May 30 2018

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018 – Edition: #6223

It’s Your Daily Constitutional Sheet!

****UPDATE:  ABC has pulled the plug on the revival of “Roseanne.” This comes after star Roseanne Barr made a comment on Twitter Tuesday morning referring to former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett as the offspring of the “Muslim Brotherhood & Planet of the Apes.” Jarrett, an African-American, was born in Iran to American parents.  In a statement, ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey said that “Roseanne’s Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values, and we have decided to cancel her show.”  Just prior to the cancellation, Wanda Sykes, who worked as a consulting producer on the first revival season, announced she would not be returning for the show’s next season.
★ Mark Hamill and James Gunn have teased the possibility of a “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3″ collaboration. The “Star Wars” legend and the writer-director filmmaker behind the ‘Guardians’ movies have hinted in the past that the actor could join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and now they’ve added to the speculation, with both posting pics of a visit they shared at Hamill’s home. In his caption, Hamill says the two spoke about “EVERYTHING”.
★ Mariah Carey has reportedly sold her massive engagement ring for $2.1 million. She got to keep it in her settlement with ex-fiancé James Packer. A source says that a confidentiality agreement was signed to keep the jeweler from revealing the identity of the ring’s original owner, and says that Mariah’s people are “desperately trying to keep the story from the press, and have threatened the jeweler with litigation if he discloses her name.”
★ Lindsay Lohan has lent her name to another nightclub. The ‘Mean Girls’ actress already allowed a wild establishment in Athens to use her identity in a bid to appeal to more customers, and now she’s agreed for another club on the popular Greek island of Mykonos to be named Lohan Beach House.
(Would her name make you want to go there…or scream and run the other way?)
★ Tommy Lee and his fiancee have been forced to deny they’ve tied-the-knot after fans were fooled by fake wedding pictures they posted on Instagram. Lee and his wife-to-be, social media star Brittany Furlan, published a picture of themselves in white bathrobes kissing in front of an outdoor canopy decorated with petals on Sunday. Revealing the hoax, the two posted a video to Instagram stories confessing that their actual wedding is planned for Valentine’s Day next year.
★ Emilia Clarke’s final scenes on “Game of Thrones” really seems to have messed her up. Clarke, who plays Mother of Dragons Daenerys Targaryen on the show, has already shot her character’s final moments, which will be screened late next year, and she says that filming those scenes has had a long-term effect on her. Quote: “Knowing that is going to be a lasting flavor in someone’s mouth of what Daenerys is… I’m doing all this weird (stuff). You’ll know what I mean when you see it.”
(Thanks for the teaser…)

• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/Global): Matthew McConaughey, Julian Dennison, James Bay ( R )
• “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon” (NBC/CTV): John Mulaney, Cardi B ( R )
• “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” (CBS/Global): Bryan Cranston, Jimmy Carter ( R )
• “Late Night with Seth Meyers” (NBC/CTV): Michael Shannon, Ali Wentworth, August Greene, Aaron Spears ( R )
• “The Late Late Show with James Corden” (CBS/CTV): Zachary Quinto, Rupert Friend, Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite ( R )
• “Conan” (TBS/Comedy): Kevin Hart, Nash Edgerton ( R )
• “Watch What Happens Live” (Bravo): Plead the Fifth Special ( R )
• “The View” (ABC/CTV): Hot topics
• “The Talk” (CBS): David Duchovny, Rozzi
• “Live with Kelly and Ryan” (ABC/CTV): Zachary Quinto, Kyle MacLachlan
• “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (NBC/CTV): Sean Hayes, Olivia Munn, Tony Hale
• “American Ninja Warrior” (NBC): Men and women from all walks of life and every corner of the country come together to pursue their common dream of reaching Mount Midoriyama, the world’s most notorious obstacle course.
• “Stanley Cup Playoffs” (CHECK LOCAL LISTINGS): Washington vs. Las Vegas

• Nicki Minaj – her maybe/maybe-not real public flirtation with Eminem continues, with Eminem saying on stage that he’d love to date her. It started when Minaj posted an Instagram video promoting her new song, which name-drops Eminem and says, “Once he go black, he’ll be back again…” When a fan asked if they were dating, she responded “yes.” Eminem helped things along, responding, “girl you know it’s true…”
• BTS – has made history with their latest album, “Love Yourself: Tear”. They’ve just become the first K-pop (Korean pop) artist to reach number one on the Billboard 200 album chart.
• George Michael – The acrimonious battle over his $140 million fortune has taken a new turn, as his ex-partner Kenny Goss has decided to challenge his will. Michael is believed to have left his money and properties to his sisters Melanie and Yioda.
• Ozzy Osbourne – says that every time he bought a Ferrari, his wife Sharon would sell it “so I wouldn’t do anything stupid when I was drunk.” At age 69, he says, “I am so pleased I gave up drinking. At one point, I never ever imagined going a day. I was a raging alcoholic.” (BS fun fact: He never got a driver’s licence until he was 60.)
• Train – mixed up a few genres by recruiting country artist Cam and Gym Class Heroes frontman Travie McCoy for their new single ‘Call Me Sir’. Singer Pat Monahan says, “It’s a true story and I love what these two bring to the song.” He has written and/or performed with Taylor Swift, Martina McBride, and Ashley Monroe in the past.
• Michael Ray – his latest release could become a summer anthem. ‘Summer Water’, from his upcoming release “Amos”, pays homage to the role that water plays during hot southern summers. Ray grew up in Florida.
• Dwight Yoakam – co-wrote his new song ‘Then Here Came Monday’ with Chris Stapleton. He’ll be touring with Steve Earle and Lucinda Williams on the “LSD Tour” starting June 12.

So, those home DNA tests. Are they any good? You’ve seen the commercials. A woman wonders about her ancestry, so she hooks up with one of the companies that offer saliva-swab DNA tests, and finds out that she is related to Cleopatra (or, even better, Beyoncé!) These things are rising in popularity. Companies like AncestryDNA and 23andme offer you a look at how your genetic ancestry breaks down in terms of percentages of your lineage coming from different regions around the globe. 23andme also offers a report on your genetic health risks, including whether you have genetic mutations for certain diseases. But do they really work? The answer is both yes and no. Direct-to-consumer DNA tests typically work as promised in the fine print—they offer a look at which regions of the world are home to people with DNA signatures most similar to yours. But those results require generalizations about genetics of large populations of people throughout time and across the globe. Will they be able to tell you that you are for sure related to Cleopatra? Sabrina Stierwalt with ‘Everyday Einstein’ says, “No”. For those answers you’ll have more success digging through your family history.
(Or going to a psychic!)
(Only people with shared DNA would relate!)
(I’ve never taken one. My grandparents made me sign a confidentiality agreement!)

Sushi is one of the world’s best-loved cuisines, but it turns out that most people are not eating it the right way. According to Chef Nobuyuki “Nobu” Matsuhisa, the renowned sushi chef and founder of the world-famous Nobu restaurants, some of the most common mistakes that people make when they eat sushi include using chopsticks, putting soy sauce on the rice side (rather than the fish side) of the sushi, and mixing wasabi into their soy sauce. This is unnecessary because there is already wasabi inside, between the rice and fish. Matsuhisa believes that people should eat sushi with their fingers. He says that if you don’t like the smell of fish, then eating it with chopsticks is acceptable. But he says really, you should eat sushi with your fingers because sushi chefs make it with their fingers, and with their heart.
(Spoken like a man whose restaurant chain is dealing the recent skyrocketing price of chopsticks!)
(I’m no sushi expert, but I do know that I like it well-done!)
(I don’t add wasabi because it ruins my Instagram photos!)

A group of young Danish entrepreneurs has invented underwear that they say you can wear for two weeks without washing! Organic Basics’ mission as a company is not to advocate laziness, though that might seem what they are trying to do. What they are working toward is saving the environment. They say that the current process of buying, wearing, washing and throwing away overpriced underwear is a terrible waste of resources. So why not have skivvies that you can wear longer? The special ingredient is silver. Silver is antimicrobial which is why NASA uses silver to purify water for astronauts. The underwear comes with a silver formula coating that kills 99.9% of all bacteria and odor in the garment, allowing the wearer to save time and money plus reduce the waste of water and energy, according to the company. A 2-pack of SilverTech Boxers for men costs $64 while a 2-pack of Thong for women goes for $56.
(You know what would save even MORE time and money? Going commando!)
(Let me guess. These guys are single, right?)
(So if Costco sold these things in packages of 24, they could call it the “Year-Pack”?)
(Some people throw away underwear?)

Didn’t get enough sleep last night? Well, here are some
➠ Stay hydrated: When your body is dehydrated, you feel even more tired. Drink a large glass of lukewarm water with a squeeze of lemon juice in the morning for an energy boost.
➠ Take a cold shower and use peppermint essential oil: A contrast shower (alternating between hot and cold water) stimulates your circulation. During the day, you can splash some cold water on your face or put a cool, wet cloth on your neck. Rub some peppermint essential oil on your palms, and take a few deep whiffs. Then massage the rest of the peppermint oil into your neck or wrists – a guaranteed energy boost! (If I had time for all this, I’d take a nap instead!)
➠ Movement and light: If you’re tired, it is important that you move enough: ride your bike to work, get off the bus or subway one stop early, or park your car farther away from your workplace – it will help wake you up. You will also get a little more daylight or even sun. That helps block the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. (Darkness didn’t seem to do a bad job keeping me awake all night!)
➠ Eat the right foods: It’s tempting to drink tons of coffee, but be careful not to have too much. It’ll makes you restless and edgy. Grab a piece of fruit or food rich in protein (nuts like almonds or cashews, yogurt, chicken, fish, etc.). Stay away from large meals and avoid fast food like burgers and fries or other hi-carb meals.
➠ Power nap: Try a power nap during your lunch break. Don’t rest longer than 20 minutes though – that will make you even more tired than before. (And try not to drool on that report you’re working on for the company president…)
➠ Add variety to your day: When you haven’t had enough sleep, you may be less active and not very productive. If you can, do things that are easy to manage and don’t require too much thought. (Hey! That’s my game-plan EVERY day!)


1964 [54] Wynonna Judd (Christina Ciminella), Ashland KY, country singer (‘No One Else on Earth’, The Judds-‘Love Can Build a Bridge’)

1964 [54] Tom Morello (“The Nightwatchman”), Harlem NY, rock guitarist (Rage Against the Machine-‘Guerrilla Radio’, ‘Killing in the Name’; Audioslave-‘Doesn’t Remind Me’)

1971 [47] Idina Menzel, Syosset NY, Broadway actress (“Rent”, “Wicked”)/movie actress (‘Queen Elsa’ in “Frozen”)/pop singer (‘Let It Go’)

1971 [47] John Ross Bowie, New York City NY, TV actor (‘Barry Kripke’ on “The Big Bang Theory” since 2009, ‘Jimmy’ on “Speechless” since 2016)

1975 [43] Cee-Lo Green (Thomas Callaway), Atlanta GA, TV personality (“The Voice” 2011-14)/rapper-vocalist-songwriter-producer (‘Forget You’, Gnarls Barkley-‘Crazy’)

1999 [19] Sean Giambrone, Michigan, TV actor (‘Adam Goldberg’ on “The Goldbergs”)

• “Mint Julep Day”, celebrating the delicious and refreshing Summer cocktail made with bourbon whiskey, mint, water, and sugar. Sounds best if you order one using a Southern accent.

• “Water a Flower Day”, because nourishing a little bit of natural beauty might be the only truly worthwhile thing you do all day. (No, Rover! Stop!)

• “Loomis Day”, Mahlon Loomis was a dentist, the inventor of artificial teeth and one of the earliest inventors of wireless communication.

• “World MS Day”, the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation’s annual campaign to raise awareness of the condition, and to support and connect the 2.3 million people living with it.

• “National Creativity Day”, whether you are an artist, writer, musician, filmmaker, blogger, photographer, graphic artist, or any of 100 other creative personalities, the world is going to celebrate you and your creative pursuit….my creativity peaked with a macaroni necklace in kindergarten.

• “Hole In My Bucket Day”, this wacky holiday is in honor of the fun children’s song; There’s a Hole in My Bucket. (Yup. Slow day.)

[Thurs] Macaroon Day
[Thurs] Meditation Day
[Fri] Dinosaur Day
[Fri] Flip a Coin Day

2008 [10] “Sex & The City: The Movie” opens in theaters

2014 [04] “Maleficent”, starring Angelina Jolie as the villainess from “Sleeping Beauty”, debuts in movie theaters

2000 [18] Eminem’s second major-label album, “The Marshall Mathers LP”, becomes the fastest-selling rap album ever when it sells 1.76 million copies in its debut week.

2015 [03] Enrique Iglesias slices his fingers open while trying to grab a drone camera taking pictures of the audience at his concert in Tijuana, Mexico

1911 [107] 1st “Indianapolis 500″ auto race (Ray Harroun wins, averaging 74.59 mph)

1979 [39] Ted Coombs begins a successful 5,193-mile roller-skate from LA to NYC


✓ A bolt of lightning contains enough energy to toast 160,000 pieces of bread.
✓ Lighting hasn’t brought down a plane since 1963, due to engineering that lets the electric charge of a lightning bolt run through the plane and out.
✓ 27,000 trees are felled each day for toilet paper.
✓ Dolphins recognize and admire themselves in mirrors.
✓ As of 2018, the U.S. has 101 people who owe at least $1 million in student loans.
✓ It snows metal on Venus.

• High heels.
• A “nature sounds” CD.
• Fish scented body spray.
• Grey poupon.
• Hitchhikers.
• A pine air freshener.
• A hotel room.
• The WiFi password.
• Soft-boiled ostrich eggs.
• The kitchen sink (although I have been known to bring everything BUT…)
• Mosquito attractant.
• Me

What is the best or worst thing that you inherited from your parents?

I tried teaching my dog to dance, but it turns out, he’s got two left feet.

Question: When asked to name a type of bell, ‘doorbell’ was number one…what was number 2?
Answer: Cowbell

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.

Angelina Ondair @ KISY FM Paris TX; Aaron Alfaro @ A-List Jams Radio Southfield MI; Todd Garlow @ CIOI The HAWK Hamilton, ON; Mark Lloyd @ Dubai Eye, Dubai UAE

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