Tuesday, June 6, 2006        Edition: #3299
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TONIGHT “Fear Factor” is back (NBC/Global), the reality TV show that refuses to die no matter what its contestants swallow (and don’t fail to miss the ‘3-Part Extravaganza Featuring Favorite Reality Show Stars‘ starting NEXT WEEK!) . . . 74-year-old screen legend Elizabeth Taylor admits she once shared a bed with Michael Jackson & his nephews but says there was ‘nothing abnormal about it’ as they were all happily watching Disney movie classics (now there’s a creepy mental picture for you) . . . Edmonton-Carolina is by no means a dream Stanley Cup match-up for CBC-TV but the presence of a Canadian team in the final is expected to increase the national audience from the usual million viewers per game to somewhere between 2 and 3 million . . . “American Idol” finalist Chris Daughtry has turned down Fuel’s official offer for him to front the rock band, saying he’s going to do his own thing (translation: he’s already more famous than them … for about 6 months) . . . Meanwhile, “AI” runner-up Katharine McPhee has reportedly been asked to sing at Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes’ wedding (wow, a manufactured star performing at a manufactured wedding!) . . . Someone must have been watching Tom Cruise’s movie “Days of Thunder” because Scientology is now investing in NASCAR racing, backing a team called ‘Ignite Your Potential’, whose frontman, Kenton Gray, credits the religion with making him a good driver (‘Freedom Motorsports’ has even set up a ‘Dianetics Racing’ website) . . . Rocker-turned-moviemaker Rob Zombie has signed on to direct a prequel to the “Halloween” horror movie franchise, and promises to reinvent the tired series with more gore and suspense than ever (here’s an idea – why not have Mike Myers play ‘Michael Myers’?) . . . The new issue of gay magazine “The Advocate” is calling for “Superman” to come out of the closet (or phone booth … or whatever) . . . And rumor has it Britney Spears has now called in lawyers to end her marriage to Kevin Federline ASAP (all we can say is what took ya, girl?).

• Elvis Costello & Allen Toussaint – TONIGHT they perform music from their just-released “The River in Reverse” CD on “Late Show With David Letterman” (CBS).
• “Cars” – TODAY the soundtrack of the  Disney/Pixar film, “Cars” (opening FRIDAY), is released, featuring tunes by Brad Paisley, Sheryl Crow, John Mayer, James Taylor, and a Rascal Flatts cover of Tom Cochrane’s 1991 hit “Life Is A Highway”.
• David Lee Roth – TONIGHT the recently axed radio jock guests on the “Tonight Show With Jay Leno” (NBC), no doubt to further spread the rumor that he’s reuniting with his former bandmates in a reunited Van Halen.
• Olivia Newton-John – The ‘70s singer’s missing boyfriend, Patrick McDermott, thought to have fallen overboard during a fishing trip a year back, has been spotted on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula as recently as 10 days ago. He’s now suspected of faking his own death due to massive debt.
• Gwen Stefani – She could be heading to court as design house LeSportsac is suing Schifter & Partners, the company behind her Harajuku Lovers handbag collection, claiming it copied the ‘Japanese street look’ they pioneered.
• Kylie Minogue – She says she’s ‘so broody’ she wants to get married and have kids soon. Seems a sure sign she’s speeding down the road to recovery after her breast cancer battle.
• Rihanna – TONIGHT she appears on “Last Call With Carson Daly” (NBC).
• Also on CD TODAY: AFI’s “Decemberunderground”; Paul Oakenfold’s “A Lively Mind”; the self-titled “Brian Stokes Mitchell”; Ice Cube’s “Laugh Now, Cry Later”; and Live’s “Songs from Black Mountain”.

• “Firewall” ( Crime Thriller ): 63-year-old Harrison Ford attempts to relive his action movie days, playing a bank security expert who’s forced to steal $100 million by a ruthless criminal mastermind, played by Paul Bettany (“The Da Vinci Code”).
• “Glory Road” ( Sports Drama ): Josh Lucas plays real-life college basketball coach Don Haskins who slam-dunked tradition in 1966 by allowing his best players to start at Texas Western University, thereby creating the first all-African American lineup in college ball. This is the first Disney film to be available for online download on the same day it’s released on DVD.
• “Running Scared” ( Crime Thriller ): Paul Walker (“The Fast & the Furious”) plays a low-level mob flunky who’s handed a gun used in a hit and told to make it disappear. But he decides to hang onto it for insurance, which becomes a big problem after it gets used in another killing.
• “Underworld: Evolution” ( Horror Thriller ): Kate Beckinsale returns as the fanged & dangerous ‘Death Dealer’ vampire warrior & Scott Speedman again plays her half-werewolf/half-vampire lover in this sequel to the 2003 thriller. Shot in Budapest, Hungary & Vancouver BC.
• Also on DVD TODAY: “Mr & Mrs Smith: Unrated 2-Disc Collector’s Edition”; “John Wayne – The John Ford Film Collection”; “Mommie Dearest” (1981); Dazed & Confused (1993); “Charmed: The Complete 5th Season”; “Entourage: The Complete 2nd Season”; and “NCIS: The Complete 1st Season”.

“The Omen” ( R-Rated Horror Thriller ): It’s no accident they picked 6/6/06 as the worldwide release date for this remake of the 1976 horror classic. Liev Schreiber & Julia Stiles play parents who come to realize that their young son ‘Damien’ may literally be the devil incarnate. The original movie has previously spawned 2 film sequels, a made-for-TV movie sequel, and a failed TV pilot. Get creepy music and other sound bites here …
NET: http://www.theomenmovie.com/

TODAY (6/6/06) won’t likely be remembered for much more than a clever excuse to release a Hollywood movie about a devil child. However, the occult-obsessed and conspiracy nuts would have us believe there’s real reason for alarm. Online site ‘Three World Wars’, for instance, notes the following flimsy facts about today’s date …
• 222 days since the Muslim riots in Paris, France.
• 333 days since the subway bombings in London, England.
• 444 days since the 2nd anniversary of the Iraq invasion.
• 555 days since November 28, 2004 which was the 333rd day of the year, with 33 remaining.
• 666 in the date pattern and in the pattern until the end of the Mayan calendar.
• 777 days since the foiled Sears Tower attack in Chicago IL.
Whoa, scary, isn’t it? Time to load up the pickup with canned goods, surgical masks and duct tape and head for a cave!
NET: http://www.threeworldwars.com/june06-2006.htm
– “Curious Times”

The ‘666′ phenomenon is based on a disputed passage from the Book of Revelation in the Bible, which in several popular versions declares the ‘number of the beast’ to be 666 although some biblical scholars now claim there was actually a mistranslation and the number should actually be ‘6-1-6′. (So the demon date was really 5 days ago, when … nothing happened.)
– “Sunday Times”

There’s not a snowball’s chance in Hell they’re letting 6-6-06 go unnoticed in Hell, Michigan, a hamlet 60 miles west of Detroit. The entire community is planning to party with live entertainment, a costume contest and commemorative souvenir mugs and T-shirts. They’ve even installed ‘The Gates of Hell’ at a local children’s playground in time for the festivities. (So if you’re looking for a good time … go to Hell!)
– AP

In 1801, 95% of Americans farmed for a living. By 1901, that figure dropped to 45%. Today it’s under 2%!

A new study at Britain’s University of Sussex suggests that young men who aren’t confident about their athletic abilities often try to compensate for it by drinking excessively. Dr Richard de Visser, lead researcher on the study of 18-to-21 year-olds, theorizes it may be because they consider boozing an alternative way to exhibit ‘masculine behavior’. (Then at age 50, they buy an old Corvette.)

Planned dates for sending people to the Moon …
• China – 2017
• USA – 2018
• Japan – 2025
– “Globe & Mail”

Australia’s most accomplished con artist has finally been caught, living across the street from one of the country’s largest police stations. Barry Faulkner has impersonated a CIA agent, a jumbo jet pilot, a US Air Force colonel, a fashion photographer, an Olympic official, a gynecologist, and oldies singer Mike Nesmith of The Monkees during his checkered career. One method he used to evade capture was to call in to Australian TV show “Most Wanted” whenever his current alias was featured, and report a sighting of himself – on the other side of the country. (Someone, somewhere is already planning the movie.)
– ABC News

Experts say these are the steps you should take if you’ve been a victim of identity theft …
• Cancel credit and/or debit cards that may have been compromised. You’ll find the phone number for the fraud department on your monthly statement or through customer service.
• File a police report. For one thing, it may be needed to initiate a credit report freeze.
• Contact all credit bureaus, which should result in a ‘fraud alert’ being placed on your credit files within 24 hours.
• Monitor your credit report frequently. With a fraud alert on your file you are entitled to free reports every 6 months.
• Close your existing bank, credit card and other accounts, and reopen with new account numbers.
• Notify the post office if you believe your identity may have been stolen using info from mail that was illegally obtained.
– BankRate.com


1936 [70] Levi Stubbs, Detroit MI, Motown oldies singer (Four Tops-“Reach Out I’ll Be There”)/Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (1990)/ranked 79th on “Rolling Stone’s” ‘Greatest Rock ‘n Roll Artists of All-Time’

1954 [52] Harvey Fierstein, Brooklyn NY, Broadway actor/playwright with 4 Tony Awards (“Hairspray”)/movie actor (“Mrs Doubtfire”)

1967 [39] Paul Giamatti, New Haven CT, movie actor (“Cinderella Man”, “Sideways”)

1967 [39] Max Casella, Washington DC, TV actor (‘Benny Fazio’ on “The Sopranos”)

1970 [36] James ‘Munky’ Shaffer, Rosedale CA, rock guitarist (Korn-“Here To Stay”)

1973 [33] Lisa Brokop, Surrey BC, country singer (“Whiskey And Wine”)

1974 [32] Uncle Kracker (Matt Shafer), Mount Clemens MI, pop singer (f/Dobie Gray-“Drift Away”, “Follow Me”)/sometime DJ for Kid Rock

• “Couple Appreciation Day”. So which celebrity couple is cutest – Tim McGraw & Faith Hill? Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie? Anna Nicole Smith?

• “Dicing for Bibles”, a  Whit Tuesday custom introduced to All Saints Church  in St Ives, England some 300 years ago, when one Robert Wilde left money in his will to pay for the odd game. Local children are encouraged to roll them bones for a shot at the ‘Good Book’. It’s not considered gambling because no money is at stake. Talk about fudging the rules!
NET: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/cambridgeshire/2943005.stm

• “Hunger Awareness Day”, when the advocacy group Second Harvest encourages us to donate to an online food drive. Donations benefit local food banks in your community.
NET: http://www.secondharvest.org

1933 [73] 1st ‘Drive-In Theater’ opens, in Camden NJ (25 cents per person or buck-a-car to see “Wife Beware” (1st drive-in theatre in Canada opens in Hamilton ON in 1946)

1992 [14] Rocker David Bowie & model Iman repeat their wedding vows in a religious ceremony at a church in Florence, Italy after a civil ceremony 2 months earlier in Switzerland turns out to be invalid

1844 [162] 1st ‘YMCA’ founded by George Williams in London UK (“It’s fun to play at the …”)

1882 [124] 1st ‘Electric Iron’ (and the 1st white shirt ends up with a big burn hole)

[Wed] Chocolate Ice Cream Day
[Wed] Attitude Day
[Thurs] 35th CMA Music Festival begins
[Sat] 2006 Belmont Stakes
[Sun] 60th Tony Awards
This Week Is … Headache Awareness Week
This Month Is … Cancer From The Sun Month


Some of the following are actual tabloid headlines, some are fake. You run down the list while a contestant tries to decide which are which …
• “Medical Students Expelled for Throwing Human Brains at Each Other!”
• “Aliens Prefer Their Humans Barbecued!” [Fake]
• “Teens Sniffing Human Ashes to Get High!”
• “Gal with 36-Inch-Long Fingernails Kills Herself — While Picking Her Nose!”
• “It’s Official – Breaking Wind Can Kill!”
• “Man Explodes While Trying to Suppress Belch!” [Fake]
• “Siamese Twins Come to Blows over Father’s Will!” [Fake]
• “Gerbil-Juggler Brings Party Kids to Tears!”
• “Scientists to Clone Neanderthal Man from 30,000-Year-Old Doo-Doo!”

No matter how old you are, ‘old age’ always equals YOUR age plus 20.

Today’s Question: THIS recent clothing innovation is sure to make a lot of us a whole lot more comfortable.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: Labels that are stamped on instead of sewn on.

The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue.

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