Friday, September 23, 2005        Edition: #3122
Bully For You!

TODAY would have been Ray Charles 75th birthday, the excuse for a slew of CD releases of his material THIS WEEK (since the movie “Ray” he’s practically been deified – truth is, he wasn’t a very nice guy) . . . TODAY’s issue of “Rolling Stone” features the magazine’s annual “Hot List’, which includes “Lost” TV actress Evangeline Lilly (Fort Saskatchewan AB), “Walk the Line” movie actor Joaquin Phoenix, and Scots rockers Franz Ferdinand (“Take Me Out”) . . . TONIGHT Alicia Keys revives MTV’s defunct “Unplugged” series with an acoustic performance at the Brooklyn Academy of Music . . . TONIGHT George Clooney’s latest directorial effort, “Good Night, and Good Luck”, starring David Strathairn as iconic CBS journalist Edward R Murrow, opens the 43rd “New York Film Festival” at the Lincoln Center . . . SATURDAY “Operation Ceasefire”, a coalition of musicians who oppose the war in Iraq, stage a free, 10-hour music festival on the grounds of the Washington Monument in DC . . . CMT’s “One Country” Hurricane Katrina benefit concert scheduled for OCTOBER 1st at Houston’s Reliant Stadium has been postponed, ironically because of the threat posed by Hurricane Rita (due to hit the Gulf Coast of Texas late TODAY) . . . . It’s not a good weekend for rock-icon Broadway musicals: The John Lennon-themed production “Lennon” closes SATURDAY after only 49 performances, and the Elvis -inspired “All Shook Up” closes SUNDAY after 213 shows . . . Actress Sienna Miller has reportedly laid down the law, telling her cheating ex- Jude Law that she’ll only take him back if he follows ‘6 Commandments’, including listing all the women he’s ever slept with (dude, if you weren’t whipped before, you sure are now!) . . . And “Desperate Housewives” actress Marcia Cross will NOT be inviting her hot-as-a-pistol co-stars to her upcoming wedding to stockbroker Tom Mahoney later THIS YEAR, because he wants a quiet ceremony & she doesn’t want to be upstaged (oh oh, here comes another feud!).

• Brad Paisley – TONIGHT he kicks off the 31-date CMT “Time Well Wasted” tour in Portland OR, with help from Sara Evans & Sugarland.
• Garbage – Shirley Manson has further fueled rumors they’re splitting up by announcing the band will take an indefinite hiatus when their world tour ends.
• INXS – TONIGHT they’re on “Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson” to show off new lead singer JD Fortune (born Jason Dean Bennison in Mississauga ON, then moving to Salt Springs NS at age 5, and more recently sleeping in his car or on friend’s sofas in Toronto & Oakville ON).
• Madonna – Filmmaker David LaChapelle will NOT be shooting the video for her single “Hung Up” due to ‘artistic differences’. Such as? Insiders say she wants control of every little detail, including shooting her so she looks younger.
• Nelly – He’s inked a deal to develop a reality TV series which will chronicle his day-to-day life.
• Nickel Creek – TONIGHT they do “Late Night With Conan O’Brien “.
• Led Zeppelin – 61-year-old all-time-great guitarist Jimmy Page has been made an honorary citizen of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for his work with underprivileged kids in the city.
• Queens Of The Stone Age – TOMORROW they’re on a “Saturday Night Live” rerun on NBC-TV.
• Shaggy – TONIGHT he’s on the “Tonight Show With Jay Leno”.

• “Flightplan” (PG-13 Thriller): Jodie Foster plays an airplane designer who takes her 6-year-old daughter aboard a state-of-the-art 474 aircraft to fly from Berlin to NYC. In the middle of the nonstop flight, the daughter seemingly disappears without a trace … and the crew denies she ever boarded.
• “Corpse Bride” (PG Animated Musical Comedy): A man who puts a wedding ring on the finger of a woman’s skeleton as a joke gets more than he bargained for when she comes back as a ghost and claims she’s now legally his bride. Voices include Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter & Tracey Ullman. The movie’s puppets are made from stainless steel armatures covered with silicon skin. This is the first feature film made with digital still photography cameras instead of film cameras.
• “Roll Bounce” (PG-13 Romantic Comedy): Set in the late ’70s, when roller skating was hugely popular. After a neighborhood rink closes, a gang of skaters is forced to head uptown to the Sweetwater Roller Rink where they face off in the ‘Roller Jam’ skate-off with preppy locals. Rapper Bow Wow stars as ‘X’. 10% of opening weekend proceeds go to hurricane relief.

Dental experts say that drinking bottled water fails to protect children’s teeth from decay because the levels of fluoride in it are low compared to fluoridated tap water. A presentation at the “World Dental Congress” in Montréal suggests that the fluoride content of 25 popular brands of bottled water are simply too low to be effective. The fluoride intake of kids who drink bottled water is up to 48% less than those drinking water from the faucet. (Hear that funeral music Perrier? It’s called “Taps”!).
– ANI Health & Science

THIS WEEK UK publisher Len Budd launched “The 100-Minute Bible”, a radical repackaging of ‘the good book’ for those without time or inclination to digest the real deal. Budd hopes his modern-English retelling of 50 of the most important Biblical stories will reach a modern audience that’s on-the-go. Each story takes about 2 minutes. (“In the beginning … we’re all going to hell.”)
– “The Independent”

The common cold could be a thing of the past if a new nasal spray lives up to its hype. Ron Eccles, Director of the Common Cold Centre at Cardiff University in Wales, says the spray is the first to attack the virus that causes the cold, rather than just soothe symptoms such as  coughing, aching sneezing, wheezing, runny nose, fever, stuffy head, sore throat, hacking, etc. It’s being hailed as the biggest-ever breakthrough in cold remedies. (It’s actually just chicken soup in aerosol form.)
– “Daily Mail”

Smokers who believe that limiting their butts to just a few a day are in for a shock: Puffing on just 1-to-4 cigarettes a day almost triples a person’s risk of heart disease, according to a new study by Norwegian scientists. The researchers say that so-called ‘light’ smokers face all the same diseases as chain-smokers, including cancer. (Go for a pack-a-day and get it over with!)
– “British Medical Journal”

• A plane carrying 300 soccer fans from the African nation of Gambia faked a fuel emergency in order to land in time for the country’s quarter-final FIFA soccer game in Peru. The plane should have landed in Lima, but when the fans realized they would miss it, the pilot faked an emergency landing in the northern city of Piura – where the game was taking place.
• The US Department of Defense has sought the help of advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi to ‘re-brand’ the war on terrorism. CEO Kevin Roberts was invited to address a gathering of intelligence agencies and suggested “something groovier and more inclusive” to refer to the war, such as – ‘A Fight for a Better World’.
• A new Dutch TV talk show called “Shoot Up & Swallow” is generating complaints after announcing plans to have a field reporter use heroin and other illegal drugs on-the-air during the weekly show. That would be illegal, even in the liberal Netherlands where marijuana is sold and used openly. The show’s producer, BNN, has caused viewer anger with previous shows, including one that detailed how to have sex in a nightclub.
• The fastest-selling new action toy is a 5-inch plastic model of – a middle-aged librarian! Some 100,000 ‘Librarian Action Figures’ have sold even though the figure’s only ‘action’ is raising a finger to her lips. The idea was born at a tipsy dinner party in 2002 when a Seattle librarian suggested to a toy-maker that her low-key profession needed it’s own superhero.
• A 52-year-old farmer from Galati, Romania has paid the price for wedding a young bride. Gheorghe Popa was carrying a sack of grain to his barn when he stopped to ogle his hot 25-year-old wife as she hung laundry. That apparently got him over-excited and he accidentally dropped the heavy sack on his … er, equipment, thereby snapping vital tendons and ligaments. A doctor says the bizarre accident means poor Gheorghe may never use the organ again – at least for sexual purposes.

Worldwide warfare last peaked in 1991, when there were 51 separate armed conflicts being battled. Today there are comparatively few wars being waged around-the-globe – only 20.
– “Peace & Conflict 2005″


1943 [62] Julio Iglesias, Madrid, Spain, old fart pop singer (w/Willie Nelson-“To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before”)/father of Enrique Iglesias

1949 [56] Bruce Springsteen, Freehold NJ,  old fart rock singer (Grammy Awards-“Dancing in the Dark”, “Tunnel of Love”, Academy Award-“Streets of Philadelphia”)/Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (1999)

1972 [33] Jermaine Dupri (Mauldin), Atlanta GA, producer/recording exec/Janet Jackson’s manager-boyfriend

Movie actress/screenwriter Nia Vardalos (“My Big Fat Greek Wedding”) is 43; Country drummer Marty Mitchell (Ricochet) is 36; Pop singer/guitarist Marty Cintron (No Mercy) is 34.

TV personality Barbara Walters is 74; Canadian folk icon Ian Tyson (Ian & Sylvia) is 72; Movie actor Michael Douglas (Mr Catherine Zeta-Jones) is 61; TV actress Aida Turturro (“The Sopranos”) is 43; TV actor Tate Donovan (“The OC”) is 42; Movie actor/singer Will Smith (“Hitch”/”Switch”) is 37; Movie actress Catherine Zeta-Jones (Mrs Michael Douglas) is 36.

TODAY is –
• “Native American Day”, observed annually on the 4th Friday in September.

• “Berlin Marathon” in Germany, not only a major sporting event but a huge folk festival. LAST YEAR it attracted some 28,000 runners, 6,500 inline skaters, plus power walkers & wheelchair athletes, representing 91 nations around-the-world.
• “National Book Festival”, organized and sponsored by the Library of Congress and hosted by first lady Laura Bush on the National Mall in Washington DC. Writers expected to attend include John Irving, Tom Wolfe & Tony Hillerman.
• “National Hunting & Fishing Day”, the 34th annual observance designed to create better public awareness of the important role that outdoorsmen & women play in conservation and improving our natural resources. (Yeah right, ya Bambi killers.)

• “Comic Book Day”, honoring the printed entertainment form pioneered by Rodolphe Topffer, a Swiss teacher, author, painter, cartoonist & caricature artist  (1799-1846). Without comic books, we would never have seen the movies “Batman Begins”, “Fantastic Four”, “Sin City” and “Elektra” – and that’s in 2005 alone!
• “One-Hit Wonder Day”, honoring musicians who made it big only once before fading into obscurity. According to VH-1, the all-time greatest one-hit wonder is “La Macarena” by Los Del Rio (1996). For an artist & title list, try these sites …

THIS MONTH is “Subliminal Marketing Month”. The journal “Science” says that subliminal messages actually CAN influence how people think, but only for a brief period of time and only if the message is limited to one word. Tried any subliminal promos on your station?

2002 [03] “CSI: Miami” premieres on CBS-TV

1997 [08] One-hit-wonder Chumbawamba releases mega-hit “Tubthumper”

1845 [160] 1st ‘Baseball Club’ organizes & adopts rules (NY Knickerbockers)

[Mon] Food Service Employees Day
[Mon-Sept 29] World Toilet Summit [Belfast, Northern Ireland]
[Tues] World Tourism Day
[Tues] CBS-TV’s “The Amazing Race: Family Edition” debuts
[Wed] Ask A Stupid Question Day
[Wed] Women’s Health & Fitness Day
[Thurs-Oct 14] 24th “Vancouver International Film Festival”
[Thurs] Goose Day
[Thurs] Pumpkin Day
This Week Is . . . Farm Animals Awareness Week
This Month Is . . . Cable TV Month


• You have ever brought a scholarly article to a bar.
• You rate coffee shops by the availability of outlets for your laptop.
• You have ever discussed academic matters at a sporting event.
• You find the bibliographies of books more interesting than the actual text.
• You find yourself explaining to kids that you are in ‘20th grade’.
• You have difficulty reading anything that doesn’t have footnotes.
• Saturday nights spent studying no longer seem weird.

The week’s most requested music files online …
1. Rihanna– “Pon De Replay”
2. David Banner – “Play”
3. Mariah Carey – “Shake It Off”
4. Bow Wow – “Like You”
5. Black Eyed Peas – “Don’t Lie”
– BigChampagne online music measurement.

Model Kate Moss has been dumped by 3 big fashion houses in the past week since admitting to cocaine use. But that’s generated the most buzz around her name she’s ever had. Think she can use that to her advantage (like Martha Stewart parlayed jail time into bigger fame & fortune) or has her career gone down the old porcelain receptacle?

High-quality audio clips of new movie releases, currently playing films, and past movies are available for download at the Radio Links Website. You need to register your name & station, but the clips are free of charge.

Today’s Question: Women are more likely to do THIS in the presence of a man they find attractive than at any other time.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: Laugh.  

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