Thursday, May 20, 2010        Edition: #4266
Another Sheetload of Bull!

Today famous person Lindsay Lohan is due in court and, if its found she’s not completed a court-ordered alcohol education program, she could be sent to prison for violating probation on DUI charges (her father Michael says she doesn’t care, thinking 3 days in jail is better than 60 days in rehab) . . . Today actor Sean Penn misses the premiere of his new movie “Fair Game” at the “Cannes Film Festival” in order to describe to a Senate committee in Washington DC the destruction he witnessed in Haiti from the recent earthquake (he’s happy for the excuse to avoid the paparazzi) . . . Soon-to-be 37-year-old model Heidi Klum (“Project Runway”) tells “Gala” magazine she thinks it’s far easier having 4 children than just 1 (uh, maybe when you have hired help) . . . ‘Losties’ will be able to own a piece of their favorite cult TV series when hundreds of props from “Lost” (ABC) are auctioned this Summer after the show’s finalé (‘Apollo’ chocolate bars, passports, handwritten letters, plane tickets, etc) . . . Disaster-prone actor John Travolta has confirmed that his actress/wife Kelly Preston is expecting after tabloid reports suggested she’s 3-months pregnant (is this a good idea at age 47?) . . . Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers (“The Tudors”) is set to return to rehab for a 4th time because his girlfriend, 23-year-old heiress Reena Hammer, has reportedly given him an ultimatum (“Check in or I’m dumping you!”) . . . And actress Sarah Jessica Parker says she and her co-stars became extremely close while filming “Sex & The City 2” (opening next Thursday), living together, eating every single meal together, and sometimes sleeping in the same bed together (whoa, this is better than the movie!).

• “Ellen DeGeneres Show” (syndicated/A Channel) – Weezer (“Raditude”).
• “Glee Live! In Concert! Tour” – Tonight’s stop on their 4-city mini-tour is the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City CA. All the favorite ‘gleeks’ are participating, including Lea Michele (‘Rachel’) and Cory Monteith (‘Finn’).
• “Grey’s Anatomy” (ABC/CTV) – Tonight’s 2-hour season finalé features a guest appearance by actress/singer Mandy Moore Moore as a patient at Seattle Grace.
• “The Hour” (CBC) – Raine Maida (Our Lady Peace).
• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/CityTV) – Slayer (“World Painted Blood”).
• “Last Call With Carson Daly” (NBC) – VV Brown (“Travelling Like the Light”); She & Him (“Volume 2”).
• “Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson” (CBS) – Vampire Weekend (“Contra”).
• “Late Show With David Letterman” (CBS) – Band of Horses (“Infinite Arms”).
• “Tonight Show With Jay Leno” (NBC/A Channel) – Sarah McLachlan (“Laws of Illusion”).

• Muse – Today the video for the new single, “Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)” has its world premiere on MTV and MTV online.
• The Rolling Stones – The newly-reissued “Exile On Main Street” was originally recorded in 1971 at Keith Richards’ 16-room villa in the south of France. Numerous musical guests and friends sat in to play on various tracks.
• Taylor Swift – She’s picked up the “BMI Pop Music Award” for ‘Song Of the Year’ for her hit “Love Story”. She’s also been named ‘Artist Of the Year’ by the National Association of Recording Merchandisers (NARM).

A BS selection of movies in the making …
• “Columbiana” – 31-year-old actress Zoe Saldana (“Avatar”, “Star Trek”) is being lined up to star as a professional assassin who is also carrying out a series of personal hits to avenge the death of her parents. The film is due to start production in late Summer for a 2011 release.
• “The Hobbit” – Shooting on the JRR Tolkien classic, due to start this month, has been put back until the end of 2010, according to actor Andy Serkis who also played ‘Gollum’ in the “Lord Of the Rings” movies. The project is being directed by Guillermo del Toro (“Hellboy”).
• “Kill Your Friends” – “Twilight Saga” star Robert Pattinson has expressed interest in playing a sex & drug-obsessed record label A&R (Artist & Repertoire) man in the bigscreen adaptation of a novel written by former real life A&R man John Niven. The story is set in 1997 London.
• “Splatter Sisters” – Marilyn Manson & fiancée Evan Rachel Wood are set to star in this slasher film, the first in a planned series of sexploitation-serial-killer-slasher movies inspired by horror classics from the 1980s.
• “Wild Oats” –  67-year-old Christopher Walken is in talks to co-star in this action comedy about a grandmother (Shirley MacLaine) who runs away to Las Vegas with her granddaughter (Christina Ricci) when she’s suddenly given a cash windfall. Filming is due to begin in August.


Postpartum depression is not just for new moms. New research suggests about 1-in-10 new dads also suffers postpartum depression, most often 3-to-6 months after delivery. Based on their findings, Eastern Virginia Medical School researchers say more effort should be made to spot depression in new dads. While up to 30% of new moms suffer postpartum blues, little is known about how fathers fare mentally with the impending birth of a child or the repercussions afterward. For now, the researchers suggest that depression in one parent should also prompt clinical attention to the other. (Are they lamenting the loss of freedom?)


• The bride wore … bubble wrap! That’s right, blushing British bride Rachael Robinson wore a gown made entirely from recycled material including 13 feet of bubble wrap for her recent wedding. The 30-year-old primary school teacher originally had the white dress made for a ‘Recyclable Materials Fashion Show’ by her class last month. (We’re guessing that later, the bride got popped.)
• The newest CSI tool … vultures! Police in Germany plan to use vultures to lead them to human corpses that sniffer dogs can’t reach. A bird called ‘Sherlock’ has already been trained to scout remote locations with a GPS attached to its leg. The scavenger’s keen sense of smell allows it to detect the scent of rotting flesh from as far as a kilometer away. (Now if he’d just quit eating the evidence …)
– “Daily Express”
• Show us your guns, shogun! A new fitness regime that fuses 16th-century swordsmanship, an imaginary bloodbath, and throbbing techno music has become madly popular in Japan. ‘Samurai Camp’ is actually an exercise class devised by choreographer Takafuji Ukon that simulates an hour of vigorous feudal battle. Despite being open to both genders, the participants are entirely women. (It seems men have trouble keeping their swords up.)
– “Times of London”


• The 1-800 reservations number will probably send you to a central office with set rates. If you call the hotel directly instead, you can negotiate.
• Hotels can pay a commission of up to 30% to online booking sites, so offer 20% less than the online price and both you and the hotel come out ahead.
• Independently-owned hotels are more likely to give you a discount. Some chains balk at dropping the rate.
• Don’t call between 9 am and 1 pm with a special request. Chances are there’ll be a long line of guests waiting to check in or out.
• If you show up at 11 am and check-in time is 2 pm, don’t be upset if your room isn’t ready.
• Don’t ask for an upgrade when other guests are within earshot.
• Want a more spacious room without paying more? Request a corner room or disabled one.
• Some concierges get kickbacks for sending you to pricey tourist traps.
• Hotels love it when you steal the soap, shampoo, and lotion. That’s why they put their logo on them. But pillows, bedspreads, and irons? They’ll be billing your credit card.
– Condensed from


More than 400 teams worldwide now play ‘Muggle Quidditch’ by the rules of the Intercollegiate Quidditch Association. So how does it work? Jetpacks? Hover brooms? Nope. There is no actual flying and the balls aren’t strictly magical. Instead, players hold broomsticks between their legs and throw footballs at each other, and the role of the ‘Golden Snitch’ is played by a cross-country runner in a yellow jumpsuit. (Why is it so popular? Today’s college crowd grew up with ‘Potter’.)

• Worldwide, there are 4.5 trillion cigarette butts discarded each year.
• In North America, May is the month in which most people relocate. According to a recent study, the average family leaves behind some 1,500 lbs of garbage when they move … about 25% of the total household belongings.


“I actually choose the way I eat according to the way animals have sex. I think fish are very dignified with sex. So are birds. But pigs, not so much. So I don’t eat pig meat or things like that. I eat fish and fowl.”
– Eccentric movie actor Nicolas Cage, quoted in Britain’s “The Sun”.


1944 [66] Joe (John Robert) Cocker, Sheffield UK, oldies singer (“You Are So Beautiful”, “With a Little Help From My Friends”)/movie actor (“Across the Universe”)

1946 [64] Cher (Cherilyn Sarkisian LaPierre), El Centro CA, Las Vegas attraction (“Cher At the Colosseum” through 2011)/pop singer (“Believe”, Sonny & Cher-“I Got You Babe”)/movie actress (1988 Oscar-“Moonstruck”)

1949 [61] Dave Thomas, St Catharines ON, TV actor (“Bob & Doug” 2009, “SCTV” 1976-82)/movie actor (“Rat Race”, “Strange Brew”)

1972 [38] Busta Rhymes (Trevor Smith Jr), Brooklyn NY, rapper (“Touch It”, Pussycat Dolls f/Busta Rhymes–“Don’t Cha”)

• “Eliza Doolittle Day”, a day named in honor of the lead character in the famous musical “My Fair Lady”. The occasion is inspired by a couplet from the song “Just You Wait”: ‘Next week on the 20th of May/I proclaim Eliza Doolittle Day’. Participants are encouraged to mark the day by making proper use of language. Hey, that ain’t too bad an idee!

• “Weights & Measures Day”, in celebration of the 1875 treaty that established the International Bureau of Weights & Measures, thereby standardizing values. That means you’re just as fat in Pago Pago as you are here at home.

2003 [07] Series finalé of TV’s “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer”, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar

1998 [12] Rocker Tommy Lee is sentenced to 6 months in prison after pleading no contest to abusing then-wife Pamela Anderson

1892 [118] 1st practical ‘Clothes Dryer’ invented by George Sampson (the next day the first sock mysteriously disappears)

1990 [20] Hubble telescope sends 1st photos from Space

[Fri] Bike to Work Day
[Fri] Wait Staff Day
[Fri] Brad Paisley’s “H2O World Tour” begins (Virginia Beach VA)
[Sun] “ACM Presents: Brooks &  Dunn – The Last Rodeo” (CBS)
[Sun] “Lost” series finalé (ABC)
[Sun] “The Celebrity Apprentice” finalé (NBC)
[Mon] Victoria Day
This Week Is … International Reggae Music Week
This Month Is … Osteoporosis Prevention Month


Use ‘em all at once or one-at-a-time as the zodiac reading of the day …
• Aries – Romance is definitely in the air this month, although you may find it clouded by other emotions … or possibly smells.
• Taurus – It’s wonderful you’ve found true love but be aware that marrying your own pets is not allowed in most countries.
• Gemini – No matter what anyone says, you are not a sham nor a mockery …. just ‘special’.
• Cancer – Someone close to you will brush your arm today in a way that might seem flirtatious. What you may not see is that they have a cold and have just passed it your way via a wet hand.
• Leo – You may become a danger to yourself this week, especially if you plan to surgically implant spikes on the ends of your fingers.
• Virgo – Don’t worry that someone’s watching you on a webcam placed somewhere in the room you’re currently in. That’s 99% sure to be unlikely. Wait … what’s that tucked into the door jamb?
• Libra – When things are looking dim, sit yourself down on the nearest swivel chair and spin. If that doesn’t raise a smile, it’ll at least make you too nauseous to think about it.
• Scorpio – Find any excuse to build self-esteem. For instance, you have every reason to be proud of your flatulence.
• Sagittarius – A good time to set higher goals. Don’t just get stuff to make a salad and then let it rot in the fridge. Get stuff to make several salads and start your own compost pile!
• Capricorn – Be nice to yourself this week. Buy yourself flowers or a nice gift … and stop suspecting yourself of having an ulterior motive!
• Aquarius – You’ll make a big career move this week after reading a pamphlet called ‘Goat Herding Made Easy’.
• Pisces – Live for the moment! Today is the second-to-last day of the 19th segment of your life.


If you could create a punctuation mark, what would its function be and what would it look like?


‘Booty Pop‘ panties are ‘The Panties That Make Your Booty Pop’. The padded underwear is touted to ‘shape, lift and enhance your booty’. As if most of us need the padding.


Which would you prefer?
• Breakfast: bacon & eggs OR granola?
• Hats: beret OR Stetson?
• Weekend getaway: tent OR hotel room?
• Movie: “Iron Man 2” OR “Robin Hood”?
• Socks: black OR white?
• Vehicle: BMW OR Mercedes?
• Vacation: Caribbean OR Mediterranean?
• TV finalé: “Lost” OR “Celebrity Apprentice”?
• Beverage: beer OR wine?
• Guilty pleasure: cinnamon bun OR chocolate-covered cherry?

Bald spot? No … solar panel for brain power.

Today’s Question: Chances are you do THIS 3 times in the morning.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: Change clothes, or at least change your mind about your outfit.

When a habit begins to cost money it’s called a hobby.

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