September 20 2018

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Thursday, September 20, 2018    Edition: #6297

Another Sheetload of Bull!

★ Jessica Simpson has dropped a bombshell … she’s pregnant with her third child — and she is expecting a baby girl! The 38-year-old shared the news with an adorable photo from her gender reveal featuring her two kids, 6-year-old Maxwell and 5-year-old Ace.  She did not reveal when the baby is due, but considering she already knows the gender, it seems she’s at least few months along.
★ Hurricane Florence victims are getting a huge assist from Michael Jordan … The NBA’s best-ever is sending $2 million to help those affected by the storm. Jordan — who owns the Charlotte Hornets — says he’s giving $1 mil to the American Red Cross and another million to the Foundation For The Carolinas’ Hurricane Florence Response fund. The Hornets are also donating food boxes.
★ Mother Nature struck again during filming of “Survivor: David vs. Goliath”, which premieres Sept. 26. And not once, but twice. Just like on “Millennials vs. Gen X”, a cyclone hit the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji during filming on the very first episode of David vs. Goliath. But that’s not all. A second, even more destructive cyclone hit during filming on a later episode as well. That apparently is the danger of filming in Fiji.  Survivor has set up shop permanently in the country and shoots back-to-back seasons there, with about a two-week break between them.
★ Kelly Clarkson is venturing into the daytime-talk arena next Fall. Clarkson, who is also a coach on “The Voice,” teased the news Tuesday night on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” When Clarkson made reference to her upcoming talk show, Fallon then said. “This is a big announcement. It’s not been announced yet, but you’re getting your own talk show.” Clarkson also later added that the daytime program will “be on right before ‘Ellen,'” and that her touring band will be her house band on the show.
★ The company behind “Sesame Street” is responding to an ex-writer’s claim that Burt and Ernie are a “loving couple,” and adamantly denying the puppets have any sort of sexual orientation. A statement from Sesame Workshop says: “As we have always said, Bert and Ernie are best friends. They were created to teach preschoolers that people can be good friends with those who are very different from themselves.  Even though they are identified as male characters and possess many human traits and characteristics (as most Sesame Street Muppets do), they remain puppets, and do not have a sexual orientation.”

• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/Global): Matt Kemp, Wiz Khalifa
• “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon” (NBC/CTV): Jack Black, Angela Bassett, Josh Groban
• “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” (CBS/Global): Tiffany Haddish, Iain Armitage
• “Late Night with Seth Meyers” (NBC/CTV): Kelly Clarkson, Freddie Highmore, Ken Burns, Sean Kinney
• “The Late Late Show with James Corden” (CBS/CTV): Badflower
• “Conan” (TBS/Comedy): Jeff Garlin, Boyd Holbrook, the Cooties
• “Watch What Happens Live” (Bravo): Queen Latifah, Josh Groban
• “The View” (ABC/CTV): Kelly Clarkson
• “The Talk” (CBS): Jessica Radloff
• “Live with Kelly and Ryan” (ABC/CTV): Terrence Howard, Iain Armitage, Jake Shears
• “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (NBC/CTV): Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn, Colton Underwood, Death Cab for Cutie
• “Big Brother 20” (CBS): Following a live vote, a Houseguest is evicted and interviewed by host Julie Chen.

• Kanye West – says he is moving back to Chicago, and “never leaving again”. He rapper made the announcement to a crowd of excited high schoolers during an ‘Open Mike’ event hosted by fellow Chicagoan Chance the Rapper. It remains to be seen if his wife Kim Kardashian and their three children are going with him, or if they were even aware of his ‘decision’.
• Mac Miller – fans are outraged that he wasn’t included in The Emmys’ “In Memoriam” segment during Monday night’s broadcast.  While the Emmy Awards honor television actors, the show did pay tribute to celebrities who aren’t necessarily best known for their TV work, such as Aretha Franklin, John McCain, and Hugh Hefner.
• The Weeknd — is accused of stealing the beat of his song ‘Starboy’ from Somali-American poet Yasminah’s 2009 song ‘Jewel of My Life’ aka ‘Hooyo’.  She believes The Weeknd knew about her song because it was well-known in the East African community. He was born in Canada but his parents are Ethiopian immigrants.
• Childish Gambino – The artist also known as Donald Glover has hit his ex-label with a lawsuit over his Childish Gambino royalties. Glover is suing Glassnote Entertainment, claiming that despite making them a ton of dough, they allegedly are holding out on money owed to the tune of $700,000.
• Bob Seger – has announced that his upcoming ‘Travelin’ Man’ tour will be his last.  He has added additional dates to the shows that had been rescheduled from last year, when back surgery forced him off the road before his tour even started.  The tour begins in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Nov. 21.
• Billy Idol — is set to rock Las Vegas again with new 10-date residency ‘Billy Idol: Las Vegas 2019’. The show will see his long-time guitarist Steve Stevens join him for performances spanning his solo career and his time with Generation X.
• The Trews – Last week, they released their sixth full-length studio album “Civilianaires” and this week, they announced a Canadian tour starting Jan. 25 in Vancouver.  It wraps up Feb. 23 in Toronto.
• Blake Shelton – Tonight, he heads back to Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth for the first time in a few decades, to play a special one-night-only free show for the 5,000 fans who get there first.  Wristbands are to be given out this morning.
• Kelsea Ballerini – says working with The Chainsmokers on the song ‘This Feeling’ is her “dream collab”.  And she’s not worried about traditional country purists who may not love the way country has veered off in some new directions.  She thinks it’s “really cool, because on country radio right now you have Chris Stapleton who’s like soul country, and then you have a Sam Hunt is super R&B country. And country music’s not just a traditional sound anymore. There’s so many different branches of it.”

We heard this week that Heinz “Mayochup”, a new product combining ketchup and mayonnaise, will be available in U.S. stores later this month.  They first teased the concept on Twitter in April, when the product was released in the Middle East.  What they didn’t expect was the flurry of negative feedback on social media, accusing the company of everything from idea theft to cultural appropriation to plain old poor taste.  As many have pointed out, a ketchup/mayo combo is a common product on store shelves throughout Latin America, where it is known by such names as ‘mayoketchup’, ‘salsa rosada’ or ‘pink sauce’.  Not only that, but even in some areas of the U.S., like Utah and Idaho, the combination has been known as ‘fry sauce’ for generations.
(Why don’t they call it what it is?  A product for those of us who are too lazy to mix that stuff up ourselves!)
(My first thought was, “What a gross idea!”  Then I took the bun off my burger and discovered that I’ve been eating it all my life…)
(I’m good as long as they don’t come up with something called “ketch-turd” next!)
-NationalPost, Complex

This is pretty weird, but, hey we’ll take it!  It seems that humankind may have just stumbled upon a cure for baldness.  And it doesn’t even hurt!  It seems the secret to hair regrowth lies in synthetic sandalwood.  In what, you say?  Synthetic sandalwood is currently most commonly used as a potpourri smell.  For sock drawers.  But not for long, it seems.  The scent has been shown to have unexpected effects on hair regrowth in a recent study.  Research showed that the cells surrounding the root of every hair follicle can actually “smell” synthetic sandalwood and, more importantly, respond to that smell.  Each hair grows in three phases, and by exposing yourself to this magic scent, your hair may stay in ‘phase 1’, which is known as the growth phase, rather than progress to the other phases, which involve the hair falling off and the follicle entering a ‘resting’ period.  Scientists say this is very promising for certain types of baldness — but more studies will have to be done to confirm it.
(Well, that explains the hair all over my socks!)
(Who knew that the secret to curing baldness lies with my balled-up socks?)

(Given for real scientific research that first makes you laugh, then makes you think)
A model of a kidney was taken on 20 roller coaster rides in an effort to determine if coaster riding is likely to make people pass kidney stones.  The conclusion?  Yes, if they sit in the rear car.  And if the stones are relatively small.  Marbles were used as kidney stones in the simulation.
A group of five zoo chimpanzees were monitored to determine how often humans imitated them and then how often the chimps imitated humans back.  It was found that both species imitate each other about as often—and about as accurately—as the other.  (Monkey see, people do?)
Researchers tested whether spit-cleaning is really effective.  They ran an experiment on 18th century gilded sculptures, because conservators have apparently been cleaning old paintings and statues with their own spit for years. It was found that because saliva contains amylase, an enzyme that breaks down starches, it is an effective cleaning agent.  (Mom was right! Gross, but right…)
A research project determined that having a “hurting doll” on hand at work is an effective thing to take out your frustrations on — without getting yourself fired or thrown in jail. (You call it a “hurting doll”, I call it a “voodoo doll!”)
Fly researchers wanted to know if wine experts could determine the difference in smell between male and female flies.  Eight wine aficionados were asked to smell glasses that had previously contained a fly (marinating time: five minutes. Answer:  Yes, they can.  Congratulations.  (Apparently wine experts could also be “fly sex” experts)
Other winners included a study that determined that eating human flesh isn’t very nutritious, one that found that people who buy high-tech products aren’t likely to read the instruction manual, and one that determined that it is possible to give yourself a colonoscopy.
(But not without looking “ig-noble”!)


1934 [83] Sophia Loren (Scicolone), Rome, Italy, movie star (1962 Academy Award- “Two Women”, 1991 Honorary Career Achievement Oscar)

1948 [69] George RR Martin, Bayonne NJ, novelist/TV writer and producer (“Game of Thrones”, which is based on his series of books, “A Song of Ice and Fire”)/four Primetime Emmy nominations

1951 [67] Guy Lafleur, Thurso, QC, retired NHL star (Montreal Canadiens, NY Rangers, Quebec Nordiques)/5-time Stanley Cup winner/3-time scoring champ/Hall of Fame 1988/Officer of the Order of Canada

1968 [49] Ben Shepherd, Okinawa, Japan, rock bassist (Soundgarden-‘Spoonman’, ‘Black Hole Sun’)

1979 [38] Rick Woolstenhulme, Gilbert AZ, rock drummer (Lifehouse-‘You & Me’, ‘Hanging By a Moment’)

1990 [27] Phillip Phillips, Albany GA, pop singer (‘Home’, ‘Gone, Gone, Gone’, Season 11 winner of “American Idol”)

• “Gibberish Day”, highlighting the uselessness of the convoluted terminology and gobbledy-gook spouted by those who are masking their lack of knowledge and expertise or who are just too spineless to make a clear statement. Try this ‘Gibberish Generator’ …

• “Punch Day”, the word ‘punch’ is said to come from the Hindustani word ‘panch’, which means ‘five’. In the early 1600s, sailors and employees of the British East India Company brought a new exotic drink from India to England. The beverage was made with five ingredients—spirits, lemon, sugar, water, and tea.

• “Cheese String Day”, perhaps the most enjoyable part of String Cheese is deciding how to eat it. Most people go for the classic “peel down and chow down” method—separating each stick into thin strands. (Or just chomp off a chunk, as if it were regular cheese…)

• “Pepperoni Pizza Day”, a day to celebrate America’s favorite variety of pizza. Here is some interesting trivia on the ever-popular pizza:
⇒Pepperoni is the most popular, preferred by 36% of people (and 100% of children at a birthday party).
⇒Over 3 Billion pizzas are sold in the U.S. each year.
⇒More pizzas are sold on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year.
⇒Halloween is the second most popular day for eating pizza.
⇒Over 17% of restaurants are pizzerias, or serve pizza.
⇒The first pizza was sold in Naples Italy in 1738.
⇒Pizzas most likely evolved as a variation of flatbreads.
⇒Americans consume over 23 pounds of pizza per person per year.

[Fri] International Day of Peace
[Fri] Miniature Golf Day
[Sat] Business Women’s Day
[Sat] First Day of Fall

1946 [72] ‘Cannes Film Festival’ debuts on the French Riviera (world’s top-ranked)
Proper pronunciation: a hybrid of ‘ken’ and ‘can’:

2006 [12] A memorial for late ‘Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin is held at the Australia Zoo in Brisbane (3,000 tickets are snapped up in 15 minutes)

1975 [43] David Bowie’s ‘Fame’ hits #1 for the first of 2 weeks

2004 [14] In an interview with ‘The Sun’ tabloid, Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones claims to have finally given up illegal drugs, in part because “the quality’s gone down” (In a 2015 interview, however, he says he is still partial to beginning his day by smoking a joint)

1921 [97] 1st ‘Radio Newscast’ airs, on KDKA Pittsburgh PA

1933 [85] NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers 1st game [as Pittsburgh Pirates], a 23-2 loss to the NY Giants

1998 [20] In a surgical first, doctors in Lyon, France sew a donor’s hand & arm on a man whose own arm had been amputated in an accident 14 years earlier (afterward, the patient applauds … because he can)

2011 [07] USA ends its ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy, allowing gay men & women to openly serve in the military openly for the first time

1998 [20] After playing in a Major League Baseball-record 2,632 consecutive games over 16 seasons, Cal Ripken Jr. of the Baltimore Orioles finally sits out a game vs NY Yankees


✓ It only takes 6 minutes for brain cells to react to alcohol.
✓ Scientists have developed a microparticle filled with oxygen that can be injected into the blood stream, so we can live without breathing.
✓ Rain contains vitamin B12.
✓ Viruses can get viruses.
✓ Eating salmon helps hair grow faster.
✓ Scientists have concluded that the chicken came first, not the egg, because the protein which makes egg shells is only produced by hens.

• “The surgery was a success, but the patient died.”
• “Check your bowel movements for the next few days.  I’ve lost my ring.”
• “You have six months to live.  But not in a row.”
• “Cash up front.”
• “Hang on.  Let me Google this.”
• “Turn your head and cough. But first, put on these stockings and high heels.”
• “I have bad news and worse news. The bad news is you have 24 hours to live.  The worse news is I forgot to call you yesterday.”
• “Holy crap.  What IS that?”
• “Just put your clothes over there.  Next to mine.”
• “The good news is that there is going to be a disease named after you.”
• “Are you the widow-to-be?”
• “Bend over.”

I was playing chess with my friend and he said, “Let’s make this interesting”.  So, we stopped playing chess.

What did you totally screw up, but no one ever found out it was you?

The dictionary defines ‘hodgepodge’ as “a heterogeneous mixture, a jumble.” What did the word originally mean?
Answer:  A kind of stew (dating to the 14th century, called ‘hotchpotch’)

Question:  About 1 in 5 of us have no idea if our car has THIS.  What?
Answer:  A spare tire

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.


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