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★ Chris Colfer is planning many return trips to the “Land of Stories”. Publisher Little, Brown & Co has announced the 24-year-old “Glee” actor (‘Kurt Hummel’) has a new multi-book deal. Colfer already has 2 more “Land of Stories” installments planned, the 4th and 5th of his best-selling middle-school-age series, coming in 2015 and 2016. Both are currently untitled. He’s also agreed to write 2 picture books based on the characters and 2 companion volumes to the series that will be included in a holiday box set next year. (He’s already lined up a career for life after “Glee”.)
– Sourced from Associated Press
★ HBO-TV has rounded out the cast of “True Detective”, confirming at long last that Taylor Kitsch and Rachel McAdams are co-starring in the sophomore season opposite Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell. Kitsch plays a war veteran and motorcycle officer for the California Highway Patrol on the run from a difficult past. McAdams is a Ventura County Sheriff’s detective whose uncompromising ethics put her at odds with others and the system she serves. Production on the 8-episode season has begun in California. (There’s no word as yet on a premiere date.)
★ “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” regular George Eads is quitting the CBS-TV drama at the end of the show’s current season. Eads, who is the last remaining original cast member on the show, has played ‘Nick Stokes’ since 2000. Reports suggest his departure is amicable and that his character’s exit will be linked to an ongoing storyline. Eads took an extended leave of absence last season and was temporarily fired alongside castmate Jorja Fox in 2004 after they failed to show up for filming due to a reported salary dispute. Both actors were eventually reinstated. (Eads’ best-ever performance? The buried alive “Grave Danger” episode in 2005.)

• “Conan” (TBS/CTV) – Norah Jones (“Little Broken Hearts”). Rerun.
• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/CityTV) – Rick Ross (“Hood Billionaire”).
• “Last Call With Carson Daly” (NBC) – Franz Ferdinand (“Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action”). Rerun.
• “Late Show With David Letterman” (CBS/Omni1) – Nico & Vinz (“Black Star Elephant”).
• “Live With Kelly & Michael” (syndicated/CTV) – Taylor Swift (“1989”).
• “Tavis Smiley” (PBS) – Mary J Blige (“The London Sessions”).
• “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” (NBC/CTV2) – Iggy Azalea (“Reclassified”); Nick Jonas (“Nick Jonas”).
• “The View” (ABC/CTV) – Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga (“Cheek to Cheek”).

• Aretha Franklin – The 72-year-old ‘Queen of Soul’ has launched a blistering attack on David Ritz’s new unauthorized biography, “Respect: The Life of Aretha Franklin”, claiming it’s ‘a trashy book full of lies’. It details her parents’ separation, her problems with alcohol, and her children (she had her first at age 14). Ironically, Franklin and Ritz worked together on her 1999 biography, “Aretha: From These Roots”.
• Band Aid 30 – The Ebola charity single “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” has sold more than 312,000 copies and is this year’s fastest-selling single in the UK, according to the Official Charts Company. There are those, however, dissing the project, claiming it ‘patronises’ Africa.
• Drake – He’s announced his first-ever headlining tour of Australia and New Zealand. The Canadian rapper will bring along 2 Chainz for the trek, which will kick off in Auckland NZ on February 23rd.
• Bob Dylan – He’s performed for an audience of one in Philadelphia PA as part of a Swedish film series. Entitled “Experiment Ensam”, the films document individuals as they experience special events alone that they would normally share with large groups. A 41-year-old Dylan super-fan from Sweden received the unusual honor.
• 5 Seconds of Summer – They’ll release a new live album titled “Live SOS” on December 15th. It will feature 15 tracks recorded at different venues around-the-world.
• One Direction – They’ll be the musical guest for the holiday episode of NBC-TV’s “Saturday Night Live” on December 20th, joined by host Amy Adams. It’s a set-up for their holiday television special on NBC, aptly titled “One Direction: The TV Special”, airing December 23rd.
• Robin Thicke – He was famously determined to get his 9-year marriage to Paula Patton back on track when it hit the rocks earlier this year, but now it seems the 37-year-old has moved on and is spending time with stunning 19-year-old model April Love Geary.

• “Horrible Bosses 2” ( R-Rated Comedy ): In this follow-up to the 2011 film, ‘Dale’, ‘Kurt’ and ‘Nick’ decide to start their own business but things don’t go as planned because of a slick investor, prompting the trio to pull off a harebrained and misguided kidnapping scheme. Stars Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day, Jennifer Aniston.
• “The Penguins of Madagascar” ( PG Animated Adventure ): This spin-off from the 2008 TV series of the same name and the 2005 film “Madagascar” centers around an undercover organization called ‘The North Wind’ and it’s attempts to stop villainous ‘Dr Octavius Brine’ from destroying the world. Voice cast includes Tom McGrath, Chris Miller, Christopher Knights.

New cutting-edge vocab …
• ‘Brocialist’ – A man who has progressive views, but who is also insensitive to women and dismissive of feminist issues. His heart is probably in the right place, but he has a gigantic blind spot when it comes to women.
• ‘Confoodsion’ (food + confusion) – Confusion caused by an overabundance of nutrition and diet advice. For instance, often the terms ‘natural’, ‘sugar-free’, and ‘low fat’ turn out to be little more than marketing jargon.
• ‘Hicksploitation’ – A TV or film genre that features stereotypical depictions of rural people, particularly those from the American South. (“Duck Dynasty”, “The Dukes of Hazzard”, “Honey Boo Boo”, etc)
• ‘Incrovation’ (incremental + innovation) – Innovation that occurs slowly, in small steps. (Public
revilement of violence against women has been incrovational, but 2014 may go down as a landmark year for bringing the injustice into our collective consciousness.)

According to a new poll of 2,000 adults, these are among the women who’ve altered the world as we know it (listed alphabetically) …
✓ Amelia Earhart
✓ Anne Frank
✓ Audrey Hepburn
✓ Billie Jean King
✓ Coco Chanel
✓ Florence Nightingale
✓ Germaine Greer
✓ Indira Gandhi
✓ JK Rowling
✓ Jane Austen
✓ Joan of Arc
✓ Katharine Hepburn
✓ Marie Curie
✓ Marilyn Monroe
✓ Maya Angelou
✓ Mother Teresa
✓ Oprah Winfrey
✓ Princess Diana
✓ Rosa Parks
✓ Queen Victoria
(Who did they miss?)
– @MailOnline

It’s long been claimed that your name can influence your success in life and now it seems names can affect behavior at school as well. New research into the impact of names has been commissioned by School Stickers, which creates awards for teachers to hand out. According to this study of more than 63,000 students, these are the nicest and naughtiest names …
• Amy, Charlotte, Emma, Georgia, and Grace are most often among best behaved girls.
• Bethany, Eleanor, Ella, Laura, and Olivia have room for improvement.
• Adam, Daniel, Jacob, James, and Thomas are names of best behaved boys.
• Cameron, Jake, Joseph, Joshua, and William are among the naughtiest.
(Odds are ‘Spike’ also doesn’t rank high … among girls.)

A statistical look at who we are and the things we do …
• 80% of us cook almost every day, even though it often frustrates us.
• 60% of Millennials (aged 18-29) do not have any credit cards.
• 51% of wives say at least 1 man from their past is a better kisser than their husband.
• 50% of us say we’d give up junk food for an entire week in exchange for 1 vacation day.
• 20% of husbands refer to their wife as ‘the boss’ when talking to other guys.
• 18% of married people say they are afraid of being a passenger when their spouse drives.

Don’t bother counting calories … it’s the type of food that matters. Experts at NYC’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine say focusing on calories may mislead and harm public health. How so? Some items high in fat – nuts, olive oil, fish, and full-fat milk – may actually be good at keeping weight off. And supposedly healthy low-fat foods may be the real diet villains as they leave us hungry and wanting more. For instance, refined carbohydrates such as white bread, chips, and white rice may leave us hungry or craving sweet foods. So if your looking to be less hungry, choose foods high in protein, which fills us up more than other foods. (Looking for a snack … have a spoonful of salmon, washed down with a mug of olive oil.)

• Cap’n Crunch (from the breakfast cereal) isn’t actually a captain, he’s a commander based on his uniform.
• Watermelon is both a fruit and a vegetable.
• Doritos make excellent kindling material. All that flour and fat are great for setting on fire.
• Ice cream makes your body warmer because of its fat content.
– Sourced from


1976 [38] Joe Nichols, Rogers AR, country singer (“Gimme That Girl”, “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off”)

1981 [33] Natasha Bedingfield, London UK, pop singer (“Unwritten”, “These Words”)

1984 [30] Ben Wysocki, Denver CO, rock drummer (The Fray-“You Found Me”, “How to Save a Life”)

1984 [30] Mike Gossin, Utica NY, country singer-guitarist (Gloriana-“Kissed You Good Night”, “Wild at Heart”)

1990 [24] Rita Ora (Sahatçiu), Pristina, Kosovo, Brit singer-songwriter (w/Iggy Azalea-“Black Widow”, “How We Do”)/movie actress (“Fast & Furious 6”)  UP NEXT: “Fifty Shades of Grey”, opening February 13th.

• “Cake Day”, an annual salute to the classic dessert that’s the climax of many a celebration. What’s the best kind? Angel Food? Black Forest? Red Velvet? Double Chocolate Fudge?

• “Tie One On Day”. Nope, nothing to do with partying; it’s a day to tie on a good old-fashioned apron. Got one around the house somewhere?

2002 [12] Movie actor and major Elvis fan Nicholas Cage divorces Lisa Marie Presley after less than 4 months, citing ‘irreconcilable differences’ (she refused to call him ‘Daddy’?)

1989 [25] “MTV Unplugged” debuts, featuring stripped-down acoustical performances by a wide range of artists (biggest name in the premiere episode lineup is English group Squeeze)

1942 [72] Iconic movie “Casablanca”, starring Humphrey Bogart & Ingrid Bergman, premieres in NYC. These days, more people can quote it than have seen it …
✓ “We’ll always have Paris.”
✓ “Here’s looking at you, kid.”
✓ “Play it once, Sam. For old times’ sake.”

1956 [58] 1st edition of (still-running) TV game show “The Price is Right”.

1992 [22] 14-month-old Tegan Banville of Huntington Beach, California out-crawls 12 other babies to win the national ‘Huggies/NFL Happy Baby Derby’ (the babes race 12 feet before 61,000 screaming fans at halftime during a Dallas Cowboys game).

[Thurs] Thanksgiving Day (USA)
[Fri] Fur-Free Friday
[Fri] Buy Nothing Day
[Fri] Flossing Day
[Sat] Small Business Saturday
[Sun] 102nd Grey Cup (Vancouver BC)
This Week Is … Farm-City Week
this Month Is … Inspirational Role Models Month


• “This is just like Christmas without the presents: Happy Thanksgiving!”
• “So, so sorry I couldn’t make it to the 17 family fun events you scheduled: Happy Thanksgiving!”
• “No, I’d rather not help with the cooking, but thank-you for asking: Happy Thanksgiving!”
• “Yes, I have gained weight. Let’s discuss it at length while I cry into this slice of pecan pie: Happy Thanksgiving!”
• “Please stop giving me romantic advice: Happy Thanksgiving!”
• “Let’s wrap this up before the game starts: GO SPORTS! Happy Thanksgiving!”
• “Please stop baiting me into a political debate. I know you haven’t changed your mind since 1985: Happy Thanksgiving!”
• “I am never going to accept your Facebook friend request, like ever: Happy Thanksgiving!”
• “I will get there when I get there and I will leave when I leave: THIS IS NOT A DEBATE: Happy Thanksgiving!”
• “I wish I hadn’t come: Happy Thanksgiving!”
– Thanks to Cetoria Tomberlin

☎ What is your go-to snack these days?

Which is easier to carry without slopping?
a. A mug of coffee.
b. A cuppa tea.
c. A stein of beer. [CORRECT. A new Princeton University study shows that foam on top of a drink, such as beer, reduces sloshing when it is carried, meaning it is harder to spill. The foam dampens waves created by movement.]

I respect the truth too much to drag it out on every occasion.

Question: THIS is considered to be the least destructible part of the human body.
Answer: Hair. (Even though many of us put in valiant effort in trying to mutilate it.)

Is it a coincidence that the Roman numerals for 40 are X-L?

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