Tuesday, March 1, 2005        Edition: #2980
This is Where March Comes In Like a Bull!

TODAY “Canadian Idol” auditions breeze into Winnipeg MB . . . TONIGHT is the final episode of “NYPD Blue” after 12 seasons, a 2-hour event that kicks off with a retrospective special . . . TONIGHT “The Amazing Race 7″ debuts, featuring engaged couple Rob Mariano & Amber Brkich who between them won $1.25 million on “Survivor: All-Stars” (“Amazing Race 6″ only ended 3 weeks ago, so this is the 3rd season of the show in a single calendar year) . . . TONIGHT the 3rd season of talent search show “Nashville Star” debuts on USA Network, with LeAnn Rimes returning as host and Phil Vassar among the panel of judges . . . TONIGHT a new season of Germany’s version of “Big Brother” gets underway, but this one has a twist – “Big Brother: Das Dorf” (“Big Brother: The Village”) takes place in a purpose-built town near Cologne and will last indefinitely – perhaps decades! . . . Oscar-winner Cate Blanchett (“The Aviator”) has put her refurbished 4-story home in Brighton, England up for sale because she wants to move back to Australia to raise her 2 children – asking price $3.8 million . . . Fresh off his twin Oscars, Clint Eastwood will lend his voice and likeness to a new “Dirty Harry” video game, which is being produced by his Malpaso Productions and distributed by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment . . . Among the celeb Scientoligists donating auction items to raise funds for the church’s tsunami relief efforts – John Travolta has given the chaps from “Urban Cowboy”, Beck a signed CD, Sofia Milos a walk-on role on “CSI: Miami”, and Danny Masterson a walk-on role on “That 70’s Show” . . . And late comedian Rodney Dangerfield’s wife Joan has reportedly stored the trademark handkerchief he used on-stage to wipe his brow in her freezer, just in case the time comes when the DNA can be used to – clone him.

• Dolly Parton – TONIGHT she’ll be presented a ‘Career Achievement Award‘ by Country Radio Broadcasters at the annual Country Music DJ & Radio Hall of Fame Dinner in Nashville.
• Elton John – Insiders speculate that he has axed 5-year manager Derek MacKillop because his latest album flopped. TONIGHT Elton does “Tonight Show With Jay Leno”.
• Jennifer Lopez – TODAY her “Rebirth” album will be released simultaneously in the standard CD format and the new ‘DualDisc’ format, a hybrid CD/DVD with audio-only on 1 side and DVD content on the other.
• Mandy Moore – She’s just completed a rigorous 4-day training program at a California spa that includes 6 hours of work-out routines daily, a diet of mainly protein veggies and 4 liters of water per day. For this agony, people pay a little over $2,800.
• Missy Elliott – TONIGHT she’s on CBS-TV’s “Late Late Show”.

• “Flight of the Phoenix” (Action Adventure – DVD): This remake of a 1965 James Stewart film stars Dennis Quaid, Tyrese & Giovanni Ribisi in a life-and-death tale of survival after a plane crash in Mongolia. The crew and passengers attempt to build a new plane, nicknamed the ‘Phoenix’, from undamaged components of the wreck. Shot in Namibia, Africa.
• “The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie” (Animated Family – DVD/VHS): Bigscreen version of the TV show about the lives of the residents of ‘Bikini Bottom’. Voices include Alec Baldwin, Scarlett Johansson & Jeffrey Tambor (“Hey now!”).
• “The Exorcist: The Beginning” (Horror Thriller – DVD): In this ‘prequel’ to William Friedkin’s 1973 classic “The Exorcist”, ‘Father Merrin’ (Stellan Skarsgard) discovers the origins of evil while on an archeological dig in a remote region of Kenya. Liam Neeson was initially cast as ‘Father Merrin’ (but wisely backed out).
• And there’s a new ‘Special Edition’ DVD of Disney’s 1942 tear-jerker “Bambi” (in which mommy is killed off in crisper, more vivid color).

Johns Hopkins University researchers have discovered that bad news can ‘break your heart’, creating similar damage to a heart attack. An investigation of patients suffering from heart attack symptoms who hadn’t actually experienced one revealed that most had experienced a severe emotional shock – the death of a loved one, a crime, speaking in public, being in court, even being surprised by a party – just a few hours before the onset of symptoms. The experience apparently sends a surge of stress hormones to the heart. The good news is, the damage seems to be temporary and most fully recover after a few weeks.
– “Fortean Times”

A new Ipsos-Reid survey finds that 45% of Canadians do NOT think it’s worth the projected $80-million cost of the Gomery Inquiry to find out what happened to so-called ‘sponsorship’ funds. The poll also finds about 70% of us don’t believe either Jean Chrétien’s or Paul Martin’s claims of ignorance as to the day-to-day decisions of the program. (Now the government will form a ‘commission’ to investigate the worthwhileness of the ‘inquiry’.)
– “Globe & Mail”

Sufficient sleep is essential not only for overall health but also to stay trim, according to Dr Hsiao Tun-jen, a member of the Taiwan Medical Association for the Study of Obesity. A study of close to 4,000 people finds that those who sleep more than 6 hours a night are generally slimmer than those who sleep less. (Well, of course … If you sleep 24/7, you can’t be eating now can you?)
– “Sydney Herald Sun”

Demonstrating a deep understanding of its computer-gaming audience, Sony has built the ability to order pizza into its latest online multi-player game. Type the command ‘/pizza’ while playing “Everquest II”, a fantasy game with 330,000 active players and you get the Pizza Hut Website where you can place orders for delivery. A Sony spokesman says he believes this is the first time a game accepts orders for real-world items. (But can I get a pizza guy to bring a game over when he comes with the pie?)
– “NY Daily News”

Veterinarians offer the following tips to prevent fat dogs …
• Measure out food and feed meals rather than giving free choice.
• Don’t feed from the table … ever.
• Give small treats instead of large ones.
• Exercise 1 city block per day for every 20 lbs of its body-weight. It’s recommended exercise continue until the dog is panting lightly.
– Knight Ridder News

• Parents of the 5- to 9-year-old pupils at the Broomley First School in Stocksfield UK are furious and are helping their youngsters launch a petition against overprotective education officials. The problem? Kids have been ordered to stop playing tag – because it’s too dangerous!
• Weather forecasters in Moscow, Russia now face heavy fines if they get the weather wrong. Mayor Yuri Luschkov has decided they’ll be held personally responsible for financial losses the city incurs due to an incorrect forecast.
• A man and woman in adjoining cells at a Turkish prison managed to drill a 6-cm (3.6-inch) hole through the wall, enabling them to have sexual relations that produced a child. But while the cell neighbors will soon be parents, they’ll also be jailbirds a bit longer, after being given more time for – damaging public property!
• A new survey reveals that 70% of single Japanese women prefer not to wed and believe they can live happily for the rest of their lives – alone.

According to a new survey, these are our all-time faves …
1. “The Simpsons”
2. “Tom and Jerry”
3. “South Park”
4. “Toy Story”
5. “Family Guy”
– BBC News

• Oscar-winners live nearly 4 years longer than other actors, according to research by University of Toronto professor Dr Donald Redelmeier.
–“Etalk Daily”
• About 200,000 parents across the United States have enrolled in Baby Signs, a program to teach simple sign language to hearing babies and toddlers, to convey their needs.
– “Indianapolis Star”


1944 [61] Roger Daltrey, London UK, classic rock singer (The Who-“Who Are You” [theme from “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”], “Won’t Get Fooled Again” [theme from “CSI: Miami”], “Baba O’Riley” [theme from “CSI: NY”])  

1947 [58] Alan Thicke, Kirkland Lake ON, TV actor (“Growing Pains” 1985-92)

1954 [51] Ron Howard, Duncan OK, movie producer/director (2 Oscars-“A Beautiful Mind”)/TV producer (“Arrested Development”)/former TV actor (‘Opie’-“Andy Griffith Show”, ‘Ritchie’-“Happy Days”)  COMING UP: Will direct Tom Hanks in the bigscreen version of the bestseller “The Da Vinci Code”.

1967 [38] George Eads, Fort Worth TX, TV actor (‘Nick Stokes’ on “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” since 2000)

1974 [31] Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Panorama City CA, TV actor (‘Detective John Clark Jr’ on “NYPD Blue” since 2001)

1981 [24] Sean Woolstenhulme, Gilbert AZ, rock guitarist who left The Calling in mid-2002 to join his brother Rick’s band, Lifehouse (“Hanging By a Moment”)

TODAY through March 20th the annual “Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo” comes out of the chute in Houston TX which also showcases a who’s who of country talent. Among those scheduled to perform: Alan Jackson, Brooks & Dunn, Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley, Neal McCoy, Charlie Daniels Band, Martina McBride, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Gretchen Wilson, Big & Rich, Keith Urban, Montgomery Gentry, Clay Walker, Clint Black & others.
PHONER: 832.667.1000
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TODAY is also –
• “Peace Corps Day“, commemorating its founding by President John F Kennedy

TODAY is –
• “Chalanda Marz” in Switzerland, when they drive away winter by ringing bells and cracking whips. Let’s try that and see if it works! [SFX].
• “National Pig Day”, honoring the ‘most intelligent and useful of domesticated animals’. Studies show pigs are much smarter than horses. (But harder to ride.)
• “Peanut Butter Lover’s Day”, a good day to have phone contestants try a tongue twister with a mouthful of smooth or crunchy.
• “RRSP Deadline” if you want a deduction on your 2004 income tax. (So be sure to call your investment office this afternoon at 4:57pm.)
• “Share a Smile Day”. If for no other reason, it’ll make everyone wonder what you’ve been doing.
• “St David’s Day” in Wales. The Welsh celebrate their patron saint by taking a leek … and wearing it.

1941 [64] 1st  commercial ‘FM radio station’ goes on-the-air (W47NV in Nashville TN, which must have had really complicated jingles)

1995 [10] Sheryl Crow wins ‘Record of the Year’ at the “Grammy Awards” for “All I Wanna Do”

1937 [68] 1st ‘automobile license plates’ issued, in Connecticut

1969 [36] Prince Charles officially invested ‘Prince of Wales’ (starting to seem like it was a lifetime appointment)

1949 [56] Team Canada beats Denmark 47-0 in international hockey

[Wed] Salespersons Day
[Thurs] I Want You To Be Happy Day
[Thurs] 40th Academy of Country Music Awards nominations announced
[Fri] International Scrapbooking Day
[Sat] Unique Names Day
[Sat] “Canadian Idol” auditions (Sudbury ON)
[Sat-Mar 13] The Brier (Edmonton AB)
[Sat] Multiple Personalities Day
[Sun] Australian Grand Prix (F1 season opener)
[Sun] Frozen Food Day

Eating Disorders Awareness Week
Read Me Week
Newspaper in Education Week
Cheerleading Week
Return The Borrowed Books Week
Universal Human Beings Week
Write A Letter of Appreciation Week

• Wouldn’t the easiest way to tell what the coldest day in any given year was, be to look at your chequebook and see what day furnace repair had to come to your house?
• Could 2 Mini-Coopers have a major accident?
• If a mathematician breaks up with his girlfriend, gets back together with her and breaks up with her again, does she become his ex-squared?
• When we call an animal ‘vicious’, don’t we mean that it will defend itself when we try to kill it?
• If an anarchist group attained political power would they, on principle, have to dissolve their own government?
• Does all work and no play make you a manager?
• Can a one-eyed person have 20/20 vision?
• Just where is the US Surgeon General’s army?

• Doctors tell us that 53% of us are now overweight. These, of course, are only round figures.
• Husbands are like children … they’re fine if they’re someone else’s.

• What do people make small talk about these days? (A new poll finds it’s not the weather anymore, but more often last night’s television, office gossip and traffic.)
• What extreme home make-over project have you managed to completely screw up?

Today’s Question: 72% of us have THIS secret.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: Physical attraction to a co-worker.

The reason that history repeats itself is because nobody listens the first time.


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