Tuesday, June 20, 2006        Edition: #3309
Sweet Sheet!

TODAY at the Japanese premiere of “Mission: Impossible 3”, Tom Cruise plans to re-create one of the film’s action scenes by arriving in a motorboat being pursued by a helicopter, after which he’ll join fans on a bullet train from Tokyo to Osaka, where they’ll take in the screening (if they can possibly stomach any more of him by then) . . . TONIGHT on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360”, Angelina Jolie acknowledges in a pre-recorded interview that she donates fully one-third of her income to charity because of the quote ‘stupid income’ she gets for what she does (we saw “Mr & Mrs Smith” – you’re right!) . . . Meanwhile, the TVNewser website is reporting that when former MuchMusic VJ John Roberts has subbed for Anderson Cooper THIS MONTH, he’s drawn a bigger audience (that’ll make you hair turn grey, eh Coop?) . . .  Brit model Kate Moss has canceled plans to write a tell-all autobiography because she now has her career back on track (observers figure she’ll save her drugs & Doherty memoirs for a rainy day) . . . THIS MONTH Pamela Anderson will be among the models who bare all in the window of designer Stella McCartney’s London store in a stunt to publicize PETA’s anti-fur campaign (the show’s expected to last about 10 minutes – sort of like a lap dance) . . . 81-year-old movie icon Paul Newman says his next film (if someone gives him a role) will probably be the ‘last hurrah’, his final movie after a career spanning 6 decades (he’s currently in “Cars” as the voice of ‘Doc Hudson’) . . . The latest planned reality TV show in Britain (where they all seem to hatch) has acting veteran Christopher Biggins recruiting adult film stars and training them to appear in a stage play in London’s West End . . . “American Idol” panelist Paula Abdul is helping judge auditions for Simon Cowell’s British TV talent show, “X Factor”, but arrived on the set 8 hours late – so they started without her (how appropriate she checked into her London hotel under the name ‘Donna Prima’) . . . “Lake House” star Keanu Reeves says money means nothing to him – he donates much of his cash to charity and lives simply (that’s good, because after this latest bomb, there aren’t going to be many big-buck roles coming) . . . And hair-triggered TV chef Gordon Ramsay (“Hell’s Kitchen”) is such a control freak, he’s just spent $180,000 installing kitchen webcams in each of his restaurants, including London, Dubai, NYC, Tokyo, LA, and Boca Raton FL (apparently so he can swear at staff long distance).

• All-American Rejects – TONIGHT they appear on “Late Night With Conan O’Brien” (NBC).
• The Beatles – TONIGHT Ringo & His All Starr Band play the “Tonight Show With Jay Leno” (NBC).
• Def Leppard – Frontman Joe Elliott says one his most embarrassing moments was when legendary Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant invited him on his private jet and Elliot became ill and vomited all over himself in front of his idol.
• 50 Cent – He’s currently in negotiations with Apple boss Steve Jobs to market a line of affordable home computers for inner-city residents. The Apple Hardcore?
• Fiona Apple – TONIGHT she makes an appearance on “Last Call With Carson Daly (NBC).
• Keith Urban – YESTERDAY, after months of speculation, he & actress Nicole Kidman issued a joint statement saying they’ve returned to Australia to be married. But that’s all we get. Local media is speculating the big event will occur this SUNDAY in a Catholic church near her family home in Sydney’s northern suburbs.
• Nelly Furtado – TODAY her 3rd album, “Loose”, is released, featuring production by Pharrell Williams and Timbaland, who co-wrote the tune “All Good Things” with Furtado and Coldplay’s Chris Martin. Unfortunately, Martin’s supporting vocals were cut from the final mix.

• “Eight Below” ( Disney Family Adventure ): This story of Antarctic explorers who must leave their sled dogs behind in order to survive is supposed to star Paul Walker (“The Fast & the Furious”) but the consensus is the dogs steal the show. Based on a Japanese expedition to the South Pole in 1958, in which the party was faced with extreme weather conditions. Partially shot in Vancouver and Smithers BC.
• “Syriana” ( Political Thriller ): George Clooney scored a ‘Best Supporting Actor’ Oscar for his role as a disillusioned CIA agent who stumbles onto a complicated conspiracy surrounding the royal family of a small oil-rich country. Matt Damon, William Hurt & Amanda Peet co-star. Inspired by the book by real-life CIA veteran Robert Baer. Partially shot on location in Casablanca, Morocco and Dubai UAE.
• Also out on DVD TODAY: “The Omen: 2-Disc Collector’s Edition (1976); “Saturday Night Live: The Best Of Box Set”; and “Clark Gable: The Signature Collection”.

According to color therapists, different colors correlate to different moods. For example, deep red exemplifies ‘courage’, pink exudes ‘solace’, and plum is associated with ‘passion’. And since hands are great places to receive and transmit energy, the experts say nail polish is a great way to wear color that affects your mood. (Guy question – what if your fingernail’s black from accidently hitting it with a hammer?)
– “W” magazine

Every 3rd bite of food you eat has been pollinated by an insect.

A new Australian study finds that the more free time you have on your hands, the more likely you are to suffer from poor health and die young. Leonie Bloomfield of the Social Policy Research Centre says it’s unclear why boredom becomes a health risk but it’s possible that it leads to anxiety and/or depression, which then affect the immune system. (To get the full affect, just watch daytime TV for a week.)
– “The Australian”

The RIAA has announced that cellphone ringtones will now be awarded citations for ‘Gold’ and ‘Platinum’ sales. Only ringtones with the actual vocals of the artists’ original song, known as ‘master ringtones’, will be recognized. Gold designation signifies 500,000 downloads, while Platinum’ is for 1 million. The RIAA has already certified 84 gold, 40 platinum and 4 multi-platinum ringtones. According to industry experts, about 10% of music industry revenues worldwide now come from ringtones. (Cuz they’re harder to steal.)
– CMT News

2006’s ‘Best Car For The Bucks Overall’ is the Honda Civic, according to an annual “Forbes” magazine ranking.

THIS WEEK 8.5 million more Canadians are struggling to remember that local phone calls now require 10-digit dialing, the phone number plus the area code. Thanks to cellphones, there’s simply a greater demand for phone numbers than supply. 10-digit dialing first came to the greater Toronto area (area codes 416, 905) in 2000 and then Vancouver (604) in 2001. The current change affects area codes 450, 514 & 819 in Québec and 519 & 613 in Ontario. Worst part of it? That annoying recorded message that scolds you before connecting your call when you forget and only key in 7 digits. You’ll have to put up with that until OCTOBER, when 7-digit calls simply won’t work. Experts say the combination of 10 digits offers the possibility of 9 billion unique phone numbers. ([Co-host] heard about 10-digit dialing and thought it meant you have to use your toes.)
– “Toronto Star”

Phoenix AZ has been named the sweatiest city in the USA for the 3rd time in the 5th annual ranking by Procter & Gamble. According to researchers, the average Phoenix resident produces almost a quart of sweat per hour during a typical summer day, enough to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool in 3 hours (icky!). But as they’re bound to tell you in Arizona – it’s a ‘dry’ heat. Miami FL ranks as the most uncomfortable city, due to its combination of heat and humidity. (In July locals wear SCUBA tanks to breathe.)
– Sky News

There are 5 left-handed men for every 4 left-handed women.

If you want to fill up fast so you don’t eat as much later – eat protein. That’s the word from a study by researchers at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle who determined that the once highly-popular low-carb diets work not because of lower carbohydrate intake but because protein suppresses the appetite. The new thinking? It’s not necessary to cut back on carbs to lose weight, just calories. Eating more protein fills you up, which makes it easier to eat less and that means fewer calories. The experts recommendation – eat more lean meat and low-fat dairy products. (Until the next study finds only vegans stand any chance of survival.)
– Reuters

Seems “Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties” failed to impress many movie-goers on the weekend. But here’s a ranking of the best-ever talking animals in movies based on their cleverness and lovability …
5. ‘Shadow’ in “Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey” (1993)
4. ‘Stuart’ in “Stuart Little” (1999)
3. ‘Aslan’ in “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe” (2005)
2. ‘Beaver’ in “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe” (2005)
1. ‘Babe’ the pig in “Babe” (1995)
– Moviefone

More than 230 million adults worldwide now suffer from diabetes.

• In France, a high school student who only scored 6 out of 20 on a philosophy exam has successfully sued for damages, claiming the reason he did so poorly was because his teacher was rarely in class. A Clermont-Ferrand court has ruled in his favor, awarding yet-to-be-determined damages.
• In Vietnam, some 21 officials with the state oil corporation Petrovietnam have been ordered to make ‘self-criticism’ reports for refusing to participate in karaoke at a contract-signing ceremony near Hanoi. And at least 8 department heads are facing suspension for failing to sing.
• In Malaysia, 21 students from a college in Kuala Lumpur have managed to squeeze into a tiny Mini Cooper car, with 2 of them stuffed into the trunk. The car’s doors were then shut and the students sweated out the mandatory 20 seconds to make it into the “Guinness Book of World Records”.
• In England, a missing tortoise has been reunited with its owner of the past 55 years. ‘Daisy’ ran away after she was let out of her owner’s yard to munch on clover. Actually, ‘ran away’ is a bit of an overstatement. Over 12 days, she managed to make it less than a mile away from her Devon home.
• In Germany, a shoplifter tried to bite his way free after being busted by cops in Hanover. The 70-year-old might have had more success had he remembered to put his teeth in. Though one officer was indeed bitten, he suffered nothing more than – a wet patch.


1942 [64] Brian Wilson, Inglewood CA, oldies singer/songwriter (Beach Boys-“Good Vibrations”)/Songwriter’s Hall Of Fame (2000)/Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (1988)

1945 [61] Anne Murray, Springhill NS, oldies singer (“Snowbird”, “You Needed Me”)/Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame Legacy Award (2006)/Canadian Country Music Association Hall of Fame (2002)/Canada’s Walk of Fame (1998)/Canadian Music Hall of Fame (1993)/Companion of the Order of Canada (1984)/Hollywood Walk of Fame (1980)

1949 [57] Lionel Richie, Tuskegee AL, oldies singer (“All Night Long”, Commodores-“Easy”)/father of Nicole Richie

1952 [54] John Goodman, Afton MO, movie actor (“Monsters Inc”)/ex-TV actor (“Roseanne” 1988-97)

1967 [39] Nicole Kidman, Honolulu HI, movie actress (“The Interpreter”, Oscar-“The Hours”/Mrs Tom Cruise 1990-2001/Mrs Keith Urban 2006?

1971 [35] Josh Lucas, Little Rock AR, movie actor (“Poseidon”, “Stealth”)

• “Last Day of Spring” as TOMORROW the “Summer Solstice” at 8:26 am EDT begins Summer.
• “World Refugee Day”, first declared by the UN in 2001 as an expression of solidarity with Africa, which hosts the most refugees. TODAY in Namibia, video clips of Angelina Jolie, who is a Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, will run on state TV as part of the observation.
NET: http://www.un.org/depts/dhl/refugee/

1987 [19] Whitney Houston’s “Whitney” becomes the 1st album by a female artist to debut at #1

1877 [129] 1st ‘Commercial Telephone Service’ in Canada is offered in Hamilton ON

1909 [97] 1st ‘Hot Air Balloon Wedding’, in Cape Cod MA (“If the airship’s rockin’ …”)

1914 [92] ‘Noxema’ skin cream is introduced (named because it ‘knocks eczema’ out)

[Wed] Canadian Aboriginal Day
[Wed] Baby Boomers Recognition Day
[Wed] Vegan World Day
[Wed] “Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man” opens in movie theaters
[Fri] “Click” and “Waist Deep” open in movie theaters
[Fri] Take Your Dog to Work Day
[Sat] St-Jean-Baptiste Day (QC)
[Sun] Grand Prix du Canada (Montréal)
This Week Is … Fish Are Friends, Not Food! Week
This Month Is … Celibacy Awareness Month


Most popular ‘first dance’ songs in North America, based on a survey of thousands of disc jockey companies ….
10. “Unchained Melody” … Righteous Brothers
9. “I Swear” … Michael Montgomery
8. “Have I Told You Lately” … Rod Stewart or Van Morrison
7. “Wonderful Tonight” … Eric Clapton
6. “It’s Your Love” … Tim McGraw & Faith Hill
5. “I Cross my Heart” … George Strait
4. “Because You Loved Me” … Celine Dion
3. “At Last” … Etta James
2. “From This Moment On” … Shania Twain
1. “Amazed” … Lonestar
– WeDJ.com

Soccer is the one game where you can say, “We killed ’em 1-0.”

• You’ve studied ‘rhinotillexomania’. What’s your area of expertise?
a. Rhinoceros excrement.
b. Cosmetic surgery.
c. Nose picking. [CORRECT]
– “Oxford New English Dictionary”

Today’s Question: Hard to believe but fully a third of adults polled think a married woman who doesn’t do THIS is less committed to the marriage.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: Take her husband’s last name.

We don’t have to change friends if we understand that friends change.

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