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More Sheet For Brains!

★ Netflix has a couple of new projects incubating …
• The first is a series based on “Wet Hot American Summer”, the critically-panned 2001 romantic comedy film parody that’s developed quite a cult following. Set at ‘Camp Firewood’ in Summer 1981, the rebooted comedy might be re-imagined as a 10-episode prequel series that may or may not reunite the original cast … Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper, and Paul Rudd.
• The online subscription service is also set to order its first original British drama, “The Crown”, a $150-million, 20-episode series inspired by the life of Queen Elizabeth II. Peter Morgan, who wrote the 2006 film “The Queen” is penning the script. However actress Helen Mirren, who won an Oscar for the movie, is not attached to the series which will follow QEII’s reign from age 26 to present day.
– Variety.com / BBC News
★ Here’s who’s preggers in Hollywood …
• 32-year-old actress Rachel Bilson is expecting. A new report says the former “The OC” star and her “Stars Wars” actor-boyfriend Hayden Christensen are looking forward to their first child later this year. The pair started dating in 2007 after meeting on the set of the film “Jumper”. Unlike many Hollywood pregnancies, this one’s planned. A source reveals they’ve talked about having kids for a while and are excited it’s finally happening.
• 34-year-old actress Christina Ricci is also pregnant with her first child. “The Addams Family” star is expecting a baby with husband James Heerdegen, whom she wed in NYC last October. Ricci’s rep confirms the happy news after the actress was photographed sporting a large baby bump. The couple met on the set of the doomed TV show “Pan Am” (2011-12).
– UsMagazine.com / JustJared.com

• “America’s Got Talent” (NBC/CityTV) – Hopefuls audition in LA and NYC in the 9th season debut.
• “Conan” (TBS/CTV) – Phillip Phillips (“Behind the Light”).
• “Ellen DeGeneres Show” (syndicated/CTV2) – Jhené Aiko (“Souled Out”).
• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/CityTV) – Kid Ink f/Travis Barker (“My Own Lane”). Rerun.
• “Last Call With Carson Daly” (NBC) – You Won’t (“Television”). Rerun.
• “Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson” (CBS) – Jamestown Revival (“California”).
• “Late Show With David Letterman” (CBS/Omni1) – Nightmare & The Cat (“Simple”). Rerun.
• “Live With Kelly & Michael” (syndicated/CTV) – “American Idol” winner Caleb Johnson.
• “Marilyn Denis Show” (CTV/CTV2) – Sarah McLachlan (“Shine On”).
• “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” (NBC/CTV2) – Coldplay (“Ghost Stories”). Rerun.
• “The View” (ABC/CTV) – Sarah McLachlan again. Rerun.

• Adam Lambert – A new compilation entitled “The Very Best of Adam Lambert” is out today. The 14-track album includes 3 “American Idol” live performances and his version of Lady Gaga’s “Marry the Night” from his appearance on FOX-TV’s “Glee”.
• Alan Jackson – Today the soundtrack to Seth MacFarlane’s Western film comedy “A Million Ways to Die In the West” is released (movie opens this Friday). Jackson is featured on the title track, “A Million Ways to Die”.
• Austin Mahone – His debut album “The Secret” is released today, just ahead of his North American headlining tour which kicks off July 25th in San Antonio TX.
• Bruno Mars – His “Moonshine Jungle” world tour is hitting arenas and amphitheaters across North America beginning tonight in Fresno CA through August 17th in Englewood CO. Aloe Blacc opens some shows; Pharrell Williams opens in LA, NYC, Montréal, Ottawa, and Toronto.
• Jack White – In a new “Rolling Stone” interview he admits he’s practically lost touch with his ‘hermit’ ex-wife and former White Stripes bandmate Meg White. He says she has always been ‘less than enthusiastic’ about his success.
• Mariah Carey – Today she releases her 14th studio album, “Me. I Am Mariah … The Elusive Chanteuse”. Despite the pretentious title, critics say the new material is a return to form that showcases her incredible vocal range.
• Neil Young – His new covers album “A Letter Home”, released on vinyl as a surprise on Record Store Day (April 19th), gets an official release today as both a standard CD and as part of a deluxe package with CD, DVD, and 2 vinyl records.
• The Offspring – Frontman Dexter Holland is facing a lawsuit over allegations he owes money for a plane he bought in 2007. Aviation company Cessna has filed legal documents in an attempt to recoup over $750,000 it’s allegedly owed. While it admits Holland has been given until 2017 to pay off the remaining debt, it claims he hasn’t paid anything in the past year.
• Wiz Khalifa – He’s been arrested and charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana, then released after posting $300 bail. He was busted at an inspection checkpoint at the El Paso Airport in Texas. The reason he was searched … no ID.

Out today on DVD, Netflix, Google Play and/or other video providers …
• “Endless Love” ( PG-13 Romantic Drama ): The story of a privileged girl and a charismatic boy whose intense love affair is made only more reckless by their parents trying to keep them apart. Stars Alex Pettyfer & Gabriella Wilde. A remake of the 1981 film starring Brooke Shields.
• Also released today: “The Bob Newhart Show: The Complete Series” (Vintage TV); “The Bridge: Season 1” (TV); “Covert Affairs: Season 4” (TV); “Hitler & The Nazis” (Documentary); “The Kennedys: Triumph & Tragedy” (Documentary); “Pioneers of Television: Season 4” (Documentary); “Suits: Season 3” (TV); “The Universe: Season 7 – Ancient Mysteries” (TV).

A tablet computer capable of taking 3-D images is set to be put into production by Google, according to reports. Sources close to the company say a run of 4,000 of the devices will be manufactured next month. The tablet will have 2 rear-facing cameras and advanced imaging software that makes use of infrared sensors to measure depth of surroundings. Google has dabbled in the area of 3-D tech before. In March it unveiled ‘Project Tango’, an effort to bring 3-D technology to a prototype smartphone. Word has it the new 3-D tablet will be shown off at Google’s annual developers’ conference at the end of June. It’s expected it will allow a select number of developers and engineers to experiment with the technology before a consumer launch is planned. (Your virtual girlfriend is one step closer to reality!)
– “Wall Street Journal”

Facebook is unveiling a new feature on its mobile app that ‘listens’ to your music and TV shows. If the song or show is recognized by the app, users can publish the information on their profile or to selected friends. The technology is not new. The app Shazam has offered similar capability since 2002. The feature, which will be available in a few weeks’ time, uses the microphone inside users’ smartphones to detect nearby music or TV shows. If the app detects the appropriate audio signals and finds a match from its database, the user can then share what he or she is watching or listening to. Facebook says the feature can be turned off at any time and the audio recording is not stored anywhere. However, some users have privacy concerns. (Now when you can’t name that tune, your phone will.)
– TheRegister.co.uk

The PetMatch app runs image-recognition technology to match pictures of animals, selected by prospective owners, to an adoption database. It’s been suggested the app could help owners find replacements for deceased pets. Users either upload pics of their ideal pet to the app or use a pre-loaded image. The app then uses image recognition technology to find matches among a database of animals that are up for adoption. The developer, California-based Superfish, says its algorithms allow the app to analyze pictures with ‘no human involvement’, thereby providing a faster, more intuitive way to bring you closer to finding exactly what you’re looking for. Critics advise that, although it may be possible to find identical physical matches, there’s a good chance your pet’s look-alike will behave quite differently. (Would you want your second spouse to match the first?)
– Mashable.com

If renowned English novelist Jane Austen (1775-1817) hadn’t broken off her engagement, she would have been known as Mrs Harris Bigg-Wither. (Can you imagine the ‘Mrs Harris Bigg-Wither Book Club’?)
– “QI”


1966 [48] Sean Kinney, Renton WA, rock drummer (Alice in Chains-“Your Decision”, “No Excuses”)

1971 [43] Paul Bettany, London UK, movie actor (“Iron Man 2”, “The Da Vinci Code”)/married to actress Jennifer Connelly since 2003

1975 [39] André 3000 (Benjamin), Atlanta GA, hip-hop artist (OutKast-“Hey Ya!”, “The Way You Move”)

1975 [39] Jamie Oliver, Clavering UK, celebrity TV chef (“Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution”, “Jamie’s Kitchen”, “The Naked Chef”, etc)

1980 [34] Ben Feldman, Washington DC, TV actor (‘Michael Ginsberg’ on “Mad Men” since 2012)

1990 [24] Chris Colfer, Fresno CA, TV actor (‘Kurt Hummel’ on “Glee” since 2009)

• “Cellophane Tape Day”, marking the date in 1930 that a patent for the product was granted to one Richard Drew. His invention was later marketed by 3M as ‘Scotch’ tape.

• “Grape Popsicle Day”, a salute to one of the favorite flavors of the frozen treat. Unfortunately, it is also the one that stains the worst.

• “Sunscreen Protection Day”, to create awareness of the importance of using protection against harmful UV rays from the sun. A few tips on using solar protection products …
– ‘Sunscreen’ filters sunlight so less of it reaches the deeper layers of your skin. ‘Sunblock’, on the other hand, reflects or scatters the sunlight away so that it doesn’t reach the skin at all.
– ‘SPF’ is a multiplication factor that stands for ‘Sun Protection Factor’. If you can normally stay out in the sun 15 minutes before burning, an SPF 10 sunscreen would allow you to resist the burn for 10x longer or 150 minutes. But the numbers can be deceiving: SPF 50 is only a 1% improvement over SPF 30 in terms of blocking harmful rays.
– UV-A penetrates deeply into the skin and can lead to cancer and premature skin aging. UV-B is involved in tanning and burning of your skin. You need a sunscreen that blocks both.
– You should slather on the goo even on overcast days as UV rays can penetrate clouds.
– Sunscreen is rarely applied in real-life as it is in lab-testing conditions. It sweats and rubs off, so your best bet is to re-apply a high-factor sunscreen every 2 hours.
– In general, follow the ‘Spoon Rule’: A teaspoon-full of sunscreen for your face, neck and ears; a teaspoon for each limb; and a teaspoon each for the front and back of the body.

1994 [20] Late night TV’s “The Arsenio Hall Show” ends after 5 years (a new version is resurrected in 2013)

2004 [10] The Bee Gees are made Commanders Of the Order Of the British Empire by Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace in London

2006 [08] Movie stars Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt welcome their 1st biological child, a daughter named Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, while staying at a compound in Swakopmund, Namibia

1992 [22] ‘World’s Heaviest Chicken’ is a bird called ‘Big Snow’ at 23 lbs (Deuchar, Australia)

[Wed] Senior Health & Fitness Day
[Wed] Sierra Club Day
[Wed] World MS Day
[Thurs] Learn About Composting Day
[Fri] “Maleficent”; “A Million Ways to Die In the West” open in movie theaters
[Sat] World No-Tobacco Day
This Week Is … Hurricane Preparedness Week
This Month Is … Moving Month


12 life experiences that each sign just cannot handle…
• Aries – Waiting. Anything that involves patience is a nightmare. Long lines, being on hold, waiting for test results are all situations likely to induce a full-on freak-out.
• Taurus – Moving. Packing up and relocating is stressful for everyone but for stability-loving Taurus, the chaos of moving to a new home feels like a horror movie come to life. Don’t be surprised if you find them hiding under the covers when the U-Haul arrives.
• Gemini – A rigid schedule. The free-spirited Gemini loathes having to report to someone else, especially when it involves a strict timeline and routine. Forced punctuality encroaching on their independence = instant panic attack.
• Cancer – A breakup. Everyone has a hard time when a relationship falls apart, but Cancer people just cannot deal. To them, losing a romantic partner feels like losing themselves. And that’s understandably intense.
• Leo – Not getting their way. Strong, confident Leos can handle pretty much anything, except when it comes to not getting their way. And beware … due to Leos’ big personality, their freak-outs tend to be quite dramatic.
• Virgo – Living in a mess. Thanks to slob roommates, messy families, and lax housekeeping, everyone has to live in a messy situation at some point in their lives. Most of us just deal with it. The Virgo, however, turn into a nervous wreck.
• Libra – Conflict. Others can brush off arguments and tune out tension, but for a Libra any kind of conflict feels like the world is crashing in. They’ll bend over backwards to try to fix it, sacrificing their own mental health in the process.
• Scorpio – Infidelity. It’s hard for anyone to deal with a cheating partner, but for loyal, intimacy-obsessed Scorpios, infidelity is the highest form of betrayal. Being cheated on sparks an instant spiral of rage and obsession that Scorpios can take years to recover from.
• Sagittarius – Feeling stuck. Sagittarians love changing it up. They crave adventure, new experiences, and fresh ideas. The moment they begin to feel stagnant in any area of their lives – relationship, job, city, etc – they feel trapped and begin to panic big time.
• Capricorn – Being laid off. When you value your financial security and your job title as much as the Capricorn, a layoff is going to shake you to your core. Luckily the typical Capricorn has 6 backup plans in place at all times.
• Aquarius – Unfairness. Most of us learn that life isn’t fair during the first day of kindergarten, but Aquarians refuse to accept it. Seeing any type of injustice in their own life or someone they love sends them into a tailspin.
• Pisces – Being rushed into something. Pisces people have a need to move at their own pace. Unfortunately, our society often isn’t patient enough for them. Being rushed into action or forced to make a big decision without time to process is their worst nightmare.
– Adapted from TheFrisky.com

Which did Ancient Egyptians do to mourn the deaths of their cats?
a. Shaved their eyebrows. [CORRECT]
b. Shaved their beards.
c. Shaved their armpits.
– “Little Known Facts”

Have you ever noticed how ‘nothing is impossible’ for those who don’t have to actually DO it?

The answers to the following begin with the dual initials ‘OO’ …
● This is where Obama works. (Oval Office)
● These are Irish Protestants who stage marches. (Order of Orangemen)
● She was ‘Popeye’s’ girlfriend. (‘Olive Oyl’)
● The two functions of a light switch. (‘Off’ and ‘On’)
● This is Canada’s capital city. (Ottawa, Ontario)
● The name of a wrinkle cream used by women. (Oil of Olay)

Question: You are more likely to be stung by a bee if you are doing THIS.
Answer: Eating a banana.

Don’t argue with fools; they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

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