Friday, June 1, 2007        Edition: #3544
Sheeters Always Prosper!

TODAY & tomorrow items from TV producer/music impresario Dick Clark’s vast collection of rock & roll memorabilia are being auctioned in Las Vegas, including Elvis Presley’s golf cart; a notebook of Jim Morrison’s handwritten poetry; and Jimi Hendrix’s white Stratocaster guitar . . .
TONIGHT the Museum of Television & Radio will count down “TV’s Funniest Moments” (FOX) in a 2-hour special featuring the 30 funniest & most memorable moments from the past 6 decades, as ranked by Nielsen Media Research . . . THIS WEEKEND “CMT DukesFest”, the annual gathering of fans of vintage TV show “Dukes of Hazzard” (1979-85), returns to the Tennessee State Fairgrounds in Nashville, highlighted by a display of more than 100 replicas of the ‘General Lee’, the famous 1969 Dodge Charger featured in the show (unbelievably, over 70,000 attended LAST YEAR) . . . SUNDAY is the season premiere of “The Nature of Things With David Suzuki” (CBC) as the sprightly 71-year-old eco-warrior kicks off the 48th year of the network’s longest-running show with a piece on icky tarantula spiders . . . SUNDAY the new ensemble drama ”Army Wives” debuts (Lifetime), a 13-episode series about the spouses left behind (including 1 husband) when their soldier partners go off to war . . . THIS WEEK the iTunes Music Store has begun selling thousands of  DRM-free tracks, meaning they can be played on any MP3 player, not just Apple iPods, but it’ll cost you a 33% surcharge – $1.29 as opposed to 99 cents (time to get a 2nd part-time job, kids) . . . And 49-year-old comedian Jon Lovitz (“Saturday Night Live” 1985-92) has just signed the longest live performance contract in history, an agreement to perform a show every WEDNESDAY night at Hollywood’s Laugh Factory comedy club – for the rest of his life!

• Avril Lavigne – TONIGHT she performs “Girlfriend” on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC).
• Big & Rich – THIS MORNING they do a mini-set on the “Today Show” (NBC).
• The Beatles – THIS WEEKEND marks the 40th anniversary of their landmark album “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”, released JUNE 1, 1967 in the UK and a day later in North America. Many rank it the top disc of all time. In celebration, the BBC has enlisted a host of acts, including Oasis & the Kaiser Chiefs, to remake the iconic album. The tribute airs SATURDAY on BBC Radio 2.
• Christina Aguilera – TOMORROW she’s the musical guest on “Saturday Night Live” (NBC).
• Daughtry – THIS MORNING he sings on “Good Morning America” (ABC).
• Guns N’ Roses – SATURDAY their postponed 2007 world tour is scheduled to finally begin in Monterrey, Mexico … but don’t lay money on it. After 3 dates in Mexico, plans are to move on to Australia & New Zealand.
• John Mayer – TONIGHT he launches a 36-city tour in Ridgefield WA.
• Maroon 5 – THIS AFTERNOON they’re on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” (syndicated/CityTV).
• Modest Mouse – TONIGHT they visit “Late Night With David Letterman” (CBS).
• Montgomery Gentry – TONIGHT the country duo does “Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson” (CBS).
• Ne-Yo – The R&B singer/songwriter who’s currently working on material for Whitney Houston, Britney Spears & Michael Jackson says he starts every album by sorting through garbage bags. That’s because he scribbles down lyrics & song ideas on napkins and then stores them in bags.
• OK Go – TONIGHT the “Here It Goes Again” rockers do the “Tonight Show With Jay Leno” (NBC/A Channel).

• “Gracie” ( PG-13 Drama ): In order to play a New Jersey girl who battles for the right to play on a boys’ varsity soccer team, 16-year-old actress Carly Schroeder had to beat out 2,000 others in a nationwide search for an unknown actress. Co-stars sibling actors Andrew Shue & Elisabeth Shue (who also produced the film); directed by her husband, Davis Guggenheim.
• “Knocked Up” ( R-Rated Romantic Comedy ): Writer/director Judd Apatow (“The 40-Year-Old Virgin”) unleashes another bold comedy that may require multiple viewings to catch all the zingers. Seth Rogen plays a slacker-stoner who enjoys a one-off drunken romp with an up-and-coming E! entertainment reporter who’s way out of his league (Katherine Heigl of “Grey’s Anatomy”). When she later realizes she’s pregnant, she decides to keep the baby, forcing both of them to make major changes in their lives. The reviews are already glowing!
• “Mr Brooks” ( R-Rated Crime Thriller ): Kevin Costner plays a seemingly nice enough guy who at times becomes possessed by a psychotic alter-ego (William Hurt) and goes on bloody murderous rampages. Hot on his trail is a hottie cop (Demi Moore) who develops an unusual bond with the split-personality serial killer. Co-stars “CSI’s” Marg Helgenberger as ‘Mrs Brooks’. According to interviews with Costner, this is supposedly the 1st film in a trilogy.
• “Rise: Blood Hunter” ( Limited Release R-Rated Action Adventure ): Lucy Liu stars as a reporter who wakes up in a morgue and discovers she’s now one of the undead. She then goes on a hunt for those responsible for her death … and rebirth. Co-stars Michael Chiklis and Carla Gugino. Cameos by rocker Marilyn Manson, “The OC” actress Samaire Armstrong, and the former Mr Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey.

SUNDAY the annual  irreverent ‘golden popcorn‘ awards for the finest moments in filmdom air live from the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City CA (MTV Canada), hosted by comedian Sarah Silverman. A few highlights …
• The show is being produced by reality-TV guru Mark Burnett.
• The ‘anti-Oscars’ are famous for oddball categories, ie: ‘Best Kiss’, ‘Best On-Screen Team’, ‘Best Villain’, Best Fight’, ‘Best Frightened Performance’, etc.
• Musical performances by Brit pop star Amy Winehouse, and Rihanna with Jay-Z.
• Presenters include Amanda Bynes, Bruce Willis, Cameron Diaz, Chris Tucker, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, John Travolta, Josh Duhamel, Katherine Heigl, Mandy Moore, Robin Williams, Samuel L Jackson, Shia LaBeouf, and Victoria Beckham. We’re guessing Lindsay Lohan will be a no-show.

Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates offers these 4 tips on becoming an effective leader …
• Take 2 retreats every year where you leave your office and go develop long-range strategies elsewhere.
• Read books on topics that don’t pertain strictly to your area of endeavor.
• Identify problems early by noting ‘exceptions’, such as sales figures that suddenly sag for a particular product. Jump on them right away.
• Stop at the end of each day to analyze how well you used it. If you wasted time on things you didn’t need to do, eliminate them the next day.
– “Main Report Business Letter”

Experts offer these tips on how to look good on the cheap ….
• Keep your clothing tags & receipts for at least 2 months. You never know when you might want to return something because you find a defect or the color is all wrong. Of course, if you’ve worn it … it’s yours.
• Take a strapless dress or tunic and wear it over a T-shirt or thin blouse in warm weather and over a turtleneck in cold weather. That way you get 2 looks for the price of 1, and when traveling, packing these items can double your wardrobe.
• Stop paying top dollar for makeup removal pads. Try generic brands of baby wipes to remove makeup.
• If you are a thin, petite-sized woman, don’t overlook the children’s department for casual clothing such as shorts, capris, cargo pants, denim jackets and basics such as T-shirts.
– “Center Daily”

• Trees keep us cool. One large tree releases 400 gallons of water into the air each day. The water absorbs heat as it evaporates, cooling the air.
• Trees save us money. Well-placed deciduous trees can reduce air-conditioning costs by 10-to-50%.
• Trees create peace and quiet. A belt of trees 100 feet-wide absorbs as much as 6-to-12 decibels of highway noise.
(I think that I shall never see a parking lot lovely as a tree …)
– “Harrowsmith Country Life”

• 61% of men will not allow their significant other to borrow their car.
• 52% of men & 40% of women say tan lines look hot.
• 40% of people on a first date lie about why they broke up with their previous partner.
• 33% of singles look for a first-date location where it will be easy to end it quickly.
• 30% of guys lie about how much money they make.
• 22% of men & 20% of women say their biggest fear in a relationship is not living up to expectations.

When it comes to cars, silver has become the cliché color, defying trend predictions to top all others as the world’s most popular car color … for 7 years in-a-row! In fact, silver cars now account for fully a quarter of all autos sold in North America. Mark Galasiewski, an analyst with the Socionomics Institute in Gainesville GA claims that shows complacency. After matching up the most popular car colors since 1954 with boom-and-bust cycles in the economy, he says the silver trend shows we’re in a rut that he predicts will crash … along with the stock market. (Try counting silver cars during your commute this morning … you’ll be amazed!)
– “Radar Magazine”

• An estimated 17% of American homes now have Digital Video Recorders. It’s estimated that in prime-time, nearly half of 18-to-49-year-old viewers with DVRs are watching recorded programs instead of live ones. And of these, 60% skip through all the ads.
– AC Nielsen Co
• The word ‘jay’ was once slang for a foolish person, hence the term ‘jaywalking’ to describe someone reckless enough to cross a busy street illegally.


1937 [70] Morgan Freeman, Memphis TN, movie actor (“Batman Begins”, Academy Award-“Million Dollar Baby”)  UP NEXT: Reprises his role as ‘God’ in the comedy sequel “Evan Almighty”, opening JUNE 22nd.

1947 [60] Ron Wood, Hillingdon UK, classic rock guitarist (Rolling Stones since 1975)/Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (1989)

1953 [54] Ronnie Dunn, Coleman TX, country singer/guitarist (Brooks & Dunn-“Play Something Country”, “Red Dirt Road”)

1969 [38] Teri Polo, Dover DE, movie actress (“Meet the Fockers”, “Meet the Parents”)/TV actress (“The West Wing” 2005-06)

1973 [34] Heidi Klum [‘kloom’], Bergisch-Gladbach, Germany, fashion model/TV host-producer (“Project Runway” since 2004, “Germany’s Next Top Model” since 2006)/wed singer Seal in 2005

1974 [33] Alanis Morissette, Ottawa ON, pop singer whose “Jagged Little Pill” album sold close to 30 million copies worldwide

1980 [27] Damien Fahey, Longmeadow MA, MTV VJ/show host (“Total Request Live”)

Classic rock drummer Charlie Watts (Rolling Stones) is 66; TV actor Stacy Keach (“Prison Break”) is 66; NHL commissioner Gary Bettman is 55; Actor Dennis Haysbert (“24”/”The Unit”) is 53; TV/movie comic Dana Carvey (“SNL”) is 52; Pop keyboardist Tim Rice-Oxley (Keane) is 31; TV actress Nikki Cox (“Las Vegas”) is 29; Rock drummer Fabrizio Moretti (The Strokes) is 27.

Movie actor Tony Curtis (“Some Like It Hot”) is 82; Classic rock keyboardist Billy Powell (Lynyrd Skynyrd) is 55; CNN anchor Anderson Cooper (“Anderson Cooper 360”) is 40; Country singer Jamie O’Neal (“Somebody’s Hero”) is 39.

• “Atlantic, Caribbean & Gulf Hurricane Season” begins and continues through November 30th. THIS YEAR the US National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration is predicting an above normal season with 13-to-17 named storms, 7-to-10 of them becoming hurricanes, of which 3-to-5 could become Category 3 storms or higher. Hurricanes are named in order from alphabetical lists. THIS YEAR’s first 5 will be named Andrea, Barry, Chantal, Dean, and Erin.
• “Donut Day”, always the first FRIDAY in JUNE, honors the Salvation Army ‘Lassies’ of WWI who served donuts to thousands-upon-thousands of soldiers. It’s now used as a fund-raiser for the Sally Ann’s needy causes.
• “Early Bird Day”, a day to get up bright and early … if you like worms.
• “Flip a Coin Day”, honoring the decision-making practice begun by none other than Julius Caesar (who was the original ‘head’ on the head’s side). The coin flip was used in serious litigation involving property, marriage and even criminal guilt.
• “Healthcare Executives Appreciation Day”, honoring the people who make HUGE salaries off our illnesses.
• “International Mothers’ Peace Day”. If the world won’t listen to the UN, maybe it’ll listen to its mommies?
• “New Year’s Resolution Recommitment Day”, a chance to revisit all those promises you made to yourself a half-year back on New Year’s Day and then promptly forgot by January 3rd.
• “Stand For Children Day”, begun in 1996 as a nonprofit organization to promote concrete, lasting changes that improve kids’ lives.

• “Bubba Day”, honoring those who are formally named or just informally called ‘Bubba’. We’re betting most of ‘em live in Dixie! From the ‘Bubba Code’: “Two men should never share an umbrella unless they are in a football stadium and it is hailing stones as big as softballs.”
• “Buffalo Chip Throwing Championship”, the 21st annual ‘fece-off’ flings in Luverne MN. 20 teams of tossers try to target toilets placed up to 40 feet away. The winning team gets the ‘Buffalo Horn Trophy’, a plaque featuring a pair of buffalo horns.
• “Rocky Road Day”, either to do with a favorite flavor of ice cream … or a career in radio.
• “Trails Day”, when you’re invited to ‘take the path to a healthier you’ by going for a hike.
• “Yell Fudge At The Cobras in North America Day”. To keep the poisonous snakes off the continent, you’re supposed to go outdoors at noon and yell ‘fudge!’ Hey, seems to be working.

• “International Cancer Survivors Day 2007”, the 20th annual observed on the first SUNDAY in JUNE to celebrate those who’ve survived the ‘Big C’, which increasingly seems to include people in the music biz such as Sheryl Crow and Kylie Minogue.
• “Repeat Day”, an opportunity to do things over and over again. “Repeat Day”, an opportunity to do things over and over again. What things are actually better the 2nd time around? Shampooing? Falling in love? Making love? Mexican food?

1938 [69] “Superman”, is born on the pages of  Action Comics, created by Jerry Siegel & Toronto-born artist Joe Shuster

1495 [512] Friar John Cor distills 1st-ever vat of ‘Scotch Whiskey’ (he comes up for air 6 times)

1835 [172] Kingston ON Penitentiary opens (no one’s ever called it ‘Club Fed’; it’s arguably Canada’s toughest place to do time)

1909 [98] ‘Grey Cup’ is donated to Canadian football by Governor-General Lord Grey

1908 [99] John Krohn decides to walk the perimeter of the USA — with his wheelbarrow (competes the 9,024-mile trek in 357 days, using 11 pairs of shoes, 112 pair of socks and 5 wheels for the wheelbarrow)

1996 [11] Florida Panthers make it to Stanley Cup final in fewest seasons for any NHL expansion club (just 3)

[Mon] Old Maid’s Day
[Tues] “Canadian Idol” season premiere (CTV)
[Tues] Paris Hilton’s deadline to report to prison
[Tues] 34th Daytime Emmy Awards (CBS)
[Wed] Tim McGraw-Faith Hill Soul2Soul Tour 2007 begins (Omaha NE)
[Thurs] 35th AFI Life Achievement Award (Los Angeles)
[Thurs-June 10] 36th CMA Music Festival
This Week Is … Cover the Uninsured Week
This Month Is … International Men’s Month


Thank god it’s payday! Somehow I always end up with too much month at the end of the money.

Today’s Question: Women are more likely than men to do THIS in hopes of getting lucky.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: Cook a fancy dinner.

To every exception there is a rule.

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