November 8, 2005

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Tuesday, November 8, 2005        Edition: #3154
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TODAY Britain’s Prince Charles & Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall head back home to London after a successful, if lackluster, US visit, their first official tour as a couple . . . TONIGHT UPN’s “An All-Star Salute to Patti LaBelle” live from the Bahamas features performances by Nelly, Ashanti, Kelly Rowland and the honoree herself re-teaming with her former LaBelle bandmates for a special performance of “Lady Marmalade” . . . While “The Apprentice 4“ and “The Apprentice: Martha Stewart” both have less-than-impressive Nielsen ratings, they are the top 2 reality shows for one demographic: 25-to-54-year-olds earning over $100,000 a year . . . Actress Kate Hudson (known to friends as ‘Tubby’) has asked her lawyers to throw their legal weight against “National Enquirer” and UK tabloids “Heat” & “Daily Mail” for running pics and captions that she says falsely suggest she suffers from an eating disorder (um, what was her last film … oh yeah, “SKELETON Key”) . . . 27-year-old actor Ben McKenzie, who plays ‘Ryan Atwood’ on “The OC”, has landed a plumb role in the Al Pacino thriller, “88 Minutes”, now being shot in Vancouver . . . The world’s richest human, Bill Gates, is such a big fan of TV’s “24” that star Kiefer Sutherland made a special video to screen at the billionaire’s 50th birthday bash aboard his Microsoft yacht . . . And in the FALL issue of “Trump World” magazine (dubbed ‘The Power Issue’), Donald Trump picks the ‘Most Powerful Man in the World’ to be – himself (be sure to check the foldout centerfold of his head).

• Big & Rich – TONIGHT they guest on the “Tonight Show With Jay Leno”.
• 50 Cent – TODAY he’ll be flogging his new movie “Get Rich or Die Tryin’” on both “Live With Regis & Kelly” and “Late Night With Conan O’Brien”.
• Genesis –  Phil Collins says he’d be interested in a reunion of the band, complete with Peter Gabriel on vocals, if the other former members are up for it. Bank account getting low, Phil?
• Kenny Chesney – TODAY his new album “The Road & the Radio” is released. Now that he & actress Renée Zellweger have split, he tells “Country Weekly” magazine he’s glad it’s all “about the music again, not about the sideshow”.
• Rolling Stones – TONIGHT they play the 2nd gig of a 2-night stand at the legendary Hollywood Bowl in LA. The first concert SUNDAY attracted numerous celebs, including U2’s The Edge, movie actor Tom Hanks, and retired cycling champ Lance Armstrong.
• Also in music stores TODAY: Floetry’s “Flo’Ology”; The Eurythmics’ “The Ultimate Collection”; Cyndi Lauper’s “The Body Acoustic”; Neil Diamond’s “12 Songs”; and “Music from the OC: Mix 5”.

• “Charlie & the Chocolate Factory” (Family Fantasy – DVD): Director Tim Burton’s take on the beloved Roald Dahl classic kids’ story stars Johhny Deep as eccentric chocolatier ‘Willy Wonka’, who launches a worldwide contest to select an heir to his candy empire. The buzz scene is said to be the one depicting a hundred trained squirrels on tiny stools shelling nuts for chocolate bars. Co-stars Helena Bonham Carter.
• “Christmas With the Kranks” (Comedy – DVD): Tim Allen & Jamie Lee Curtis play a couple whose plans to totally skip Christmas and take off on a Caribbean cruise suddenly go awry when their daughter decides to come home from college for the holidays. Julie Gonzalo & Dan Aykroyd co-star. Based on the best-selling novel “Skipping Christmas” by John Grisham.
• “The Devil’s Rejects” (Horror – DVD): Former rocker-turned-filmmaker Rob Zombie’s bizarre sequel to his cult horror film “House of 1,000 Corpses” introduces the eccentric ‘Firefly’ family, a group of viciously brutal, red-neck psychopaths who deal in wholesale murder and mayhem. Needless to say, most of the no-name cast dies.
• “Behind the Truth: Truth Tour Live” (Music Documentary – DVD): Usher brings fans backstage at a concert in his Atlanta hometown. For now, the release is available exclusively via Best Buy stores.
• Also out on DVD TODAY: “Edward Scissorhands: Collectible Tin Anniversary Edition”; “Big Fish: Special Edition with Book”; “La Dolce Vita: Deluxe Collector’s Edition”; “Beavis & Butt-head, Vol 1: The Mike Judge Collection”.

Research conducted by the American Council on Exercise over a number of years has found that the relationship between personal trainers and clients can outlast jobs or marriages. In fact, breaking up with your trainer can sometimes be as traumatic as losing a lover. Trainers cite a client’s lateness or last-minute cancellations as the main reasons for breakups. Clients list boredom, financial problems, personality clashes or dissatisfaction with results as the reasons they break it off. (Etiquette question: Do you have to give back your jock-strap?)
– “The Telegraph”

It seems THIS YEAR’s must-buy Christmas gift, the new Microsoft gaming console Xbox 360, has sold out even before hitting the market – at least at one online retailer. is already warning customers that – ‘due to limited supply’ – anybody ordering the game console from now on will not actually receive it until NEXT YEAR. The new game system is set to hit stores NOVEMBER 22nd with a MSRP starting at $299. (Better start lining up now, consumer lemmings!)
– “Wired”

According to a new ranking in the DECEMBER edition of “Golf Digest”, hitting newsstands TODAY …
5. Movie actor Chris O’Donnell (“Batman & Robin”).
4. Port Colborne ON-born movie actor Matt Craven (“Assault on Precinct 13”).
3. Stand-up comedian Tom Dreesen.
2. TV actor Thomas Gibson (“Criminal Minds”).
1. Movie actor Dennis Quaid (“Flight of the Phoenix”).
Actress Téa Leoni is ranked tops among Hollywood women.
– / AP

According to a new Harris Poll, about a third of adults aged 25-to-55 in committed relationships have lied to their partners about – spending. Women are more likely to withhold financial info from their partners than men, but that’s likely because it’s easier for them as women are also far more likely to be in charge of the household budget than men – 41% vs 21%. (Shouldn’t whoever earns the bucks be able to spend ‘em how they want?)
– “Redbook”

Hey guys, looking for a place where women outnumber men? Here’s where you’ll find some of the world’s best odds …
5. Beirut, Lebanon (52% women).
4. Budapest, Hungary (53% women).
3. Mahe Island, Seychelles (53% women).
2. St. Croix, Virgin Islands (54% women).
1. Kiev, Ukraine (54% women).

The ‘most cheerful driver on the road’ is most likely to be female, aged 24 or less, and driving a green VW Beetle. It will be a sunny day and she will be listening to Bob Marley while chewing sugar-free gum, as well as looking forward to an upcoming date. That’s the finding of new research by Britain’s RAC Foundation, roughly equivalent to Canada’s CAA. (Yeah, I think she’s the one that I heard laughing maniacally after she rear-ended me yesterday. Then she did a U-ey and took off.)
– “Daily Record”

“The sixth sick sheik’s sixth sheep’s sick” is said to be the toughest tongue twister in the English language.

J Lindeberg’s Spring/Summer 2006 campaign features Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode and Alison Mosshart of The Kills shot by cult photographer Steven Klein. The designer, Johan Lindeberg, has also specially styled Gahan’s stage clothing for his upcoming “Playing The Angel” world tour, including suits, vests, T-shirts, shirts & belts, some of which feature graphic prints inspired by – Gahan’s tattoos. (There’s nothing more stylin’ than ‘I love Mommy’ jockeys.)
– “Gentlemen’s Quarterly”


1931 [74] Morley Safer, Toronto ON, TV journalist (11 Emmy Awards for “60 Minutes” since 1970)

19?? [she won’t say] Luba Goy, born on a train travelling through Germany, CBC-TV comic (“Royal Canadian Air Farce” since God was a boy)

1949 [56] Bonnie Raitt, Burbank CA, pop singer/songwriter (“Something to Talk About”)/Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (2000)

1950 [55] Mary Hart, Madison SD, TV personality (“Entertainment Tonight” since 1982)

1953 [52] Alfre Woodard, Tulsa OK, TV actress (‘Betty Applewhite’ on “Desperate Housewives”)/movie actress (“Beauty Shop”)

1967 [38] Courtney Thorne-Smith, San Francisco CA, TV actress (‘Cheryl’ on “According to Jim” since 2001)

1975 [30] Tara Reid, Wyckoff NJ, TV personality (“Wild On …”)/movie actress (“American Pie”)

1985 [20] Jack Osbourne, London UK, media personality/son of Ozzy & Sharon/brother of Kelly & Aimee

TODAY is “Cook Something Bold & Pungent Day”, a day to offset the coming chills of winter. What’s the most pungent thing you can cook? In other words, what stinks up the kitchen most – cabbage rolls? fish? lamb? garlic? onions?

TODAY is “Return It! Day”, a day to take back all the stuff you’ve borrowed from others. According to a survey, 65% of us have borrowed something from a neighbor. Top loaners for men – ‘tools’, borrowed by 37%. Most borrowed item by women – ‘sugar’, which 25% say they’ve trotted next door for.

TODAY is “Dunce Day”, commemorating the 1308 death of Duns Scotus. He wasn’t what we now refer to as a ‘dunce’, he was actually a bookworm!

TODAY is “Abet & Aid Punsters Day”, a day to make up incredibly bad puns, proclaimed by Punsters Unlimited who say the all-time best triple pun is ‘Though he’s not very humble, there’s no police like Holmes’.

TODAY is “Parents as Teachers Day”. Check out any kid who’s constantly scoring ‘A’s and you’ll likely find that kid gets a lot of help at home.

TODAY is “National Young Reader’s Day”, an annual program begun in 1989 to introduce the joy of reading to young children by having local celebrities read to classrooms.

1979 [26] ABC-TV’s “Nightline” debuts (initially called “The Iran Crisis: America Held Hostage”)  FACTOID: After veteran host Ted Koppel retires later THIS MONTH, he’ll be replaced by the 3-host team of Brit journalist Martin Bashir, ABC White House correspondent Terry Moran & “Primetime” anchor Cynthia McFadden.

1993 [12] Celine Dion announces plans to marry her manager Réné Angelil at launch of her mega-selling album “The Color of My Love” (when she’s 25 and he’s 51!)

1895 [110] 1st ‘X-ray’ by German physicist Wilhelm Roentgen, who sees the bones of his hand as he waves it between a radiation source and a fluorescent screen (he names the rays ‘X’ for unknown)

1910 [95] 1st ‘Insect Electrocutor’, invented by William Frost of Spokane WA (aka ‘Bug Zapper’)

1975 [30] 1st women’s ‘Tube Top’ hits the market (and 1st ‘Puppy Noses’ are detected)

1970 [35] New Orleans Saints Tom Dempsey (born without a right hand and only half his kicking foot) boots NFL-record 63-yard field goal vs Detroit (tied in 1998 by Denver’s Jason Elam)

[Wed-Nov 13] Canadian Finals Rodeo (Edmonton)
[Fri] Remembrance Day
[Fri] Veterans Day
[Mon] Operating Room Nurse Day
[Tues] 39th CMA Awards (NYC)
[Tues] Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day
[Tues] Beaver Moon (Full Moon in November)
This Week Is … Canadian Poppy Week Dear Santa Letter Week
This Month Is … Diabetes Month


• Whyzit the one day you have the exact fare is the exact same day it goes up?
• Whyzit hotels provide free shampoo, shower caps and shoe-polishing cloths but never the one thing most travelers forget – toothpaste?
• Whyzit no one ever answers junk mail?
• Whyzit they don’t put both ‘widescreen’ and ‘full screen’ versions of movies on the same DVD? There’s lots of room to fill them up with other junk.
• Whyzit the candidates on “The West Wing” are so much better than the real deal?
• Whyzit your tire gauge lets out half the air when you’re trying to get a reading?
• Whyzit you have to inform 5 different salespeople in the same store that you are ‘just browsing’?

• What is the one non-monetary thing you have the highest hope of obtaining in life?
• Where have you felt most uncomfortable being nude?
• What is the best example of ‘perfection’ that you can think of?

Today’s Question: Women are more likely than men to use a computer for THIS purpose.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: Women are more likely than men to break up with someone via e-mail.

A professional is someone who can do his job when he doesn’t feel like it. An amateur is one who can’t do his job when he does feel like it.

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