Monday, November 15, 2010        Edition: #4386
Nuthin’ Like a Bull in Your Radio Shop!

• John Travolta has reportedly rushed home from a promotional trip in Australia after receiving word that pregnant wife Kelly Preston has gone into labor. The 56-year-old actor was due in Perth for a charity event but abruptly canceled to pilot his own plane back to the US. 47-year-old Preston wasn’t expected to give birth to the couple’s 3rd child for another 3 weeks. The couple has already named their anticipated baby boy ‘Benjamin’.
• 20-year-old “Harry Potter” star Emma Watson is teaming up with Italian designer Alberta Ferretti to create a new organic clothing line. Watson has modeled for Burberry and last year became a ‘creative consultant’ for fair trade fashion brand People Tree. Watson hints she won’t be getting paid for the new project, saying she’ll work for anyone for free if they are prepared to make their clothing fair trade organic. The collection is expected to be released next year.
• Disney Channel is writing troubled 18-year-old star Demi Lovato out of her TV show “Sonny With A Chance” until she recovers from ‘emotional & physical issues’ which have sent her to rehab. Lovato was due to begin filming the show’s 3rd season in January, but it’s been decided that production will resume without her by re-writing scripts and focusing the show on other characters. The move is said to be ‘temporary’.
• Movie director Darren Aronofsky says he became so worried about actress Natalie Portman’s weight-loss on the set of new movie “Black Swan” (opening December 3rd) that he begged her to ‘start eating’ and filled her trailer with food. Portman took the role of a troubled ballerina so seriously, she spent months in training and slimmed down to a sliver as she attempted to gain a dancer’s slender frame. But since shooting ended, she says, it’s been “pasta, pasta, pasta!”
• Reality TV couple Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt are looking to seal their reunion by renewing their wedding vows. “The Hills” stars split earlier this year and Montag filed for legal separation in July, citing irreconcilable differences. Pratt has since admitted the divorce proceedings were staged in a bid to land them a new TV deal. And the re-marriage?

• “Conan O’Brien Show” (TBS/CTV) – Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings (“I Learned the Hard Way”).
• “Dancing With the Stars” (ABC/CTV) – The final 4 couples perform a ballroom and a Latin dance.
• “Ellen DeGeneres Show” (syndicated/A Channel) – Josh Groban (“Illuminations”).
• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/CityTV) – Jason Aldean (“My Kinda Party”).
• “Last Call With Carson Daly” (NBC) – Kate Nash (“Made of Bricks”).
• “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” (NBC/A Channel) – Grinderman (“Grinderman”).
• “Late Show With David Letterman” (CBS/Omni) – Rascal Flatts (“Nothing Like This”, out tomorrow).
• “Lopez Tonight” (TBS) – Sheryl Crow (“100 Miles From Memphis”).
• “Tonight Show With Jay Leno” (NBC/A Channel) – Annie Lennox (“A Christmas Cornucopia”, released tomorrow).

• Christina Aguilera – Today she receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, just ahead of her film debut in “Burlesque”, opening November 24th.
• The Go-Gos – Former frontwoman Belinda Carlisle now lives in the beach resort area of Goa, India. Carlisle released her autobiography, “Lips Unsealed”, earlier this year.
• Ne-Yo – The “So Sick” hitmaker has become a first-time father after girlfriend Monyetta, due to give birth in January, went into labor early and had a baby girl Friday night in Atlanta GA.
• Radiohead – Jonny Greenwood tells the Italian edition of “Rolling Stone” that they’re almost finished with their first album since 2007’s “In Rainbows” and will likely head out on a big tour to promote it. As yet, they haven’t decided how to release the project.
• Phil Collins – Since a psychic told him he fought at the Alamo in a previous life he’s been collecting artifacts from the landmark Texas fort. He tells the new “Rolling Stone” he can see glowing semi-transparent light orbs in a series of photos he took there, which he claims show paranormal activity.
• Rihanna – “What’s My Name” has become her 8th #1 single.
• Sugarland – Jennifer Nettles & Kristian Bush have reached a last-minute out-of-court settlement with former member Kristen Hall, who contends she created the group’s name and deserves a share of revenue since it was founded as a trio in 2002. Hall’s $1.5-million lawsuit was due to begin in Atlanta GA court today. Terms of the settlement have not been disclosed.
• U2 – The Edge & wife Morleigh are ecstatic their daughter Sian has beaten leukemia after a 5-year struggle. Morleigh tells WENN the 13-year-old has made a full recovery and is now cancer-free.
• White Stripes – They’re selling a deluxe box set for collectors this holiday season. The $499 “White Stripes Merchandise Collection” is limited to just 333 copies and includes a portable record player, custom headphones, a 7” red vinyl single, and other accouterments.

A study in the “Journal of Marriage & Family” shows that teens are most likely to lose their virginity in the month of June. The next most popular month is December. Researchers says the findings suggest parents and sex educators should therefore discuss the topic with teens just before Summer and again ahead of the holiday season. (Like the kids haven’t been talking about it all year anyway.)
– AP

Flambeau Luxury Trading, a business operating from the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, is offering temporary tattoos made from … real gold. Starting at about $55 for a small gold tattoo and $109 for an equivalent platinum version, the temporary tattoos have been available in the United Arab Emirates for the past 2 months. Originating from Japan, the unusual tats are created from 99% gold or platinum foil that is applied directly to the skin. Application takes around 10 minutes. (Don’t have to worry about removal … someone will likely steal it!)

According to a recent management study, there are 3 main types of bosses …
• ‘The Kick-Ass Boss’ – Demands results that increase power and reputation.
• ‘The Cheerleader’ – Most interested in increasing his or her popularity.
• ‘The Play-It-Safe Boss’ – Wants to enhance the security of his or her position.
The trick to advancement, the experts say, is to identify which type of boss you have and then respond to their particular needs. (For more info, see “A Complete Guide to Ass-Kissing”.)
– “Men’s Health”

A new study from Oxford University in Britain shows that playing the videogame Tetris a few hours after being exposed to trauma can help prevent flashbacks associated with ‘Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder’. If you’re wondering how playing a game could possibly help reduce flashbacks, researchers suggest the participation in a visually-oriented task such as a puzzle-like game serves to ‘interfere with other visual memories’. (BS translation: It’s the zombie factor.)

For the 3rd year in-a-row, Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls ON is putting together 600 lbs of gingerbread, 1,000 lbs of icing, 2,000 chocolate wafers, 750 cookies, and 4,900 pretzels to create what may be the world’s largest gingerbread house … big enough to stand up in! It will take about 2 weeks to complete, after which patrons will be invited to dine inside at a single table for 6 beginning in December. The $20-reservation charge goes to a local charity.
PHONER: 1.888.359.8930/1.905.354.4888
– AOL News

• 1-in-5 people only clean their homes on weekends.
• A cat’s tongue moves at 1 meter-per-second when lapping milk.
• Most people daydream for nearly half of their waking hours.
– “Magazine Monitor”


1945 [65] Frida Lyngstad, Narvik, Norway, oldies singer (ABBA-“Dancing Queen”, “Waterloo”)

1956 [54] John Roberts, Toronto ON, TV news correspondent (“American Morning” on CNN since 2007, ex-CBS White House reporter, ex-MuchMusic VJ, ex-CJBK London swing jock)/engaged to fellow CNN anchor Kyra Phillips/Canadian Broadcast Hall of Fame (2009)

1970 [40] Jack Ingram, Houston TX, country singer (“Barefoot & Crazy”, “Wherever You Are”)

1974 [36] Chad Kroeger, Hanna AB, rock singer (Nickelback-“Rockstar”, “How You Remind Me”)

1974 [36] Jesse Sandoval, Albuquerque NM, indie rock drummer (The Shins-“Phantom Limb”, “So Says I”)

1977 [33] Sean Murray, Bethesda MD, TV actor (‘Special Agent Timothy McGee’ on “NCIS” since 2003)

1988 [22] BoB (Bobby Ray Simmons Jr), Winston-Salem NC, rapper/songwriter/producer (f/Hayley Williams-“Airplanes”, f/Bruno Mars-“Nothin’ on You”)

• “America Recycles Day”, a day to promote that idea that recycling no only makes sense, it makes a huge difference to our environment, our quality of life, and our country’s future. This year’s motto is : “It All Comes Back to You”.

• “Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day”, dedicated to fridges filled with ‘USOs’ … Unidentified Shriveled Objects. Time to hunt down and throw out that green-crusted pork chop from last Summer’s BBQ, the moldy mayo jar, and any other ‘mystery items’ you find. What’s the oddest thing in your fridge? (See Bull’s Bits).

• “George Spelvin Day” (female variation ‘Georgette’ or ‘Georgina’), commemorating the 1886 invention of the name used on Broadway for actors who have more than one role in a play. The fictitious name has appeared in over 10,000 Broadway programs. The name “Walter Plinge” is similarly used on the British stage.

• “Sadie Hawkins Day”, named after the “Li’l Abner” comic strip character ‘Sadie Hawkins, the homeliest gal in the hills’. The tradition that girls can ask boys out on this day was born in the  “Li’l Abner” strip published 73 years ago on November 15, 1937.

2006 [04] Arab news channel al-Jazeera launches international English-language service

1990 [20] Pop duo Milli Vanilli admits they did none of the singing on their Grammy-winning debut album “Girl, You Know It’s True”

2005 [05] Bruce Springsteen celebrates the 30th anniversary of his breakthrough album, “Born to Run”, with the release of a 3-disc box set

1981 [29] At 5-11, Ottawa becomes 1st CFL team to advance to Grey Cup with a losing record

2005 [05] 1st person to undergo a ‘Partial Face Transplant’, In Amiens, France (Isabelle Dinoire had been attacked by a dog earlier in the year)

1948 [62] Canada’s longest-serving Prime Minister, William Lyon Mackenzie King, retires after 3 terms totalling 22 years

2007 [03] Guinness World Record set for ‘Longest Piano Recital’ as Pat Jones of Jacksonville FL tickles the ivories for 65 consecutive hours

[Tues] International Day for Tolerance
[Tues] Educational Support Professionals Day
[Tues] Eid al-Adha (Muslim)
[Wed] Homemade Bread Day
[Thurs] Guinness World Record Day
[Thurs] Married To a Scorpio Support Day
[Thurs] Use Less Stuff Day

Geography Awareness Week / Global Entrepreneurship Week / Hunger & Homeless Awareness Week


A highlight bit culled from 17 years of “Bull Sheet” back issues …
• It’s that 1970s shade of avocado green … on the inside.
• Even the baking soda is moldy.
• Your kids’ Easter eggs have grown a nice comb-over.
• You spread cheese on a cracker, then realize it was actually chicken.
• You find a note that says, “We are out of beer, signed The Meatloaf”.
• Your vegetable crisper is making its own soup.

“Smith Magazine” has a website where users tell stories in exactly 6 words. A few examples …
• “Joined army; left legs in Iraq.”
• “Divorce papers signed, happy 28th birthday.”
• “College has made me shower less.”
• “Chaos. And then I found you.”
• “Love food but hate the love-handles.”

Which do half the women polled say is ‘more reliable’ than a man?
a. A car. [CORRECT. Might not start as quick but runs longer.]
b. Another woman.
c. A vibrator.
– “Harper’s Index”

PETA is encouraging parents to protest school fundraisers that involve “Donkey Basketball” games, in which volunteers attempt to play the game while astride the animals. It’s an indoor variation on the touring “Donkey Baseball” promotion that’s been around for decades. PETA’s complaint is that the donkeys are often “pulled, shoved, screamed at, or whipped when they don’t want to ‘play’.” So do they have a point or is the spectacle just harmless fun?

My show was a complete success. The audience was a failure.

Today’s Question: Aside from speeding, THIS is the most common traffic law most drivers break.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: Not coming to a full stop at a stop sign.

You may not be totally perfect, but parts of you are excellent.

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