes (“Spitfire”).
• “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” (NBC/CTV2) – Temples (“Sun Structures”, out September 30th).
• “Vevo LIFT Live” (Chicago IL) – Rising artists Disclosure, Kiesza, Phantogram, and Sam Smith headline this 2nd annual event. Performances captured at the concert will be made available for viewing across Vevo platforms in August.

• Adele – She’s rented a villa on the Mediterranean resort island of Ibiza for a vacation before promotion begins for her next album, reportedly to be called “25”. Word has it she plans to spend a month traveling back and forth between the 6-bedroom villa and her UK home.
• Bleachers – “I Wanna Get Better” has sold over 200,000 copies and been streamed over 4 million times. The album, “Strange Desire”, was written and co-produced as a side project by fun.’s Jack Antonoff. Bleachers appears at the Osheaga Festival in Montréal QC on Friday.
• Ed Sheeran – The 23-year-old is incredibly open about his own life, and though he hasn’t shared anything malicious, his pals such as Courteney Cox and Taylor Swift are said to be unhappy about him spilling secrets. An inside source says: ”It’s getting hugely embarrassing.”
• 5 Seconds Of Summer – The Aussie boy-band has surprised fans by personally manning the ticket booth for their first major US concert. The one-off gig is coming up at The Forum in Inglewood, California in November.
• INXS – Frontman Michael Hutchence was thought to be worth $28 million at the time of his death in 1997 but it appears his daughter Tiger Lily, who turned the legal age of 18 on July 22nd, won’t be inheriting much. After Hutchence left the first $500,000 of his estate to Greenpeace, there’s said to be little left.
• Lady Gaga – She and legendary crooner Tony Bennett have recorded a duet album of jazz standards called “Cheek to Cheek”, which is due this Fall. A related TV special, “Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga: Cheek to Cheek Live , airs October 24th on PBS-TV’s “Great Performances”.
• OneRepublic – Tonight in Omaha NE they begin their “Native Summer Tour” of North American that runs through September 1st in Denver CO. Irish trio The Script (“No Sound Without Silence”, out September 30th) is the opening act.
• Toby Keith – He tops the “Forbes” list of ‘Highest-Paid Country Singers’ for the 2nd year in-a-row. He’s raked in $65 million in the past year, thanks to his music and numerous business ventures. Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean, and Luke Bryan round out the top 5.

Could your iPhone replace your wallet? Apple is preparing to launch an ‘iWallet’ app that can act as a credit card. The project is believed to already have VISA on board, and is expected to use the company’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor to verify a customer’s identity. The idea is to eliminate the hassle of entering credit card numbers and billing addresses while shopping on small-screen devices. The app will also apparently allow people to use their iPhones to pay for goods in physical stores. It’s thought the new app could launch in mid-September alongside Apple’s new iPhone 6. According to one report, the new phone will include a ‘secure element’ to store such sensitive financial data. (Shopping addiction is about to get even easier to catch.)

A statistical look at who we are and the things we do …
• 96% of adults engage in an ‘internal dialogue’ (talk to themselves).
• 90% of us clean the plate whenever we eat a meal.
• 47% of adults never change their hairstyle.
• 46% of moms say their biggest source of stress is their husbands.
• 33% of newlyweds say the thing they miss most from single days is having their own bathroom.
• 7% of movie-goers stay to watch the end credits.

Running for any length of time and at any speed reduces your risk of death, according to a new  Iowa State University study. Whether you run 30 minutes a week or 2 hours a week, your risk of early death will be the same … better than if you don’t run. Researchers have found that just the act of running, no matter the duration or speed, reduces mortality risk by about 30%. On average, runners live 3 years longer than non-runners. Interestingly, the study suggests that increasing the amount of running may not necessarily increase the health benefit. (This beats the heck out of previous recommendations for 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise per week!)

New cutting-edge vocab …
• ‘Couch-Cushion Change’ – A trivial or disappointingly small amount of money. (“The rapper refuses to play the festival gig for $200,000 as he considers that only couch-cushion change.”)
• ‘Parasite Building’ – A small building or structure that has been added to an existing, larger building, particularly when the styles of the two structures are noticeably different (aka an ugly addition).
• ‘Pinkification’ – The attempt to make something that’s traditionally masculine more appealing to women by associating it with stereotypical feminine traits. (Example: At a Harvard event designed to get women more interested in computer science, cosmetic mirrors and nail files were handed out.)

There’s a new jewelry box that contains a hidden camera with a wide-angle lens that can turn marriage proposals into memorable videos. The idea is to let the groom-to-be record his bride-to-be’s reaction when he pops the question. ‘Ring Cam’, invented by a group of Michigan college students, is a traditional-looking jewelry box that contains a small but powerful camera that can record up to 20 minutes of hi-def video. When the person who is about to pop the question gets down on one knee, he or she presses a button to activate the camera and record the response. (Have we reached the point where every moment in life needs to be recorded?)
– ABC News

As part of its unsuccessful bid for the 2022 World Cup, Japan said it hoped to re-create live matches using holographic technology in other locations. That would mean, in theory, that several stadiums full of fans could be watching the same football match at once.
– BBC Technology


1947 [67] Arnold Schwarzenegger, Thal, Austria, movie actor (“The Expendables” films, “Terminator” movies)/38th California governor 2003-11/former 5-time ‘Mr Universe’

1958 [56] Kate Bush, Bexleyheath, England, art rock singer-songwriter (“King Of the Mountain”, “Running Up That Hill”)  BS FACTOID: She’ll play 15 SRO gigs at the Hammersmith Apollo in London starting August 26th, her first live performances since 1979.

1961 [53] Laurence Fishburne, Augusta GA, movie actor (“Man of Steel”, “Matrix” trilogy)/TV actor (“CSI” 2008-11)

1963 [51] Lisa Kudrow, Encino CA, TV actress (“Friends” 1994-2004)/TV producer (“Web Therapy” since 2011, “Who Do You Think You Are?” since 2010)/movie actress (“The Other Woman”, “Easy A”)

1964 [50] Vivica A Fox, South Bend IN, movie actress (“Sharknado 2: The Second One”, “Kill Bill” movies)

1970 [44] Christopher Nolan, London UK, movie director-producer-screenwriter (“Man of Steel”, “The Dark Knight Rises”)

1974 [40] Hilary Swank, Lincoln NE, movie actress (Oscars-“Million Dollar Baby”, “Boys Don’t Cry”)

1977 [37] Jaime Pressly, Kinston NC, TV actress (“Jennifer Falls” 2014, “My Name Is Earl” 2005-09)/movie actress (“A Haunted House 2”, “I Love You, Man”)

1980 [34] Seth Avett, Charlotte NC, indie folk-rock singer-guitarist (Avett Bros-“Morning Song”, “I and Love and You”)

• “Cheesecake Day”, a day to indulge yourself in one of the most decadent of all desserts.

• “Father-In-Law Day”, honoring the spousal parent that’s never been all that impressed with you … so why bother with a card?

• “Kiss Your Car Day”, observed annually on the 1863 birth date of Henry Ford. It’s a day to show your vehicle how much you really, really love her. But don’t forget this month’s payment or you can kiss your car … goodbye.

• “Paperback Book Day”,  marking the start of the paperback book revolution with publication of Penguin #1, “Ariel, The Life of Shelley” by Andre Maurois in London this date in 1935. (If nothing else, paperbacks have made reading less dangerous … when you nod off and the book falls on your face.)

1999 [15] Low-budget horror flick “The Blair Witch Project” opens in movie theaters (with a meagre $60,000 budget, it grosses over $248 million worldwide to become the most profitable movie of all-time)

1994 [20] “Crazy” by Aerosmith, whose video features up & coming actress Alicia Silverstone, peaks at #17 on the pop singles chart

2003 [11] ‘SARStock Concert’ in Toronto ON draws circa 450,000 to see AC/DC, Rolling Stones, Rush and many others in a bid to prove the city’s safety after an outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)

2006 [08] After 42 years, the world’s longest running music show, “Top Of the Pops”, is televised for the last time on BBC Two (co-hosted by the late Jimmy Savile, whom we now know was a predatory sex offender)

1976 [38] American athlete Bruce Jenner sets a world record in decathlon with 8,617 points and wins Gold at the Montréal Olympics (since 2007 he’s been seen on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” as stepfather of the Kardashian kids as well as the father of Brandon, Brody, Burt, Casey, Kendall, and Kylie Jenner)

2002 [12] Brazil wins a record 5th FIFA World Cup championship with a 2-0 victory over Germany (how times have changed)

[Thurs] Bratwurst Day
[Thurs] Chili Dog Day
[Thurs] Uncommon Instruments Awareness Day
[Thurs] World Ranger Day
[Fri] Lollapalooza begins (Chicago IL)
This Week Is … Single Working Women’s Week
This Month Is … Bereaved Parents Awareness Month


You’ve likely heard of Newton’s Law of Gravity, but have you heard of these uncommon laws of physics?
• You will always run out of popcorn the moment the movie actually begins.
• The end of a roll of cellophane tape will always vanish if contact is not maintained.
• A barber will always interpret the word ‘trim’ as ‘buzz it all off’.
• A fitted sheet will never stay on a mattress.
• When your blanket is horizontal instead of vertical, you will shift furiously … until your blanket is still somehow horizontal instead of vertical.
• You will get all vowels in “Scrabble”; you will get all sheep in “Settlers”.
• There will always be too many potato chips for the amount of dip … or vice versa.
• You will always launder your Chapstick … your melted Chapstick..
• A USB plug will never be inserted the correct way on the first try … or the second.
• You will only notice your fly is open after an entire day of interacting with others.
– Adapted from

Marriage teaches you loyalty, patience, understanding, perseverance, and a lot of other things you wouldn’t need if you’d stayed single.

Looking to advertise a job opening at your station? The best tips on job listings we’ve seen are here …

☎ Name a struggling establishment that you’re hoping will survive.

Question: July is the most popular month for THESE.
Answer: Class reunions. [CORRECT. 23% of them occur during this month.]

Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.

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