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The Bull Sheet is one of the premiere radio and podcast show prep services.
Each day, The Bull Sheet provides over 25 compelling stories and features to help make your radio show or podcast stand out.
Access to The Bull Sheet goes a long way toward your presenting a topical and entertaining show, without having to spend hours scouring the web for “the good stuff”.

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Over the past year, the Bull Sheet staff have been working hard to make it even BETTER! And we’d love you to check it out.

The new and improved Bull Sheet has even more regular features, including:

Those are in addition to all the benchmark Bull Sheet features that have made it the #1 show-prep resource for so many announcers throughout the English-speaking world: "Show Biz Buzz", "Music Notes" (also new and improved...), "Reasons to Party", "The BS Funny List", "BS Phone Starter", "Water Cooler Question", daily fun talk topics, and just about the best celebrity birthday listings available.

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