Friday, September 18, 2009        Edition: #4103
We’ve Got Our Sheet Together!

Today actor Patrick Swayze’s body will be cremated and his ashes will eventually be spread across his Rancho de Dias Alegres (Ranch of Happy Days) in New Mexico, his favorite place in the world according to RadarOnline . . . .”Live Aid” organizer Bob Geldof & 55 other musicians are recording a new version of Midnight Oil’s 1987 hit “Beds Are Burning” as part of the Global Humanitarian Forum’s campaign to raise awareness of climate change (the track will be a free download when released October 1st)  . . . 73-year-old movie actor Burt Reynolds has been discharged from a 30-day rehab program at the Hanley Center in Florida following treatment for addiction to painkillers (it’s been a long downhill slide since the days of “Smokey & The Bandit”) . . . Famous person Jessica Simpson isn’t giving up on her missing Maltipoo dog ‘Daisy’, recently kidnapped by a coyote, and has actual ‘pet detectives’ trying to find her (call Jim Carrey, he’s not busy) . . . Reality TV star Jon Gosselin (“Jon  Kate Plus 8”) is criticizing – but not exactly denying – claims that he’s had an affair with his kids’ nanny (will this be on an upcoming episode?) . . . And it seems 48-year-old movie star George Clooney is no fan of social networking, saying he’d rather have a rectal exam on live TV from a guy with cold hands than have a Facebook page (what about if he’s wearing a chainmail gauntlet?).


• “ALMA Awards” (ABC) – Tonight Eva Longoria Parker & George Lopez host the 14th annual  American Latino Media Arts Awards from Los Angeles, celebrating Latino achievement in entertainment.
• “Ellen DeGeneres Show” (syndicated/A Channel) – Today Colbie Caillat (“Breakthrough”).
• “Emmy Awards” (CBS/CTV) – Sunday Neil Patrick Harris makes his debut as host of the 61st Primetime Emmys live from the Nokia Theatre in LA. NBC’s “30 Rock” leads nominations with 22, followed by AMC’s “Mad Men” with 16. HBO leads network nominations (with 99, it’s not even close!). David Paich, a founding member of the ‘80s band Toto, conducts the music.
• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/CityTV) – Tonight Shakira (“She Wolf”, due October 13th).
• “Oprah Winfrey Show” (NBC/CTV) – Mariah Carey (“Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel”, due September 29th).
• “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” (NBC/A Channel) – Tonight Keri Hilson (“In a Perfect World”).
• “Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien” (NBC/A Channel) – Tonight Nelly Furtado (“Mi Plan”).


• Beyoncé – She’s being sued by Abercrombie & Fitch over her plans to launch a new fragrance called “Sasha Fierce” in early 2010. The apparel retailer claims the name poses ‘a likelihood of confusion’ with its already existing “Fierce” scent and constitutes trademark infringement.
• Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band – Sunday they play their classic 1975 album “Born to Run” in its entirety start-to-finish during a concert at Chicago’s United Center.
• Green Day – They’ve announced a new box set compiling their many 7-inch singles. It will include 42 songs pressed on 21 vinyl singles and will be limited to 2,500 copies … at $150 each.
• Rolling Stones – After a vicious bust-up at his London mansion earlier this week 62-year-old guitarist Ronnie Wood tried to toss his 20-year-old girlfriend Ekaterina Ivanova from the premises. But after police warned him she had the right to stay in the house, he packed a suitcase and moved to an apartment. (It’s turning out to be an expensive year for Ronnie.)
• Smashing Pumpkins – Billy Corgan says tunes from the upcoming new album “Teargarden by Kaleidyscope” will be released one-by-one online for free, a total of 44 tracks in all. (Guess that’s what you do when no one’s buying your music.)
• White Stripes – Tonight “Under Great White Northern Lights”, a documentary about the duo’s 2007 Canadian tour, premieres at the “Toronto International Film Festival”.


• “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” ( PG Family Animation ): Inspired by the children’s book by Judi & Ron Barrett, the story is about a town where food falls from the sky like rain. The diverse voice cast includes TV weatherman Al Roker, and actors Anna Faris, Benjamin Bratt, James Caan, and … Mr T. Anyone who’s ever read the wonderfully amusing book to a kid will wonder how they’ve manage to drag the story out to 90 minutes. (Extra sauce maybe?)
• “Jennifer’s Body” ( R-Rated Horror Comedy ): This dark comedy written by Diablo Cody (“Juno”) stars Megan Fox as a cheerleader at a small Midwestern high school who becomes possessed by a demon and sets out to kill off all the guys in town. Co-stars Amanda Seyfried (“Big Love”) and Adam Brody (“The OC”). The film’s title comes from the song “Jennifer’s Body” by Courtney Love’s band Hole. Shot in Vancouver.
• “Love Happens” ( PG-13 Romantic Drama ): Jennifer Aniston stars as a woman who attends a seminar by a self-help guru (Aaron Eckhart) while on a business trip. When a personal relationship develops, she begins to realize that the self-help ‘expert’ hasn’t truly confronted his wife’s recent death. Shot in Seattle & Vancouver. Two writers who claim the studio stole their script have filed an 11th-hour lawsuit trying to halt the film’s release. (We’re guessing money talks and the writers walk.)

Today’s edition of “People” magazine features it’s annual (unranked) listing of 10 best-dressed women. And here they are …
• Beyoncé – “Best Street Chic”
• Cameron Diaz – “Best Jeans”
• Freida Pinto – “Best Use of Color”
• Kate Winslet – “Best Red Carpet”
• Kim Kardashian – “Best Bikinis”
• Michelle Obama – “Best Accessible Glamour”
• Nicole Richie – “Best Maternity”
• Reese Witherspoon – “Best Short Dresses”
• Taylor Swift – “Best Sparkle”
• Vanessa Hudgens – “Best Hippie Chic”

A research team at Australia’s University of New South Wales has developed an electronic nose that can detect the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in the breath of someone who has smoked a cigarette. The ‘eNose’ uses an array of 32 sensors to detect the various compounds. What’s the point? Some people tell their doctors they are non-smokers in a bid to get verification for cheaper life insurance. The eNose will eliminate such deception. (Yeah, you’d hate to see life insurance companies lose any money.)
– “New Scientist”

A new ranking of the world’s most expensive accommodations by city …
5. Venice, Italy with average hotel rates of $218 per night.
4. Moscow, Russia … $219.
3. Geneva, Switzerland … $243.
2. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates … $273.
1. Isle of Capri, Italy is most expensive, with average room prices of $279 a night.

When your head’s throbbing it’s tempting to take more pain reliever than is recommended. Problem is, if it’s acetaminophen, you could be damaging your liver. In fact, overdoing it on this drug – which is found in a slew of products – is one the most common causes of liver failure. An advisory panel has recommended the maximum over-the-counter dosage available be reduced to 650 mg as well as the maximum amount taken per day. You’re also advised to read labels carefully so you don’t accidentally combine different meds that contain acetaminophen, such as a cold medicine and a headache medicine. (Also a dumb move: washing it down with Scotch.)
– “Woman’s Day”


As many as 1-in-20 of us get daily headaches, according to a specialist at the Dallas Headache Association in Texas.
– McClatchy News Service


1961 [48] James Gandolfini, Westwood NJ, TV actor (“The Sopranos” 1999-2007)/movie actor (“The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3”, “Get Shorty”)/documentary producer (“Alive Day Memories: Home from Iraq”)

1971 [38] Jada Pinkett Smith, Baltimore MD, movie actress (“Madagascar” movies, “The Matrix” films)/Mrs Will Smith since 1997 (he’s 6′-2”, she’s 5′)

1971 [38] Lance Armstrong, Plano TX, only cyclist to win Tour De France 7 times (which he did consecutively … after battling cancer)/dumped fiancée Sheryl Crow in 2005

1973 [36] James Marsden, Stillwater OK, movie actor (“27 Dresses”, “X-Men” films)

TV interviewer James Lipton (“Inside the Actor’s Studio”) is 83; Movie actor Jeremy Irons (“Reversal of Fortune”) is 61; Music producer Daniel Lanois (U2) is 58; TV actress Carolyn McCormick (“Law & Order: SVU”) is 50; Country singer Trisha Yearwood (“I Would’ve Loved You Anyway”) is 45; TV talk show host Jimmy Fallon (“Late Night With Jimmy Fallon”) is 35.

Movie actress Sophia Loren (“Two Women”) is 75; Canadian MLB player Jason Bay (Boston Red Sox) is 31; Rock drummer Rick Woolstenhulme (Lifehouse) is 30; Rapper Yung Joc (“It’s Goin’ Down”) is 27.

• “Cheeseburger Day”, celebrating the best way to get 2 kinds of cattle fat into your system simultaneously. According to the book “Hamburger Heaven: The Illustrated History of the Hamburger”, the first person to ever slap cheese on a burg’ was grill chef Lionel Sternberger at the Rite Spot restaurant in Pasadena CA 83 years ago in 1926.
• “International Shellfish Festival” through Sunday in Charlottetown PEI. Events include a chowder cook-off, oyster-shucking & eating contests, and the yummy ‘Chef’s Challenge’.
• “POW/MIA Recognition Day”, a day of remembrance and hope for the safe return of Prisoners of War and those Missing in Action, observed annually on the 3rd Friday of September.
• “Rosh HaShanah” begins at sundown, the 2-day Jewish holiday commonly referred to as ‘Jewish New Year’. It’s the first of the so-called ‘High Holidays’.
• “World Water Monitoring Day”, an international effort to encourage involvement in protecting water resources around-the-world by encouraging the public to conduct basic monitoring of their local bodies of water. (So how’s the pond scum looking today?)

• “Eid-Al-Fitr” [‘eed al fi-TUR’] begins at sunset, the Muslim feast celebrating the end of Ramadan fasting.
• “Evaluate Your Life Day” … followed by ‘Drink Till You Forget What a Loser You Are Night’.
• “International Coastal Cleanup Day”, begun by the advocacy group Ocean Conservancy in 1986, it now involves the efforts of volunteers in some 127 countries on the 3rd Saturday in September in cleaning up trash in and around the world’s oceans. (What’s the rudest thing you ever found on a beach?)
• “Oktoberfest”, the 176th annual world-famous beer bash in humongous fest halls in Munich, Germany through October 4th. If you’re going, take lots of moolah – this year the price of a ‘mass’ – a 1-liter mug of beer – will cost 8.60 euros (about 12 bucks).
• “Responsible Dog Ownership Day”, encouraging owners to exercise their pooches, feed them healthy foods, and train them in social skills so they don’t annoy other people. (By yap, yap, yapping in the backyard ALL DAY LONG DRIVING THE NEIGHBORS INSANE! Oh, sorry.)
• “Talk Like a Pirate Day”. OK here goes … Har’ Billy, up your yardarm with a jib! Avast ya scurvy scum, hoist that bilge! Swab the deck, ya lily-livered landlubbers! Fun, huh?
• “Wife Appreciation Day”. Don’t hesitate. Don’t question why. Just buy flowers. Do it!

• “International Student Day”, honoring the diligence & hard work of exchange students who attend educational institutions away from their home countries. Good excuse for a kegger!

1985 [24] First-ever ‘Top 10 List’ on “Late Night With David Letterman” is titled ‘Top 10 Things That Almost Rhyme With Peas’ (#1 is ‘Meats’. Um, maybe it’s in the delivery?)


1970 [39] Guitar legend Jimi Hendrix dies in London at age 27 after taking 9 sleeping pills

2004 [05] Britney Spears weds Kevin Federline in a low-key ceremony at a private home in Studio City CA, her 2nd wedding in 9 months (they divorce in 2007)


1999 [10] 1st husband & wife to swap genders, each undergoing a sex-change operation in Hungary (“I couldn’t stand my husband so now she’s my wife”)


[Mon] International Day of Peace
[Mon] World Alzheimer’s Day
[Mon] 2009 Polaris Music Prize (Toronto)
[Mon] “Guiding Light” series finalé (CBS)
[Tues] Business Women’s Day
[Tues] Autumn Equinox
[Tues] White Chocolate Day
This Week Is … Balance Awareness Week
This Month Is … Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Month


Just as the bigscreen adaptation of “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” opens, here’s a look at a few kids’ books that were a tad less successful …
• “Dad’s New Wife Robert”
• “The Kids’ Guide to Hitchhiking”
• “Grandpa Gets a Casket”
• “Pop! Goes the Hamster … and Other Microwave Games”
• “Your Nightmares Are Real!”
• “Daddy Drinks Because You Cry”
• “The Cat In the Hat In the Sack In the Lake”

I don’t use Listerine. They say it kills germs on contact and I don’t like the idea of things dying in my mouth.


How many men have seen Megan Fox’s naked body, according to an interview with the 23-year-old “Jennifer’s Body” actress in the October issue of “Cosmopolitan” magazine?
a. 5 or less.
b. 6-10.
c. 11-20.
d. Do you mean individuals or entire sports teams?
[Though she’s one of the most desired women in the world, Megan admits that she can count the number of ‘boys’ who’ve seen her starkers on one hand, so the answer is ‘5 or less.]


If you could live in any home on a TV series, which would it be?

Today’s Question: if you’re seeking the truth from someone THIS is the best way to talk to them.
Answer to Give Out Next Show: By email. According to a Cornell University communications study, we are twice as likely to tell the truth by email compared to face-to-face or by phone.


The only one who ever got anything done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.

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