Thursday, September 9, 2004                   Edition: #2862
Get Your BS Here, Hot ‘N Fresh!

TONIGHT Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice 2″ debuts on NBC-TV and one of the winning teams will get to dine with NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg at Gracie Mansion (and maybe get a tip or two on how to become a billionaire) . . . TONIGHT Destiny’s Child, Elton John, Toby Keith, Lenny Kravitz & Mary J Blige headline “NFL Opening Kickoff”, the pre-game spectacular at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro MA preceding the NFL season opener between the Indianapolis Colts & New England Patriots (Jessica Simpson performs at a separate show in Jacksonville FL) . . . Comic book legend Stan Lee & “Playboy” honcho Hugh Hefner are teaming up for the MTV animated pilot “Superbunnies” about large-breasted, crime-fighting ‘Playmates’ (quite obviously the best TV show premise in history) . . . 18-year-old Ashley Olsen (the fat twin) is dating 30-year-old Manhattan restaurateur Scott Sartiano, who co-owns a plush eatery called ‘Butter’ (bet you’ll never catch Mary-Kate there).

• Catherine Britt – “The Upside Of Being Down” singer is from Newcastle, Australia. She began singing in front of an audience as an 11-year-old with the Steel City Country Music Club.
• Avril Lavigne – TONIGHT she’s on “Late Show With David Letterman”.
• Jessi Alexander – The “Let Me Stay or Let Me Go” singer is a native of Jackson TN and is named after Waylon Jennings’ country-singing widow Jessi Colter.
• Joss Stone – The 17-year-old Brit soul singer has a devoted fan who frequently calls on the phone with big-brotherly advice, none other than 42-year-old Tom Cruise.
• Kelly Clarkson – Clay Aiken convinced her to adopt a 9-month-old Yorkshire terrier named ‘Emma’ but now she’s having second thoughts because she refuses to drag the pooch around with her (a la Paris Hilton) and faces ‘a potty training problem’ whenever she returns home.

Angelina Jolie performed her own stunt work for the upcoming “Mr & Mrs Smith” co-starring Brad Pitt, including hanging from a wire 24 stories above the streets of LA . . . Angie Harmon has signed on to look pretty next to the comic talents of Jim Carrey & Tea Leoni in the upcoming remake of “Fun with Dick and Jane” . . . “The Downfall: Hitler & the End of the Third Reich” hasn’t even opened yet, but it’s already one of the most controversial German films of all-time because it breaks Germany’s biggest movie taboo – putting Adolf Hitler in a central role (world premiere SEPTEMBER 14th at the Toronto Film Festival) . . . Elizabeth Shue, long missing in action from the silver-screen, will star in the upcoming nursing-a-sick-horse-back-to-victory drama “Dreamer” (why don’t they just call it Seabiscuit 2″ and be done with it?) . . . Word is Steven Spielberg‘s upcoming movie treatment of the HG Wells novel “The War of the Worlds” will be a trilogy, which could double star Tom Cruise’s $350-million fortune, because he opted to forego a salary in return for 10% of the box office plus a share of profits from merchandise.

A new study counters the prevailing belief that children and adolescents who are short have social adjustment problems and fewer friends than children of average height. In fact, the research shows that height plays no role whatsoever in the number of friends extra-short or extra-tall children have, the number of classmates who chose them as friends, their peer acceptance, the height of their friends or their social adjustment in general. (Maybe so, but what nicknames do they get called?)
– SEPTEMBER issue of “Pediatrics”.

In the interest of keeping up with the times, the Vatican has put together a new listing of Latin interpretations for modern-day words that includes …
• Babysitter … Infantaria
• Basketball … Follis Canistrique Ludus
• Cigarette … Fistula Nicotiana
• Computer … Instrumentum Computatorium
• Nylon … Materica Plastica Nailonensis
• Terrorist … Tromocrates
(Come to think of it, if they really want to keep up with the times … why don’t they just dump Latin?)
– “London Telegraph”

TODAY the spacecraft ‘Genesis’ is scheduled to return to Earth with samples of solar wind that it collected during one of NASA’s most ambitious projects. Scientists believe that the solar wind samples will not only provide vital information on the composition of the Sun but also shed light on the origins of our Solar System. (They ought to come down to the studio. We’ve got a whole wack of wind samples in here this morning.)

Water seems to taste best when you’re incredibly thirsty, but there are other good reasons to drink more. The outstanding health benefits include …
• It prevents bad breath by washing away odor-causing particles and bacteria.
• It prevents or reduces heartburn.
• It prevents urinary tract infections by lowering bacterial count.
• It flushes out toxins and decreases risk of colon cancer.
• It helps prevent headaches.
• It helps you to lose weight.
• It aids digestion.
• Some studies show it could reduce heart attacks.
• It boosts your immune system and helps fight off colds.
• It wards off daytime fatigue.
• It helps prevent back & joint pain.
– Hope Heart Institute, Seattle WA


1951 [53] Michael Keaton (Douglas), Coraopolis PA, movie actor (“Batman”, “Jack Frost”)  UP NEXT: The VW bug comedy “Herbie: Fully Loaded”, coming NEXT SUMMER.

1952 [52] Dave Stewart, Sunderland UK, classic rock musician (Eurythmics-“Sweet Dreams”) COMING UP: Contributed music to the soundtrack of the “Alfie” remake, opening OCTOBER 22nd.

1960 [44] Hugh Grant, London UK, movie actor (“Two Weeks Notice”, “Notting Hill”)  UP NEXT: The sequel “Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason”, coming in NOVEMBER.

1966 [38] Adam Sandler, Brooklyn NY, movie actor (“50 First Dates”, “Anger Management”) NEXT FILM: The romantic comedy “Spanglish”, co-starring Tea Leoni and opening in DECEMBER.

1970 [34] Macy Gray (Natalie McIntyre), Canton OH, one-hit-wonder pop singer (“I Try”)

1972 [32] Goran Visnjic, Sibenik, Croatia, TV actor (‘Dr Luka Kovac’ on “ER” since 1999)

1980 [24] Michelle Williams, Kalispell MT, former TV actress (“Dawson’s Creek” 1998-2003)  COMING UP: Co-stars with Jake Gyllenhaal & Heath Ledger in the movie “Brokeback Mountain”, shot THIS SUMMER in Calgary & Fort Macleod AB. opening in 2005.

TODAY-September 18th the 29th annual “Toronto International Film Festival” reels with 100 world premieres, 26 international premieres and 81 North American premieres among its 253 features. It’s generally recognized as the world’s 2nd-ranked film festival, behind Cannes. A few highlights …
• Stars expected to put in an appearance include Charlize Theron, Orlando Bloom, Sean Penn, Hilary Swank, Jamie Foxx, Annette Bening, Sandra Bullock, Sigourney Weaver, Dustin Hoffman  & Brendan Fraser.
• Premieres include the opening night gala for “Being Julia”, starring Annette Bening and Jeremy Irons; “Ray”, starring Jamie Foxx as the late Ray Charles; and the animated adventure “Shark Tale”, featuring the voices of Will Smith, Angelina Jolie, Renee Zellweger, Jack Black & Robert De Niro.
PHONER: 416.934.3200 (Press Office)

TODAY has been declared “Expectant Father’s Day”, a day for neglected first-time dads to get some much needed recognition.

TODAY one of Britain’s longest-standing rural traditions, “The Horn Dance”, takes place in the village of Abbots Bromley. Participants perform a ritualistic dance to traditional music along a 10-mile route, taking in farms and pubs around the village. Some don antlers to become ‘deer-men’, and there’s also a costumed ‘fool’, ‘hobby horse’, ‘bowman’ and a ‘Maid Marion’. The tradition goes back to 1226, and now attracts visitors from around-the-world. (Somebody oughta check the local water!)

TODAY is “Teddy Bear Day”, honoring the first and most popular plush animal that was inspired by the helpless cub US President Teddy Roosevelt refused to shoot while hunting on November 14, 1902. Morris & Rose Mitchom, owners of a Brooklyn NY candy store, took credit for creating the 1st ‘teddy bear’ in the USA shortly after that incident, but it may be that renowned German toymaker Steiff was already making bears by then.

TODAY is “Aunts Day”, a day of recognition for ‘those special women in our lives who provide guidance and humor’. (Another Hallmark moment.)

THIS WEEKEND the 30th annual “Bald Is Beautiful Convention” shines in Morehead City SC (where they have “More-head & less hair!”). Their motto is, “If you don’t have it, flaunt it!”
PHONER: 252.726.1855 (John T Capps III)

1884 [120] 1st ‘hot dog’ created by Antoine Feuchtwanger, adding a bun so juice wouldn’t drip all over frankfurter eaters (thank goodness he didn’t name it after himself!)

1904 [100] 1st reference to NYC ball club as the ‘Yankees’ (“Boston Herald”)

1984 [20] 1st Roman Catholic pontiff to tour Canada (Pope John Paul II)

1950 [54] 1st ‘laugh track’ on TV (“The Hank McCune Show”)

1995 [09] Sony ‘PlayStation’ 1st goes on sale

[Fri] 1st Annual World Suicide Prevention Day
[Fri] Hot Dog Day
[Fri] Swap Ideas Day
[Sat] 9/11 Remembrance Day
[Sat] Federal Lands Cleanup Day
[Sun] Grandparents Day
[Sun] Pet Memorial Day
[Mon] Canadian Country Music Awards (Edmonton)
This Week Is . . . National 5-A-Day Week (fruits & vegetables)
This Month Is . . . Cholesteral Education & Awareness Month


Your phone caller or studio guest picks one from each pair as you read ‘em off rapid-fire …
• Fiction or non-fiction?
• Caribbean or Mediterranean?
• Elvis or Usher?
• E-mail or voicemail?
• Bacon or ham?
• Newspapers or TV news magazines?
• Spray-on tan or natural freckles?
• Baked or mashed?
• Shuffleboard or miniature golf?
• Left or right?

You and your co-host take turns trying to sell a story to your contestant. The contestant then tries to decide which is true and which is a load of hooey …
• A species of sponge called the ‘red sponge’ can be pushed through a piece of fabric so that it is broken into thousands of tiny pieces, but the animal does not die. Instead, all the pieces reassemble until the sponge returns to its original form. [TRUE]
• In ancient Arabia, purchasing real estate often required having one or more limbs amputated in order to prevent the purchaser from running away to avoid repayment of the loan. Hence, an expensive purchase was said to cost ‘an arm and a leg’. [BS]

• What’s the absolute worst thing to get as a birthday gift? (Topping a recent poll – scented candles, cheap cologne, bath salts, decorative plates and tight-fitting clothing.)
• Fill in the blanks: “I used to be _____, but now I’m ____.”
• If you joined the circus, what act would you be?

Today’s Question: According to a survey of executives, THIS is the worst possible breach of business etiquette.
Answer to Give Out Tomorrow: Nope, nothing to do with body functions, it’s criticizing a subordinate in front of others.

Every morning is the dawn of a new error.

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