Friday, November 6, 2009        Edition: #4138
Nothin’ Like a Bull in Your Radio Shop!

“CSI” star George Eads (‘Nick Stokes’) has announced he’s engaged to marry his long-time girlfriend Monika Casey, a decision he made after undergoing back surgery to fix his broken spine (funny how time under the ‘big white light’ makes you appreciate what you have) . . . This week reality TV star Kim Kardashian (“Keeping Up With the Kardashians”) got a black eye and her brother Rob was hospitalized with a concussion after the family agreed to participate in charity boxing matches (encore, encore!) . . . Moviemaker Roland Emmerich says he enjoyed making the upcoming disaster movie “2012”so much, he’s now planning to evolve it into a TV drama about what happens in 2013 after the disaster (the movie opens next Friday the 13th) . . . 50-year-old entertainer Marie Osmond is being sued by P Karl Engemann, her 35-year manager that she fired in October, who claims he’s owed $88,000 in compensation for setting up her lucrative Las Vegas shows with brother Donny . . . Yvette Monet, a former girlfriend of little-person actor Verne Troyer (‘Mini-Me’ in “Austin Powers” films) has been granted a temporary restraining order against him due to fears his armed entourage might attempt to kill her (or at least bite her ankles) . . . And 44-year-old “Sex & The City” actress Sarah Jessica Parker says she’s thrilled being a mom to twin baby girls Marion & Tabitha, claiming she loves the smell of diapers, especially when they’re wet and warm ‘like a baked good’ (a fresh loaf, we presume).


• “Chris Brown: The Interview” (MTV) – Tonight in a pre-recorded interview he says his fans ‘love and support him’ but admits most people still want to see him in jail for battering Rihanna.
• “The Hour” (CBC) – Tonight Anne Murray (“All of Me”); Snoop Dogg (“Malice N Wonderland”).
• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/CityTV) – Tonight Chickenfoot (“Chickenfoot”).
• “Last Call With Carson Daly” (NBC) – Tonight Peaches (“I Feel Cream”).
• “Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson” (CBS) – Tonight Regina Spektor (“Begin to Hope”).
• Music City Walk of Fame (Nashville TN) – Sunday new inductees Dolly Parton, Kid Rock, and Charlie Daniels are enshrined, bringing the total number of honorees to 42.
• “Saturday Night Live” (NBC/Global) – Taylor Swift hosts and performs as musical guest. (Who will play Kanye West?)
• “Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien” (NBC/A Channel) – Tonight 1980s alt-rockers The Pixies.
• “20/20” (ABC) – Tonight an interview with Rihanna (“Rated R”, out November 23rd).
• “The Twilight: New Moon Talent Tour” – Today a nationwide tour of Hot Topic music/apparel stores kicks off in Hollywood CA. Cast members and recording artists from the soundtrack are involved, including Death Cab For Cutie, Band Of Skulls, Sea Wolf, and Anya Marina.


• Carrie Underwood – She tells “Us Magazine” she’s so determined to keep her slim physique she works out 4-to-6 days a week and keeps a ‘food diary’ of everything she eats.
• 50 Cent – The 33-year-old rapper says his home is surrounded by surveillance cameras and he spends a total of $20,000 a week on security.
• Good Charlotte – Joel Madden tells “OK! Magazine” he & Nicole Richie deliberately gave their 2-month-old baby son ‘Sparrow’ an unusual name in order to toughen him up at school.
• Mariah Carey – She tells CNN’s “Larry King Live” she’s postponing plans to start a family with husband Nick Cannon until she finds a break in her hectic schedule.
• Rolling Stones – Ronnie Wood confirms he’s recently been in touch with Mick Jagger and Charlie Watts and hints the geezer rock band may tour again.
• Switchfoot – Sunday they kick off a North American tour in San Diego CA, during which they’ll play their entire new album, “Hello Hurricane” (out Tuesday), as well as older material.

• “A Christmas Carol” ( PG Animated Fantasy ): An animated retelling of Charles Dickens’ story about  Victorian-era miser ‘Ebenezer Scrooge’ (Jim Carrey), who experiences several mysterious Christmas apparitions. Cast includes Gary Oldman (‘Bob Cratchit’/’Marley’/’Tiny Tim’), Colin Firth (‘Fred’), Robin Wright Penn (‘Belle’). The first Disney animated movie to be released in IMAX 3D.
• “The Box” ( PG-13 Sci-Fi Thriller ): Cameron Diaz & James Marsden play a young married couple who are delivered a mysterious wooden box. They discover that opening the box will grant them a million dollars … but it will also kill someone they don’t know. Co-stars Frank Langella (“Frost/Nixon”). Features the first feature-length film score by members of Canadian indie band Arcade Fire.
• “The Fourth Kind” ( PG-13 Sci-Fi Thriller ): Milla Jovovich plays an investigator dispatched to Nome, Alaska to puzzle out a 40-year-long mystery involving an extraordinary number of unexplained disappearances in the town. Her videotaped evidence presents the most convincing evidence of alien abduction ever documented. Co-stars Elias Koteas, Will Patton. Shot in Bulgaria.
• “The Men Who Stare at Goats” ( R-Rated Comedy ): Quirky comedy about a reporter in Iraq (Ewan McGregor) who thinks he just might have landed the story of a lifetime when he meets a guy who claims to be a ‘psychic soldier’ with the US Army’s ‘First Earth Battalion’ (George Clooney), a unit that employs paranormal powers during missions. Co-stars Kevin Spacey, Jeff Bridges, and … ‘Goat’. Shot in New Mexico.

Iowa State University Veterinary College has confirmed that a 13-year-old house cat that was brought in was suffering from H1N1 swine flu. The cat’s owners reported it was sneezing and not eating and that 2 people living in the same house had the flu before it exhibited any symptoms. Experts say it’s unlikely there will be many cases where pets get the flu from their owners or vice versa. Fortunately, both the puss and its owners have fully recovered. (Just to be safe, remember to frequently wash your paws … with spit.)
– “Des Moines Register”


Researchers at Duke University in Durham NC have identified a handful of human genes that are activated by viruses, but only in people who subsequently are inflicted with a cold or flu. The aim is to develop a reliable method of predicting illness at the molecular level long before the patient has developed any physical symptoms. It’s hoped the long-term outcome will be a portable device, about the size of a BlackBerry, that can quickly determine if someone is on the way to becoming ill. (“Mom, did you finish writing my sick notes for the rest of the year?”)
– “Wall Street Journal”


• A 29-year-old Edgewater, Colorado video store employee who claimed he’d been attacked and stabbed has now confessed that he stabbed himself because … he didn’t want to go to work. Police became suspicious when his 3 ‘attackers’ were variously described as Hispanic males and later ‘skinheads’. (And also when he identified himself in a line-up.)
– “Denver Post”
• A naked Virginia teen high on psychedelic mushrooms has been hit by a train but is unhurt because … it was only going 9 mph. Cops found him lying comfortably under the train but he ran off before they could nab him. They eventually caught up with him a few hours later in the woods. (Where he was attempting to fly off a tree branch.)
• A Texas State Appeals Court has upheld a 4,060-year prison sentence for a convicted rapist. He’d been found guilty of 40 counts of sexual assault on 3 teenage girls over a 20-month period. He will not be eligible for parole until the year … 3209. (In Texas, this is known as ‘getting off light’.)
– “Fort Worth Star-Telegram”
• A Buddhist prison convict in Germany has had his request turned down to gain visiting rights … for his cat. The 46-year-old, who’s serving 5 years for armed robbery, claims the feline is the reincarnation of his late mother. The court turned down his request because he couldn’t produce proof of reincarnation. (And the other members of his litter refused to be witnesses.)
– “ Daily Telegraph”


Scientists at Britain’s University of Leeds believe that kissing evolved to spread germs that help build immunity to illness. It allows a virus which is dangerous during pregnancy to be passed from man to woman, giving her time to build up protection. The bug is found in saliva and normally causes no problems but can be extremely dangerous if caught while pregnant. Lead researcher Colin Hendrie claims kissing the same person for about 6 months provides the best protection. (Finally, someone’s found a reason men are necessary.)
– “Daily Telegraph”


Seguro Ndabene, a Mozambique migrant who moved to Canada in 1984 and currently lives in Airdrie, Alberta has now won jackpots in the Super 7 lottery … 5 times in 5 years! This week he won a lawsuit against the Western Canada Lottery Corporation for withholding his most recent win – $17 million. There had been a claim the winning ticket was a group purchase but it was not proven. Ndabene has previously won $57,000, $100,000, and $1 million … twice. He says he picks his numbers at random. (Unfair!)

• There are a thousand gigabytes in a terabyte, a thousand terabytes in a petabyte, a thousand petabytes in an exabyte, a thousand exabytes in a zettabyte, and a thousand zettabytes in a yottabyte. (Just so you can shop for next year’s computers.)
•  The Ugandan radio commission has passed a rule barring witch doctors from advertising on the airwaves there. Officials say the ads violate the country’s 1957 Anti-Witchcraft Act.
– “NY Post”


1946 [63] Sally Field (Mahoney), Pasadena CA, TV actress (“Brothers & Sisters” since 2006)/movie actress (2 Oscars-“Norma Rae”, “Places In the Heart”)

1948 [61] Glen Frey, Detroit MI, classic rock musician (“The Heat is On”, The Eagles-“How Long”, “Hotel California”)

1955 [54] Maria Shriver, Chicago IL, Mrs Arnold Schwarzenegger since 1986/former TV journalist (“Dateline NBC” 1994-2004)/First Lady of California (2003-11)

1970 [39] Ethan Hawke, Austin TX, movie actor (“Fast Food Nation”, “Training Day”)/formerly wed to actress Uma Thurman (1998-2004)

1972 [37] Rebbeca Romijn (pronounced ‘Romaine’ like the lettuce), Berkeley CA, movie actress (“X-Men: The Last Stand”)/TV actress (“Ugly Betty” 2007-08)/model (“Vogue”)/formerly wed to actor John Stamos (1998-2005)

1972 [37] Thandie Newton, London UK, movie actress (“W”, “RocknRolla”)/TV actress (“ER” 2003-05)

1988 [21] Emma Stone, Scottsdale AZ, movie actress (“Zombieland”, “Superbad”)

Evangelist Billy Graham is 91; Pop-folk singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell (“Big Yellow Taxi”) is 66; TV actress Yunjin Kim (“Lost”) is 36; Rock guitarist Zach Myers (Shinedown) is 26.

TV journalist Morley Safer (“60 Minutes”) is 78; TV host Mary Hart (“Entertainment Tonight”) is 59; TV/movie actress Gretchen Mol (“Life on Mars”) is 36; TV actor Matthew Rhys (“Brothers & Sisters”) is 35; Movie actress Tara Reid (“American Pie”) is 34; Country singer Bucky Covington (“I’ll Walk”) is 32; TV actress Jessica Lowndes (“90210”) is 21.

• “International Day for Preventing the Exploitation Of the Environment in War & Armed Conflict”, a UN observance since 2001. (Kill people, not flowers!)
• “Royal Winter Fair” through November 15th, the 87th annual indoor agricultural, horticultural, canine, and equestrian exhibition at Toronto’s Exhibition Place, this year officially opened by Prince Charles & Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. Entertainment includes Emerson Drive tonight; The Road Hammers on Saturday.
• “Saxophone Day”, commemorating the 1814 birth of Belgium’s Adolphe Sax, inventor of the musical instrument named for him. Sax became wealthy inventing numerous musical instruments, but died in poverty in Paris in 1894.

• “Bittersweet Chocolate With Almonds Day”. Hey, chocolate with whatever is a good excuse to celebrate!
• “Digital Scrapbooking Day”, the 3rd annual day of recognition for the computer-based hobby, because if there’s anything that will make decorating family mementoes nobody cares about with frilly bows & crazy captions more exciting it’s … doing it online!
• “International Men’s Day”, celebrated the 1st Saturday of November since 1999. It was initially suggested by former Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev as a day of global celebration of the social contributions of men, in particular those to community, family, marriage, and child care.
• “International Tongue Twister Day”, a celebration of all those famously formidable phrases that are so strenuous to say. Think you’re an ace? Try some in other languages here …
• “Notary Public Day”, honoring the officers who administer oaths and statutory declarations, witness and authenticate documents, and perform certain other acts varying from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. (Almost as exciting as “Accountant’s Day”!)
• “PMS Stress Day”, originally founded in 1995. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. If not, get the hell out of the way!
• “World Community Day”, celebrating the diversity of world cultures and religions. Not a good day to hold a debate on the topic … it’ll likely break out into a war.

• “Abet & Aid Punsters Day”, a day to make dreadful puns and encourage others to do so, all the while laughing wholeheartedly. (Doctor, I keep dreaming my eyes are changing color! Don’t worry, it’s just a pigment of your imagination.) Should we really encourage these people?
• “Cook Something Bold & Pungent Day”, a day to offset the coming chills of Winter. What’s the most pungent thing you can cook? In other words, what stinks up the kitchen most?. Cabbage rolls? Fish? Lamb? Garlic? Onions? Dad?
• “Return It! Day”, a day to take back all the stuff you’ve borrowed from others. According to a survey, 65% of us have borrowed something from a neighbor. Top loaners for men: tools (37%); most borrowed by women: sugar (25%).
• “Parents as Teachers Day”. Check out any kid who’s constantly scoring ‘A’s and you’ll likely find that kid gets a lot of help at home.

1947 [62] 1st edition of “Meet The Press” (NBC), now the oldest program on TV

2001 [08] Keifer Sutherland’s hit series “24” debuts (FOX)  FACTOID: The 8th season begins January 17th.

1867 [142] 1st ‘Parliament of Canada’ opens (and the 1st yelling during Question Period)

1925 [84] ‘Royal Canadian Legion’ established (because vets need a place with cheap booze)
NET: (info on annual poppy program)

[Mon] World Orphans Day
[Tues] Area Code Day
[Tues] Young Reader’s Day
[Wed] Remembrance Day
[Wed] 43rd CMA Awards (Nashville)
This Week is … Dear Santa Letter Week
This Month Is … Military Family Appreciation Month


• First question she asks is, “Where do you hide the booze?”
• Every time you call to check in, the phone is answered by a firefighter.
• She nervously asks, “You don’t watch ‘America’s Most Wanted’ do you?”
• Your kids start using a lot of prison slang.
• Keeps asking, “The kids are the short ones, right?”
• While sitting at a restaurant, you recognize her at the next table.
• When you offer her a tip, she says, “That’s okay, I’ve already taken care of it.”


What’s your ‘favorite flop’, the movie you loved even though everyone else seemed to hate it?

• What sport was the ‘button-down collar’ invented for?
a. Cricket.
b. Billiards.
c. Polo. [CORRECT. Button-down collars were invented by polo teams in England to prevent their collar points from flapping in their faces during vigorous riding.]
d. Bowling.

• When is a common cold most contagious?
a. When you first get it. [CORRECT. The first 3 days, when you are coughing and sneezing frequently. Unfortunately, that’s when most of us continue to go to work or school.]
b. Halfway through it.
c. When you’re just getting rid of it.
d. Friday.


I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn’t work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness.

Have a contestant/studio guest/crew member guess whether the following measurements are too high or too low …
• Snails can zoom along at 2 mph. (High. An average snail has a speed of just .005 mph.)
• For the last holiday season film Jim Carrey starred in, 2000’s “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, he was paid $12 million. (Low. He got $20 million … plus merchandising royalties.)
• There are 10 bones in the human skull. (Low. There are actually 22.)
• Campbell’s ‘Alphabet Soup’ contains 3 times more ‘E’s than ‘Q’s. (High. Campbell’s says it contains an equal number of all letters of the alphabet but then … who’s gonna check?)
• When you sneeze, air travels from your nose at 250 mph. (High. Sneezes average 100 mph.)


Today’s Question: On average, we have 8 of THESE around the house that we’re not using.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: Batteries.


Question authority … but raise your hand first.

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