Tuesday, October 29, 2013           Edition: #5090

It’s Your Daily Constitutional Sheet!

★ Michael Jackson’s former personal physician, Conrad Murray, convicted of manslaughter for administering a lethal dose of anesthetic to the pop singer, was released from an LA prison yesterday after serving half of his 4-year sentence. Murray, now 60, was convicted in 2011 of unintentional killing without malice. The release is due to a California state plan to reduce prison overcrowding. (After his recent incoherent rambling, perhaps prison isn’t where he belongs.)
– Reuters.com
★ Kim Kardashian is handing over wedding planning to her fiancé Kanye West, who orchestrated an elaborate proposal with music and fireworks on October 21st at San Francisco’s AT&T baseball park. Twice-divorced Kardashian says she’ll let her husband-to-be make all the decisions for their wedding. Quote: “We haven’t really talked about it, but whatever he wants.” (BS translation: He’s paying.)
– People.com
★ Actor Orlando Bloom & model-wife Miranda Kerr have split after 3 years of marriage. A statement from their rep reads in part, “They have been amicably separated for the past few months. After 6 years together, they have recently decided to formalize their separation.” They began dating in 2007, wed in 2010, and welcomed son Flynn in 2011. Bloom has also just listed his Hollywood Hills CA home for $4.5 million. (His troubles seemed to have started after he quit the “Pirates Of the Caribbean” franchise.)
– WENN.com
★ Chris Brown is at least consistent when it comes to homophobic slurs. He and a bodyguard were reportedly released from jail yesterday after allegedly attacking a man early Sunday morning in Washington DC. The 20-year-old victim apparently angered Brown when he tried to jump into a photo the singer was posing for with a female fan. Brown’s alleged reaction: “I’m not down with that gay s–t”, after which he punched the poor guy in the face. (Think he’ll be let off again … for the umpteenth time?)
– RadarOnline.com
★ Netflix is hinting that its big-budget original drama “House of Cards” will run past its scheduled 2 seasons. The Emmy-winning political drama starring Kevin Spacey originally had a 26-episode commitment, but talks are apparently now in progress to keep the series going beyond that. Season 2 premieres in early 2014 and it now appears production on Season 3 could begin shortly afterward. (What we want from Netflix is more “Orange Is the New Black” … pronto!)
– Deadline.com

• “Arsenio Hall” (syndicated) – Wayne Shorter Quartet f/Esperanza (“Without a Net”).
• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/CityTV) – Arcade Fire (“Reflektor”, released today). BS FACTOID: The YouTube stream of “Reflektor” is synced up with footage from the 1959 film “Black Orpheus”, which frontman Win Butler says was an inspiration for the album.
• “Last Call With Carson Daly” (NBC) – The Neighbourhood (“I Love You”).
• “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” (NBC/CTV2) – Chromeo (“White Women”).
• “Late Show With David Letterman” (CBS/NTV/Omni1) – Alan Jackson (“The Bluegrass Album”).
• “Tonight Show With Jay Leno” (NBC/CTV2) – Kodaline (“In a Perfect World”).
• “The Voice” (NBC/CTV) – Contestants each choose a song to perform as the knockout rounds continue.
• “The X Factor” (FOX/CTV2) – Hopefuls perform; the judges announce the ‘Top 12′.

• Buckcherry – Their first “Best Of …” album is out today, which includes “Lit Up”, “Sorry”, and “Crazy Bitch”.
• Ciara – She’s become engaged to rapper-beau Future, who proposed while they were celebrating her 28th birthday. He sealed the deal with a 15-carat diamond ring.
• Death Cab For Cutie – Today they release a 10th anniversary edition of “Transatlanticism”, their breakthrough 2003 album. The special set is available on vinyl as well as in a deluxe digital version.
• Foo Fighters – They’ve been teasing their first-ever shows in Mexico, launching a new website that promises gigs in ‘Diciembre 2013′. Among them: Mexico City on December 13th.
NET: http://foofightersmexico.com
• Kelly Clarkson – Seems a tad early but her new holiday season album “Wrapped in Red” is out today. Her first Christmas album includes “Underneath the Tree”, a retro-sounding original holiday song; plus the love ballad “Winter Dreams”, which features a 50-piece orchestra.
• Lou Reed – “Rolling Stone” is reporting the rock pioneer and influential frontman of the Velvet Underground has died at age 71. His cause of death has yet to be revealed but Reed underwent a liver transplant earlier this year.
• Miley Cyrus – She says she’s having the best time of her life right now, perhaps in part because music is her ‘main relationship’ at the moment.
• Ramones – The new box set, “Ramones: The Sire Years (1976-1981)”, is available today. It compiles the influential band’s first 6 albums. An expanded digital version also includes their output from the rest of the 1980s.
• Seether – The career retrospective “Seether 2002-2013” is out today. The 2-disc, 27-song collection includes 11 hit singles, 3 new tracks, and some rare B-sides.
• Toby Keith – His new album “Drinks After Work” is out today in 10-track standard and 13-track deluxe editions. He’s again the sole producer and main songwriter, penning 9 of the 10 tunes.

• “Cee Lo Green Is Loberace – Live In Vegas” ( NR Music ): A chronicle of his glitzy, glamorous Las Vegas residency that features many of his hit tracks plus classic covers of music that has inspired him over his career. The DVD also includes an interview with Cee Lo.
• “Monsters University” ( G-Rated Animated Adventure ): This prequel to “Monsters, Inc” (2001) looks at the relationship between ‘Mike’ and ‘Sulley’ during their days at ‘Monsters University’. Voice cast includes Billy Crystal, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, Helen Mirren.
• “RIPD” ( PG-13 Fantasy Comedy ): Jeff Bridges & Ryan Reynolds star in the tale of a recently slain cop who joins the undead police officers working for the ‘Rest in Peace Department’ in order to try to find the man who murdered him. Co-stars Kevin Bacon, Mary-Louise Parker.
• “Springsteen & I” ( NR Music Documentary ): This Bruce Springsteen doc is now available on Blu-ray and DVD. The film was executive-produced by Ridley Scott and focuses on the Boss’ loyal fanbase and their connection to him and his music.
• Also released today: “American Experience: War Of the Worlds” (Documentary); “Damages: The Complete Series” (TV); “Line of Duty: Series 1” (TV); and “Move Me Brightly: Celebrating Jerry Garcia’s 70th Birthday” (Music).

• “American Psycho” (2000) … Mary Harron.
• “Silent House” (2011) … Laura Lau.
• “Pet Sematary” (1989) … Mary Lambert.
• “Near Dark” (1987) … Kathryn Bigelow.
• “Jennifer’s Body” (2009) … Karyn Kusama.
– Yahoo! News

Spanking and yelling don’t work when disciplining kids, but reasoning does, according to a new University of Texas study. Many children still get spanked despite evidence that it is ineffective and potentially harmful. The newest research has found that children who are spanked as 5-year-olds are more likely to be aggressive and break rules later in elementary school. That’s because it passes on the message that you can hit people in order to get what you want. The ‘bottom’ line according to researchers: “There’s just no evidence that spanking is good for kids”. (Spare the rod … period.)
– Reuters Health

Highlights of a recent British survey about women and makeup …
• Women spend 40 minutes on average getting ready to see a new boyfriend.
• Many women consider going au natural in front of a new partner a serious step, as they are ‘exposing’ themselves completely. That’s why 60% say they’d wait at least 1 month into a new relationship before going makeup-free.
• Many women claim they feel far less attractive, less confident, and more vulnerable without a full face of make-up. 32% would hate for work colleagues to see them without make-up; 20% couldn’t face their boss.
• And the fear of bare-face even outlasts relationships … 31% say they’d hate to bump into an ex without any makeup on.

It’s true: Women are better at multitasking than men … at least in certain cases. That’s the conclusion of a new UK study that shows men are significantly slower and less organized when switching rapidly between tasks during testing by psychologists. These include jumping between emails, phone calls and assignments, while running in and out of meetings. Or in the household, cooking a meal while looking after young children and having to answer the phone. It seems that men suffer more from this constant switching of tasks, but researchers say there are also advantages to having a one-track mind. (Which we know all men have.)
– BBC News

10. Exercising.
9. Reading a romance novel.
8. Wearing silk to bed.
7. Putting on perfume.
6. Dancing.
5. Soaking in a hot tub.
4. Romantic movies.
3. Watching a sunrise or sunset together.
2. Picnics for two in the country.
1. Candlelight dinners.
– Roper Poll

A man’s walking pace slows by 7% for wives and girlfriends but not for other women; and it actually increases when walking with another man.
– “Times of London”


1947 [66] Richard Dreyfuss, Brooklyn NY, movie actor (“RED”, “Mr Holland’s Opus”)

1957 [56] Dan Castellaneta, Chicago IL, TV voice-over actor (‘Homer’ on “The Simpsons” since 1989)

1971 [42] Winona Ryder (Horowitz), Winona MN, movie actress (“Frankenweenie”, “Girl Interrupted”)

1984 [29] Chris Baio, Bronxville NY, indie rock musician (Vampire Weekend-“White Sky”, “Cousins”)

• “Hermit Day”, the perfect excuse to curl up with a good book and enjoy a day of peace and quiet.

• “International Cat Day”, a day for cat fanatics to dote over their felines … as if they don’t the rest of the year.
NET: http://www.nationalcatday.com

• “Internet Day”, observed on the 44th anniversary of the 1st connection on what would become the ‘Internet’. On October 29, 1969 bits of data flowed between computers at UCLA and the Stanford Research Institute. Within a year, 10 sites were connected and there were soon applications, such as email.

• “Laugh a Lot Suddenly For No Reason Day” … just before they take you away for safekeeping.

• “World Psoriasis Day”, an annual observance to increase awareness of the life-long skin disorder that causes red, scaly patches on skin. It’s estimated some 125 million people worldwide suffer from the malady.
NET: http://www.worldpsoriasisday.com

2012 [01] Hurricane Sandy hits the USA’s East Coast, killing 148 directly and 138 indirectly, while leaving nearly $70 billion in damages and causing major power outages

2005 [08] Wax figures of The Beatles used on the cover of the “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” album are auctioned off for £81,500 after being discovered languishing in a back room of London’s Madame Tussauds wax museum

1945 [68] 1st ‘Ballpoint Pen’ goes on sale, 57 years after it was first patented ($12.95)

1983 [30] Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side Of the Moon” becomes ‘Longest-Charting Album of All-Time’ as it logs its 491st week on the “Billboard” ‘Top 200′ album chart (lasts 740 weeks altogether until July 13, 1988)

2008 [05] Delta Air Lines merges with Northwest Airlines, creating the world’s largest airline

[Wed] Create a Great Funeral Day
[Wed] Devils Night (or Mischief Night)
[Wed] Candy Corn Day
[Thurs] Halloween
[Thurs] Caramel Apple Day
This Week Is … Disarmament Week
This Month Is … World Menopause Month


• Whyzit you can never buy a bottle of shampoo without ‘25% extra’ in it?
• Whyzit there are planes in the ocean but no ships in the sky?
• Whyzit when you’re ‘making a living’ you’re barely making enough to survive but when you’re ‘making a killing’ you’re making enough to really live it up?
• Whyzit we spend $5 to dry clean a shirt? Wouldn’t it be more economical to donate it
to Goodwill, let them clean it and put it on a hanger, and next morning buy it back for 75 cents?
• Whyzit the fattest man in the world hasn’t become a hockey goalie?

☎ Should people who are in shape get a tax credit?

Which popular Halloween activity started as a way of determining one’s future spouse?
a. Trick or Treating.
b. Bobbing for Apples. [CORRECT. A different name was tagged on each apple.]
c. Carving Pumpkins.
– AkronLibrary.org

Well, what took this so long? The cats of the Internet … in one gigantic kaleidoscope. Just in time for “International Cat Day” today.
NET: http://catleidoscope.sergethew.com/

That’s just further proof that your entire life you’ve been meandering to a different drummer.

Question: Pets destroy over $1 billion dollars worth of THIS every year.
Answer: Electronic gadgetry, such as smartphones and tablets.

You can’t have everything. Where would you put it?

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