Thursday, November 10, 2011        Edition: #4627
Here’s More Bull Roar!

42-year-old filmmaker Brett Ratner has resigned from his position as producer of February’s 84th Academy Awards following a series of remarks he’s made in the past week during promotional appearances for his new movie “Tower Heist” (as well as tossing in a gay slur, he’s bragged about sleeping with a ‘very young’ Lindsay Lohan) . . . 31-year-old mom-to-be Jessica Simpson has revealed she’s gone off pizza because it now tastes sour, but says she is craving fruit with salt, especially cantaloupe, ‘like a crazy person’ (not Chicken Of the Sea?) . . . 35-year-old actress Naomie Harris (“Pirates Of the Caribbean” films) is being asked to change her voice for her role as ‘Miss Moneypenny’ in the new ‘James Bond’ movie “Skyfall”, so she sounds ‘husky, sexy and more womanly’ and less ‘girly’ (‘Moneypenny’ sexy – when did this happen?) . . . Movie star Tom Cruise’s 55-year-old ex-wife Mimi Rogers (“Lost in Space”) is joining the cast of CBS-TV sitcom “Two-and-a-Half Men” to play Ashton Kutcher’s mother in at least 2 upcoming episodes (‘Mama Schmidt’) . . . And movie actor Adam Sandler (“Jack & Jill”, opening tomorrow) says when he complained to his neighbor about noise during his daughter Sunny’s 3rd birthday party last week, he was stunned to find out the commotion was a soundcheck for a charity concert featuring Roger Daltrey (The Who), Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin), and the Foo Fighters (only in Hollywood!).

• Billboard Touring Awards – Tonight they’re handed out in NYC as part of the annual Billboard Touring Conference. Bon Jov, U2, and reunited Brit band Take That are up for multiple awards. All 3 acts are nominated as ‘Top Tour’ and ‘Top Draw’.
• “Colbert Report” (Comedy Central/CTV) – Brian Eno (“Drums Between the Bells”).
• “Conan” (TBS/CTV) – The Bronx (“Mariachi El Bronx”).
• “Ellen DeGeneres Show” (syndicated/CTV2) – Luke Bryan (“Tailgates & Tanlines”).
• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/CHCH) – Feist (“Metals”).
• “Last Call With Carson Daly” (NBC) – Atmosphere (“The Family Sign”); Lupe Fiasco (“Lasers”).
• “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” (NBC/CTV2) – Hunter Hayes (“Hunter Hayes”).
• “Late Show With David Letterman” (CBS/NTV/Omni1) – Noel Gallagher (“Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds”).
• “Latin Grammy Awards” (Univision) – The 12th annual honors from Mandalay Bay Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Calle 13 leads a diverse field of nominees with a record 10 nominations.
• “The Rosie Show” (OWN) – 1970s funksters Kool & the Gang (“Still Kool”).
• “Tonight Show With Jay Leno” (NBC/CTV2) – Il Divo (“Wicked Game”).
• “The X Factor” (FOX/CTV2) – Contestants face elimination; Willow Smith performs.


• Adele – The doctor who operated on her vocal cords at Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital has hailed the surgery a success and assured fans she will sing again. Dr Steven Zeitels has previously treated Cher, Julie Andrews, and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.
• Black Eyed Peas – has taken aim at TV talk show host Wendy Williams for spreading the rumor that Fergie is leaving the group. He tweets that the story is “So not true … and so not cool”.
• Heavy D – TMZ is reporting his death on Tuesday afternoon at age 44 may have been due to a heart attack. Just last month, he performed at the “BET Hip Hop Awards”, his first live performance in over a decade. He also appears in the movie “Tower Heist”, opening tomorrow.
• Kenny Chesney – The 43-year-old country superstar says his brief 2005 marriage to actress Renée Zellweger hasn’t put him off the idea of having a family in the future. Quote: “I really don’t envision everything in my life revolving around soundcheck and catering at 5 o’clock.”
• Mariah Carey – She claims she’s lost a staggering 70 lbs since giving birth to twins Moroccan & Monroe in April. She tells Rosie O’Donnell a special diet is responsible for 90% of the loss.
• Morrissey – Tonight’s first gig of his first North American tour in 2 years has been postponed due to a visa blunder that left guitarist Boz Boorer unable to perform in the US. So the Chicago show’s been re-scheduled to December 17th, while the rest of the tour will proceed as planned.
• Nicki Minaj – She hints in a blog post that she’ll announce new music on the 1-year anniversary of the release of her album “Pink Friday” (November 19th). She also suggests she’s set to release new songs as her gay male alter-ego ‘Roman Zolanski’.
• Panic! At The Disco – Tonight their Fall headlining tour kicks off in Reno, Nevada.

A BS selection of movies in the making …
• “Caught in Flight” – Actress Jessica Chastain (“The Help”) is lined up to play the Princess Diana in this controversial love story that revolves around a secret affair between the late princess and heart surgeon Dr Hasnat Kahn, said to be the love of her life. The movie is set to go into pre-production in March 2012 with shooting to follow in Angola, France, and Pakistan.
• “Inside Llewyn Davis” – Try as he might, Justin Timberlake still can’t open a movie. Undeterred, he’s negotiating to co-star in this next film from the Coen brothers. The movie, which is set in the folk music scene of 1960s Greenwich Village, already has Carey Mulligan and Oscar Isaac lined up in its cast.
• “The Lorax” – Country star Taylor Swift takes on the role of ‘Audrey’ in this upcoming animated film based on the 1971 Dr Seuss book. Zac Efron voices the co-starring role of ‘Ted’, who finds out the only way to get her a ‘Truffula’ tree is to go into the dark & dangerous forest, home of the tree-hugging ‘Lorax’ (voiced by Danny DeVito). The movie is due in theaters next March.
• “Recall” – Clive Owen (“The Killer Elite”) is set to star as a National Security Agency (NSA) agent who’s unable to trust anyone, including his own brain, as he attempts to discover the truth about what happened during a rescue attempt that went wrong. Filming on the action thriller is set to begin in March 2012 in Washington DC and Bulgaria.
• “300: Battle of Artemisia” – Just because the fantasy film “300” ended with its stalwart Spartans dining in hell doesn’t mean there can’t be another installment. This work in progress is said to be an unconventional sequel that’s original and can stand on its own. The first film was a surprise smash hit when it opened in early 2007, grossing more than $456 million worldwide.
• “Where’s Waldo?” – MGM has secured the rights to the lanky, striped-shirt-wearing kids’ book character for his first-ever movie. It will be a live-action film that’s described as ‘a worldwide family adventure that will appeal to “Where’s Waldo?” fans of all ages.’ It’s expected to hit screens in 2013. Casting is yet to be announced.

Aromatherapy is the application of aromatic plant oils to the skin to create a sense of well-being. Proponents claim many common ailments can be treated aromatically including …
• Anxiety … try a touch of basil behind the ears.
• Depression … a little nutmeg oil will cheer you up.
• Impotence … cinnamon, clover, or ginger will perk you right up.
• Irritability … slap on some vanilla and you’ll calm right down.
– “Rejuvenation: A Wellness Guide for Women & Men”

A new study suggests the number of public Internet hotspots (Wi-Fi) globally will grow by more than 4-fold to 5.8 million by 2015. That’s due to increasing demand for connections on smartphones and tablets, and also because the telecom industry needs to offload wireless data traffic which is expected to grow 26-fold in the next 5 years. China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile carrier, plans to deploy a million hotspots, and Japan’s KDDI, the 2nd-largest, plans to grow its 10,000 hotspots to 100,000 within 6 months. One industry observer says we are about to enter ‘the golden age of public Wi-Fi’. (No more having to buy a McDonald’s coffee just to use their signal.)

Ever since she became pregnant, British artist and taxidermist Alison Brierley says she’s developed a bizarre craving for … roadkill. The 42-year-old has been eating an array of animals killed along her local roads in Harrogate UK, including fox, hare, deer, pigeon, rabbit, and owl, with pheasant being the most prevalent of her dishes. In the past she’s used roadkill to make jewelry and artwork, but now she’s getting an extra use out of her preoccupation. She’s even hosted roadkill dinner parties for friends. (If the wine turns out to be skunky … it fits right in!)

Boomers bemoan missing Jimi Hendrix and Beach Boys recordings, but here are some more recent lost tracks …
• Duran Duran, “Reportage” (2006) – This album made with Timbaland was doomed to the vault after a split with guitarist Andy Taylor.
• Green Day, “Cigarettes & Valentines” (2003) – The master tracks went missing from the studio just after the group wrapped up recording.
• Prince, “Camille” (1986) – The Purple One performed this as his female alter ego, by speeding up the vocal tracks.
• Ryan Adams, “The Suicide Handbook” (2001) – The label allegedly rejected this set for being ‘too morose’.
• Weezer, “Songs From the Black Hole” (1994-95) – A geeky concept record about a mission into space.


The makers of a stain removal product in England are showing their support for breast cancer research by creating the ‘World’s Largest Bra’. The pink brassiere, which has a size 1,222-B cup, measures nearly 102 ft around.

• The word ‘toy’ comes from an old English word that means ‘tool’.
• Before 1928, yo-yos used to be called ‘bandalores’.
• The 2 top toys in 1950 were Silly Putty which sold for $1, and Crayola crayons which cost 50¢.
• It requires 63 ft of wire to make a Slinky toy.
• The first product that toy company Mattel came out with was picture frames.


1944 [67] (Sir) Tim Rice, Amersham UK, lyricist who’s worked with Andrew Lloyd Webber (“Jesus Christ Superstar”, “Evita”) and Elton John (“The Lion King”, “Aida”)

1968 [43] Tracy Morgan, NYC, TV actor (‘Tracy Jordan’ on “30 Rock” since 2006, “Saturday Night Live” 1996-2006)

1968 [43] Chris Cagle, DeRidder LA, country singer (“What Kinda Gone”, “I Breathe In, I Breathe Out”)

1969 [42] Ellen Pompeo, Everett MA, TV actress (‘Dr Meredith Grey’ on “Grey’s Anatomy” since 2005)

1975 [36] Jim Adkins, Mesa AZ, rock singer/guitarist (Jimmy Eat World-“Pain”, “The Middle”)

1983 [28] Miranda Lambert, Lindale TX, country singer (“Baggage Claim”, “The House That Built Me”, Pistol Annies-“Hell on Heels”)


• “Beaver Moon”, the Full Moon of November which gets its name from olden days when it was time to set beaver traps before the swamps froze, to ensure a supply of warm Winter furs. Also called the “Frosty Moon”.

• “Forget-Me-Not Day”, a day for remembering those whose lives have touched us in some way. You’re encouraged to think of people who had an impact on your life and the way in which they changed it. (Then go see a lawyer and file charges.)

• “Sleep Dangerously Night”, a night to switch sides of the bed with your partner. (Careful!)

• “Swap Ideas Day”, a day to encourage use of creative imagination. (So what’s the big idea?)

• “US Marine Corps Day”, honoring the US military branch’s founding 236 years ago (1775) by the Second Continental Congress. The occasion is marked by with a traditional USMC ball and cake-cutting ceremony. (Semper Fi, dudes!)

1969 [42] Landmark children’s TV show “Sesame Street” debuts on PBS-TV, teaching kids while they play and have fun (what a concept!)
• Which “Sesame Street” characters got their names from James Stewart’s film classic “It’s a Wonderful Life”? (‘Bert’ & ‘Ernie’, named after ‘Bert’ the cop and ‘Ernie’ the taxi driver in the 1946 film.)
• Who is ‘Grover’s’ alter-ego? (‘Super Grover’)
• What is ‘Big Bird’s’ teddy bear called ? (‘Radar’)
• What is ‘Mr Snuffleupagus’s’ first name? (Aloyisius)
• What is ‘Big Bird’s’ address on Sesame Street? (1-2-3)
• What animals does ‘Oscar’ keep in his trash can? (Elephants)
• What is ‘Ernie’s’ favorite toy? (Rubber Duckie)
• How do you do the ‘Grouch-ka-teer’ salute? (Put your thumb in your ear.)
• What is the ‘Count’s’ full name? (‘Count Von Count’)

2010 [01] Record-breaking 9-time nominee Miranda Lambert walks away from the 44th “CMA Awards” with 3 wins (‘Album Of the Year’, ‘Female Vocalist Of the Year’, ‘Video Of the Year’) … on her 27th birthday

1951 [60] 1st direct-dialed long distance telephone calls


1996 [15] Miami Dolphins pivot Dan Marino becomes 1st NFL quarterback to pass for 50,000 career yards and the 1st to reach 4,000 completions

[Fri] “Immortals”; “Jack & Jill” open in movie theaters
[Fri] Remembrance Day (Canada) / Veterans Day (USA)
[Fri] Origami Day
[Fri] World Kindness Day
[Sat] Chicken Soup For the Soul Day
[Sun] Moms & Dads Day
This Week Is … Eating Disorders Week
This Month Is … Inspirational Role Models Month


• Whyzit life doesn’t have a ‘snooze button’?
• Whyzit called ‘midair’? Is there ‘top air’ and ‘bottom air’?
• Whyzit we think the traffic light will change if we talk to it?
• Whyzit you never hear about ‘gruntled’ employees?
• Whyzit serving coffee on an aircraft seems to cause turbulence?

How can you tell if you’re at a Scottish stag party? A sheep jumps out of the cake.

What indulgence would you enjoy if there were no consequences?

Your contestant gets 60 seconds (indicated by flush SFX) to name as many nicknames, slang words, and euphemisms for ‘washroom’ as possible. (Some possibilities: bathroom, bog, can, commode, convenience, crapper, dunny, facilities, gents’, head, john, ladies’ room, latrine, lavatory, little boys’ room, little girls’ room, loo, potty, privy, men’s room, outhouse, powder room, restroom, throne room, water closet [WC], women’s room.)

Question: A study says if you really want to get rid of stress & tension you should do THIS once a day.
Answer: Scream. (“Women’s World”).

Money won’t buy happiness, but it will pay the salaries of a large research staff to study the problem.

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