Tuesday, May 31, 2005 Edition: #3045
Monthly Planning Calendar in Today’s BS!

THIS MORNING joint press conferences in London & Philadelphia are expected to finally officially announce the “Live 8” mega-concerts on JULY 2nd, an effort to bring attention to world poverty (the original “Live Aid” took place July 13, 1985 in London’s Wembley Stadium & Philadelphia’s JFK Stadium) . . . TODAY the soundtrack is released from the documentary film “Rock School” (about Paul Green’s real-life ‘School of Rock Music’ in Philadelphia), featuring tracks by Alice Cooper, Billy Idol, Stewart Copeland (The Police) & Ian Gillan (Deep Purple) among others (the film is out in limited release this FRIDAY) . . NBC’s gross-out reality show “Fear Factor” is being re-tooled to include a new segment called ‘Home Invasion’ in which the show goes into average people’s homes and challenges willing participants to perform a stunt (NET: http://http://www.nbc.com/Fear_Factor/apply_home_invasion.shtml) . . . “Joan of Arcadia” fans are peppering CBS-TV with e-mail, trying to get it to reverse its decision to cancel the drama after just 2 seasons . . . The underperforming reality show “The Contender” isn’t knocked out yet, however, as Sylvester Stallone & Sugar Ray Leonard are said to be in negotiations to host a 2nd season of the boxing series, but this time on ESPN instead of NBC-TV . . . And here’s a first – “Crazy Frog Axel F”, a cellphone ring-tone based on the sound of a revving Swedish mo-ped, is #1 in the UK, the first ring-tone to cross-over onto the mainstream pop chart.

• Carrie Underwood – TODAY the “American Idol” winner is on “Live With Regis & Kelly”.
• The Fugees – Wyclef Jean, Lauryn Hill & Pras Michel say they are reuniting to record a new album, some 9 years after splitting up in 1996.
• Green Day – TONIGHT they’re on NBC-TV’s “Last Call With Carson Daly”.
• Kelly Clarkson – In an interview on San Francisco’s Radio Alice, she claimed she’s only kissed 3 guys in her entire life.
• The Killers – They’re making a 25-minute movie based around 3 different songs in a ‘murder trilogy’ (“Midnight Show”, “Jenny Was a Friend of Mine” and the as-yet unreleased “Leave the Bourbon on the Shelf.”)
• Low Millions – TONIGHT they do “Late Night With Conan O’Brien” on NBC-TV.
• Rob Thomas – He tells “Rolling Stone” he might have been the only person with a coke habit to ever gain 50 lbs. When he met his future wife, he stopped snorting and slimmed down.
• Rod Stewart – You may need a chart to figure this one out … his daughter Kimberly Stewart is reportedly now dating her former stepmother Rachel Hunter’s ex-boyfriend, Wes Scantlin.
• Toby Keith – He’s currently entertaining US troops overseas, including Iran and Afghanistan.

• “Boogeyman” (Horror Thriller – DVD): A man traumatized by the memories of the ‘Boogeyman’ devouring his father in his childhood bedroom returns home 16 years later to face his fears. Stars Barry Watson, Emily Deschanel & Lucy Lawless.
• Collectors may be interested in “The Complete James Dean Collection”, all 3 of the legendary actor’s movies plus oodles of features collected into a 6-disc box set.

A German scientist is being studied after claiming that he has lived for the past several years on nothing but light energy and a little bit of fruit juice. Cancer researcher Dr Michael Werner, author of the book “Living Through the Energy of Light”, claims that his body is somehow processing the energy of the sun in much the same way that plants do, although he’s not sure how. (If our African Violet is any indication, at our house he’d be dead in a week.)
– “Curious Times”

Researchers have finally determined how late is late – it’s 10 minutes, 17 seconds. That’s the ‘lateness threshold’ at which most people feel it becomes necessary to phone and admit they’re not going to make it on time. Interesting to note that over 80% of people in their 50s claim they are always on time because they have an abnormal fear of being late for crucial events. But almost 70% of young women believe it is acceptable, if not fashionable to be late on a first date. Why? It makes them seem ‘less desperate’. (But in the meantime, the guy’s already picked up someone else.)
– GetMeThere.co.uk

Male babies studied in Los Angeles seem to be born with suspiciously undersized … um, er … ‘packages’ when compared with those in several other cities. It seems the somewhat-lacking LA lads have been exposed in the womb to phthalates, chemicals found in common plastics and beauty products such as nail polish and perfume. The study is the strongest evidence yet that manmade chemicals in the environment can ‘feminize’ male babies in the womb, causing subtle changes in organ size and anatomy. (So [co-host], you’re from California, aren’t you?)
– “LA Times”

• A strike in the paper industry in Finland has left the country desperately short of toilet paper. Shops have been selling out as Fins desperately stock up. The 4-week strike has also caused vacationing Finns to return home from abroad with suitcases full of bathroom tissue instead of souvenirs. (Will your listeners pledge a roll to help with the ‘T-P Crisis’?)
• A new ambulance service has been launched in Chile – for plants. Private company SOS Express is running the service in Santiago using 4 ambulances tricked out with sirens and flashing lights but painted green. Customers with dying plants can call an emergency line to have a horticultural expert immediately dispatched. (Just call ‘Houseplant 911′.)
• Russian farmers are breeding long-legged hogs to meet demand for the new craze of – pig racing. The largest track is located at Moscow’s Crocus-Expo pavilion but many others are springing up. Pigs are trained daily for months to get them into prime racing condition. The best racing swine are said to be long-legged, lean, nimble, and crave victory – thanks to the carrot they receive at the finish line. (Coincidentally the same thing the boss handed out at our recent ratings party.)
• Hong Kong’s office buildings are the coldest in the world due to cranked up air conditioning, according to a new Hong Kong Polytechnic University study. In fact, one H-K office registers just 17.6 C (64 F), well below the 25 C (77 F) mark recommended by environmentalists. (But well within the safe temperature range for hanging meat.)

Some retirees climb mountains, others sail around-the-world. 60-year-old Dan Freeman of Brooklyn NY has a dream, too – hitting a different bar 3 or 4 times a day. In fact, he’s on a quest to drink in 1,000 different watering holes THIS YEAR, from corner dives to Irish pubs to a lesbian bar he unwittingly patronized. Things are going well – he’s on pace to hit the mark on his 61st birthday in DECEMBER.
NET: http://http://thousandbars.blogspot.com
– “Daily News”

Your body uses 300 muscles to balance itself … when you’re standing still.

• “I thought he was gay.” – Country superstar Tim McGraw on best pal Kenny Chesney’s sudden marriage to actress Renee Zellweger.

• “Here’s the thing you have to understand with psychiatry. There is no science behind it. And to pretend that there is a science behind it is criminal.” – Tom Cruise spouting Scientology on TV’s “Access Hollywood’.


1930 [75] Clint Eastwood, San Francisco CA, movie director (4 Oscars-“Million Dollar Baby”, “Unforgiven”)/movie actor (“The Bridges of Madison County”)/1995 Irving G Thalberg Memorial Academy Award/1996 American Film Institute Life Achievement Award COMING UP: “Dirty Harry”, a reprise of his ‘Harry Callahan’ character, scheduled for 2006.

1962 [43] Corey Hart, Montréal QC, oldies singer (“Never Surrender”, “Sunglasses at Night”)

1965 [40] Brooke Shields, NYC, model/movie actress (“The Blue Lagoon”)/author (“Down Came the Rain”)/former TV actress (“Suddenly Susan” 1996-2000)/ex-Mrs Andre Agassi

1976 [29] Colin Farrell, Dublin, Ireland, movie actor (“Alexander”, “SWAT”) COMING UP: Co-stars with Jamie Foxx as ‘Detective Sonny Crockett’ in the bigscreen version of “Miami Vice”, coming JULY 2006.

TODAY is “Save Your Hearing Day”. I SAID, TODAY IS “SAVE YOUR HEARING DAY” … oh, never mind.

TODAY is “National Macaroon Day”, honoring those ooey-gooey coconut cookies that stick to your fillings. A red letter day for dentists everywhere!

TODAY is “World No-Tobacco Day”, as declared by the UN’s World Health Organization to encourage people to butt out.

2000 [05] 1st “Survivor” reality series begins 3-month summer run on CBS-TV (Richard, Rudy, Susan, Sean, Colleen, Kelly, Greg & Gervase quickly become household names as do the tribes ‘Tagi’ and ‘Pagong’)

1870 [135] 1st ‘Asphalt Pavement’ (and 1st kid gets yelled at for tracking black goo all over the kitchen floor)

1884 [121] 1st ‘Flaked Cereal’ patented, by Dr John Harvey Kellogg (before that – gruel!)

1997 [08] 13-km ‘Confederation Bridge’ from Cape Tormentine NB to Borden PEI officially opens, finally joining Prince Edward Island to the mainland

1976 [29] Guinness Record ‘Loudest Concert’ as The Who put out a total of 76,000 watts of power at 120 decibels (no wonder it’s “Save Your Hearing Day” … Pete Townshend should be poster boy!)

[June 1] Stand for Children Day / Trails Day / “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” opens in theaters
[June 2] Rocky Road Ice Cream Day / Cancer Survivors Day
[June 3] Repeat Day / Doughnut Day / “Cinderella Man” & “Lords of Dogtown” open in theaters
[June 4] Old Maid’s Day
[June 5] 59th Tony Awards / Canada’s Walk of Fame 2005 Induction / Personal Computer Day / UN World Environment Day / Nursing Assistants Day / International Mothers Peace Day
[June 6] Couple Appreciation Day
[June 7] Chocolate Ice Cream Day / Attitude Day / National Family Day
[June 8] Name Your Poison Day
[June 9] CMA Music Festival begins / Donald Duck Day
[June 10] Yo-Yo Day / Take a Kid Fishing Weekend / “Mr & Mrs Smith”, “The Adventures of Shark Boy & Lava Girl in 3-D” & “The Honeymooners” open in movie theaters
[June 11] 2005 Belmont Stakes / Betty Picnic Day
[June 12] Machine Day / Taco Day / Kitchen Klutzes Day / Children’s Sunday
[June 13] Juggling Day
[June 14] Family History Day
[June 15] Smile Power Day / “Batman Begins” opens in movie theaters
[June 17] Eat Your Vegetables Day / International Violin Day / “The Perfect Man” opens in movie theaters
[June 18] International Panic Day / Splurge Day / Hollerin’ Contest (Spivey’s Corner NC)
[June 19] Fathers Day / World Sauntering Day
[June 20] World Refugee Day
[June 21] 1st Day of Summer / Canadian Aboriginal Day / Baby Boomers Recognition Day / Vegan World Day
[June 22] “Herbie: Fully Loaded” opens in movie theaters
[June 23] Pink Day / Let It Go Day
[June 24] St-Jean-Baptiste Day (QC) / Take Your Dog to Work Day / “Bewitched” & “The Land of the Dead” open in movie theaters
[June 24-26] Glastonbury Music Festival (Glastonbury UK)
[June 25] Log Cabin Day
[June 27] Discovery Day (NL) / Special Recreation for Disabled Day / Decide to be Married Day / HIV Testing Day
[June 28] Paul Bunyan Day / Columnists Day
[June 29] Camera Day / “War of the Worlds” opens in movie theaters
[June 30] Meteor Day / Gay Pride Day (varies city-to-city)
[June 30-July 10] Montréal Jazz Festival
[July 1] Canada Day / World Wife Carrying Championships (Sonkajarvi, Finland)
[July 4] Independence Day (USA)


• 327 years ago TODAY (1678) Lady Godiva rode a horse naked through the streets of Coventry, England. Why did she do dat?
a. It wasn’t the heat, it was the humidity.
b. To demand the right for women to vote.
c. To protest taxes. [CORRECT]
d. Just being a big tease.

• Around 1700, insurance companies in England successfully sold policies that protected against this odd hazard.
a. Your horse dropping dead.
b. Castle rot.
c. Gout.
d. Going to hell. [CORRECT]

• Do you pay your kids for household chores? How much?
• What kind of music is best for beer drinking? (According to a recent poll, most people [24%] pick the blues.)
• Both “Star Trek” and “Star Wars” are finished. What will geeky fans do now?

University of Iowa physicist Don Gurnett has posted actual sounds from the fringes of our Solar System as recorded by ‘Voyager 1′, the probe carrying a time capsule and greetings to other life forms. Some of these are kinda creepy …
NET: http://www-pw.physics.uiowa.edu/space-audio/sounds/
NET: http://www-pw.physics.uiowa.edu/space-audio/voyager/termination-shock/
NET: http://www-pw.physics.uiowa.edu/space-audio/cassini/bow-shock/

Check the local phone book for people with famous names in your area, then call them for ‘celebrity interviews’. Try some common names – you might find Michael Jackson, William Petersen, Julia Roberts, Will Ferrell, maybe even a Dr Phil!

I won’t say she has bad breath … but she wears a Listerine patch.

Today’s Question: A study finds that people who indulged in THIS specific activity lost an average of 11 lbs LAST YEAR.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: Walking the dog. The dogs lost weight too.

Everyone has a right to be stupid. Some just abuse the privilege.

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