October 13, 2000      Never Walk Under a Black Cat      #1910

TODAY is the supposedly unlucky day “Friday the 13th”. Every year has at least one, but never more than three.
• Fear of the number 13 dates back to Nordic mythology. A later superstition said that if 13 people sat at a table, one would die before the year was out, based on the last supper.
• Walking under a ladder is considered bad luck because a ladder leaning against a wall forms a triangle, and Egyptians believed strongly in the power of pyramids and triangles. To break the triangle was considered very dangerous.
• Fear of black cats also goes back to ancient Egypt where the Goddess Bast was a black female cat.
• Knocking on wood was to keep the evil spirits that lived in it from coming out.
• Saying ‘bless you’ when someone sneezes dates from the 6th century, when it was believed sneezes expelled evil from the body.

It was announced YESTERDAY that Stompin’ Tom Connors is among this year’s winners of Governor General’s Awards, to be presented NOVEMBER 3rd (will Adrienne Clarkson join him in a rousing rendition of “Bud the Spud”?) . . . Word is former MuchMusic VJ turned CBS White House correspondent John Roberts will bump Dan Rather as “CBS Evening News” anchor as early as late November (we remember JD as a radio swing jock) . . . 98 Degrees‘ former management company has filed a $25-million lawsuit claiming the boys dumped it when they hit it big (it’s the hardest thing they ever had to do) . . . Word is it’s over between Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs & Jennifer Lopez after she caught him in an ‘explicit phone conversation’ (if you had my love and I gave you all my trust would you lie to me?).

The Robert Altman comedy “Dr T and the Women” stars Richard Gere as a successful gynecologist who’s overwhelmed by the women in his life, played by Helen Hunt, Farrah Fawcett, Shelley Long & Laura Dern (his real-life live-in, former “Law & Order” star Carey Lowell, is reportedly giving him hassles too, telling him no more kids unless he marries her) . . . In “The Contender”, Joan Allen plays a US Senator who faces opposition when chosen by the President (Jeff Bridges) to replace the VP who suddenly dies . . . In the horror thriller “Lost Souls”, Winona Ryder unearths a conspiracy to enable the Devil to assume human form . . . The comedy “The Ladies Man” stars Tim Meadows as a smooth-talking woman chaser who gets fired from his late-night RADIO TALK SHOW.

According to a poll by a men’s magazine, about 70% of men have a pet name for their er, uh, manhood. Some of the most popular — ‘Junior’, ‘Jack’, ‘Ace’, ‘Big Boy’, ‘Sam’, and ‘Slugger’. Interesting that only half of those surveyed say they reveal the nickname to their partners.

The UK’s Ministry of Defence has a project code-named ‘Crusader 21′ whose mandate is to develop bullet and bomb-proof bras and underwear. The top-secret designs should be ready by 2002 in anticipation of women being allowed in the British infantry. (Take it from our country’s experience — make ‘em man-proof!)


1941    [59] Paul Simon, Newark NJ, pop singer/songwriter (“You’re the One”, “Graceland”)
1959    [41] Marie Osmond, Ogden UT, sometime singer/”Miss America” co-host with Donnie
1962    [38] Kelly Preston, Honolulu HI, movie actress (“For Love of the Game”, “Jerry McGuire”)/Mrs John Travolta since 1991

1927    [73] Roger Moore, London ENG, movie actor (‘James Bond’ 1973-85) NOTE: He’s just agreed to a divorce settlement that pays ex-3rd wife Luisa $15 million
1939     [61] Ralph Lauren (Lipshitz), Bronx NY, fashion designer        
1974    [26] Natalie Maines, Austin TX, country singer (Dixie Chicks-“Fly”, “Wide Open Spaces”)
1978    [22] Usher (Raymond), Atlanta GA, R&B singer (“Nice & Slow”, “You Make Me Wanna”)
1996     [04] Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon, LA CA, daughter of Madonna, sired via Carlos Leon

TOMORROW is  “Be Bald & Be Free Day”, a day to be ‘shiny and proud’ and mothball the ol’ toupee. Ask listeners which celebs wear the worst wigs.

TOMORROW is “National Frump Day”, honoring the world’s largest silent majority — average, unpretentious, regular folks. (In other words, ‘trailer trash’.)

SUNDAY is “National Grouch Day,” a day to allow grouches time to spout off. (Like Andy Rooney.)

1903     [97] 1st ‘World Series’ (Boston Pilgrims beat Pittsburgh Pirates 5 games to 3 in best of 9)
1905     [95] ‘Ontario Provincial Police’ (OPP) established
1947    [53] 1st NHL ‘All-Star Game’ (All-Stars beat defending Stanley Cup champ Maple Leafs)
1983     [17] 1st ‘cellular phone’

[Sat] National Dessert Day
[Sun] White Cane Safety Day (always put it safely in the back seat when driving)
[Mon] National Boss Day
National Metric Week (only Myanmar, Liberia, and the USA do NOT use the metric system)
National Roller Skating Month


• Researchers are attributing the increase in late September childbirths to increased sexual activity 9 months ago due to Y2K. (True! Did you get lucky New Year’s Eve?)
• The average human body contains enough plutonium to make a nuclear bomb. (BS. But there is enough carbon to make 900 pencils, enough iron to make a 3-inch nail and enough phosphorous for 2,200 match heads!)
• When you sneeze, it can cloud your brain and affect your thinking for up to 40 seconds. (True.  Experts say many car wrecks and industrial accidents are caused by a single sneeze.)
• There’s a species of turtle in Jamaica that can fly. (BS, unless you score some really potent ganga.)
• The average person will spend 2 weeks of their lifetime waiting for traffic lights to change. (True. Except in Montreal, where you just drive on through.)
An expert — someone who knows tomorrow why today’s prediction failed.

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