Thursday, November 15, 2012        Edition: #4869

Nuthin’ Like a Bull in Your Radio Shop!

As expected, “Magic Mike” actor Channing Tatum is the ‘Sexiest Man Alive 2012’ in this Friday’s “People” magazine, the official announcement coming on the “Today” show yesterday (Donald Trump is so disappointed) . . . The 23-year-old who claimed he had an underage relationship with 52-year-old “Sesame Street” puppeteer Kevin Clash (‘Elmo’) has now recanted his claim, saying it was in fact an adult consensual relationship (too late dude, you already trashed this guy’s career) . . . According to sources, “Modern Family” producers have wanted to ban ‘Alex Dunphy’ actress Ariel Winter’s nightmare show biz mom from the set for awhile (she’s likely just trying to land her own reality show) . . . Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan tells “Daily Mirror” she’s still seeking ‘true love’ because she wants a partner to share her life with (try for an engineer, hon’ cuz you’re a freakin’ train wreck) . . . First No Doubt bit the silver bullet and now Victoria’s Secret has apologized for featuring model Karlie Kloss in a Native American-style headdress at its annual “VS Fashion Show” and promises to edit the outfit from the upcoming December 4th CBS-TV broadcast (did someone actually say “Hey, this’ll be a good idea …”?) . . . Johnny Depp pulled strings this week to get One Direction to come to his home, where they jammed with the movie star in front of his 1D superfan-daughter Lily Rose (great, but you still made mommy leave home!) . . . And PETA animal rights activists in Britain have marked environmentalist Prince Charles’ 64th birthday by naming a goose in his honor (they called it ‘Dumbo’).

• “Conan” (TBS/CTV) – Jeff the Brotherhood (“Hypnotic Nights”).
• “Crossfire Hurricane” (HBO) – TV premiere of the Rolling Stones documentary celebrating their 50 years as a band.
• “Ellen DeGeneres Show” (syndicated/CTV2) – One Direction (“Take Me Home”).
• “Glee” (FOX/Global) – ‘Rachel’ (Lea Michele), ‘Kurt’ (Chris Colfer), and ‘Santana’ (Naya Rivera) return to McKinley High for the school’s opening-night production of “Grease”.
• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/CityTV) – Jason Aldean (“Night Train”).
• “Last Call With Carson Daly” (NBC) – Brandi Carlile (“Bear Creek”).
• “Late Show With David Letterman” (CBS/NTV/Omni1) – Donald Fagen (“Sunken Condos”).
• “Live With Kelly & Michael” (syndicated/CTV) – Bridgit Mendler (“Hello My Name Is …”).
• “Tonight Show With Jay Leno” (NBC/CTV2) – Switchfoot (“Vice Verses”).
• “The X Factor” (FOX/CTV2) – Taylor Swift (“Red”) performs; contestants face elimination.

• Bruce Springsteen – Filmmaker Ridley Scott and collaborators are compiling a user-generated documentary called “Springsteen & I” for which fans are being asked to submit short films beginning today. The resulting mash-up is targeted for a theatrical release in 2013.
• Chris Young – Tonight he’s kicking off the first leg of his headlining “Liquid Neon Tour” with a sold-out show at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium.
• Lady Gaga – She’s tweeted that Italian design house Versace is set to give her current world tour a fashionable overhaul, custom-creating all of her costumes for the North American leg of her “Born This Way Ball”. It kicks off January 11th in Vancouver.
• Nirvana – A new eBook called “Experiencing Nirvana: Grunge in Europe 1989” is now available exclusively on Apple’s iBookstore. The photo-journal chronicles the band’s maiden voyage overseas 23 years ago.
• One Direction – Niall Horan has revealed during an interview that, following in the footsteps of pal Justin Bieber, they’re making a 3-D concert film that’s coming to cinemas on Labor Day weekend 2013. Documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock is helming the project.
• Sting – He’s invested in a new soccer ball made from PopFoam that will never go flat, specifically designed for Third World children. The ‘One World Futbols’ are expected to last for up to 30 years. For each sold at $40, another is given away to children who can’t afford one.

A BS selection of movies in the making …
• “The Dallas Buyer’s Club” – Media attention has focused on the massive weight-loss sustained by Matthew McConaughey in order to play an AIDS patient who smuggles in alternative treatments. Jennifer Garner co-stars, and 30 Seconds to Mars frontman Jared Leto has now joined the cast, playing a flamboyant cross-dresser. Shooting is just underway in New Orleans.
• “Due Process” – Actor John Cusack (“2012”, “High Fidelity”) is working on this new project which tells the tale of a pair of bankers who head out to a remote country farm in order to foreclose on the property, only to find unspeakable horrors within. The film is being directed by Paul Currie (“One Perfect Day”).
• “Hercules: The Thracian Wars” – Dwayne (‘The Rock’) Johnson has signed on to play the legendary Greek strong-man in this heroic new epic based on the graphic novel of the same name. The story follows Hercules as he works with the Thracian army to turn it into one of the most ruthless in the world. Production is expected to commence in early 2013.
• “1952” – There’s a lot of buzz about Disney’s upcoming sci-fi pic. Brad Bird (“Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol”) has already being the named director and “Variety” reports that George Clooney is believed to be in talks about starring. The script is being kept under wraps,  however it is known that 2 screenwriters who worked on TV show “Lost” are aboard.
• “Pompei” – “Game of Thrones” actor Kit Harington (‘Jon Snow’) is in negotiations to star in this upcoming epic from director Paul WS Anderson (“Resident Evil” films) about the devastating eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. The bigscreen treatment of the volcanic destruction of the ancient Roman city is being developed as a period adventure, anchored by a love story.

Would you want your partner alongside during childbirth? A noted psychiatrist claims that up to 30% of husbands who are in the delivery room with their wives when they give birth are so severely traumatized that they’re unable to perform sexually for weeks afterward … sometimes months. And stats show that over 2% remain dysfunctional for as long as 3 years. (Wusses.)
– PA News

Scientifically-proven workout motivation that actually works …
• Drink Up – According to a University of Miami study, people who drink alcohol exercise more. And the more they drink, the more they exercise.
• Exercise Less – University of Copenhagen research has found that working out for 30 minutes will help you lose weight just as well as if you work up a sweat for 60 minutes.
• Watch Reruns – University of Buffalo researchers have found that watching TV reruns helps you resist temptation … like the urge to skip the gym.
• Reduce Your Appetite – Talk about motivation! A new brainscan study from Brigham Young University has found that 45 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous exercise lowers appetite.
• Own It – A study at Australia’s University of Melbourne finds that you’re more likely to exercise and eat well if you think you’re responsible for your own actions vs blaming fate.
• De-Stress – Exercising doesn’t just make you feel better in the moment, says a University of Maryland study, it can help you cope with anxiety that crops up afterward.
• Partner Up – You already know peer pressure is great at getting your butt to the gym, but it’s just as effective via text or Facebook, according to a Michigan State University study.
– Condensed from

A Silicon Valley startup company called ‘View’ has developed a smart window that tints based on building light and temperature. Hi-tech electro-chromatic glass allows people to sit in comfort next to the windows by reducing glare and heat when tinted and allowing as much natural light in as possible. It also typically shaves energy bills by 20% due to less necessity for heating, cooling, and lighting. The windows are activated by a low voltage device which connects to wi-fi, thereby allowing manual control from a wall switch, smartphone, or computer. (Imagine the office arguments this is gonna cause!)

The Norwegian government has socially engineered a society where men and women are expected to have equal domestic and economic responsibilities. To that end, a man living in Norway is given specific rights. Among them …
✓ The right to leave the office by 5:30 pm to spend time with his family.
✓ The right to adjust his office hours around daycare drop-off and pickup.
✓ Time to organize family dinners and help children with homework.
– “Christian Science Monitor”

If you keep changing jobs within one company, you have a better chance of moving up the corporate ladder, according to a Purdue University study. Management researchers have found that workers who’ve rotated through a series of positions are more experienced, more respected by superiors, and have more job satisfaction. (The hard part these days is managing to hang onto your job long enough to get a rung up.)

An abandoned underground missile silo in Kansas has been converted into a ‘guaranteed’ disaster-proof luxury condo development. Amenities include a movie theater, swimming pool, and enough dry goods to sustain residents for 5 years without leaving the silo. Four units have been sold so far. (Gee, nice view.)


1970 [42] Jack Ingram, Houston TX, country singer (“Barefoot & Crazy”, “Wherever You Are”)

1974 [38] Chad Kroeger, Hanna AB, much-vilified rock singer (Nickelback-“Rockstar”, “How You Remind Me”)/Avril Lavigne’s fiancé

1974 [38] Jesse Sandoval, Albuquerque NM, indie rock drummer (The Shins-“Phantom Limb”, “So Says I”)

1977 [35] Sean Murray, Bethesda MD, TV actor (‘Special Agent Timothy McGee’ on “NCIS” since 2003)

1988 [24] BoB (Bobby Ray Simmons Jr), Winston-Salem NC, rapper-songwriter-producer (f/Hayley Williams-“Airplanes”, f/Bruno Mars-“Nothin’ on You”)

• “Al-Hijra” [‘heej-rah’], the Muslim New Year celebration on the first day of Muharram, the first month in the Islamic Calendar, begins in much of the world and continues for 29 days. The date varies from country-to-country depending on whether or not the Moon has been sighted.

• “George Spelvin Day” (female variation ‘Georgette’ or ‘Georgina’), commemorating the 1886 invention of the name used on Broadway for actors who have more than one role in a play. The fictitious name has appeared in over 10,000 Broadway programs. The name ‘Walter Plinge’ is similarly used on the British stage.

• “Guinness World Record Day”, the 8th annual day to celebrate record-setting and record-breaking around-the-globe. Among today’s planned record attempts …
✓ Most women crammed into a Mini Cooper (UK).
✓ Largest chocolate coin (Italy).
✓ Most pogo stick jumps in 1 minute (USA).
✓ Longest note on a didgeridoo (Australia).
✓ Fastest 100 meters, running on all fours (Japan).
✓ Most basketball 3-pointers made by a pair in 1 minute (Germany).

• “Pack Your Mom’s Lunch Day”, when kids with a mother who’s gone back-to-school are encouraged to honor her by making her lunch … or could it just be payback for all those peanut butter & baloney sandwiches mom made?

• “Record Your Cat Purring Day”, so you can play the recording every year on her birthday after she’s gone. (What kind of masochist thought this one up?)

• “Use Less Stuff Day”, an annual reminder to ‘Reduce’, the first ‘R’ in the ‘waste hierarchy’; the 3Rs of environmentalism being ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’.

2002 [10] “Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets” opens in movie theaters

2007 [05] Kenneth Donnell of Glasgow, Scotland pays $122,000 for 2 tickets to Led Zeppelin’s one-off reunion at London’s O2 Arena (the charity-auction purchase includes admission to the legendary band’s rehearsal)

2005 [07] 1st person to undergo a ‘Partial Face Transplant’, In Amiens, France (Isabelle Dinoire had been attacked by a dog earlier in the year)

2007 [05] Guinness World Record set for ‘Longest Piano Recital’ as Pat Jones of Jacksonville, Florida tickles the ivories for 65 consecutive hours

[Fri] “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2” opens in movie theaters
[Fri] International Day for Tolerance
[Sat] Homemade Bread Day
[Sat] Unfriend Day
[Sun] “40th American Music Awards” (ABC)
[Sun] Transgender Day of Remembrance
This Week Is … Global Entrepreneurship Week
This Month Is … Long-Term Care Awareness Month


• If you smoke, don’t inhale; if you inhale, don’t exhale.
• Setting yourself a goal: “I am going to live 6 months longer than I normally would.” Stick to it.
• Dotting your i’s with a smiley face.
• Being able to outrun the Chicago Bears defence.
• Breaking into the pharmacy and eating all the medicine.
• Not giving the finger to Chuck Norris’ limo after he cuts you off.
• New crack-lite!

☎ Who’s the ‘Unsexiest Man Alive’?

What do catfish do that’s different from most other fish?
a. They eat in the dark. [CORRECT]
b. They swim while sleeping.
c. They meow.

The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not.

• “What do you have on tap?” (What’s cheap?)
• “You get this one, next round is on me.” (We won’t be here long enough for another round.)
• “I’ve had like 10 beers already.” (I’ve only had 3, but I need an excuse to behave this way.)
• “I don’t have my ID on me.” (I’m 17.)
• “I’m not used to these darts.” (I’m not used to throwing anything smaller than a pool cue when I’m this bombed.)
• “You go ahead, I’ll catch a cab.” (I’ve already lined up a ride home with your ex-girlfriend.)

Question: A poll of cops finds THIS is the #1 excuse they hear from speeders.
Answer: Nature’s call!

Just because you’re on the road, it doesn’t mean your mind is.

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