Tuesday, June 1, 2010        Edition: #4274
Sheeters Always Prosper!


Voltage Pictures, producer of Oscar-winning movie “The Hurt Locker”, has filed a lawsuit against 5,000 BitTorrent file-sharers, accusing them of copyright violation by unlawfully accessing the picture, which was leaked online 6 months before its 2009 release (likely on purpose in a desperate attempt to generate some buzz) . . . Mexican director Guillermo Del Toro has quit “The Hobbit” after the movie based on JRR Tolkien’s landmark fantasy novel has been put on hold indefinitely (better not wait too long – ‘Gandalf the Grey’ [71-year-old Ian McKellen] is getting greyer) . . . Miley Cyrus disses in “Billboard” magazine that even though her song “The Climb” was featured on an episode of “Glee” (FOX), she can’t suspend disbelief enough to watch the show (check the album charts and you’ll believe, honey) . . . Musician/Haitian aid advocate Wyclef Jean wants ‘Brangelina’ to adopt a child from Haiti (is there still room on their bus?) . . . 43-year-old film director Sam Taylor Wood (“Nowhere Boy”) is urging critics not to ‘judge’ her relationship with 19-year-old actor/fiancé Aaron Johnson (“Kick-Ass”) because ‘she’s in love, blissfully content – and pregnant’ (and the cougar-of-all-cougars!) . . . Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony are the latest celeb couple to renew their wedding vows (is it bad short-term memory causing this fad?) . . . “National Enquirer” reports that 42-year-old ‘James Bond’ actor Daniel Craig recently hit the dance floor at a Venice CA gay bar with a good-looking guy and the duo was later spotted smooching outside (Sean Connery just rolled over in his grave – oh wait, he’s not dead yet) . . . And 37-year-old “Shrek” actress Cameron Diaz tells “Vogue” magazine she isn’t ready to become a mother because she doesn’t want to ‘feel guilty about working away from home on a movie set’ (BS translation: I can’t find anybody who’ll marry me!).

• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/CityTV) – Stone Temple Pilots (“Stone Temple Pilots”).
• “Last Call With Carson Daly” (NBC) –  Airborne Toxic Event (“Airborne Toxic Event”).
• “Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson” (CBS) – Willie Nelson (“Country Music”).
• “Late Show With David Letterman” (CBS) – Band of Horses (“Infinite Arms”).
• “Live With Regis & Kelly” (syndicated/CTV) – “American Idol” winner Lee DeWyze (“Beautiful Day”).
• “Lopez Tonight” (TBS) – Hot Chelle Rae (“Lovesick Electric”).
• “Tonight Show With Jay Leno” (NBC/A Channel) – Natalie Merchant (“Leave Your Sleep”).

• Backstreet Boys  – Tonight their new Summer tour begins in Orlando FL. The inaugural “Backstreet Boys Cruise” has also been announced; it sets sail from Miami FL December 9th.
• Celine Dion – Husband/manager René Angelil has announced his 42-year-old wife is pregnant … with twins. (Apparently she skipped the test-tube and went for the whole beaker.)
• Common – The rapper/actor & tennis player Serena Williams have reportedly split up. (Bad news for Serena, good news for single ladies everywhere.)
• Dixie Chicks – Today they release a career-spanning collection of chart-topping hits, classic tracks, and personal favorites entitled “Playlist: The Very Best of Dixie Chicks”.
• Jack Johnson – Today he releases his latest studio album, “To The Sea”, recorded in just 3 weeks at his solar-powered studio in Hawaii. (Nice to see he put so much effort into it.)
• Jewel – Tonight she launches the acoustic “Star Light Café” tour in Fargo ND. Her new country album of the same name is due next Tuesday, June 8th.
• Lady Gaga – She admits she lies ‘profusely’ about herself in interviews, in a bid to protect her personal life.
• Muse – Frontman Matt Bellamy tells “Q” magazine he’s hoping to play poker with movie star George Clooney, who lives near him on Lake Como, Italy. Bellamy’s convinced he could win some money off him.
• No Doubt – Today they’re launching a charity auction of wardrobe and vintage memorabilia that will benefit 4 different organizations. The eBay sale runs through June 11th.


• “Alice in Wonderland” ( Fantasy Adventure ): Director Tim Burton’s take on the Lewis Carroll classic stars 20-year-old Aussie actress Mia Wasikowska as ‘Alice’ and Johnny Depp as the ‘Mad Hatter’. In this version, ‘Alice’ returns to the magical world from her childhood adventure, where she learns of her true destiny – to end the ‘Red Queen’s reign of terror.
• “The Wolfman ( Horror Thriller ): Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, and Emily Blunt star in this thriller inspired by the classic 1941 Lon Chaney Jr film that launched a horror legacy. In this retelling, Del Toro’s haunted nobleman is lured back to his ancestral homeland, where he is bitten, and subsequently cursed by, a werewolf.
• Also released today: “American Pickers: The Complete Season 1” (Reality TV); “Burn Notice: Season 3” (TV); “The Cleaner: The Complete Series” (TV); “NFL Road to Super Bowl XLIV: New Orleans Saints” (Sports Documentary); “Peanuts 1970s Collection: Volume 2” (Animation); “Rescue Me: The Complete 5th Season (TV); “The Three Stooges Collection, Vol 8: 1955-1959” (Classic TV); and “The Ultimate Sci-Fi Movie Marathon”.

The reason we find overheard cellphone conversations so annoying may have been solved. Cornell University researchers have discovered that it takes far more effort to understand only half a conversation, or a ‘halfalogue’, compared with a full dialogue between 2 people. The brain has to work twice as hard to understand the conversation and fill in the blanks, thereby requiring more attention and making it harder to tune out. The scientists suggest that‘s why you’re more distracted by it and can’t pull your attention away. (Oh. We thought overhearing some schlep in the supermarket calling home to ask what kind of cereal he should buy was just annoyingly pathetic.)
– Telegraph.co.uk


A statistical breakdown of life by the numbers …
• 81% of couples in which the husband does at least half the housework will have a 2nd child.
• 45% of women claim having a tan has improved their sex lives.
• 25% of drivers admit to having steered with their knees instead of their hands.
• 13% of parents say they do their kid’s homework on a regular basis.
• 11% of 18-24 year-old Americans cannot find the USA on a map.
• 2% of women are born with red hair.

Although Britain’s House of Windsor royals dominate global media coverage of monarchy, in reality 12 European countries also still have monarchs, as do Cambodia, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Bhutan, and other nations. Despite occasional movements to end monarchies, polls show strong support for the crown in nearly every nation that has one. In Japan, for instance, a whopping 82% are in favor of retaining the monarchy; in the Netherlands it’s 70%; and in Spain, 65%. In many of these countries, poll respondents have more respect for the monarchy than any other public institution. (Such as the tax department.)
– “Boston Globe”


The percentage of women who drink alcohol during pregnancy, according to a new report from France’s Research Center for Human Nutrition …
• USA … 12%
• Canada … 14%
• France … 52%
• Australia … 59%
• Russia … 60%
– 1015thepoint.com


Texas Tech researchers have found that you are less likely to get cancer if you have allergies. For instance, their study reveals that asthmatics are 30% less likely to get ovarian cancer than non-asthmatics; and kids with airborne allergies are 40% less likely to get leukemia. In related research, Cornell University experts have found reduced rates among lung, skin, throat, and intestinal cancers. Why? Scientists think that allergies are a general activation of our immune systems. (It’s a payback for all that sneezing.)
– news.oneindia.in

The so-called ‘Smart Fridge’ is a hi-tech new concept appliance that creates recipes based on the foodstuffs contained inside. The trouble is, it only ‘knows’ what’s available if you keyboard the items into a touchscreen display. Seems like a hassle, no? Why not create a 2.0 version that reads RFID identity tags or a built-in UPC bar-code reader? (Ask listeners to email a list of odd items currently in the refrigerator, then give them menu suggestions.)
– Gizmodo.com

• According to a new poll, the thing most likely to put you in a bad mood in the morning is spilling something on your clothes.
• The average woman checks her horoscope 3 times a week, while the average guy checks his just once a month.
• New research suggests the most dangerous food to eat while driving is potato chips.
– WPST.com


1937 [73] Morgan Freeman, Memphis TN, movie actor (“The Dark Knight”, Academy Award-“Million Dollar Baby”)/advertising pitch-voice (VISA)

1947 [63] Ronnie Wood, Hillingdon UK, classic rock guitarist (Rolling Stones since 1975)/Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (1989)

1953 [57] Ronnie Dunn, Coleman TX, country singer (Brooks & Dunn-“Play Something Country”, “Red Dirt Road”)  BS FACTOID: Brooks & Dunn’s “Last Rodeo Tour” next plays Charleston WV Thursday.

1969 [41] Teri Polo, Dover DE, movie actress (“Meet the Fockers”, “Meet the Parents”)/TV actress (“The West Wing” 2005-06)  UP NEXT: The sequel “Little Fockers”, opening December 22nd.

1973 [37] Heidi Klum [‘kloom’], Bergisch-Gladbach, Germany, fashion model/TV host (“Project Runway” since 2004, “Germany’s Next Top Model” since 2006)/wed singer Seal in 2005

1974 [36] Alanis Morissette, Ottawa ON, pop singer whose “Jagged Little Pill” album sold close to 30 million copies worldwide

• “Atlantic, Caribbean & Gulf Hurricane Season” begins and continues through November 30th. Forecasters predict the 2010 Atlantic hurricane season will be ‘above average’, with about 15 named storms and as many as 8 major hurricanes. Storms are named in order from alphabetical lists. This year’s first 5 will be named ‘Alex’, ‘Bonnie’, ‘Colin’, ‘Danielle’, and ‘Earl’.

• “Go Barefoot Day”, a day to enjoy the comforts and pleasant sensations of shedding footwear.
NET: http://bit.ly/7uxOV

• “Heimlich Maneuver Day”, honoring the ‘abdominal thrust’ method of stopping choking, first described by Dr Henry Heimlich in a June 1974 article in the journal “Emergency Medicine”. Dr Edward Patrick, a Heimlich associate, claims to be the procedure’s uncredited co-developer.

• “Hunger Awareness Day” in Canada, organized by the Canadian Association of Food Banks to encourage us to donate food to those in need.

• “National Day Against Homophobia”, an annual Canadian event organized by the Fondation Émergence in 2002.

• “New Year’s Resolution Recommitment Day”, a chance to revisit all those promises you made to yourself a half-year back on New Year’s Day and then promptly forgot by January 3rd.

• “World Milk Day”, initiated by the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations to focus attention on milk and the milk industry. Got milk?

1980 [30] Cable News Network (CNN) begins broadcasting

2008 [02] Legendary French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent dies in Paris at age 71

1938 [72] ‘Superman’ first appears in “Action Comics” (his illustrator, Toronto artist Joe Shuster, later sells his rights to the character for $130)
• Still able to stop speeding bullets … with his walker.
• New nickname: ‘The Man of Rust’.
• Able to enter tall buildings that are wheelchair accessible.
• Cape now features hospital-style back-vent.
• Increasingly saggy tights replaced by blood circulation compression socks.
• Now uses ‘kryptonite’ … as a laxative.
– BS original


2002 [08] 16 skydivers set a new world record by jumping simultaneously from a hot-air balloon 10,000 ft over Peterborough, England and landing safely on 6,000 rolls of bathroom tissue as a PR stunt

2009 [01] General Motors files for chapter 11 bankruptcy, the 4th-largest bankruptcy in US history


[Wed] Leave the Office Early Day
[Wed] Bubba Day
[Wed] Running Day
[Wed] Tailors Day
[Wed] Yell ‘Fudge’ At the Cobras in North America Day
[Wed] Clean Air Day Canada
[Wed] Paul McCartney receives the Gershwin Prize (Washington DC)
This Week Is … Fishing Week
This Month Is … International Men’s Month


• ‘Herpes, Herpes’
• ‘Caesar’s, Salad’
• ‘Carrot Top, Carrot Top’
• ‘Mortgage, Begone’
• ‘Lasagna, Lasagna’
• ‘Sadness, Oh The’
• ‘Prostitute Hangout, Prostitute Hangout’
• ‘Goodbye, Goodbye’ (daughter’s college tuition money)
– Thanks to Scott Rothman


Should you be able to text on commercial flights? (Air New Zealand is planning to allow passengers to send mid-flight text messages and email by the end of the year. Phone calls will not be allowed and phones must be kept in ‘silent’ mode’.)


Nothing increases your golf score like witnesses.


Today’s Question: THIS happens to the average person about 3 times a month.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: A picture is taken of them.


The things that come to those who wait may be the things left by those who got there first.

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