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Nuthin’ Like a Bull in Your Radio Shop!

★ The Charlie Sheen-Brooke Mueller feud is getting ugly. After he called his ex-wife a ‘whore’, ‘drug addict’, and ‘terrible parent’ to their twin boys on TMZ, she’s sicced her lawyers on him. They’ve subpoenaed the trash TV show/website for the video and audio interviews done with Sheen last week and are said to be ready to argue in court that Charlie has violated a gag order and should have his visitation rights with their 4-year-olds curtailed.
★ 33-year-old former “Jersey Shore” star Pauly D says he’s ‘excited’ about finally meeting his baby daughter Amabella this week. He only recently found out he’d fathered the 5-month-old and has been denied unsupervised visitation rights by the child’s mother, Amanda Markert. That’s somewhat understandable as the two have not been in a relationship beyond a hook-up in Las Vegas in 2012. But now she’s relented and Pauly says he’s ready to step up and take responsibility.
★ Lady Gaga has split with her manager and social media guru Troy Carter, reportedly over creative differences. The tech-savvy mogul was widely considered to be the brains behind the operation, while Gaga provided the creative – sometimes-groundbreaking – output. He propelled Gaga’s social media presence to an unprecedented high, with 60 million Facebook likes and 40 million Twitter followers. Carter still has lots to keep him busy, with investments in numerous online projects, including Uber, Spotify, and Dropbox.
★ And 49-year-old Courtney Love claims that young actors keep hitting on her in hope of landing the movie role as her late husband Kurt Cobain. Love has been working on turning the tragic story of the Nirvana frontman into a film for several years. She recently hired Brett Morgan, director of the Rolling Stones documentary “Crossfire Hurricane” to take charge of the project. Courtney claims some well known actors have tried to bed her. Quote: “I could give you some names that would blow your mind, but I am so not sleeping with someone under 38.”
– “Fashion Magazine”

• “CMA Awards” (ABC) – Brad Paisley & Carrie Underwood host the 47th annual honors from Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena (their 6th consecutive year). Kacey Musgraves and Taylor Swift lead nominations with 6 apiece, followed by Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert with 5 each. Performers: The Band Perry,  Blake Shelton, Hunter Hayes, Jason Aldean, Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, Little Big Town, Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift,  Tim McGraw, and Zac Brown Band. Kenny Rogers receives the ‘Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award’. The late George Jones is saluted for his long career.
• “Ellen DeGeneres Show” (syndicated/CTV2) – Sting (“The Last Ship”).
• “Good Morning America” (ABC) – Luke Bryan (“Crash My Party”).
• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/CityTV) – Florida Georgia Line (“Here’s To the Good Times”).
• “Last Call With Carson Daly” (NBC) – Chrome Sparks (“Sparks EP”).
• “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” (NBC/CTV2) – Emeli Sandé (“Live at Royal Albert Hall”).
• “Late Show With David Letterman” (CBS/NTV/Omni1) – James Blunt (“Moon Landing”).
• “Tonight Show With Jay Leno” (NBC/CTV2) – Tired Pony (“Ghost Of the Mountain”).
• “The X Factor” (FOX/CTV2) – The top 12 finalists perform.

• Blink-182 – Tonight & tomorrow they play 2 shows at LA’s Hollywood Palladium to commemorate the 10th anniversary of their 2003 self-titled album. In addition to playing the album in its entirety, the sets will also include other Blink classics.
• Elton John – In a new BBC 1 interview, he admits his music is no longer relevant. But that’s an ‘asset’, he says, because it means he no longer has to worry about chasing chart success.
• Foals – Yannis Philippakis admits he lived in a ‘pigsty’ while on tour with the band in Australia. When he went back to his hotel room to retrieve something he’d forgotten, he found a cleaner inside … crying.
• Justin Timberlake – Tonight at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn NY, he launches a major tour in support of his latest album, “The 20/20 Experience – 2 of 2”. The North American leg runs through March 5th, after which he’ll head to the UK and the rest of Europe.
• Maroon 5 – Adam Levine believes his K-Mart menswear line will appeal to everyone because it’s so ‘anti-fashion’. He says he’s tried to shun passing trends in favour of a more timeless look. He’s apparently a big fan of his own creations, filling his wardrobe with pieces from the line.
• NKOTB – Donnie Wahlberg’s romance with “The View” panelist Jenny McCarthy has been going strong since July. McCarthy quote: I think everything about him is awesome. I think he’s one of the most incredible men I’ve ever met in my entire life.”

• Today Nike releases the $149 updated ‘FuelBand SE’ fitness tracker, complete with sleep-tracking and workout-tracking modes that give you feedback and motivation to stay healthy. The companion smartphone app has also been redesigned with new enhancements. It’s still an iOS-only device though, so Android and Windows Phone users are out of luck.
• The new gizmo ‘Wristify’ is a thermoelectric watch that can change your temperature. Just a 0.1 degree-per-second change in temp in one part of the body makes the entire body feel several degrees warmer or cooler. The makers of the device claim it can help save on energy bills by slashing air conditioning and heating costs. So far, the gadget’s just a prototype.
– Caters News Agency

The deep-fried Twinkie burger is here but if you want to try one, you should probably consult your doctor first. It’s a creation by Philadelphia PA restaurant PYT (already well known for its wild offerings, like a lamb burger between a bun made of rice). Here’s what you get: 2 deep-fried Twinkie ‘buns’, a custom-blend pork belly patty, American cheese, and extra bacon. Oh, and the Twinkies are fried in funnel cake batter. (This goop makes the much ballyhooed ‘cro-nut’ seem like health food.)

A BS breakdown of who we are and what we do …
• 75% of us sit in the same place every night at dinner.
• 70% of men say a walk-in closet is a high priority when choosing a home.
• 65% of guys admit that female superheroes turn them on.
• 40% of women say they would never want their mothers to see inside their fridge.
• 38% of children under 2 have used a mobile device; 6% of them use one daily.
• 23% of women have asked their man to pluck their eyebrows.

Italian scientists at the University of Trento have found that dogs wag their tails to the right (from the dog’s point of view) when they see something positive and toward the left when they see something negative, such as an unfamiliar dominant dog. And what’s fascinating is that other dogs seem to pick up on the difference. During experiments it’s been found that pooch’s hearts beat faster when they see another dog wagging its tail to the left. It’s thought that this tail-wagging may be one way that dogs gauge how other dogs will respond to them. (If you really want to see ‘tail talk’, watch some squirrels.)
– Associated Press

✗ Kitchen Sink – Forget the toilet, your sink could easily be dirtier than your entire bathroom.
✗ Bathtub – The area around the drain can have up to 20,000 bacteria per square inch.
✗ Pillow – Covered in dead skins cells, dust mites, spores, pollens, and body secretions.
✗ Mattress – After 10 years it nearly doubles in weight thanks to dust mites and dust mite poop.
✗ Pet Food Bowl – The inside rim alone contains over 2,000 bacteria per square inch.
✗ Money – Banknotes can have up to 200,000 bacteria on their surface.
✗ Draperies – Magnets for pet fur, mold, dander, debris, and dust mites.
✗ Showerhead – The warm, dark, moist inside is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.
✗ Handbag – They usually contain your phone, money, and other filthy things.
✗ Kitchen Sponge – Notoriously the dirtiest thing in the house, with 10 million bacteria per square inch.

It’s a chocolate lover’s dream come true. Researchers at Spain’s University of Granada have found that adolescents who eat a lot of chocolate tend to have lower BMIs and slimmer waistlines, regardless of whether they were working out or dieting. That’s led to the conclusion that eating chocolate in moderation may be a key to losing body fat. However, the study authors don’t advocate eating all the chocolate you want; they stress the importance of moderation. (Although no amounts are specified, it’s likely that polishing off an entire leftover Halloween goodie bag at one sitting does not qualify.)

New cutting-edge vocab …
✓ ‘Minimoon’ – A short, simple honeymoon. With many couples both time-poor and short of cash after blowing the budget on their weddings, the new trend is to downsize the traditional honeymoon.
✓ ‘Phubbing’ – The act of snubbing someone in a social setting by looking at your phone instead of paying attention to them.
✓ ‘Zombie Car’ – An abandoned car. An increasing number are being dumped by their owners at roadsides and in parking lots. The zombies often include scrap cars and vehicles that are damaged beyond repair.

“Lonely Planet” has issued its ‘Best in Travel 2014′ list, an annual ranking of the hottest destinations as chosen by the travel guide’s editors and contributors. Best places to visit …
10. Auckland, New Zealand
9. Adelaide, Australia
8. Chicago, Illinois
7. Vancouver, British Columbia
6. Shanghai, China
5. Zurich, Switzerland
4. Riga, Latvia
3. Cape Town, South Africa
2. Trinidad, Cuba
1. Paris, France

The odds of you dying on the way to get your lottery ticket are actually greater than your chance of winning.


1946 [67] Sally Field (Mahoney), Pasadena CA, movie actress (“Lincoln”, Oscar-“Norma Rae”)/TV actress (“Brothers & Sisters” 2006-11)

1948 [65] Glen Frey, Detroit MI, classic rock musician (“The Heat is On”, The Eagles-“Hotel California”)

1970 [43] Ethan Hawke, Austin TX, movie actor (“Before Midnight”, “Training Day”)

1972 [41] Rebbeca Romijn (‘Romaine’ like the lettuce), Berkeley CA, movie actress (“X-Men” movies)/TV actress (“Eastwick” 2009-10, “Ugly Betty” 2006-08)/fashion model (“Vogue”)

1972 [41] Thandie Newton, London UK, movie actress (“2012”, “W”)/TV actress (“ER” 2003-09)

1979 [34] Lamar Odom, Queens NY, NBA player (ex-LA Clippers, ex-LA Lakers, ex-Dallas Mavericks, ex-Miami Heat)/estranged Mr Khloé Kardashian (“Khloé & Lamar”)/rehab candidate

1988 [25] Emma Stone, Scottsdale AZ, movie actress (“The Amazing Spider-Man”, “The Help”)  COMING UP: “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” (2014).

• “Halfway Point of Autumn”, with 45 days elapsed and 45 more remaining until the Winter Solstice on December 21st. (Or 30 more leaf rakings.)

• “International End Gossip Day”. Yeah, like that’s ever gonna happen.

• “International Day for Preventing the Exploitation Of the Environment in War & Armed Conflict”, a UN observance since 2001. (Kill people, not flowers!)

• “Saxophone Day”, commemorating the 1814 birth of Belgium’s Adolphe Sax, inventor of the musical instrument named for him. Sax became wealthy inventing numerous musical instruments, but died in poverty in Paris in 1894.

2005 [08] Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons musical “Jersey Boys” opens on Broadway to rave reviews

2001 [12] Keifer Sutherland’s hit series “24” debuts (FOX)

1993 [20] ‘Largest ‘PB & J Sandwich’ is made in Peanut, Pennsylvania (40-feet-long with 150 lbs of peanut butter & 50 lbs of grape jelly)

[Thurs] Gin Day
[Thurs] Men Make Dinner Day
[Fri] “The Book Thief”; “Thor: The Dark World” open in movie theaters
[Fri] Cook Something Bold & Pungent Day
[Fri] Parents as Teachers Day
[Fri] Walk to Work Day
This Week Is … International Fraud Awareness Week
This Month Is … Gluten-Free Diet Awareness Month


• You call a radio talk show and they ask you to “turn yourself down”.
• You finish your 60-minute presentation before everyone is seated.
• You’re passing everybody on the freeway when suddenly you realize … you’re not in a car.
• The acidity level of your sweat dissolves the screen on your tablet.
• Your doctor adds cream & sugar to your urine sample.
• You can keyboard 70 words per minute … with your feet.
• Starbucks owns the mortgage on your house.
• You have a picture of your coffee mug … on your coffee mug.
• Your boss asks to meet with you at 2, and you eagerly ask, “AM or PM?”
• Your birthday is a national holiday in Brazil.

☎ Which famous couple would produce the prettiest baby? And the ugliest?

Here’s one for your website: Artist Nickolay Lamm has posted what ‘Barbie’, ‘Bratz’, and ‘Disney Princess Dolls’ would look like … without makeup.

Don’t look at me in that tone of voice!

Question: When introduced to new people, the first 2 things we judge are their smile and THIS.
Answer: Their grammar.

Question authority, but raise your hand first.

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