October 21 2019

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Monday, October 21, 2019 – Edition: #6555


★ Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney tied the knot in front of family and friends in Newport, Rhode Island on Saturday. The glitzy guest list is reported to have included Adele, Ashley Olsen, Emma Stone, Kris Jenner, and Amy Schumer, and at Friday’s rehearsal dinner, stars like Cameron Diaz and Nicole Ritchie enjoyed a clambake. Guests were treated to an extravagant menu, including wood-roasted fish with herbs and lemon-infused butter or five-week-aged leg of beef with forager’s sauce for their entree. As for dessert, house-made marshmallow s’mores were reportedly on the menu. The wedding venue, “The Belcourt of Newport” was rumored to be haunted at one point with ghost and murder mystery tours being offered years ago.
★ Bill Maher has never been afraid to share his thoughts about Donald Trump, but on Friday’s edition of “Real Time”, he took his criticism of the president to scathing new heights. He offered a million-dollar bribe if Trump would resign — and offered a reasonable assurance he could bump that number up to a cool billion with the help of some other Trump-hating celebrities.
★ Robert Pattinson says his “Batman” will have a dark side. He says that the character ”is not the golden boy”. He describes his version of the iconic hero as a ”complicated character’, which suits him, because he doesn’t think he could play a “real hero”. Pattinson will play the Caped Crusader in Matt Reeves’ forthcoming film, “The Batman”, which is set for release in 2021. It being directed by Matt Reeves, whose credits include “War for the Planet of the Apes”.
★ Paul Rudd was buried alive for his new show “Living With Yourself”. Rudd says that that the dramatic opening scene of the new Netflix show, which sees him climbing out of a grave while wrapped in a plastic bag, was terrifying to film. Speaking to Jimmy Kimmel, he said: ”I walked to set, which was just in a public park, by the way. People are riding their bikes, I’m in a diaper getting into a grave.” Rudd also revealed that the only way he could breathe when buried was through a snorkel-like tube.
★ Quentin Tarantino isn’t backing down in his standoff with China. Despite China delaying its release of Tarantino’s movie “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” due to its depiction of Bruce Lee, he has no intention of recutting it for the country. Reports are that he “is taking a take-it-or-leave-it stance” in the wake of Chinese regulators pulling the film from the schedule a week before its scheduled release in the country this Friday.”


• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/Global): Bruce Springsteen, Alicia Keys
• “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon” (NBC/CTV): Scarlett Johansson, Pete Buttigieg, Jim James, Teddy Abrams & the Louisville Orchestra
• “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” (CBS/Global): Julie Andrews, Jonathan Groff, YUNGBLUD featuring Dan Reynolds
• “Late Night with Seth Meyers” (NBC/CTV): Mariska Hargitay, Lizzy Caplan, Sam Fender, Terence Higgins
• ” The Late Late Show with James Corden” (CBS/CTV): Paul Rudd, Hasan Minhaj, Anthony Ramos
• “Lights Out with David Spade” (COMEDY): Martin Short, Maya Rudolph (R)
• “Conan” (TBS): Rosario Dawson, Dulcé Sloan
• “Watch What Happens Live” (Bravo): Wendi McLendon-Covey, Rachael Ray
• “The View” (ABC/CTV): Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Shannon
• “The Talk” (CBS): Helen Mirren
• “Live with Kelly and Ryan” (ABC/CTV): Jimmy Kimmel, Naomie Harris
• “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (NBC/CTV): Ellentube Special, featuring Jon Dorenbos, Kristen Bell, Lauren Pomerantz, Adam Levine
• “The Kelly Clarkson Show” (CHECK LOCAL LISTINGS): Cedric the Entertainer, Mindy Kelly, Danica Patrick
• “Dancing With the Stars” (ABC): The nine remaining couples compete; the cast of “Dancing With the Stars — Live Tour 2020” performs; one couple is eliminated.
• “The Voice” (NBC): The battle rounds continue as the coaches enlist music industry powerhouses Normani, Darius Rucker, Usher and will.i.am to prepare their artists to go head-to-head.
• “2019 American Humane Hero Dog Awards” (HALLMARK): Extraordinary canine finalists, selected in a nationwide online search, are honored for their remarkable devotion, bravery and companionship.
• “Catherine the Great” (HBO): Helen Mirren stars as the Russian empress who ruled for much of the 18th century. The 4-part series focuses on the later years of her reign, marked by her affair with Grigory Potemkin.

• Lady Gaga – Instagrammed an X-ray of her hand giving the “OK” sign after falling off the stage on Thursday night in Las Vegas. In the caption, she wrote that her “entire body” was scanned. The accident occurred after she invited a fan up on stage and climbed into his arms. He took a misstep and both tumbled off the stage.
• Mac Miller – His mother, Karen Meyers, is imploring those who knew him to refrain from participating in an unofficial biography being written about him. She took to Instagram with her request, letting the public know that the upcoming bio has not been approved by his estate.
• Aretha Franklin — Forest Whitaker, Marlon Wayans, Audra McDonald and Mary J. Blige have joined the cast of the Franklin biopic “Respect”, starring Jennifer Hudson. It is scheduled to open in theaters on Aug. 14, 2020.
• Prince – To celebrate the 40th anniversary of his self-titled second album, his estate has released the acoustic demo of ‘I Feel For You’. It was recorded in the winter of 1978-79. Chaka Khan’s 1984 version won two Grammys.
• Pat Benatar – With more than 1.3 million votes cast, she leads the fan vote for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with 150,000. The Doobie Brothers and Soundgarden are close behind with 135,000 and 128,000. (***Updated leaderboard here: https://www.rockhall.com/standings/ ***)
• Def Leppard – drummer Rick Allen is among the rockers who have had a spider named after him. A Brazilian biologist and heavy metal fan has christened a newly discovered species “Extraordinarius rickalleni”. Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson, Scorpions singer Klaus Meine and late Angra singer  André Matos have been similarly honored.
• Chris Janson – says his new single ‘Done’ is his favorite of all time. Why? It has everything to do with his wife, Kelly Lynn, who is always a catalyst for Janson’s love songs. And he particularly loves the opening line: “Done, the first time I saw you, done.”
• Keith Urban – has announced a Las Vegas residency. He will be playing a 12-date run of performances over the course of the year at the Coliseum at Caesars Palace. “Keith Urban Live — Las Vegas” kicks off with four dates in January beginning on the 10th, and he will return to Vegas over the course of several months, wrapping up on Nov. 21.

A new study of 2,000 Americans examined the personality differences in people based on their morning beverage of choice: coffee or tea. And oddly, while you might expect coffee drinkers to be the “wired” ones, tea drinkers were found to be more likely to be extroverted, adventurous night owls. Other findings of the survey, which was conducted by OnePoll for the Chinet brand:
• The average coffee drinker downs 3.4 cups per day, tea drinkers: 2.7 cups.
• Coffee drinkers are more likely to be “light sleepers”.
• 57% of tea drinkers are “average” sleepers.
• Coffee drinkers are more likely to say they are “always” on time.
• Coffee drinkers are more likely to enjoy “Grey’s Anatomy”, The Office” and “Seinfeld”.
• Tea drinkers prefer “The Walking Dead”, “Friends” and “The Big Bang Theory”.
• Coffee drinkers like punk, rock, blues and jazz music.
• Tea drinkers like classical, country, pop or hip-hop/rap.
• Coffee fans are 96% more likely to drink their brew black.
• Tea fans are 35% more likely to add sugar to their drinks.
(How do I take mine? Seriously. Very seriously.)
(And sweet tea drinkers are 50% more likely to prefer theirs with insulin!)

While the perception might be that working from home is less lucrative than a traditional office job, that’s not the case anymore. New U.S. census data shows that the median salary of those who worked from home last year was $42,400, which is approximately $2,000 more than those who commuted to an office via public transportation or by car. That also far exceeds the median earnings of those who took a cab or cycled to work ($30,400), and those who walked ($21,800). That means those who work from home are now the highest earners in the U.S.
(Plus there’s all that money you save on pants!)
(No wonder my boss won’t let me work from home. He’d have to give me a raise!)
(When I work from home, I always put quotations around the word “work”.)

It’s not exactly a decision with life-altering consequences, but it’s still one that we don’t take lightly. I’m talking, of course, about selecting a stall in a public restroom. The prevailing idea is that you should avoid the middle stalls, and choose the first one. The thinking is that the first one is the least-used, so it is likely to be cleanest. An analysis of toilet paper usage in public bathrooms at least partially backed that up. It was found that while 60 per cent of finished rolls came from the middle stalls, only 40 per cent came from those at the ends. That indicates that more people used the stalls in the middle than the first or the last. Meanwhile, a New York Magazine survey found that when not using the middle stall, men show a preference for the stall closest to the door, while women go to the one that is furthest away. But remember: just because it is used less frequently, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is cleaner. Sometimes that only depends on who used it last…
(Well, I certainly don’t use the middle stall. If you’re on the end, at least you only have ONE next-door neighbor!)
(I just take the one with the toilet paper.)
(And why do they call them “Stalls”? Because if you’re using one, it’s usually because you can’t ‘stall’ any longer!)

✓ Use the lid to pots & pans when cooking. It can reduce energy consumption by 14%.
✓ Reheat leftovers with the microwave instead of the stove. Microwaves use 50% less energy.
✓ Install dimmer switches for overhead lights to reduce energy use and extend lightbulb life.
✓ Lower the thermostat when you’re away. ‘Smart’ thermostats allow you to do this daily.
✓ -18°C (-0.4 F) is the magic efficiency setting for your freezer. Frozen is frozen.
✓ Clean your dryer’s exhaust vent. Use a vacuum to suck out all the lint that builds up.
✓ Wrap your hot water tank with an electric water heater blanket. It reduces heat loss by 40%.
✓ Make sure outdoor lights use motion sensors as it’s easy to leave them on by mistake.
✓ Weather-strip doors and windows, an easy way to insulate your home and save on energy.
✓ Invest in energy-efficient appliances. Energy Star appliances use substantially less energy.
– Lifehack

A trial journey for what will become the world’s longest commercial flight touched down early Sunday morning. Australian airline Qantas was testing a 20-hour nonstop journey from New York City to Sydney. Project Sunrise covered 10,000 miles (16,000 kilometres) in a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, with a team of researchers from Sydney University monitoring how passengers coped with the extended trip.


1942 [77] Judy Sheindlin, Brooklyn NY, TV judge (“Judge Judy” since 1996)

1949 [70] Benjamin Netanyahu, Tel Aviv, Israel, 9th Israeli Prime Minister (1996-99, 2009-present)

1957 [62] Steve Lukather, San Fernando Valley CA, rock guitarist (Toto-‘Africa’, Hold the Line’, session work includes Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” album)

1977 [42] Matthew Ramsey, Buchanan VA, country singer (Old Dominion–‘Break Up with Him’, ‘Snapback’)

1980 [39] Kim Kardashian, Los Angeles CA, media personality/businesswoman/socialite/model (“Keeping Up With the Kardashians” since 2007)/Mrs. Kanye West since 2014

• “Babbling Day”, a day of tolerance for those who run off at the mouth … unless they’re on-the-air. (Broadcasting rule #1: It’s better to be brief than boring.)

• “Garbanzo Bean Day”, celebrating the legume also known as the chickpea. They can be eaten cold in salads or cooked in stews. They’re also the basis of the popular dip hummus.

• “International Day of the Nacho”, celebrating the popular snack food that originated in Mexico. First created circa 1943 by Ignacio ‘Nacho’ Anaya while working at a restaurant called the Victory Club in Piedras Negras, original nachos consisted of fried tortilla chips covered with melted cheese and jalapeño peppers.

• “Pumpkin Cheesecake Day”, a seasonal dish traditionally made with a graham cracker crust and a pumpkin purée cheesecake filling.

• “Reptile Awareness Day”, to raise awareness that habitat-loss and the threat of extinction are significant concerns in the world of reptilian life.

• “Back to the Future Day”, It’s the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel to the future (from 1985 to 2015) in their time machine, the DeLorean, in Stephen Spielberg’s “Back To The Future: Part II.”

[Tues] Eat a Pretzel Day
[Tues] Clean Up the Earth Day
[Wed] iPod Day
[Wed] Canning Day
This Week Is … National Massage Therapy Week
This Week Is…Teen Driving Safety Driving Week in Canada
This Month Is…National Pasta Month
This Month Is … Caffeine Addiction Recovery Month

1992 [27] Madonna’s book “Sex” is released. Everything about it is shocking: the $50 price, the Mylar wrapping, the metal covers, and especially the images inside

2011 [08] The end of the world fails to materialize despite the prediction of 89-year-old radio preacher Harold Camping (his 4th attempt)

2006 [13] Evanescence tops the chart with their 2nd album “The Open Door” (the 700th #1 album in “Billboard Magazine” since the chart became a weekly feature in 1956)

1998 [21] NY Yankees set a Major League Baseball record of 125 victories for the regular and post season combined


✓ The term “footage” comes from the early days of movie-making, when films were measured in feet while being edited.
✓ In 2005, Mark Zuckerberg unsuccessfully tried to sell Facebook for $75 million. It was known as TheFacebook at the time. Current value? $140 billion.
✓ There is an opposite of albino animals, which are all black. These are known as “melanistic” animals.
✓ In Slovakia, it is a tradition to keep “Christmas Carp”, which live in the family bathtub, for a few days before they are eaten.
✓ It is theoretically possible to dig a hole to China…if you start digging in Argentina.
✓ Sunsets on Mars are blue.

• “Swing, batter, batter, batter….swing!”
• “You’re out! I think.”
• “You’re in!”
• “I like big bats and I cannot lie.”
• “Get off my lawn!”
• “Touchdown!”
• “I also work at Foot Locker.”
• “Who’s on first?”
• “My bad.”
• “Strike four!”

Best of BS . . .
You show up wearing an aluminum foil suit in case of ‘enemy attack’.
• You mention your previous job interfered with your drinking.
• Your résumé lists your last 3 jobs as Defender of the Galaxy, Sidekick to Defender of the Galaxy, and Assistant Manager of Inter-Galactic 7-11.
• Instead of shaking hands, you ask them to ‘pull your finger’.
• Employers don’t seem to be buying your Tourette’s Syndrome excuse.
• Small-minded potential employers find ‘alien abductions’ an unacceptable explanation for gaps in work history.
• All your answers are whispered into the interviewer’s ear by your sock puppet, ‘Socky’.
– First published in ‘BS’ 2013.

A particular class? A long airport layover? A dreadful conversation? When you think back on all the times you’ve been really bored, what stands out?

Why pay money to have your family tree traced? Go into politics and your opponents will do it for you.

Question: According to a poll of adults, about half think THIS is inappropriate until the 3rd date.
Answer: Talking about politics.

A new broom sweeps clean, but the old brush knows all the corners.


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