Tuesday, October 18, 2016 – Edition: #5831

Good Morning, Sheetheads!

★ Tonight Mark Ballas (“Dancing With the Stars”) becomes the final actor to take over the lead role in the Tony Award-winning Broadway production of “Jersey Boys”. The musical dramatizing the career of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons is shuttering January 15th after 4,642 shows over 11 years at the August Wilson Theatre. It debuted in La Jolla CA in 2004 before making its way to NYC in 2005. It’s set to end as the 12th-longest show in Broadway history, having grossed more than $2 billion worldwide in its various productions.
– ETOnline.com
★ AMC is giving an early renewal to its blockbuster series “The Walking Dead”. The zombie drama has been renewed for an 8th season just before the debut of its eagerly awaited 7th season, which premieres Sunday at 9 pm. The after-show discussion “Talking Dead” has been renewed as well (TV’s highest-rated talk show). Season 8 will premiere late next year and kick off with the drama’s 100th episode.
– EW.com
★ And actress Sarah Jessica Parker is teasing (threatening?) that a 3rd “Sex & The City” movie is, quote, “fairly nearby”. The actress is currently promoting her new HBO series “Divorce”, but can’t escape questions about the future of ‘Carrie Bradshaw’. Last month Parker spoke about the possibility of another movie, saying that none of the stars had ruled it out. “I don’t think any of us have said no,” she told the Press Association. Seems ‘Carrie’, ‘Samantha’, ‘Charlotte’, and ‘Miranda’ may not be done just yet.
– CBS News

• “Ellen” (syndicated/CTV2) – Troye Sivan (“Blue Neighbourhood”).
• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/CityTV) – Oldies singer Kenny Loggins; X Ambassadors w/Tom Morello (“VHS”);
• “Last Call With Carson Daly” (NBC) – Mac DeMarco (“Salad Days”).
• “Late Show With Stephen Colbert” (CBS/Global) – Joseph (“I’m Alone, No You’re Not”).
• “The Real” (syndicated) – Alessia Cara (“Know-It-All”).
• “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” (NBC/CTV2) – Tove Lo (“Lady Wood”, out October 28th).
• “The Voice” (NBC/CTV2) – Bette Midler, Charlie Puth, Joan Jett, and Sammy Hagar join the coaches as guest advisers.

• Adele – The 28-year-old says son Angelo’s advancing years (he’s almost 4) are making her pine for another baby. Quote: “So my womb is starting to ache a little bit. It’s like, ‘Baby, baby, baby. Need a baby, need a baby!’.” Her 107-date world tour is due to end in November.
• Demi Lovato – She says she wants to fight in MMA. Kidding?
• Katy Perry – The 31-year-old is hinting she’s ready to have children. After dating actor Orlando Bloom for over a year, she admits kids are becoming a ”big focus” for her.
• Little Mix – Perrie Edwards has confirmed former fiancé Zayn Malik broke up with her via text message. The former One Direction member called time on the relationship in 2015. 23-year-old Edwards says it was the worst time in her life.
• Phil Collins – He’s announced his comeback with a European tour that begins with a 5-night residency at London’s Albert Hall in June 2017. The 65-year-old has also 2 nights scheduled in Cologne, Germany and in Paris, France. The tour’s name? “Not Dead Yet: Live 2017 Tour”.
• Roger Waters – He’s announced his 2017 “Us + Them” North American tour, which kicks off next May in Kansas City MO and winds up in Vancouver BC next October. He tells “Rolling Stone” he should have a new solo record out next year as well.
• Tupac Shakur – A diamond-encrusted gold pendant he was wearing when shot in 1994 is up for sale. Memorabilia dealer Moments In Time is selling the bullet-dented keepsake for $125,000. The rap icon survived the attempt on his life in NYC but died in another shooting incident 2 years later.

Coming out on DVD, Netflix, Google Play and/or other video providers …
• “Alice Through the Looking Glass” ( PG Fantasy Adventure ): In this Disney sequel to the 2010 film, ‘Alice’ returns to the whimsical world of ‘Wonderland’ and travels back in time to save the ‘Mad Hatter’. Stars Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway.
• “Café Society” (PG-13 Romantic Comedy ): Set in the 1930s, Woody Allen’s latest follows a Bronx-born young man (Jesse Eisenberg) who returns to NYC from Hollywood and becomes swept up in the world of high society nightclub life. Co-stars Steve Carell, Kristen Stewart, Blake Lively, Parker Posey.
• “Independence Day: Resurgence” ( PG-13 Action Adventure ): There’s no Will Smith or Randy Quaid (thank goodness) but director Roland Emmerich, who helmed the 1996 original, is back; as are Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum to lead the cast, joined by Liam Hemsworth. This time, the aliens return with an even bigger attack force. Co-stars Sela Ward, Maika Monroe.
• Also being released: “Downton Abbey: Complete Limited Edition Collector’s Set” (TV compilation); “Guilt: Season 1” (TV); “Masterpiece: Mr Selfridge The Complete Series” (TV compilation); “Marx Bros Silver Screen Collection” (film compilation); “75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor” (documentary); and “Teen Wolf Season 5” (TV).

A collar which changes color depending on your dog’s mood has been developed by a biologist in Japan. The ‘Inupathy’ collar monitors the pooch’s heart rhythms and displays whether they are calm, excited, happy, or concentrating. It can also be used by owners to hear beyond the barks and learn how to manage stressful environments for pups. The device’s co-creator, Joji Yamaguchi, says he helped to invent the device because he wanted to gain a better understanding of his dog’s emotions. (Dog emotions? Let’s see … there’s eat, drink, smell, and hump.)
– @BBCClick

If dinner & a movie isn’t doing it for you anymore, try some of these fun date ideas …
• Take a chocolate-making class together. After all, chocolate is an aphrodisiac.
• Try trapeze school. Any physically-challenging activity will get your heart racing.
• Make your own wine or beer. You’ll feel like you created something together.
• Go to an old-school arcade. Even old-fashioned pinball can be a pulse-increasing activity.
• Go horseback riding. Women are known to enjoy the ‘stimulation’ of being in the saddle.
• Join a trivia night. Showing off knowledge is sexy, even if has to do with ’90s one-hit-wonders.
• Improv lessons. If life is feeling way too serious, these can help you see the lighter side.
• Try skeet shooting. Target practice can give you a sudden adrenaline rush.
• Dance class. Dancing compels you to make eye contact and move together in harmony.
• Take massage lessons. Learning how to touch each other in new ways. How can you lose?
– Adapted from iVillage.ca

The grass is about to get greener thanks to DNA technology out of Denmark. Danish scientists say they’ve genetically modified a new grass that is easier on cows’ stomachs, thereby helping them digest the grass more easily and thus belch out less methane gas (no, farting isn’t the problem, as some mistakenly believe). The teams says it’s simply a better diet for the cow, which can utilize the feed more efficiently and therefore release less methane when it burps. What’s more, by being easier to digest, the grass is likely to help improve milk production as well. At the current rate of increase, agricultural methane emissions could jump 60% by the year 2030, much of it attributable to the world’s 1.5 billion cows. (If we all went vegan, what would we do with all of them?)
– #NewsfromElsewhere

The least-healthy snacks dispensed by vending machines, according to a panel of dietitians …
• Breakfast Pastries (such as Pop Tarts)
• Candy Bars
• Potato or Nacho Chips
• Cookies
• Doughnuts
• Sandwich Crackers
• Jerky or Sausage Meats
• Snack Cakes
• Full Sugar Soft Drinks
– Forbes.com

A new survey finds that 1-in-4 college students is hungry. Researchers have polled nearly 3,800 students at 8 community colleges and 26 universities in 12 US states. The study has revealed that nearly half of all students are ‘food insecure’, and 25% among community college students are ‘hungry’ as are 20% at 4-year universities. Food insecurity is defined by the researchers as the lack of reliable access to sufficient amounts of affordable, nutritious food. Very low levels of ‘food security’ qualifies students as ‘hungry’. Food insecurity proves to be a problem even for students with jobs, those enrolled in campus meal plans, and those receiving financial aid. (You can’t survive on ‘barley sandwiches’ alone!)
– HealthDay.com

• You can be served a lawsuit via Twitter.
– “US News & World Report”
• Just 3% of Americans own almost half of the USA’s guns.
– “The Guardian”


1960 [56] Jean-Claude Van Damme (Van Varenberg), Brussels, Belgium, action movie actor (“The Expendables 2”, “Timecop”)

1979 [37] Ne-Yo (Shaffer Smith), Camden AR, pop-R&B singer-songwriter (“Let Me Love You”, “Miss Independent”)

1984 [32] Freida Pinto, Mumbai, India, movie actress (“Rise Of the Planet Of the Apes”, “Slumdog Millionaire”)

1984 [32] Esperanza Spalding, Portland OR, jazz singer-musician (“Radio Song”, “I Can’t Help It”)

1987 [29] Zac Efron, San Luis Obispo CA, movie actor (“Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates”, “High School Musical”) UP NEXT: “Baywatch” (2017).

• “Alaska Day”, commemorating the formal transfer of Alaska from Russian to USA control on this date in 1867, one of the sneakiest real estate deals ever. The US paid $7.2 million, less than 2 cents an acre. Nowadays 20% of the oil produced in the US comes from Alaska.

• “Chocolate Cupcake Day”. They don’t count, right? They’re just little.

• “No Beard Day”, an observance likely started by some guy’s extremely chapped partner.

• “Persons Day”, commemorating the anniversary of the 1929 ruling that declared women to be ‘persons’ in Canada. Previously, under English common law women were ‘persons’ in matters of pains and penalties, but were not ‘persons’ in matters of rights and privileges.

• “Watch a Squirrel Day”, a day of appreciation for the pesky little rodents with cute tails. You can choose to watch a squirrel damage your attic, or watch a squirrel dig up your flower pots, or watch a squirrel empty your bird feeder in just 18 seconds.

• “World Menopause Day”, a collaboration between the International Menopause Society and the World Health Organization for improving awareness on the subject.

2005 [11] An image of a naked John Lennon curled around Yoko Ono, taken on the last day of his life, is named top magazine cover of the past 40 years (the “Rolling Stone” cover shot is by Annie Leibovitz)

2008 [08[ Adele is the musical guest on a “Saturday Night Live” edition hosted by Sarah Palin, giving her a huge boost of exposure (performs “Cold Shoulder” and “Chasing Pavements)

2011 [05] A Birmingham UK court declares 4 of the original members of UB40 bankrupt, after selling 70+ million records over their 33-year career

1977 [39] In Game 6 of the World Series vs LA Dodgers, NY Yankees slugger Reggie Jackson (‘Mr October’) hits 3 home runs off 3 consecutive pitches from 3 different pitchers (Yankees win the game and the series, the team’s first since 1962)

[Wed] Evaluate Your Life Day
[Thurs] Shampoo Day
[Thurs] International Air Traffic Control Day
[Fri] “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back”; “Ouija: Origin of Evil” open in movie theaters
[Fri] Harry Potter Festival & Quidditch Tournament begins (Philadelphia PA)
[Fri] “Great Performance: Hamilton’s America” (PBS)
This Week is … Chestnut Week
This Month is … Long Term Care Planning Month


• ‘Haphazard Undresser’ – If you throw your clothes all over the house, you are a friendly, life-of-the-party type. You are free with your thoughts and opinions, not caring much about what others think of you.
• ‘Meticulous Undresser’ – If you remove each piece of clothing and put it way carefully, you are a serious person who likes life very calm. You are comfortable with routine, and you believe that the best way to deal with life’s problems is to prevent them in the first place.
• ‘Shoes & Socks First Undresser’ – You are a perfectionist, very shy, observant, dependable, intense, and thinks before making decisions. You go about your tasks methodically and with concentration. You know how to pay attention.
• ‘Slow Undresser’ – If you take off the shirt, and 10 minutes later get round to the pants, you are extremely self-confident, intellectual, a deep thinker who doesn’t like to be hassled. Usually you like a lot of free time for yourself.
• ‘Fast Undresser’ – If you get out of your clothes as quickly as possible, you are concerned about others and what they expect from you, but you’re worried about your own needs. You are family-oriented, and stay extremely busy.
• ‘Jewelry Off First Undresser’ – If you take off your rings, watch, etc before anything else, you are warm, thoughtful, sensitive and romantic.
• ‘Never the Same Way Undresser’ – If you never do it the same way twice, you are a very curious, interesting person, and you enjoy a broad range of activities. You take risks and enjoy fun and adventure.

According to a poll of men, the 2 most embarrassing things to discuss with a doctor are sexual problems and weak bladders. What’s #3?
a. Warts.
b. Toenail fungus.
c. Smelly feet. [CORRECT]

If it wasn’t for my faults, I’d be perfect.

☎ Should airline passengers pay by their weight? (A pair of American Samoan businessmen have complained that they had to be weighed before boarding their flight from Honolulu HI. Hawaiian Airlines says it was only to distribute the load evenly around the aircraft.)

Question: 1-in-5 women admit that they lie about THIS on a first date.
Answer: Their real name.

It takes leather balls to play rugby.

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