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You Really Know Your Sheet!

✶ Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt’s fiancé is at the center of a battery investigation after allegedly lashing out at a paparazzo last week. Brian Hallisay grew annoyed with the snapper when he refused to stop taking shots of him and his pregnant girlfriend as they were leaving an LA restaurant and an altercation ensued. The photog later filed a battery report.
✶ Cher, Ed Sheeran, Ryan Tedder, and Miguel will all serve as mentors on “The Voice” (NBC) this coming season. Cher will serve as an adviser to coach Blake Shelton; Sheeran will work with returning coach Christina Aguilera; Tedder will team up with Adam Levine; and Miguel will work with Cee Lo Green. The new season premieres on September 23rd.
✶ 16-year-old “Kick Ass” actress Chloe Grace Moretz graces the cover of “Seventeen” magazine’s October issue. Inside she reveals that she is literally ready to kick-ass against bullies who have abused her brothers; 2 of the 4 are gay. Quote: “I will delete you and I will block you.” Moretz is the star of the new horror film “Carrie”, a remake of the 1976 classic, which hits theaters October 18th.
✶ And a 3rd alleged mistress of troubled NBA star Lamar Odom has now come forward. 29-year-old graduate student Sandy Schultz alleges she and the LA Clippers player dated ‘on-and-off’ for 7 years before he met and married Khloe Kardashian, then he called her out of the blue last year to arrange a ‘reunion’. She joins Polina Polonsky and Jennifer Richardson, who’ve also claimed to be Odom’s secret girlfriends.
– “Star Magazine”

• “Conan” (TBS/CTV) – Wavves (“Afraid of Heights”).
• “Ellen DeGeneres Show” (syndicated/CTV2) – Jennifer Nettles (“That Girl”).
• “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC/CityTV) – The Weeknd (“Kiss Land”).
• “Last Call With Carson Daly” (NBC) – The Stepkids (“Sweet Salvation”). Rerun.
• “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” (NBC/CTV2) – Alt-J (“An Awesome Wave”).
• “The Talk” (CBS) – MKTO (“Classic”).
• “Tonight Show With Jay Leno” (NBC/CTV2) – OneRepublic (“Native”).
• “The View” (ABC/CTV) – Sheryl Crow (“Feels Like Home”).
• “Wendy Williams” (syndicated) – Trisha Yearwood (“Trisha’s Southern Kitchen”). Rerun.
• “The X Factor” (FOX/CTV2) – More hopefuls perform for the judges.

• Arcade Fire – David Bowie makes a rare guest appearance on their new song “Reflektor”. One version of the video for the track is interactive, engaging the user’s webcam to show one’s reflection in a mirror.
• Black Eyed Peas – once had a job in telemarketing, but quickly got fired for repeatedly calling his girlfriend long distance.
• Lady Gaga – Her dispute with her former personal assistant over wages is heading to trial on November 4th. Jennifer O’Neill claims she is owed $380,000 for carrying out 7,168 hours of extra work during the 2010 “Monster Ball” tour.
• Lil Wayne – In a new interview with Katie Couric he has reiterated that he wants to retire in 5 years, when he turns 35.
• Linkin Park – Today their free Facebook game “LP Recharge” is out. Using the game, players are able to unlock a new track, “A Light That Never Comes”.
• Lorde – The 16-year-old New Zealander’s real name is Ella Yelich-O’Connor. Her absurdly-catchy single “Royals” has spent months at #1 in New Zealand and amassed 20 million YouTube views.
• Miley Cyrus – Her upcoming album “Bangerz” (out October 4th) includes collaborations with Big Sean, Britney Spears, Future, and Nelly. The single “Wrecking Ball” is already #1 on iTunes and the video set a new record with over 19 million views in its first 24 hours online.
• One Direction – This Friday, Sony is releasing an extended version of the concert film “One Direction: This Is Us” that features 20 minutes of footage and 4 songs not previously seen in the movie.
• Trace Adkins – He’s no longer listed on the performance roster for Show Dog Nashville, the label owned by Toby Keith. Has he been axed? No official word has come from the label.

A BS selection of movies in the making …
• “The Fall Guy” – Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is in talks to star in a bigscreen version of the 1981-86 TV show which starred Lee Majors as a stuntman-turned-bounty hunter. Director McG is also said to be close to coming aboard the feature. The premise is currently being shopped to potential distributors at the Toronto International Film Festival.
• “Independence Day 2” – 44-year-old Will Smith may yet reprise his role as ‘Captain Steven Hiller’ in a sequel to the 1996 action sci-fi hit. Director Roland Emmerich previously deemed Smith ‘too expensive’ but now says talks are scheduled. Original cast-members Bill Pullman & Jeff Goldblum have already been confirmed. The original grossed $800 million-plus worldwide.
• “Men, Women and Children” – “Up In the Air” director Jason Reitman’s bigscreen adaptation of Chad Kultgen’s best-selling novel is set to star Adam Sandler & Jennifer Garner. Cameron Diaz is also said to be eyeing a role. The story follows a modern family trying to come to terms with puberty and sexuality in the Internet era.
• “The Prince” – After being dropped from Sylvester Stallone’s “The Expendables 3”, 58-year-old Bruce Willis has signed on to star in this new action thriller. His character confronts a mob leader who returns to America after his daughter goes missing. Plans are to begin shooting scenes in October in New Orleans LA.
• “Queen & Country” – Actress Ellen Page (“Juno”) is in talks to star in this new spy film, based on Greg Rucka’s comic book of the same name. The story follows a young British Intelligence agent who’s attempting to thwart a terrorist plot while battling her own personal demons at the same time. It’s thought the movie could kick off a female version of the ‘Bourne’ trilogy.

Organizers of the Mars One Mission say that 202,586 people have now submitted application videos to join the crew of the mission to the Red Planet. Dutch entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp is financing the trek, with the goal of establishing the first human colony on Mars. The ambitious mission involves building 6 teams of 4 people, each from a different continent, who will live and train together for 7 years before the planned 2022 launch date. So who wants to go? Most applicants are from the US, followed by Britain and Canada. (Before you sign on the dotted line be aware there’s no scheduled return date … the mission may be a one-way deal.)
– “The Independent”

Disney Research has developed a device to transmit sound through the human body. The Ishin-Den-Shin technology uses a standard microphone to record audio and then converts it into an inaudible signal transmitted through the body of the person holding the microphone. When that person touches someone else’s earlobe, an organic speaker is formed and the sound becomes audible, effectively whispering a message into that person’s ear. The sound can be passed from person to person using any physical contact. (Stick this in your ear!)

A few examples of towns that felt it necessary to present a fresh identity to the world …
• Berlin, Ontario, Canada – Named by German immigrants, it changed its name to ‘Kitchener’ when the motherland started bombing the Allies in 1916. Kitchener was UK’s Minister of War.
• Gay Head, Massachusetts, USA – 17th-century settlers coined the name due to its ‘gaily colored cliffs’. Changed to ‘Aquinnah’ in 1997 to reflect its Native American heritage. they claims it had nothing to do with sexual connotations. Right.
• Pile-of-Bones, Saskatchewan, Canada – Named for the remnants of buffalo hunts by the native Cree. In 1897 Princess Louise, wife of Canada’s Governor General, suggested it be changed to ‘Regina’, Latin for ‘Queen’. After all, Queen Victoria was her mother.
• Staines, Surrey, UK – Mainly known as home of Sacha Baron Cohen’s TV character ‘Ali G’. In 2012, it voted to distance itself from his obnoxious antics by taking a far more elegant name … Staines-upon-Thames.
• Wineville, California, USA – In 1931 the town sought to escape its appalling notoriety as the home of the grisly Wineville Chicken Coop Murders, which had made headlines the year before. Hence the new name: Mira Loma (‘Hill View’).

The real reason people attend friends’ weddings? To find their own soul-mate. A recent survey by an online dating site talked to more than 1,000 men & women to glean their feelings on other people’s nuptials. 55% of single women and a whopping 77% of single men admit they are on ‘high alert’ for other singles from the moment they arrive at a wedding. And check this: 84% of female respondents say they ‘just love’ it when a man cries at a wedding. (Guys looking to score … get out your hankies!)

‘Mr Spock’s mind-control trick on “Star Trek” has almost become a reality. University of Washington researchers have conducted the first documented case of human-to-human mind control. As 2 scientists played a computer game, one managed to send a brain signal via the Internet to control the hand motions of the other, telling him when to fire at a target. Participant Rajesh Rao says it was ‘exciting and eerie’ to watch the command from his brain translate into action by his partner. (Watch out, Klingons!)
– BBC News

• Police in the Netherlands employ a total of 5 sniffer rats.
– “Times of London”
• Police in Seattle, Washington distribute information about local drug laws using packets of Doritos.


1952 [61] Neil Peart, Hamilton ON, rock drummer (Rush-“One Little Victory”, “Test for Echo”)

1967 [46] Louis CK (Szekely), Washington DC, stand-up comedian (“Word: Live at Carnegie Hall”)/TV actor (“Louie” since 2010)

1967 [46] Jason Statham, Shirebrook UK, movie actor (“The Expendables” movies, “The Transporter” films)

1973 [40] Paul Walker, Glendale CA, movie actor (“Fast & Furious” movies, “Flags of Our Fathers”)  UPCOMING: “Fast 7” (2014).

1974 [39] Jennifer Nettles, Douglas GA, country singer (“That Girl”; Sugarland-“Stuck Like Glue”)

1981 [32] Jennifer Hudson, Chicago IL, movie actress (“Sex & the City: The Movie”, Oscar-“Dreamgirls”)/pop singer (“American Idol 3” finalist)

• “Chocolate Milkshake Day”. The original recipe, which appeared in a British newspaper in 1885, called for a shot of whiskey.

• “Day Of the Working Parent”, an annual observance on the 2nd Thursday of September saluting those who are constantly juggling to balance their work and family lives.

• “International Videogames Day”, a day for those love them to celebrate.  BS FACTOID: Sony’s ‘PlayStation 4’ is out November 15th in North America, November 29th in Europe. Microsoft launches its latest games console, ‘Xbox One’, on November 22nd.

• “Policewoman Day”, honoring the efforts of all female police officers on the anniversary of Los Angeles social worker Alice Stebbins Wells being designated the 1st ‘policewoman with arrest powers’ in 1909.

1997 [16] Michael Jackson tells “20/20’s” Barbara Walters that he’s not a ‘wacko’ and that name-calling by the tabloids hurts his feelings

2003 [10] Country music icon Johnny Cash dies in Nashville TN at age 71 of heart failure

1994 [19] Mosaic Communications introduces ‘Netscape’, the 1st Internet browser (now evolved into Mosaic’s ‘Firefox’)

1983 [30] Albert Rizzo of Malta sets ‘World Treading Water Record’ at 108 hours, 9 minutes in
the ocean (that’s 4.5 days!)

[Fri] Friday the 13th
[Fri] Rock in Rio 2013 begins (Brazil)
[Fri] Blame Someone Else Day
[Fri] Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day
[Fri] Stand Up to Cancer Day
[Sun] Greenpeace Day
This Week Is … Line Dance Week
This Month Is … Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Month


• Trucks that overturn on the highway are always filled with something sticky.
• When you move to the next lane because it’s going faster, it becomes the slowest lane.
• The guy with a bumper sticker that says “If you can read this, you’re too close” always tailgates.
• No matter where you park your car, the sun will be radiating on the driver’s seat when you return.
• When you can’t fit in anywhere else, there will always be room to merge behind a diesel bus.
• Your car horn will only get stuck when you drive behind a group of Hell’s Angels.
• If you try to change lanes to get off the ramp, the car in the lane to your right will speed up.
• The first bug to land on your windshield will splatter right in front of your eyes.
• When you leave the proper distance between you and the car ahead, someone will try to move into it.
• Your car will never malfunction in the presence of a mechanic.

Ask listeners to call in ‘4-Word Phrases That Mean Trouble’. A couple of primers …
• “Here comes the cops!”
• “My parents are home!”
• “The test was positive.”
• “Who’s your insurance agent?”

Warning: I know karate, kung fu, and 47 other dangerous words.

The world’s largest what is located in Heidleberg, Germany?
a. Beer Stein.
b. Wine Cask. [CORRECT. Known as ‘The Heidelberg Tun’]
c. Fraulein.

☎ Rihanna’s new blue lipstick … stylish or fashion faux-pas?

Question: Rabbits do THIS almost as often as cats.
Answer: Nap. (About 18 times a day.)
– “Disney Adventures”

Well done is better then well said.

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