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• 28-year-old Tiffany Bromley insists she’s been seeing Canadian singer Michael Buble on-and-off for the past decade, even while he’s been living with Brit movie actress Emily Blunt (“The Devil Wears Prada”). Blabbermouth Bromley claims he dumped her after a tryst LAST SUMMER in the Vancouver apartment Buble shares with Blunt. She thinks that may be because she left wearing one of his designer shirts after taking camera-phone photos of him. Bet we’ll be seeing those on a gossip website real soon!
– “The Globe”
• 43-year-old movie star Brad Pitt is facing possible legal action after pulling out of the political thriller “State Of Play” at the last minute. He was slated to play an investigative journalist in the new film but had concerns over the script. But because of the Hollywood screenwriters’ strike, the script cannot be worked … so he bailed. The movie will go ahead regardless, with Johnny Depp and Russell Crowe being considered as a replacement.
– “Hollywood Reporter”
• 48-year-old Marie Osmond credits her participation in “Dancing With The Stars” with providing a welcome distraction from her personal problems. She’s participating in TONIGHT’s final competition vs Helio Castroneves and Melanie Brown. Since starting the show, Osmond has had to deal with the death of her father, her son’s admission to rehab, and divorce from her husband of 21 years. She also fainted live on-air in OCTOBER. Will she continue to draw the ‘pity vote’ after tonight’s performance?
– World Entertainment News Network
• A new ranking of 2007’s ‘Entertainers Of the Year’ is topped by a somewhat surprising name … ‘Harry Potter’ author JK Rowling. Thanks to the release of the final book in the series, and the movie franchise overtaking “Star Wars” and ‘James Bond’ as the most successful ever, she’s beaten out the likes of Matt Damon, Carrie Underwood, Johnny Depp, Kanye West, and Katherine Heigl.
– “Entertainment Weekly”
• Production of TV show “Lost” is expected to shut down by the end of THIS WEEK, thanks to the strike by the Writers Guild of America. The series will run out of scripts at the mid-way point in its shooting schedule. A party in Hawaii to launch the release of the DVD “Lost: The 3rd Season” has also been canceled.
• 46-year-old Linda Marie Bollea, wife of 53-year-old retired pro wrestler Hulk Hogan (Terry Gene Bollea), has filed for divorce after 24 years of marriage. Recently, the couple’s 17-year-old son Nick has made headlines, facing a felony charge for reckless driving that caused a passenger in his vehicle to suffer brain injury. Since 2005, the family’s daily lives have been taped for the VH1 reality show entitled “Hogan Knows Best”. So, perhaps not then.
– “People”
• Tiny 5 foot-1 TV actress Angela Kinsey is expecting. The 36-year-old, who plays uptight ‘Angela Martin’ on “The Office” (NBC), is due in MAY. She & her husband, TV writer Warren Lieberstein, have apparently been trying for a long time. Well, he hasn’t been busy doing anything else lately.
• Michael Jackson’s brood now lives the vagabond lifestyle, hopping from one borrowed residence to the other. With his fortune nearly kaput and having been booted from several residences he ‘rented’ in Las Vegas and Washington DC, Michael, Prince, Paris and little ‘Blanket’ rely on the kindness of wealthy friends and associates. For at least the last week, they’ve reportedly been hiding out in the home of supermarket mogul Ron Burkle behind the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles.
– “NY Post”
• Despite daily production of fresh n’ juicy Britney Spears scandals, there’s still a couple in the pop wreck’s past yet to be mined. Perhaps the most intriguing is the claim that the one-time ‘saving it for marriage’ Mouseketeer actually lost her virginity at the ripe old age of … 14. Seems her early image as a happy, wholesome pop star waiting for her wedding night was nothing more than PR. In fact, she reportedly left the age of innocence long before her 4-year relationship with Justin Timberlake, sharing her first experience with an earlier boyfriend, Reg Jones. According to the report, she and JT were ‘intimate’ from the beginning.
– “Us Weekly”

• Garth Brooks – He’ll perform a benefit gig JANUARY 26th at LA’s Staples Center which will raise funds for both victims of the recent California wildfires and local efforts to improve firefighting preparedness.
• The Eagles – They’ve signed a limited number of Takamine guitars which will retail online for $2,500 each through Sam’s Club. All money raised will benefit the Walden Woods Project, a non-profit organization that preserves the land, literature and legacy of author/philosopher Henry David Thoreau.
• Marilyn Manson – He’s facing further legal action from former keyboard player Madonna Wayne Gacy (Stephen Gregory Bier Jr). The new complaint accuses the shock rocker of blowing band earnings on items made from … human remains. Bier’s original lawsuit mentioned money squandered on ‘sick and disturbing Nazi memorabilia’.
• Ne-Yo – He’s denying rumors that he’s dating “Heroes” actress Hayden Panettiere after they were spotted together in NYC, saying they only just met a few days back.
• Nickelback – Frontman Chad Kroeger (real name Chad Turton) has pleaded not guilty to DUI at a long-delayed court hearing in Surrey BC. The trial originally came to court in AUGUST 2006, but was postponed. If found guilty, he faces a $600-fine and a 1-year driving ban.

• KT Tunstall – The Scottish singer performs on the “Today Show” (NBC).
• Musicians Hall of Fame Induction – This inaugural tribute to session musicians in Nashville TN honors the likes of the Memphis Boys, who backed up Elvis, Willie Nelson, and Neil Diamond; Motown’s Funk Brothers; Phil Spector’s Wrecking Crew; and Johnny Cash’s former sidemen the Tennessee Two. Among those paying tribute: Amy Grant, Garth Brooks, Peter Frampton, and Vince Gill.
• Writers Sitdown – The union for Hollywood film & TV writers, who’ve been on strike for over 2 weeks, finally returns to the table for a further attempt at contract negotiations with producers.

A snapshot of who we are and what we do …
• 77% of people say watching, reading or listening to the news brings on feelings of depression.
• 75% of us use at least 1 swear word every day.
• 60% of greeting cards are given to friends by friends.
• 41% of consumers say they don’t mind lining up to save money during holiday season sales.
• 25% of men say stripping in front of their partners is embarrassing for them.
• 22% of single men say they plan on proposing within the next year.

The secret of making yourself attractive to someone is simply to smile and look ‘em straight in the eye, according to a new study from the universities of Aberdeen & Stirling. In tests, researchers found that a direct, smiling gaze from a possible mate made that person appear up to 8 times more desirable. However, if the same person spends too long staring into someone’s eyes and smiling it can be perceived as unattractive … creepy even. (Yeah, usually after an hour or so it starts to get a little weird.)
– “Daily Telegraph”

Last year, more than 5,000 men had their eyebrows lifted. Why? Drooping eyebrows make the eyes more closed and can give an angry look to the face, according to Dr Sherrell Aston, professor of plastic surgery at New York University. Raising the eyebrows opens up the eyes and makes the face look more welcoming. For a preview of the result, stand in front of a mirror and use your thumb and index finger to raise the skin on your forehead. The downside is the incision scars may begin to eventually show as your hairline recedes. And then there’s the cost, of course … $4,500-to-$10,000. (You can get the same effect by grafting on new eyebrows made from the hind leg of a cocker spaniel. That way whenever you pass a hydrant or a tree …)

Millions of young people may be hurting their future careers by posting details about themselves on social networking websites such as Facebook and MySpace. In a new survey, fully 71% of 14- to 21-year-olds admit they wouldn’t want colleges or employers to do a web search on them before they removed personal material previously posted. The poll was conducted to heighten young people’s awareness of their ‘electronic footprint’. (Maybe those cellphone pics of you heaving at last summer’s bush party should come down?)
– BBC News

New research suggests that men are motivated as much by competition as by winning. Scans of the male brain reveal that being paid more than a co-worker stimulates the ‘reward center’ as much as the amount of the salary. Conventional thinking has been that the way to motivate men is simply to pay them more money. But a new study published in the journal “Science” shows it’s not just the size of the reward, it’s how it compares to co-workers’ pay. (Like everything else with guys, it’s a pissing contest.)
– “GQ”

• Men are twice as likely as women to die from unintentional poisoning, according to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. Over 90% of these poisonings are caused by misused pain medications, or illicit drugs like cocaine or heroin.
• Roughly 1-in-5 online daters find what they’re looking for, according to Pew Internet research. A poll shows as many as 17% of online daters, roughly 3 million people, have entered into a long-term relationship with someone they met at an online dating site.

“I’ve gained no wisdom. There’s nothing good about aging. You just deteriorate and die.”
– Movie director Woody Allen & eternal pessimist with an uplifting thought to get you going on a Monday.


1938 [69] Rich Little (Caruthers), Ottawa ON, impressionist who had perfected over 200 characterizations at the peak of his career/former on-air personality at CJET Smith’s Falls ON

1939 [68] Tina Turner (Anna Mae Bullock), Nutbush TN, classic rock singer (“What’s Love Got to Do With It”)/Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (1991)

1945 [62] John McVie, London UK, classic rocker (Fleetwood Mac-“Rumours”)/Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (1998)

1962 [45] Linda Davis, Dodson TX, country singer (“Some Things Are Meant To Be”, w/Reba McEntire-“Does He Love You”)

1976 [31] Joe Nichols, Rogers AR, country singer (“Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off”, “Brokenheartsville”)

1981 [26] Natasha Bedingfield, London UK, pop singer (“Unwritten”, “These Words”)

1981 [26] Gina Kingsbury, Uranium City SK, hockey player (National Women’s Hockey League)/ Olympic gold medal (2006)/Women’s World Hockey Championships gold medals (2004, 2001)

Hey, it’s Monday! What other reason do you need to celebrate?

1956 [51] 1st edition of TV game show “The Price is Right”

1994 [13] The Eagles’ “Hell Freezes Over”, signaling the band’s reunion after 14 years, reaches #1 on album charts

1896 [111] 1st ‘Football Huddle’ (University of Chicago players gather to discuss the hot babe in the 3rd row)

[Tues] Pins & Needles Day
[Wed] Flossing Day
[Wed] Salespersons Day
[Thurs] Electronic Greetings Day
[Thurs] Square Dance Day
[Fri] International Computer Security Day
[Fri] Stay Home Because You Are Well Day
[Fri] “Awake” opens in movie theaters

Better Conversation Week / Cookie Week / Family Caregivers Week / Farm-City Week / Game & Puzzle Week / Home Care Week / Travelers with Disabilities Week


• And they barely tolerated each other.
• And they stayed together because of the kids.
• And their contempt for one another occasionally spilled over at family gatherings, prompting moments of uncomfortable silence.
• And they expressed their unhappiness through passive-aggressive toilet-seat positioning.
– Sabrina Abbott

Are today’s toys cooler than the ones you had as a kid?

• A group of foxes is known as …
a. A skulk. [CORRECT]
b. A warren.
c. “The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show”.

• Hard to believe, but two-thirds of the world’s population has never seen this.
a. A telephone.
b. Snow. [CORRECT]
c. Paris Hilton naked.
– “Globe & Mail”

• ‘Omphelomancy’ is a method of predicting the future by doing what?
A. Reading tea leaves.
b. Watching roosters.
c. Gazing at your navel. [CORRECT]
– “The Mantalogue”

• Psycho Path (Traverse City MI)
• Divorce Court (Heather Highlands PA)
• Shades of Death Road (New Jersey)
• Bucket of Blood Street (Holbrook AZ)
• Farfrompoope Road (Arkansas)

• Need to put together a trivia game fast? Get instant questions, answers, and FX at the “Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz” site …
• Wow, now you can send someone a message in which McCain potatoes sing a customized song. It’s silly … but fun!

Today’s Question: 85 million of THESE are sold every year but only 6% of them ever get used.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: Neckties.

Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of traveling.

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