Thursday, November 11, 2004        Edition: #2907
A Bull in Hand Is A Sheetload of Fun!

TONIGHT movie actor Ray Liotta (“GoodFellas”) guest-stars on a real-time episode of “ER”, playing an alcoholic ex-con . . . Former “NYPD Blue” (and briefly “CSI: Miami) star Kim Delaney has been tapped for a recurring role on “The OC”, playing an old lover from ‘Sandy’s’ past in 5 episodes . . . Promotion of the year? FOX-TV has created an online interactive video game called “Skate the OC” in which players can ride a virtual skateboard through scenes from the show . . . “OC” vixen Rachel Bilson (‘Summer Roberts‘) has just snapped up a new Hollywood Hills home for $1.2 million in pocket change (you can tell there are high hopes for the 2nd season!) . . . Meantime, NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal, traded by the LA Lakers to the Miami Heat, has just sold off his Beverly Hills hovel to Japanese rocker Kyosuke Himuro, lead singer for the band Boowy, who forked over $6.4 million for the joint . . . Fashion designer Donna Karan has come up with the winning bid at a NYC charity auction for a recording session with Sean Combs – she’ll plunk down $50,000 to diddle with the Diddy (will she record as “Lil’ DKNY”?).

• Madonna – TONIGHT she’ll be inducted into the “UK Music Hall Of Fame” when she attends its opening in London.
• Billy Currington – Shania Twain’s “Party For Two” duet partner will be on the cover of the MARCH issue of “Playgirl” magazine.
• Big & Rich – Their “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)” is the first digital download by a country artist to be certified gold.
• The Donnas – Bass player Maya Ford tells “FHM” magazine, “The groupies we get aren’t hot at all. Usually, they’re older men with bad breath or nerdy boys who you wouldn’t want to make out with. It’s unfair!”
• Los Lonely Boys – TONIGHT they’re on “Late Show With David Letterman”.
• Beastie Boys – TONIGHT they’re on “Late Night With Conan O’Brien”.

Actress Sienna Miller (Jude Law’s girlfriend) is in negotiations to co-star as legendary artist Andy Warhol’s muse, Edie Sedgwick, in the movie “Factory Girl”, which will focus on the love triangle between Warhol, Sedgwick & Bob Dylan during the 1960s and will reportedly feature some of the most controversial sex scenes ever filmed for a mainstream movie . . . Cuba Gooding Jr, Burt Reynolds, Angie Harmon & James Woods are set to star in “End Game”, an indie thriller about a presidential assassination . . . Classic rock singer Dennis DeYoung of Styx has a cameo role in the upcoming Hilary Duff-Heather Locklear movie “The Perfect Man”, playing a member of – a Styx cover band (he may be the first to perform in a band that pays tribute to himself) . . . British soccer star David Beckham will make his feature film debut in a movie trilogy called “Goal!”, the story of a young player from Los Angeles who joins English team Newcastle United; Beckham playing himself in all 3 segments, alongside Real Madrid teammates Zinedine Zidane and Raul . . . Rocker-turned-author Tommy Lee makes his full-fledged acting debut in the upcoming film “10th & Wolf”, playing a clueless club bouncer called ‘Jimmy Tats’ . . . And we saw this coming – “The Incredibles” has become such a hit at the box office, after less than a week there’s already talk of a sequel.

University of Cincinnati professor James Kellaris has become an expert on what he calls ‘earworms’ – those catchy melodies that burrow into your brain that you can’t get rid of. Among his discoveries on the subject …
• 98% of people have had earworms at some time or another.
• Women seem to be more susceptible.
• Most earworms go away on their own after an hour, but some can last up to a day.
• You can help earworms disappear with distraction (becoming intensely involved in some project), replacement (substituting another song), or completion (listening to or singing the entire song).
• Kellaris says the oldie “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” is the #1 all-time example of an earworm.
– “Social Studies”

St Louis University School of Public Health researchers have discovered a link between going to church and – eating fruits and vegetables. Researchers found that those who frequently attend church eat 26% more ‘powerhouse fruits and vegetables’ – citrus fruits and  cruciferous veggies such as broccoli, those that have the brightest or darkest colors. (You are what you eat?)

A biotechnology firm in Los Angeles is now marketing the world’s first hypoallergenic cat. Allerca Inc has announced their new product will be ready for consumers in 2007. The patented technology suppresses the allergen-producing gene in cats, producing a genetically-modified animal for people who have never been able to own a cat due to allergies. (How about injecting a litter-box-cleaning gene while you’re at it?)
– PR Newswire

Scientists at Britain’s University College believe they’ve identified the area of the brain responsible for falling in love. By showing study participants pictures of the person they were madly in love with, researchers noted an increase in blood flow to specific regions. (Of their laps.)
– “Journal of Neurological Sciences”

According to a recent study, men have a different relationship with cell phones than women. Men tend to keep their phones out in the open for anyone to see, while women usually leave theirs tucked away in pockets or purses. (Yeah guy, that’s really impressive … you’ve got a phone.)
– “Human Nature”

While the rest of the world might consider the phrase ‘beautiful German words’ a near-perfect oxymoron, the language nerds from the Goethe Institute, the German Language Council, and the German Language Society have released the results of a competition which asked German speakers to vote for the greatest word in their language. After receiving over 22,000 entries, the judges ruled that the word ‘habseligkeiten’ (possessions) was the most beautiful, followed by ‘geborgenhiet’ (security) and ‘lieben’ (love). Other winning words include ‘rhabarbermarmelade’ (rhubarb jam) which was voted Germany’s coolest word, and ‘libelle’ (dragonfly), voted the loveliest word for children. (For added hilarity, find a German-speaker to pronounce all these.)

With every heartbeat a man generates 1,000 sperm, each of which has taken 2 months to be produced.
– “NY Times “

“You only lie to 2 people in your life … your girlfriend and the police.”
– Jack Nicholson


1925 [79] Jonathan Winters, Dayton OH, improv comic who influenced many of today’s comedians

1962 [42] Demi (Demetria) Moore, Roswell NM, movie actress (“Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle”, “Ghost”)/Ashton Kutcher’s mommy figure/ex-Mrs Bruce Willis

1964 [40] Calista Flockhart, Freeport IL, former TV actress (“Ally McBeal”)/Harrison Ford’s companion

1974 [30] Leonardo DiCaprio, Hollywood CA, movie actor (“The Gangs of New York”, “Titanic”)
UP NEXT: Plays billionaire recluse Howard Hughes in “The Aviator”, opening DECEMBER 17th.

TODAY is “Remembrance Day”, commemorating the end of WWI at 11 am on the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918. It’s observed in Canada, Britain, the USA (renamed Veterans Day in 1954), Belgium & France (Armistice Day).
• French Army clerk Henri Deledicq finished typing the peace treaty that would end WWI at 5 am 11/11/18. Apparently tired, he put the carbon paper in backwards and later in a railroad car in France, military leaders signed copies of an armistice that were completely unreadable.
• The Remembrance Day poppy program run by the Canadian Legion raises over $5 million each year for veterans’ causes.
• The original tradition is to observe TWO minutes silence at 11am.

TODAY is the 85th annual observance of “Veterans’ Day”. Originally called Armistice Day, then renamed in 1954, it commemorates the end of WWI at 11 am on the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918. The day now honors all military veterans.
• Observed as Remembrance Day in Canada & Britain, Armistice Day in Belgium & France.
• French Army clerk Henri Deledicq finished typing the peace treaty that would end WW I at 5 am 11/11/18. Apparently tired, he put the carbon paper in backwards and later in a railroad car in France, military leaders signed copies of an armistice that were completely unreadable.
• President Warren G Harding dedicated the “Tomb of the Unknown Soldier” at Arlington National Cemetery 83 years ago today (1921).
• Kate Smith sang the Irving Berlin song “God Bless America” in public for the first time during an Armistice Day radio broadcast 65 years ago today (1939).
• America’s participation in the Vietnam War officially ended 32 years ago today (1972).
• President Ronald Reagan dedicated the US Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington 20 years ago today (1984).

TODAY is the Christian observance “Martinmas”, when they’ll stage the annual “Martinmas Goose Celebration” in front of the town hall of Sursee, Switzerland. Blindfolded participants try to cut down a suspended goose with a single sword stroke. The warm weather that often occurs around this time is called ‘St Martin’s Summer’ in Europe, ‘Indian Summer’ in North America.

THIS MONTH is “Family Stories Month”, a good excuse to ask an older person to tell you a fascinating story about his or her youth. (If you’ve got several hours to burn.)

1959 [45] 1st episode of “Rocky & His Friends” on TV, featuring ‘Bullwinkle the Moose’ (Where did they live? Frostbite Falls.)

1790 [214] ‘Chrysanthemums’ 1st introduced from China (spelling bee judges are thrilled)

1940 [64] 1st ‘Jeep’ is made by the Willys Company, the name coming from the initials ‘G-P’ for ‘General Purpose Vehicle’ (made for military use, NOT for going shopping at the mall)

1988 [16] ‘Loudest measured scream’ by a human – 128 decibels (some guy in a ‘zipper accident’?)

[Fri] “After the Sunset” and “Seed of Chucky” open in movie theaters
[Sat] Sadie Hawkins Day
[Sun] 32nd American Music Awards
[Sun] Operating Room Nurse Day
[Mon] Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day
[Mon] Pack Your Mom’s Lunch Day
This Week Is . . . Random Acts of Kindness Week
This Month Is . . . Family Caregivers Month / Healthy Skin Month


The 2001-2003 model year vehicles that are most likely to be stolen, based on theft claims.
1. Cadillac Escalade EXT
2. Nissan Maxima
3. Cadillac Escalade SUV
4. Dodge Stratus
5. Dodge Intrepid
– Highway Loss Data Institute

• Any woman who wears pants in Swaziland faces a possible punishment of having them ripped off and torn to pieces by soldiers. (Apparently it’s some kind of local version of “What Not to Wear”.)
• In the province of Québec, it is illegal to kill a sick person by frightening them. (Unless they have a fat will.)
• In Brazil’s capitol city Brasilia, theaters and buses must legally set aside special super-sized seats for overweight people. (Asking for a ticket in ‘Fat Ass’ is sooo embarrassing!)
• You may never use dice to play craps in Alberta. (Makes it much harder to lose.)
• In Finland, taxi drivers must pay royalties if they play music in their cars for paying customers.
• It is illegal to show public affection on Sunday in Ontario. (Especially with a priest.)
• A driver who needs to turn through oncoming traffic has the right of way in Belgium – unless he slows down or stops. (It’s the ‘Gran Prix’ law.)
• You cannot water the lawn when it’s raining in Nova Scotia. (But you can make hay while the sun shines.)
• Organizations may not hold meetings while members are in costume in North Carolina. (Takes all the fun out of the weekly Blue Ridge S&M Club get-together.)
• In Kentucky, it is illegal to marry your wife’s grandmother. (Seems your own gramma is OK.)
• An ordinance in Newcastle WY specifically bans sex inside a walk-in meat freezer. (Something to do with frozen wieners.)
• In Alaska, it was once illegal to look at a moose from the window of an aircraft. (No need, there could be one sitting right next to you.)

Who is currently the world’s longest-reigning monarch?
a. Queen Elizabeth II
b. The King of Thailand
c. Grand Duchess Gloriana XII
[It’s the King of Thailand, Bhumibol Adulyadej, who is considered semi-divine; he ascended to the throne in 1946.]
– “Globe & Mail”

Today’s Question: 90% of women would stay with you if THIS happened, but only 59% of guys would.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: If they won the lottery.

The only place that success comes before work is … in the dictionary.

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